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Saturday, December 23, 2017


One of the few shining lights in Hartford Government is celebrating a birthday today, in between supervising operations on our City's streets during an ice event.

Happy Birthday Reggie Freeman. Enjoy your day with your beautiful family, you deserve it.

And from what I am told , next year will be a milestone birthday for the Chief ( and no it is not 50)

Happy Birthday Reggie, and best wishes and good health for many more

Friday, December 22, 2017


Well, Mayor Bronin, the next move is yours. I have been critical of your leadership, or more appropriately , lack of leadership. Now here is an opportunity to show that you do actually know how to lead.

Accountability is something that has clearly been lacking in your Administration, so here is an opportunity to show that you can do what is right and even hold your lawyer buddy Sean Fitzpatrick accountable to the people of Hartford..

From my posting yesterday, I don't think there is much doubt that Hartford's Economic Development Director is violating the City's residency policy  by claiming to live at a woman's social club on Woodland Street.

Fitzpatrick even swore to it in the Residency form below, that I obtained last night .Clearly  the form states that any false information WILL result in immediate disqualification or dismissal. Not "may"  but WILL result.

Let's see, Mayor Bronin, if you are actually capable of providing the leadership your position requires. The voters are waiting to see what you are made of.

Here is a link to Fitzpatrick's actual $644,000 Simsbury  residence, yet he claims to live in a social club without even a full bathroom listed.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Hartford's City Auditors have uncovered that the XL Center owes the Hartford Police Department and the City of Hartford over $700,000 in past due bills dating back to 2016 for private duty police services.

The full audit report  released today is below.

There is no excuse for this and the CRDA, which manages the XL Center should be required to pay their bill immediately if they plan on continuing with events that require a Police presence. The Capital Regional Development Authority (“CRDA”), a quasi-public agency of the State of Connecticut, has operational responsibility for the XL Center.

I also wonder how Mayor Bronin can honestly sit and urge the HPD Union for givebacks to close a budget deficit, when we are bleeding large amounts like this. It is called management Luke and as the Mayor, it all falls back on you

I wonder how many Animal Control Officers the City could hire with $700,000?


Sean Fitzpatrick

The Town and County Club, according to their website, is " a private women’s city club located in Hartford’s Asylum Hill neighborhood. The historic twenty-seven room mansion hosts member dining, events, socializing and networking".

No where on their website does it list apartments or private living quarters, yet Hartford's Economic Development Director lists it as his residence and even has 2 cars registered and taxed there.

Hartford Department heads are required by City Charter to reside in the City, and it most likely appears that Fitzpatrick is using the address to appear as though he is complying with the City code.

Fitzpatrick, according to sources maintains his primary residence in Simsbury. That residence is apparently a real house, not a social club where his wife, is apparently also the Vice President of Personnel according to the website.

Also fromthe Town and County website, the Executive Committee listing;

 President - Mary Beth Murphy
 Vice President, Operations - Lynn Erie
 Vice President, Personnel - Candace Fitzpatrick
 Recording Secretary - Sarah Riley
 Treasurer/Finance - Susan Barnes

The website also describes the Fitzpatrick's Hartford compliance residence as  "Situated on a semi-wooded lot with beautiful lawns and gardens, the house was designed by architects Melvin Hapgood and Edward Hapgood with stunning interiors that are beautifully maintained today with period furnishings. The various rooms include parlors, dining room, library, art gallery, conference rooms and ballroom.
Each venue offers a unique setting for member events such art shows, film groups, speaker series and culinary experiences as well as private events for members and guests.

For more information about Casa de Fitzpatrick or to book your next event in the Fitzpatrick's Hartford Living room, click here

The City of Hartford Assesors website lists the property as the following:This property contains 1.780 acres of land mainly classified as HALL - CLUB with a(n) SOCIAL HALL style building, built about 1895 , having Brick exterior and Asphalt roof cover, with unit(s), total room(s), total bedroom(s), total bath(s), 0 total half bath(s), 0 total 3/4 bath(s). 

