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Saturday, September 8, 2018


On Friday, 09/07/18 at approximately 1930 hours, members of the Violent Crimes Unit and Street Crimes Unit, were assisting Parole with a parolee compliance check. Officers responded to the accused's residence at 80 Orange Street, to complete a search of the apartment. The accused is aware of his conditions of release and has signed an agreement with the Department of Parole, consenting to announced or unannounced searches.

During the search a Hi-Point .45 caliber handgun was recovered in the accused's bedroom closet. The accused was placed under arrest and transported to the Violent Crimes Unit to be interviewed by detectives.


Arrested: Torres, Jose. DOB 04/16/86. 80 Orange Street Hartford, CT Apt. 1-S. 

Charges: Pistol Without a Permit, Criminal Possession of Firearm.

Friday, September 7, 2018


On 9/6/18 @ 2050 hours, officers from the Community Response Unit conducted a motor vehicle stop in

the parking lot of 255 South Marshall Street (Salvation Army.) Upon approaching the vehicle, the officers

observed three male occupants and detected a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. A

further investigation revealed all three occupants were in possession of marijuana and one illegally in

possession of a fully loaded Ruger .22 caliber New Model Single Six revolver. All three individuals were

placed under arrest and transported to VCU where they were debriefed by detectives.

Burke, Dale (1/8/96) of 63 Boothbay St. Hartford, CT.

Charges: Improper use of registration plates, Operating unregistered M/V, No Insurance, Operating under suspension, Poss. Cont. Sub, Trespass 3rd.


Dennis, Craig (4/8/00) of 42 Deer Meadow Dr. Bloomfield, CT.

Charges: Poss. Cont. Sub, Trespass 3rd.


Adams, Rome (9/4/00) of 496 Prospect Ave. Hartford, CT.

Charges: Carrying pistol without a permit, Weapons in M/V, Poss. Cont. Sub, Trespass 3rd.



On Thursday 9/06/2018, at approximately 1230 hours, Detectives from Vice and Narcotics and Street Crimes Unit, conducted a street level narcotics operation involving undercover detectives. This operation led detectives to 2574 Main St. (Hartford Tobacco Boutique) where the undercover detectives purchased narcotics. As a result of the operation, detectives secured a search warrant for the business address, which resulted in locating additional narcotics (Heroin/Fentanyl). In total, (2) adult subjects were arrested on narcotics and controlled substance related charges.

Charles Jackson Dob: 3/19/69 Lka: 1780 Main Street East Hartford, CT 

Possession/Sales of Controlled Substance, Possession/Sales of Narcotics, Destruction Evidence, Drug Factory. 

Antwan Williams Dob: 6/16/78 Lka: 185 Pine St Manchester, CT

Sale of Controlled Substance, Possession Controlled Substance.


On Thursday September 06, 2018, Detectives from the Vice & Narcotics and Street Crimes Unit, conducted a street level narcotics interdiction operation within Hartford's north district. The operation was initiated to address the numerous complaints for street level drug dealing. As a result of the operation, numerous adult suspects were arrested for narcotics or other applicable charges.

A1) Kendall Camby Dob: 12/07/89 Lka: NCA Hartford (27 East St. Hartford, CT ) 

Charged: Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics *** Parole Remanded ***

A2) Britney Wilkerson Dob: 8/04/89 Lka: 27 East St Hartford, CT

Charged: Conspiracy Sales Narcotics. 

A3) Dashawn Dwyer Dob: 11/22/94 Lka: 385 Woodland St Hartford, CT

Charged: Sales of Narcotics, Possession Narcotics

A4) Troy Young Dob: 5/15/88 Lka: 454 Barbour St. Hartford, CT

Charged: M/V Signal, M/V Registration, Unreg M/V, Operating Suspended License. 

A5) Jose Rodriguez Dob: 2/10/99 Lka: 135 Bedford St Hartford, CT

Trespassing 3rd, Possession Narcotics, Sale of Narcotics, Interfering W/Police

A6) Nathaniel Cockburn Dob: 8/28/96 Lka: 1044 Blue Hills Ave. Hartford, CT

Charged: Trespassing 3rd, Assault on Police, Interfering W/Police

A7) Christopher Elbert Dob: 9/17/99 Lka: 155 Wethersfield Ave Hartford, CT

Charged; Trespassing 3rd.

