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Thursday, September 7, 2017


As I have said here several times previously, Luke Bronin's "Chicken Little" act is wearing  thin. The sky is falling chants are wearing real thin. We have been hearing the threats for almost two years now , and nothing has changed . There is still no viable plan for sustainability as requested by the big three CEO's who are still holding the purse strings tight on their pledged $50 million dollar contribution to help the City.

That money will only be released when and if the 3 feel  comfortable that Mayor Bronin actually has a plan. So far, it doesn't seem to be a priority for Bronin and no plan has been submitted.

I am not sure Bronin actually has a plan or is even capable of devising a plan. Bronins suburban "share the pain " crusade was pretty much a flop. His shame the Unions into cooperation efforts pretty much went no where, and his constant forays into the halls of the Capitol during the recent session were probably more of an annoyance to Legislators rather than producing any positive results

Originally I would have been opposed to a Chapter 9 Bankruptcy but now in talking to numerous parties, including attorneys familiar with the process, I have to say, in the words of Nike...JUST DO IT.

Nothing has changed financially under Bronin as Mayor. Let me rephrase that, nothing has changed positively financially under Mayor Bronin. It has gotten much worse under Bronin and on the positive side, our financial ratings can't drop much lower.

Every day we listen to Chicken Little, is one more day wasted before we get on the road to recovery, Enough of the false promises and gambling on Hartford's recovery.

A couple months ago, Bronin borrowed in excess of $20 million dollars to be able to pay Hartford's bills. Apparently Bronin felt comfortable borrowing the money based on a promise from a Hartford Legislator that the State of Connecticut would cough up money to bail Hartford out. That might actually be the honorable thing for the State to actually pay their fair share for all the Tax exempt property in Hartford.

But considering we are going on several months with no state budget and the State of Connecticut facing a billion dollar deficit themselves, who would like to place a bet on the odds of any State representative from Hartford  riding in on the white horse to save the day.  And who in Hartford's delegation has the pull to get the majority of the legislature to buy into Hartford's bail out and get it passed? Clearly not the same State Reps who convinced Bronin the check was going to be in the mail month's ago.

Stop the phony narratives, stop the blackmail techniques and get to work on a plan to turn Hartford around , and give up your plans to balance your budget on the backs of Hartford's Unions. If that involves a Bankruptcy filing then do what you were elected to do and begin leading. It may hurt for a while that you were the Mayor that led Hartford into Bankruptcy, and is probably isn't the next step on the ladder you expected for your political career.  More importantly, hopefully, a few years from now, you will also be known as the Mayor that led Hartford out of it

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Probably one of the biggest complaints at neighborhood community meetings are the negative impact on quality of life that many small neighborhood grocery stores have on street corners and neighborhood quality of life.

 The complaints range from  drug sales to illegal alcohol sales to loitering and gun violence.

Today the Hartford Police Department and several City and State agencies  conducted unannounced inspections of several of the businesses. Hartford Police officers, Hartford License and Inspections, Hartford Health Inspectors and the State of Connecticut Labor Department and Revenue Services focused on compliance with State and City regulations throughout the South District. Nine locations in total were inspected, and five of the stores were shut down immediately due to violations.

Carolina Grocery at 865 New Britain Avenue and Town Market at 1637 Park Street, had no violations found. Anthemy Supermarket at 3 Wethersfield Avenue had several violations, but none serious enough to shut down the store, although the health Department immediately ceased all food service. The State Labor Department opened an investigation into their staff issues and the Fire Marshall's Office began an investigation into Fire Code violations.

The Baldwin Grocery at 2 Baldwin Street was allowed to remain open after fixing electrical code violations.

The Platinum Grocery at 347 Wethersfield Avenue was shut down after  Health code violations were found, including an expired Health permit and they were ordered to stop selling food. Revenue Services issued summonses for sale of untaxed cigarettes and  the Labor Department also found labor violations. STORE CLOSED

Last Stop Market at 427 Wethersfield Avenue was shut down after State Inspectors found Revenue (Tax) issues and Labor violations. STORE CLOSED

The Beltre Family Grocery at 955 Broad Street was shut down after inspectors found Labor and Revenue issues and Health Inspectors found no current Health Permit for the operation. STORE CLOSED

G&C Grocery, 760 Park Street was shut down after State Inspectors found Workers Compensation issues. STORE CLOSED

El Comerio Grocery at 307 Zion Street was also shut down after State Inspectors found Worker's Compensation issues and Revenue Inspectors issued summonses for Tax violations.

Good Work addressing Quality of Life issues in the South End by all involved, including the Southend CSO's, Sergeant Kevin Oulette and Lieutenant Ian Powell as well as all other City and State inspectors involved