It must be somewhat difficult for Fitzpatrick and his wife to get  good nights sleep at 22 Woodland since the property description  lists (0) total bedrooms

Maybe it is time to get Sara Bronin and her Zoning Enforcement officers to verify this residence and the buildings usage.

Another fraud perpetrated on the residents of Hartford for the sake of a salary by the Bronin Cast of Characters.

Calls to reach Sean Fitzpatrick for comment have been unsuccessful

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Is the Hartford Board of Education once again hiring someone to have a new hiding place once their previous home got a little too hot?

What is the real story here?

This is what happens when there is no competitive process and people are allowed to hire their friends. Shouldn 't this process at least be put on hold until the matter is properly vetted and before we allow another $175,000 salary at the BOE?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


In another move that boggles the mind, the Hartford Board of Education was scheduled to meet tonight. Under Agenda item 1,b was the authorization to hire a Deputy Superintendent of Schools at an annual cost of $175,000 plus benefits. Even more alarming was that the selection had already been made by the Superintendent. No advertisement soliciting resumes, no interview process, just give the job to someone from the Superintendent's social network .

This is wrong and will only contribute to a top heavy administration and only the children will suffer. Probably a few short months from now there will be more talks of layoffs of teachers and classroom paraprofessionals  as the Superintendent claims to deal with ever tightening budgets.

This is obscene and just goes to show what I have said for years about the Hartford schools, it is not a system about educating children but rather a system to provide very large salaries a select group of adults with no regard for the educations being provided.

Dr. Alberto Vazquez Matos, the heir apparent of Superintendent Torres graciousness is also currently the subject of a petition to remove him from his position in Florida, just what Hartford needs.

According to Pedro Zayas, spokesperson for the Hartford Schools, he told the Tampa News ""Our city is nearly bankrupt," he said. Funding has been flat for a decade "while costs rise and there’s a lot more compliance. We’ve had layoffs for the past two years." Geez, I guess under those circumstances I can understand $175,000 for the newly created position


Well, here we go again.

Now Sexual Harassment allegations are being made against Hartford City Council President Thomas Clarke. These allegations on the heels of allegations against City Council Aide Kelly Kirkley-Bey. And those allegations followed the removal of the Lieutenant in charge of Hartford's Police Academy, Lieutenant Christine Mertes after allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.

When is enough enough, or do we look forward to spending money on outside attorneys and paying out large settlements.

Sadly, these allegations are well documented through Police reports and other documents such as text messages. I think there  probably has been less solid documentation of wrongdoing against some individuals that have been forced to resign from positions,  Yet in Hartford, it is business as usual.

I don't think many people will accuse Mayor Bronin of showing any solid leadership, but maybe it is time he seizes the moment and starts showing what leaders are supposed to do.

Mayor Bronin set the tone of "Zero Tolerance" that we keep hearing you and others talk about.

If the text messages actually exist of the nature described in the Complaint against TJ Clarke, he needs to step aside. Kelly Kirkley -Bey should have been removed the day her incident occurred, not months later and only after it became public and a thorough investigation of Lt. Mertes needs to take place along with a demotion or termination for her outrageous behavior. Also, any current City employees need to know that their will be no retaliation for their honesty and helping to rid City Government of perverted behavior. And in setting the tone, the word should be spread that this behavior will not be tolerated

And making excuses TJ that it is just dirty politics is less than genuine. Dirty politics didn't type those text messages or have those thoughts, YOU DID. . And the same goes for Kelly and Christine Mertes, be adults and own your behavior. And Mayor Bronin you need to do the same also and stop worrying about votes for your next rung on the ladder, do the right thing.

Ignoring it only allows bad behavior to flourish.

Monday, December 18, 2017


On 12/17/17, Hartford Police Patrol Division responded to 97 Van Block Avenue on a report of an unresponsive male party lying on the grass. Upon arrival, the victim, later identified as Tyrone Mercer (D.O.B. 7/30/62), was located suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was pronounced deceased by EMS personnel on scene. The Major Crimes Division is investigating and Detective Dematteo has been assigned as the lead investigator. Next of Kin was located and notification was made to the victim’s son, Tyrone Mercer (same name) of 343 High Street, New Britain CT.