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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


It appears that the incompetence of Hartford's Deputy Director of Public Works, David Tanner, has finally caught up with him. Correction, make that Hartford's former Deputy Director Of Public Works.

According to sources at City Hall,  Tanner has been removed as Hartford's Deputy Director of Public Works because he wasn't up to the job. But as is usual with the City of Hartford,  Tanner's incompetence has been rewarded by burying him in another City Department while he still  collects his large City salary.

Tanner can now be located within Hartford's Economic Development Department, where his wife is the Deputy Director.

You might ask why DavidTanner was given the City Hall shuffle rather than being shown the door if he wasn't cutting the job. Especially in a City where we lay off DPW low paid employees but then keep the $90,000 plus a year employee who has collected a salary for over a year while not being up to the job. The answer is simple.

David Tanner was (or is)  a POS. Not in the usual way you might be thinking of POS , but more appropriately a POS as in Pal Of Sara. Tanner and his wife both came in to the Bronin Administration because of their friendship with Luke and Sara Bronin before the election and that has apparently resulted in his survival on the City of Hartford payroll.

UPDATE:  April 18, 2017 6:0PM

Even though David Tanner is no longer working at the Department of Public Works Headquarters,  Tanner has been allowed to keep the title of Deputy Director of Public Works, apparently in order to be able to also keep the salary, even though he is not performing the duties of the Deputy Director. 

According to City Hall sources, Tanner is now handling some "clean up issues" related to the Dunkin Donuts Park completion. Dunkin Donuts Park was never under the control of DPW  and it is unclear why the so called Deputy Director of DPW would now be overseeing anything involved with the project. It is also unclear as to why, if there is any involvement in the Park by DPW.

 Why would Tanner have been moved out of DPW headquarters and now report to Constitution Plaza where the Development Services offices are housed and where his wife is the Deputy Director of Development Services. It is also unclear where Tanner's salary will be accounted for and budgeted, from Development Services or DPW.

More questions than answers right now. I guess sometimes it pays to be a POS.(that means Pal of Sara, as explained in the above posting)


Anonymous said...

Imeldita Marcos-Bronin and Loquito Bronin(AKA, El Abusado, if only windows can talk?) are classic a#@holes, this time last year these two with help a Sopla Pote or two, layoff the entire Economic Development Unit(PS:Ricans and Blacks),and this year the just hired the Neanderthal hubby of the Development Services deputy director who was removed from DPW. I'm guessing that he will report directly to his wife and discuss baby development things in his new 90K job?.

A new low in the ethical trajectory of the Imeldita's administration...

Alyssa said...

Way to go with breaking another City Hall story, Kevin, but didn't you call this one long ago -- that Tanner wasn't fit for this political appointment and wouldn't last??

Am assuming this was done as a result of Chief Freeman's temporary tenure as DPW Director? Have you FOI'd the personnel report, firing letter, Dev. Services offer letter, new position description, etc??

Come on, Kev, this is great stuff . . . don't hold out on your readers!!

Anonymous said...

anyone ever sit in a meeting with Tanner and his third grade sense of humor? oof.

Anonymous said...

And we wonder why hartford is broke im sorry how do these bastards legally get away with BS kevin makes no sense



I couldn't agree with you more, but this is what happens when we bring in people that are more interested in their own advancement rather than any love for our City. And that goes for Mayor's as well as Deputy DPW Directors.

Anonymous said...

"And we will plow from curb to curb.",Ya, like hell. Who the frick did deputy director think he was kidding? POS right.

Anonymous said...

One important question for the Department of Development Services is how many people from the Bronin camp are making over 100K that are new to the COH and how many qualified employees that have been there for years have been promoted? How many minorities have Bronin's people that make over 100K ? Not saying minorities deserve a handout but why can't qualified employees be promoted? When you see what this administration is doing with these jobs , it makes me sick. Who's being held accountable? There is no respect for the COH employees when this Tanner person can be passed around with no problem with his decent salary but let any other employee ask for something like that .... they'll be crucified!!!! It's to bad but hey , it is what it is. Lots of people are confused as to what going to happen next and unions are fighting for this and that and hoping for the best but I wouldn't waste my time. Everything that is going to happen was already discussed behind closed doors last year and they're just killing the clock. You make a budget and hope on a 40 million pay out from the state ????? Malloy is not running again ( is that good or bad ? ) Who's to say this was not part the plan from the get go , for Bronin to bring the city to bankruptcy and Malloy backs him right before he leaves office. At the moment I do not see the incentive for them to do it but in politics you never know. Again these are my opinions and I can be completely wrong.

Anonymous said...


Let's be clear, Kevin, remember, Bronin made a wise rhetorical statement during campaign when he said that we can't afford to do business as usual. I now believe that this was only campaign rhetoric now sine I see underlings wasting and spending and not listening to good ideas. Jim Ford, traffic engineer I cite as one such person. Another is the deputy director of public works.

Hey Mayor, why don't you respond to charges that we make here on Kevin's blog. It's a public format. You often invite citizens to email you but you never respond. Try making your comments known here by responding to our concerns. Unless you feel that this public forum is a waste of your precious time.