A8) Chance Baker Dob: 12/04/98 Lka: 31 Gillett St Hartford, CT 

Charged; Trespassing 3rd.

A9) Chudney Baker Dob: 12/04/98 Lka; 31 Gillett St

Charged: Trespassing 3rd

Loitering Charges Only:

Hakeith McCray Dob: 3/23/81 Lka: 8 Turtle Lane East Hartford, CT 

Malcolm Howard Dob: 11/28/88 Lka: 306 Windsor Ave. Windsor, CT 

Angel Gonzalez Dob: 1/03/87 Lka: 330 Laurel St Hartford, CT

Matthew Santiago Dob: 10/25/89 Lka: 1081 Bluehills Ave. Hartford, CT


On Thursday September 06, 2018, Detectives from the Vice & Narcotics and Street Crimes Unit, conducted a street level narcotics interdiction operation. The operation was initiated to address the numerous complaints for street level drug dealing within Hartford's south district. As a result of the operation, numerous adult suspects were arrested on on the listed narcotics or applicable charges.

A1) Ashley Moser Dob: 2/18/93 Lka: 27 Wolcott St Hartford, CT

Charged: Possession Narcotics, Sale of Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics.

A2) Ivelisse Fuentes Dob: 7/21/88 Lka: 60 Wadsworth St. Hartford, CT

Charged: Possession Narcotics, Sale of Narcotics, Crim Trespassing 3rd, Op M/V W/O License

A3) Elias Herrara Dob: 2/25/71 Lka: 20 Wethersfield Ave Hartford, CT 

Warrant ** Town Ord. Violation / Failure to appear **

A4) Osvaldo Melendez Dob: 8/22/67 Lka: 45 Burnside Ave East Hartford, CT

Charged: Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics, Consp/Sale of Narcotics, Narcotics not in cont.

A5) Roman Garcia-Torres Dob: 10/14/69 Lka: 49 Bond St Hartford, CT

Charged: Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics, Consp/Sale of Narcotics, Sale of Narcotics

A6) Roman Ivarrando Dob: 2/13/64 Lka: 123 Retreat Ave Hartford, CT 

Charged: Possession Narcotics 


On Thursday September 06, 2018, Detectives from Vice & Narcotics and Hartford Patrol, conducted a street level narcotics interdiction operation in Hartford's south district. The operation was initiated to address the numerous complaints for street level drug dealing. While conducting the operation, detectives located an occupied stolen motor vehicle in the area of 168 Hungerford St. The suspect fled from the vehicle and was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit. (1) suspect was arrested on motor vehicle theft charges.

A1) Gabriel Vega Dob: 9/27/91 Lka: 159 Wethersfield Ave. Hartford, CT

Charged: Larceny 3rd, Interfering W/Police, Operating M/V W/O License.


On the morning of September 6, 2018, Detectives from the Major Crimes Division Auto Theft Unit received information regarding auto theft related activity in the 400 block of Wethersfield Avenue. Surveillance of the area was conducted and an occupied stolen vehicle was observed. The vehicle, a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox, was reported stolen on the same date from the City of Hartford. 

The Detectives observed a suspect operating the vehicle in a parking lot at 471 Wethersfield Avenue. Detectives converged on the location in an attempt to place the vehicle operator under arrest. The operator, later identified as Jonathan Diaz-Santiago, immediately exited the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot to avoid apprehension.

The Detectives engaged in a foot pursuit of the fleeing suspect while providing their direction of travel via radio. The Detectives were able to gain ground as Diaz-Santiago attempted to scale a nearby fence. At that time Officers was able to take control of his person and place him into custody without incident.

Jonathan Diaz-Santiago was placed under arrest for the charges of Larceny 3rd Degree, Operating Motor Vehicle without Owner's Permission, Criminal Trover 2nd Degree, and Interfering. Diaz-Santiago was then transported to the Major Crimes Division and debriefed by the Detectives. He was later escorted the Detention Division, processed for the aforementioned charges, and held on a $50,000 bond.

