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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sarah Barr, the dishonorable Mayor Eddie A. Perez's Director of Miscommunication was at it again today. After the lively press conference she orchestrated yesterday at the site of the proposed new Public Safety Complex, she was at it again today. The press conference yesterday was a huge joke as they announced another $750,000 in federal money being allocated for the facility that now puts the amount allocated at less than 50% of the total cost. At this rate we should expect another 40 or 50 press conferences before the project can be completed. This is already the third press conference in the last four years "announcing" the project. I sure hope Chief Roberts isn't holding his breath waiting for the completion of the project. Maybe that's why no Police Department representatives were in attendance yesterday, although the Fire Department was heavily represented, with Chief Teale standing proud over Perez's shoulder. I guess when you do as the Mayor tells you and you hire his buddies and fire his enemies, you remain in Eddie's good graces. The only good thing about the press conference was that it gave Channel 3 an opportunity to catch Perez in another one of his many lies. When asked about using stimulus money to hire police and firefighters that were laid off due to budget cuts, Perez replied that police and fire cuts were not being discussed and using stimulus money to "supplant" would be illegal. Cut to the video clip of King Eddie's Chief Operating Puppet, I mean Chief Operating Officer Lee Erdmann. In the clip of Erdmann testifying before the City Council budget hearings, Erdmann is on video stating that one of the options being discussed is laying off police and firefighters and hiring them back with stimulus money.You can view the video of Erdmann's testimony under the previous post "What is the Real truth about Hartford's financial condition"

But I digress. After her performance on Wednesday, Barr, the former Channel 3 reporter before she was terminated, held another press conference Thursday in front of the Hartford Hilton. The plan was to show people what a wonderful place Hartford is to "staycation" through using the media to sell the message. The only problem was that no media showed up. I wonder if Sarah gets the message that the media is tired of her useless messages. Even more interesting was the location Sarah Barr ( former Channel 3 reporter before she was terminated) chose for the conference. As at yesterdays press conference when King Eddie had Chief Teale standing proud over his shoulder, today he chose to have the "butt ugly building", which is just north of the Hilton, standing proudly behind him. For those that aren't familiar with the "butt ugly building", it has become the single most recognized symbol of corruption in Hartford, aside from Eddie Perez's mugshot and the granite countertops in his home. The butt ugly building was reported to be a focal point of the Grand
Jury investigation and the Gile's parking lot deals. ("we need to take care of Abe").
I'm not sure what Sarah was thinking, but the "butt ugly building" in the background is about as appropriate as holding the press conference on the lawn of the Hartford Correctional Center where Perez may be spending his "staycation" sometime in the not too distant future.

Even if one reporter had attended, I could think of a few spots that would make more sense to promote Hartford. Maybe the Bushnell Park Carousel, Elizabeth Park, the Wadsworth, the Mark Twain House, the Riverfront Plazas, anywhere but in the shadow of the "butt ugly building".

But I guess in Sarah Barr's defense, she must know what she is doing, she is paid almost a $100,000 a year to promote the Gospel of Perez. ( And $100,000 is a lot more than she was being paid before she was terminated as a reporter at Channel 3)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


During the recent Hartford City Council budget hearings a request was made for an inventory of all City of Hartford vehicles and those that were used for "take home" use. Listed in the vehicle inventory for the Hartford Police Department were vehicles showing that they were assigned to retired Deputy Chief Jose Lopez, retired Assistant (and former acting Chief) Mark Pawlina, retired Assistant Chief Michael Fallon as well as several other retired members of the department. They have all been retired for at least a couple years, yet the city's records still show them having city cars, which they don't. I thought it was bad when testimony at the budget hearings showed that no one had a clear idea who had City of Hartford cellphones, but obviously they don't even have a clue who has city vehicles. Jeff Cohen at the Hartford Courant posted the list of vehicles on his blog, One of the Police Department vehicles assigned for take home use shows Assistant Chief Lester McCoy commuting daily to Stamford on the city's dime. That seems like it could be a substantial cost savings there if that car was left at Jennings Road at night. I would question the value of McCoy coming back to the city on a call back. If the hour and a half drive from Stamford was needed, I would hope that others would have the situation under control by the time he got back here. It would also be very interesting to see the number of times that individuals like McCoy have actually responded back to the City during an emergency situation. I would venture to say the number is relatively low. Since these vehicles are not meant for personal use, but rather travelling back and forth to the city, I would think that, with the exception of persons involved in activities requiring unmarked cars, thezse vehicled should be clearly marked as City of Hartford vehicles, and in the case of police vehicles operated by uniformed officers, they should have police markings. This would take care of two issues. First would be visibility and provide a greater perception of police presence in the city. Second, I think clear markings would serve as a deterrent against these vehicles being used in a manner not compliant with city policy. I don't need to go into detail, but several of these vehicles have been involved in alcohol related incidents, and I'm sure no one wants their marked vehicle observed parked at a bar.


After following the budget process and the recent Budget Hearings, I feel less and less comfortable about the direction our dishonorable Mayor Eddie A. Perez is taking us.