It's not to late to loosen up and interact instead of playing political defense. You will loose the next election if you don't mKe sincere efforts to make a change now. I once asked you a question in one of your town meetings and you skirted around the answer instead of addressing it straight up. Everyone who has come before you thought they were impervious to the wrath of the voter. You will only be in a long line of the surprised.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I am sure you will remember the debacle during the former administration relative to conflicts of interest and nepotism. I believe back in 2015 a "special audit review of hiring practices" was completed to review similar issues arising from hiring and supervision between family members. I think that audit came about from Borges, Waller, Muniz and Cloud? In any case, the city was to create a nepotism policy to add to its conflict of interest policy. So with this latest move, we can see that IT IS "business as usual" in the Bronin administration and Bronin is violating the city policies that he was elected to uphold! We are doomed!! Great reporting!

Anonymous said...


Good point. BUSINESS AS USUAL, AS USUAL. Why won't they ever learn? That position of power must do something to the psych.

Anonymous said...

"Tanner is now handling some 'clean up issues ' related to Dunkin Donuts Stadium."
Remember corrupt Sandy Kee-Borges who hired herself to 'clean up issues' related to Dunkin Donuts Stadium?

peter brush said...

Why won't they ever learn?
We should go back to the city manager charter. Bankruptcy will come first, and may be the most effective management the City will have had in thirty or forty years.



I don't think it is a matter of the right form of government. As long as we continue to allow candidates to "buy" their offices and continue to elect people based on their skin color or nationality without any regard for the person themselves or their qualifications, this is what we will continue to get. No Charter change is going to correct voter ignorance and apathy

peter brush said...

No Charter change is going to correct voter ignorance
You may be right, Kevin. You're certainly right about this last bit. Actually, the way I see it the council/manager form has the advantage of removing city operations, from the influence of the voters. The legislative branch would still be controlled by the electorate. At least I'd like some evaluation of how our new charter has worked.

I hope that in the near future the question is mooted by a bankruptcy operation.

First, some context. Detroit filed for Chapter 9 protection in July 2013, with an estimated $18-$20 billion in debt. The filing far surpassed the $4 billion filing by Jefferson County, Alabama in 2011, the largest previous municipal filing. Over a tumultuous 17-month period Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, appointed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to usher the city through its fiscal abyss, negotiated with creditors, insurers, unions and pensioners to come up with a suitable plan for moving the city forward. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes confirmed a plan of adjustment for the city in November 2014, cutting about $7 billion due to affected parties.

Anonymous said...

" suitable" to whom? The crefitors, certainly not the pensioners. New american way especially in politics, make deals, squander money and blame the workers.roll the bus over them and leave them burning in the street.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, I don't know if it's true- the City spends 50k a month in rent for use of Constitution Plaza??? That just seems crazy to me. Over a half a million a year before utilities.

peter brush said...

blame the workers
It's not a matter of blame. It's a matter of arithmetic. Both the Muni and State pols have been misrepresenting the fiscal situation(s) for decades. They don't have the money to make good on their promises.
DETROIT — Coming to terms with what came to be seen as inevitable, this city’s public-sector retirees have voted to lower their expected pension benefits, a crucial step in the city’s plan to emerge from bankruptcy before the end of the year.

The result, announced late Monday night, came after two months of court-required voting.



If you think that is bad, you should look at what the Board of Education pays for renting their office space in the old G Fox building

Anonymous said...

Stick to the article... when will direct nepotism be handled? After or before the incompetent is vested?

Anonymous said...

12:59 to Brookman,
I have no clue to how much more is wasted there. BOE has the largest budget in Hartford, right? Squander is the only word that comes to mind when I think of that entity. They alone account for half of the budget. (Glib alert) They spend their money putting out more fires than HFD! They can save City if they wanted with all of those high priced job titles.

12:59 to Brush
On another note, how is comparing Detroit to Hartford relative? It takes a thousand million dollars to make one billion. Motor City was in the hole at least 18 billion.... The scale of the problem seems out of whack. I remember our fair City falling short 100 million. That's 900 million short of 1 billion. We are still here. The City does have a itself a public sector fiscal responsibility problem throughout ,no doubt.

Nonetheless,thanks Kevin, for providing this outlet for ideas. Anonymous yet grateful.

peter brush said...

comparing Detroit to Hartford
I fear I may have reached my limit on this post, but perhaps Kevin will permit a brief response.
It is true that Detroit's difficulties were more profound than ours have been. That they have been able to improve their situation through bankruptcy, therefor, is all the more encouraging. The similarities between Hartford and Detroit are many. It, too, has lost (middle class) population over the decades, and become incapable of operating through normal political operations of self-lgovernment.
I don't know enough about the bankruptcy procedure here to say unequivocally that's what I want, but I can certainly say it with qualification. Our muni pols are simply unable to handle the fiscal burden they've placed on themselves and that the State has placed upon them. Let a court of law sort out our debts and obligations so we can restore some sanity.