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Monday, May 3, 2010


A couple months ago, Hartford Police Lieutenant Jason Thody was apparently "partaking" of Hartford's night life with a couple buddies of his in the Union Place area downtown. During that time there was apparently also two members of the United States Marine Corp also"partaking"
of Hartford's night life.

Unfortunately, as the night progressed the paths of the Marines home on leave and the paths of Lieutenant Thody and his buddies crossed. As is a nightly occurrence in the Union Place area, the mix of alcohol and testosterone can be problematic. From here the story has a couple versions depending which one you hear.

The Hartford Police Internal Affairs report hasn't been released yet, but here's what various police sources have told me. Apparently, the two Marines and Thody's two buddies got into an altercation. Here's where the two versions veer off though. In one version, Thody was also an aggressor, in the other version Thody was trying to break up the fight. An officer that was also at the scene that night told me the first scenario was correct and Thody came close, in his words, to "taking a pinch". Translation is that Thody almost got arrested.

Fast forward to the fight being broken up and the end result was the Marines both got arrested and the Lieutenant and his buddies walked away. Actually, from what I am told, Thody didn't just "walk away", he had to seek treatment for a broken nose. Like I said, don't mess with the Marines. Again, I'm not sure what the IAD report shows, but apparently it did show fault on Thody's part.

Thody was demoted today from a Lieutenant back to Sergeant for his involvement. I have not been able to find any information on the status of the Marines court cases. Hopefully the court also did the right thing and dismissed the charges.


Anonymous said...

How dare you! All that I learned from this post is that you are an idiot. Hartford is a cesspool of drugs, gangs and crime. Jason Thody has now had to take his focus off making the city a safer place to deal with the aftermath from a couple of drunken, arrogant jerks. As you said, you don't know the facts, but you are willing to hope that the charges against the Marines got dropped. Well, considering that Marines are trained fighters, they are just as culpable for fighting with civilians as Jason may or may not be. Your valuable lesson will come when you are the victim of a major crime in Hartford and you say to yourself, boy, if only Jason Thody wasn't so distracted by trivial, idiotic, political B.S....



I'm not sure what your understanding of this incident is, but let me inform you that Jason Thody was also one of those "drunken, arrogant jerks" that night. Since you seem to have some knowledge of the incident, I'm sure that you are aware that Thody was the aggressor against a couple of his fellow officer's and he was extremely lucky that a veteran officer recognized him, seconds before a younger officer was about to use force against him at the end of a nightstick. As far as Hartford being a cesspool of drugs, gangs and crime which Thody has had to take his focus off of, that might be difficult unless it is occurring inside Police Headquarters, where Thody has spent almost all of his career.

And as I said in the original post, if the 2 marines were arrested, they all should have been arrested, Thody included.

I didn't plan on obtaining the full IAD investigation, but I will now and post it here for you to read.

Anonymous said...

I'll be darn this headline only had two comments ehhhhhh???

Anonymous said...

Thody as AC?? God help us


The blog was fairly new at the time