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Sunday, July 12, 2015


If you are a regular reader of this Blog, you have read about my nephew Andrew and his accomplishments overcoming Cerebral Palsy. As I have just started my physical therapy to learn to walkagain, it has given me a much greater understanding of what Andrew faces everyday, just to be able to get around. Andrew's story  is giving me inspiration, instead of letting me feel sorry for myself. If he can ski down a mountain at 80 mile per hour, I can adapt to physical therapy.

Andrew will also be going under surgery Tuesday at Mass. General for a procedure related to his condition. Please keep him in your thoughts  and prayers

Information please

I had a visitor stop in to the hospital today and we were talking about handicap permits. She said that handicap is not an acceptable term any longer it's now preferred "disabled". Then the conversation turned to words and their stigma on people.The Hartford schools were mentioned and they said that there was a Hartford school where under performing students are forced to wear a T-shirt with a large D to signify "Dunce" on the front of it. I am not going to name the specific school until I can verify this but if anybody has knowledge of this please put it in a comment or email me directly thanks.

And if any of our state reps are reading this blog maybe that would be something worthwhile next session to start changing to disabled instead of handicap on different permits and things.