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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Sorry for the quality of the posting, but I am not on the HPD Union favorite persons e-mail list.

The Hartford Police Union today responded to the incident involving a "TRUMP" sticker inside a HPD cruiser.

You can read the full original posting by clicking  here

UPDATE 5:00PM: The HPD Union actually forwarded m a clean copy of the release, below.


Well Spent Union Dues said...

I guess Fig must have had a J near a Wi-Fi hotspot or Holton got up off his crossfit mat to get this release out

Anonymous said...

Cover for foley some more brookman.. Hopefully chief rovella is smart enough to lock him in his office until its time for retirement. Let cicero play the media mouse..


It is not about covering for anyone , but I have also tried to control the comments that want to partake in character assassination. If you have a problem with Chief Foley , make your complaint to the Chief and sign your name to it,like a big boy, but it won't be done anonymously here, especially with alleged events I have no way of confirming

Anonymous said...

Kevin -- the issue with foley is simple. His past history in awful and his off duty behavior makes it impossible for younger officers to respect him Just google his name or FOI his records. It isn't just foley The same goes for someone like Thody. Just google them The chief shows his inexperience by giving them important positions. No one can fault a younger officer or member of this community for shaking their head in disgust knowing people like that are in command positions There might be some idiots here but most officers are law abiding officers who want to respect their bosses and have no tolerance for antics which discredit the uniform The sad thing is you know this is true It's why people like Cacioli or Coates are respected They don't have these issues.

Anonymous said...



Fact of the Day said...

Thody is all fancy now trying to look like Eric Daigle with his expensive suits! The suit only masks whats inside. He should've been arrested. Anyone who knows Thody knows he can't handle his liquor and his off duty behavior when intoxicated is completely child like and unacceptable. He tries to fight everyone, problem is he can't fight his way out of a paper bag.



I un understand your point, but I also have thick skin and am able to take a beating. If people think I am covering for Chief Foley, so be it. I also understand what people are saying about previous incidents. I wasn't around or paying attention to City issues during that time so I really don't know if they are valid or not. I do consider Brian Foley a friend and I will also add that I was very supportive of Brian when I was asked what I thought about a group of promotions to Deputy Chief. Put some of the blame on me if you want, but who of us hasn't done things we were embarrassed by in our younger years. Times change, people grow up, and all I can judge Chief Foley on is what I see and know of him today. He has been an excellent spokesperson and projected a very positive image of HPD both in our City and across the State. He seems to be an excellent father and husband, and I still fully support him. I wish his response to this incident was a little different, but we are all human and looking at the totality of the facts, Brian still has my support. I also agree with your other points, if I were fortunate enough to be asked for my opinion on the next round of Deputy Chiefs, Lt. Caccioli would be up there on the list, I can only think of one other that would be at the top of my list and Chief Rovella is aware of that. When I have to look at recent history, I could never support someone that laid their hands on another officer, no matter what the reason.

Go ahead, start the comments and beat me up, I'll live with it. I don't have an overwhelming need to be liked , I have a few people that I trust and respect and that is what counts to me



Before I get accused of a double standard, several of those things I have already looked into and verified. The incident with the Marines, when he was about to assauly one of his fellow officers, the gun play in his back yard investigated by the State Police, the matter with the softball player, So I agree with your comment

Anonymous said...

It's sad that the officer felt belittled. The HPD's and the City's need to quash this story so that it didn't become a distraction to both the force and the citizens while the media beleaguered it is more important than his feelings though. One officer's singed engo compared to a major ado over nothing? Let's move on.

Anonymous said...

Kevin,I cant recall your stance and/or comments when Chief Rovella marched with ignorant protesters who were outraged at a legitimate use of a taser on a thug in 2014. These are the same disrespectful "black lives matter" movement people who were periodically stopping traffic in the city and not allowing hard working taxpayers an opportunity to pickup their kids,get home, make dinner,etc. The command staff stated in the Courant that an officer needs to stay "NEUTRAL" in regards to politics. So Kevin, PLEASE reply to my re-visiting a very valid "hypocritical" observation! Rovella lost all my respect back then and I have nothing to do with HPD. Kevin, please stop getting enamored with men who wear silver and gold bars,they will only embarrass and disappoint you in the end!

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

While your blog is entertaining the persistence of anonymous bloggers is bad news.

The officer who displayed the political bumper sticker should have known better but that is an in house disciplinary matter that never needed to be public. Whoever leaked that info to the should be removed from their position and ashamed of themselves. In addition it was probably someone trying to elevate their own spot but they failed. The situation called for "Knock it off" instead of becoming a media spectacle. Must have been a slow news day.

I am also curious how the political sticker matter became an opportunity to bash DC Foley or continue the nasty attacks on Chief Rovella. Any Chief is smart to meet with even those who are anti-police just to see where they are coming from and it took courage for Jim to march with those characters who protested the "taser incident". You don't have to like them but as Chief you have to listen to even the harshest of critics. At least Jim had the guts to show up to take the slings and arrows of those who don't like police unlike anonymous commentators.

As for anonymous who lost all respect for Chief Rovella how about get some guts and leave your name to state your displeasure Or are you a current member of the force who just can't because of a lack of intestinal fortitude.


I couldn't agree with you more. I am open to any suggestions on how to allow comnment's with a more responsible angle on the part of the commenters. It is too easy to hide behind anonymous. I have started to not allow comments through in many cases. The attacks on Chief Foley are coming as a "kill the messenger" type of thing. If they tear the messenger down enough, maybe the original message will get diluted. And no one leaked the info, it was a person, who I think has taken credit on facebook, for clicking the pic and then running with it. Unfortunately that is the age of social media and the abundance of cell phone cameras.

The sad part is the number of Council people and others that immediately condemned the officer without even knowing much of anything about the situation. Council President TJ Clarke had group text messages flying around on Sunday along with others asking if the officer had been suspended and was he "still on the streets" . So much for due process rights. I guess fairness is only claimed by some, but doesn't apply to Police Officers. I doubt Council President Clarke even knows the Officer or that he sat by that Officer at an NRZ meeting last Monday night applauding his efforts.

A lot of good has come from some of the comments, but I understand what you are saying

Anonymous said...

Lets face it kevin. The only reason you have stayed so impartial is because its one of your info feeding boys. Maybe just maybe if it were a former conditions officer you would be calling for a hanging in town square. Smh.