Arrested: Jonathan Diaz-Santiago (dob 5/1/87) of 86 Webster Street, Hartford, CT

Charges: Larceny 3rd Degree, Operating Motor Vehicle without Owner's Permission, Criminal Trover 2nd Degree, and Interfering


On Wednesday 9/5/18 at approximately 0753 hours, a victim ran up to Unit 11's cruiser traveling west bound on Jefferson Street claiming that he was robbed at gunpoint on Enfield Street in the vicinity of Greenfield Street and was forced to drive the suspects in his vehicle to 525 Hudson Street. The victim pointed to one of the suspects who was placed in custody. The victim stated he was brought to an apartment on the first floor and was forced to smoke crack. The suspects also tried to force the victim to have "sex" with a prostitute. The victim stated that the suspects threatened to shoot him if he attempted to leave. Officers responded to 525 Hudson Street and secured the apartment and detained all occupants. The victim identified another suspect in the apartment.

A girlfriend of one of the suspects and the owner of the apartment were present and were transported as witnesses to Major Crimes. The owner of the apartment alerted the police that the girlfriend of one of the suspects still on scene was holding the firearm for her boyfriend. Officers recovered the firearm. Major Crimes detectives interviewed all parties involved. 

Crime Scene detectives processed the apartment and the vehicle. The C4 Unit also was able to capture video from the streets traveled by the victim's car and footage from security cameras inside of 525 Hudson Street. The Major Crimes detectives were able to substantiate the victim's complaint and corroborate the incident from information ascertained from a thorough investigation. There remains one outstanding suspect, and a warrant will be issued for his arrest pending identification. The victim sustained minor injuries.

The collaborative effort of Patrol, Major Crimes Unit, Crime Scene Unit, and the Capital City Crime Center (C4) led to the arrest of three suspects for numerous felonies and the recovery of a loaded firearm. 

Arrested1- Shaquill Strickland (6/15/96) residing at 34 Mahl Avenue Hartford, CT.

Kidnapping with a firearm, Kidnapping 2*, Robbery 1*, Pistol w/o a Permit, and Larceny 3* 

Arrested2- Kenneth Daniels (9/29/70) 71 Linmoore Street Manchester,CT. (Motor Vehicle Warrants) 

Arrested3- Deasijah Burnham (8/2/99) 31 Love Lane Hartford, CT.

Pistol Without a Permit and Large Capacity Magazine.

Thursday, September 6, 2018




I think anyone following the Stephen Barone "Trigger Happy" event knew that a demotion was inevitable. I had predicted that here pretty much from the start.

At the time, Barone was still in his probationary period as a newly promoted Sergeant and a demotion for any reason during that period was well within Chief Rosado's rights.

I also think termination is now a definite possibility as Barone, who originally seemed remorseful and wanting to prove himself once gain to the community, has now chosen to  dig his heels in to fight what he himself has agreed was inappropriate behavior.

This puts Chief Rosado and others who went into the community to explain Barone's behavior in a difficult spot now. The man who originally seemed as though he wanted to explain himself and start working to rebuild the trust he once had with the community apparently has now done an about face .

Now the issue is "what next"?

Under the Union contract, Baronje must be allowed an internal hearing. He has the choice of selecting his hearing officer from anyone the rank of Captain or above. Since there currently no Captain's at HPD, his hearing officer will most likely be a Deputy Chief of his choice.

The hearing officer will conduct a hearing, similar to a trial, and then make a recommendation to the Chief with his or her findings. The Chief can then accept that recommendation for anything from no action , to discipline or suspension  up to termination. or can completely overrule the recommendation of the hearing officer and go i9n his own direction . I think the original indication that termination was "off the table" might b e totally different now that the circumstances have changed.

Barone originally was willing to talk to community leaders to explain himself. Based upon that , many of those same communi9ty leaders that were insisting on termination from the start had changed their thinking  and were willing to keep an open mind and try to understand the thinking of Police Officers and why the words were used that night.

That has apparently all fallen apart now and some of those same community leaders are now wondering if they were duped from the start. This puts Chief Rosado and the entire HPD in a difficult position of having to back track on assurances made to them.

It was not easy to convince the community leaders to hold off on their rush to judgments, but for the good of the City and HPD, a lot of work was done behind the scenes to make that happen. Now it seems that was all for naught and appears to the community to be just another empty promise.

To those people who endured my phone calls, and calls and meetings with others, trying to make the best out of a bad situation, I apologize. I honestly thought we were dealing in good faith and now that appears not to be true. But, please, don't give up. We have a long ways to go, but I think working together as a community we will continue to have one of the best Police Departments in the Country.

I consider myself lucky to work with HPD when I see what goes on elsewhere and one bump in the road can not be allowed to undermine that.