To hear city department heads and Hartford's Chief Operating Officer Lee Erdmann speak, it is almost scary to hear the large percentage of the budget that is being based on the potential receipt of stimulus money. Stimulus money that is far from guaranteed, and the majority of which will be based on a competitive grant application process.A prime example is the fact that although King Eddie promised hiring large numbers of Police Officers to get to the 500 officers Chief Robert's wants, it now appears that this was an empty election year promise. As of this date, no money is in the upcoming General Fund budget for the hiring of Police Officers. According to Perez and Erdmann, officers will be hired using stimulus money. If and when the money is approved, which could be never. Some of the "games" that Perez plans to play with the stimulus money could also jeopardize the money and put all stimulus funds at risk. A prime example is the video clip below where Erdmann testifies at a Council budget hearing that one of the item's being discussed is laying off Police and Firefighters and then hiring them back with stimulus money. Although Erdmann stated this on the record, today Perez responded to a reporters question during an interview and stated the total opposite. When asked about Erdmann's plans to potentially hire back laid off employees with stimulus money, Perez responded "that is not possible. This notion that we could supplant. I think everybody understands that we can't supplant. I provided an opportunity for us to apply for a grant. We can't put the grant at jeopardy by supplanting. It's not an option at all, you know, and again I haven't talked about cutting police and cutting fire. Those have been our priorities. I think anybody who talks about that needs to know that they're also putting the federal money at risk. You can't supplant. I think everybody understands that". Maybe Perez might want to speak with his Chief Operating Officer and get their message correct. Where is the Director of Miscommunication Sarah Barr?

Also, the third quarter budget report that was released last week has apparently now been recalled. I received mine at last weeks Council meeting, but other's I have spoke with have been told the book is not available because it is being reprinted to correct "mistakes". One of the biggest mistakes most likely is the fact that in Perez's letter to Council members, he actually admits that "the total year end deficit for FY 2008-09 could reach $27,205,792". A copy of the letter is below. There definitely won't be enough in the "Rainy Day Fund" to cover that deficit.


3rd Quarter Budget Letter Highlighted



Recently a legal opinion was released from City Corporation Counsel John Rose, essentially stating that the dishonorable Mayor Eddie A. Perez could raid the city's "Rainy Day Fund" at will without approval of the City Council. As we would expect no less from Mr. Rose, his opinion came squarely down in support of the Mayor and his potentially illegal operation.As we saw with the budget testimony by the mayor's Chief of Staff, King Eddie considers the actions of the Council advisory in nature.

Well, it took a while, but finally the Hartford City Council (at least 5 of them) have realized that John Rose may not be the most credible and open minded person when it comes to interpreting the law. As Hartford's Corporation Counsel, Rose seems unwilling or unable to comprehend the fact that although Perez hired him, he is still the City's attorney, answering to both the City Council, the Mayor as well as all elected officials of the City and departments.

After receiving Rose's laughable opinion, a majority of the Council decided to seek their own opinion from outside legal counsel. That request was complied with, and on May 15, 2009 Attorney Allan B. Taylor provided his legal opinion to the Council. The full text of that opinion is available below. Taylor states that statements outlined in Rose's opinion were "unjustified and unjustifiable" and further states that "it is illegal for any city official to spend or otherwise obligate funds that have not been approved by the City Council". But then again, when has our dishonorable Mayor cared about what is legal and illegal.

Taylor further goes on in his opinion to point out a key phrase Rose chose to leave out when he was quoting the Charter. Taylor outlines this on page 3 of his opinion and points out that "the emphasized words were unaccountably omitted from the Opinion's quotation of Subsection 7(b).". Willfully misquoting or misrepresenting a staute or ordinance seems as though it would question Mr. Rose's integrity and sense of justice, as well as potentially constitute malpractice on his part.

Is it any wonder Hartford is the mess it is under the leadership of Perez and the guidance of John Rose?

Taylor Rainy Day Opinion

Monday, May 18, 2009


Susan Campbell of the Hartford Courant has the following e-mail text on her blog at Apparently this e-mail was sent to Stephen Adamowski, Hartford's Superintendent of Schools:

I feel compelled to contact you directly about an ongoing problem at the school that the school staff has been unable to rectify. For the last three weeks, the girls' and boys' bathrooms have been without toilet paper and paper towels. In addition, I found out recently that they have been without soap, too.

The teachers have made numerous requests to the custodial staff and office, and the problem has not been resolved. I discussed the situation with the office more than a week ago, and they said they'd look into it. When I approached the office last week about the continuing problem, the receptionist told me that they had no more money in the budget and that the custodial staff was doing the best that they could.

I find that unacceptable; these are necessary supplies and not optional!

I'm hoping you can provide immediate funds to purchase these basic supplies for these kids. To accommodate, the teachers have taken paper towels from the staff bathrooms and have torn off little pieces for the girls to use. The boys have to think ahead if they want toilet paper. Hands are rinsed, without soap, and then shaken to dry.

Not only is this humiliating to some of the children and an inconvenience to both the students and teachers, but it is also unsanitary. This is especially troubling at a time when sanitary practices have been advised in order to maintain a healthy public during the swine flu outbreak.

On behalf of the students and the school, I ask for your help with handling this budget issue. Three weeks without these basic items has been too long already. Please let me know what will be done to remedy this situation as soon as possible. This shouldn't continue another day.

Have we now reached a new low for the Hartford School System? Why is it that we can still afford expensive travel and high priced political puppets employed by the Hartford School system, yet we can't afford essential toilet paper? Maybe Dr. Adamowski might consider giving up his $750.00 a month car allowance and buy toilet paper and hand soap for the students instead.

UPDATE: Just a thought, maybe we could recycle King Eddie's budget documents and quarterly budget reports, about all they are good for is wiping your ......oops, sorry, my frustration with Hartford's mismanagement showing through