On Wednesday September 5, 2018, at approximately 2247 hours, Hartford Police officers were dispatched to the intersection of Albany Avenue and Garden Street on a report of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers located the pedestrian, a 47 year-old female, suffering from life-threatening injuries. The pedestrian was transported by ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital for treatment. The vehicle that struck the pedestrian, a white four-door sedan (possibly a 2008-2012 Chevrolet Malibu), fled the crash scene westbound on Albany Avenue. Detectives from the Crime Scene Division were notified and assumed control of the investigation. The pedestrian is listed in critical condition at Saint Francis Hospital. Investigation of this incident is on-going.


On 9/05/18 at 1150 hours, Vice and Narcotics Detectives were conducting surveillance operations in the area of 267 Hillside Ave, the area of a recent homicide incident, to gather information for suspects related to the incident. During the operation, detectives observed several suspects engaged in suspected narcotics sales that have history for robberies and firearm charges. As the suspects began to leave the area, a motor vehicle stop was attempted and the vehicle sped off, engaging police in pursuit. 

The pursuit ended in the area of 77 Natick Street where the suspects fled on foot. One suspect was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit into the woods. The second suspect was taken into custody during a K9 canvas, sustaining a dog bite after being located in heavy tree brush. Both were arrested and transported to MCD for interview. Both were arrested on applicable charges.

A1: Roberto Vargas Dob: 2/24/96 Lka: 164 Flatbush Ave. Hartford, CT

Charges: Stop Sign Violation, Reckless Driving, Engaging Police in Pursuit, Evading Responsibility, Operating W/O a License, Trespassing 3rd, Interfering W/Police.

A2: Dariyan Hilson Dob: 3/17/2000 Lka: 898 Park Street (3W) Hartford, CT

Trespassing 3rd, Interfering W/Police.


On September 4, 2018, at approximately 0925 hours,Detectives from the Major Crimes Division Auto Theft Unit were conducting proactive patrols within the Frog Hollow area of the City of Hartford. Detectives observed a 2013 GMC Sierra that he immediately recognized as a recently reported stolen vehicle. An inquiry was conducted of the affixed marker plate that returned the vehicle as reported stolen on August 28, 2018 out of Newington, CT. 

Detectives began following the vehicle undetected and radioed the direction of travel. Detectives responded to assist and executed a motor vehicle stop in the area of 9 Grand Street. The operator of the stolen vehicle was taken into custody without incident and identified as William Ramos. 

Ramos was placed under arrest and charged with Larceny 1st Degree, and Operating Motor Vehicle without Owner's Permission. Ramos was transported to the Major Crimes Division for debriefing then escorted to the Detention Division for processing. Ramos was further found to have an active arrest warrant for the charges of Criminal Mischief 2nd, and Failure to Appear. Ramos was held on an accumulative bond of $51,000.

Arrested: William Ramos (dob 9/7/75) of 32 Madison Street, Hartford, CT

Charges: Larceny 1st Degree, and Operating Motor Vehicle without Owner's Permission

On July, 2, 2018, at approximately 2121 hours, patrol units responded to a reported vehicle fire in the area of 100 Brook Street. The fire was extinguished, two partially burnt containers were observed within the passenger compartment of the vehicle, and the incident was deemed suspicious. The Hartford Fire Marshal's Office responded to the scene to conduct an origin and cause investigation. The cause of the fire was later classified as incendiary therefore further investigation of the incident was assigned to Detective Nelson of the Major Crimes Division. 

Detectives worked the case in conjunction with arson investigators from the Connecticut State Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Investigators were able to locate video surveillance footage of the incident and an identification flyer was disseminated with a still photograph of the suspect. Officers of the Street Crimes Unit recognized the suspect from past encounters and assisted with the investigation. The suspect was later identified as Dominique Lino. 

As the investigation proceeded further probable cause was developed to charge Lino in connection with the crime. Detectives drafted and submitted an arrest warrant to the Hartford Superior Court charging Lino with Arson 3rd Degree. The arrest warrant was reviewed and later approved by a Superior Court Judge for the aforementioned charge.

On September 5, 2018, Detectives  distributed a wanted flyer for Dominique Lino. Shortly after the flyer was distributed walk beat Officers developed information of a possible location for Lino. An apprehension operation was then conducted targeting the area of Albany Avenue at Garden Street. MCD Detectives conducted surveillance of the area and observed Lino present. Officers quickly converged on the location resulting in Lino being taken into custody without incident.

Dominique Lino was transported to the Major Crimes Division and debriefed by Detectives. Lino was later booked and processed for the active arrest warrant at the HPD Detention Division. Lino is currently being held on a judge set bond of $150,000.

Arrested: Dominique Lino (dob 3/5/87) of 59 Stebbins Street, Springfield, MA 

Charges: Arson 3rd Degree

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


On September 3, 2018, at 2321 hours, patrol units responded to 206 Branford Street on the report of a domestic incident involving a firearm. Dispatch stated that the complainant was reporting that the suspect had displayed a firearm and fired a shot at her. Upon arrival the complaint had already fled the scene. Additional units responded to the complainant's location to obtain additional information. 

Officers on scene established a perimeter and made contact with the residents inside. The mother of the suspect opened the front door. Just inside the door, on the floor ,officers immediately observed a single spent .22 cal shell casing. Officers obtained consent to search the home and located additional live .22 cal rounds in the suspect's bedroom.

The suspect was confirmed to be a convicted felon and is listed on the Dangerous Weapon Registry. He was immediately placed under arrest.

The complainant admitted she went to the address to confront the suspect and to fight his new girlfriend

On scene she got into a verbal argument with the suspect, at which time he produced the firearm firing one shot. The complainant was arrested and charged.
VCU was notified of the incident. Great job by all responding officers.

Arrested: Dweh, Zinna DOB 6/8/98 157 Sisson Ave Hartford CT

Charges; Disorderly Conduct 53a-182 and Criminal Trespass 1st 53a-109

Arrested: Haylett, Jahmali DOB 9/20/98 206 Branford Street Hartford CT

Charges; Threatening 1st 53a-61aa, Criminal Possession of Ammunition/Firearm 53a-217, and Unlawful Discharge of a firearm 53-203

Sunday, September 2, 2018


South Windsor Officer Matt Mainieri

An off-duty South Windsor Police officer has been killed while attempting to break up a bar fight in South Carolina.

Officer Matthew Mainieri  was off duty at the time and 0outside the Uncle Tito's bar in Murrell's Inlet South Carolina around 12:30am Sunday morning.

A 21 year old man. Kelton Todd, 21, sucker punched Officer Mainieri during the altercation. Manieri died shortly after 3:00PM today.
Kelton Todd, 
photo courtesy of Georgetown County Sheriff's Office

Mainieri was an excellent motorcycle rider and cycle enthusiast. I had the opportunity to meet Mainieri  years ago and I remember him participating several years ago in a motorcycle Poker Run fundraiser for my nephew Andrew. Matt was always a gentleman and very pleasant when ever I would see him out.

Agent Mainieri is a 15-year veteran of the South Windsor Police Department and is currently assigned as a Criminal Investigator in the Investigations Unit. He has served as a Field Training Officer and as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist. He currently serves on the regional traffic unit, Metro Traffic Services, the regional Emergency Services Team as a Tactical Operator and also serves as a motor officer, operating one of the department's motorcycles during special events. Agent Mainieri holds an associate's degree from Champlain College.

Rest in Peace Matt.


After watching the Funeral service for Senator John McCain, I couldn't help if anyone was listening to the eulogies or  any thing  will  be changed or be learned from John McCain's life and death.

 For some reason I kept thinking about Hartford and the incident involving Sergeant Stephen Barone and questioning if anything will  be learned from the incident and will any positive change come about, or will we go the other way and use some one's mistake to further divide our City.

I'm sure if our President had the chance, he would probably take back  his poorly chosen words he uttered on the campaign trail regarding Senator McCain's captivity as a prisoner of war. Instead our President has chosen to dig in his heels and continue the divide.

I can only hope and pray that the Barone incident won't be handled the same way . All indications are that will not be allowed to happen. I know everyone will not be accepting of the eventual outcome, but as a community it is now part of our history, and we need to learn a lesson and make sure this type of history does not repeat itself.

Hartford over the years has been very progressive in its programs to build positive Police/Community relations. I think as a City we all have been very fortunate to benefit from the results of those programs , but we still have a long way to go. Sadly. some of the best programs have been decimated by the cost cutting ax that is swung annually by a City Hall that is more focused on preserving things such as high priced Council Assistants while slashing funding for Community Service Officers (CSO's)and other programs that have shown positive results  The School Resource Officer program  which assigned Police  Officers to serve as positive role models in Hartford Schools has gone the way of the dinosaurs and is now extinct in the Hartford Schools.

To be fair though, the SRO's were removed from the schools more at the request of the Board of Education than by HPD. Whatever the reason, it was a stupid move, especially in our High Schools where it could help to build positive relationships between police officers and students as well as a potential recruitment tool to let students see police officers as normal human beings and not an occupying force to be feared.

Like I said earlier, not everyone will be happy with the eventual outcome of the numerous meeting held between community partners, politicians and the Police Administration. I have spoke with several people who have been included in those meetings and hearing that termination is "off the table". Let me get that one out of the way first because many  of our so called "community leaders" have been insisting on termination.

Even more surprising is that many of those calling for Barone's termination are ministers  and religious people. Now I usually don't get around to quoting the bible in my arguments, but I have to wonder how religious people can preach God's teachings from the Bible, and then totally ignore them when it doesn't suit their needs.

I am sure we have all heard at one time or another "Lest he who is without guilt, cast the first stone". No , I am not asking to call off the stoning of Sergeant Barone, but I think it is important that the 'punishment" fits the crime.  This verse is not speaking to not judging at all , it is speaking to judging unfairly or in  any other  selfish way.

I have asked many people to name an offense committed by Sergeant Barone that is a termination worthy offense. Poor decision, but definitely not termination. Keep in mind that no criminal statute violation occurred or has been claimed. Not even a violation of the Hartford Police Departments Code of conduct.

Any termination for political expediency , and that's the only reason it would happen, would most likely result in a wrongful termination lawsuit that would cost the taxpayers of Hartford a large amount of money to defend. In the end, the most likely judgment, for Sergeant Barone's poor choice of words would be a judgment in favor of Barone. That judgment, if past history is any indication, would most likely be an order to rehire Barone with reimbursement for past due lost  pay and benefits along with interest and quite possibly a monetary settlement and reimbursement for his legal expense which would be large.

And I don't want to go off the rails here, but we can't have different standards for Barone than we have for our so called "Community leaders". I have been told by more than one source that in one of the HPD meetings  that a community leader was far from showing any leadership when they commented that anything short of Barone's termination would result in "buildings burning in North Hartford". Is that what little these leaders thing of the people they are supposed to represent ?

It also seems hypocritical  to move to condemn Barone for his poor choice of words, whatever the intent, and then threaten arson for North Hartford.  Bad choices are bad choices... across the board.

Again, to not use this  incident as a tool to learn and build from is a huge waste.  I do honestly think that Stephen Barone should be, and will be demoted from his rank of Sergeant. I do not think he will be terminated and he will have a long road ahead of him to once again prove himself and regain the trust of the people of Hartford. That is my hope that Stephen Barone will appreciate the opportunity that is afforded him if the eventual decision is to allow him to stay on HPD and that opportunity will make him a stronger, more compassionate human being 

 I am also told that when the full 12 minute video is released, we will have a much different impression than the edited, 90 second or so clip posted on Facebook. There was clearly an agenda in play here to not release the full video by the Facebook posters.

This is a huge opportunity for Chief Rosado to do the right thing and use this incident as a learning experience for every one of his officers and build community trust, and to do that it has to be addressed openly and candidly, with Barone also as part of that discussion and maybe a better explanation so we can get to know the person, not just rhetoric from Facebook

In the meantime, I keep thinking about Matthew 7:1, "lest he who is without guilt" How many of us can answer "yes, that's me , no guilt, never said anything wrong that I regretted afterwards."


On Sunday, 9/2/18, Patrol responded to the Hillside Avenue area on two separate shot spotter notifications. Responding officers located 2 male victims suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in front of 267 Hillside Avenue. The 2 victims were transported to Hartford Hospital where they were pronounced deceased.

 A third victim was located at the intersection of New Britain Avenue suffering from an non-life threatening gunshot wound to his ankle. The Major Crimes and Crime Scene Divisions responded and assumed the investigation. Detective Verrengia was assigned as the lead investigator. The homicide victims were identified as Kevin Campbell (4/4/84) of 150 Giddings Street, Windsor and Joshua Steele (5/3/90) of 12 Merrill Street, Harford.