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Saturday, January 30, 2016




(Jan 30, 2016) Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and Treasurer Adam Cloud issued the following statements regarding the passing of former City Treasurer Kathleen Palm Devine.

“Kathleen Palm Devine served Hartford with tremendous dedication for over a decade, carefully and skillfully managing our City’s financial assets,” Mayor Bronin said. “Kathleen was respected by colleagues and residents alike, and her passing is a loss for our City. Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones."

“Kathleen Palm Devine was and will always be one of the City’s greatest public servants,” Treasurer Cloud said. “She was a champion for Hartford and all of its residents. Her passing is particularly difficult for me as she was both my friend and my mentor. On behalf of my staff and the Pension Commission, I wish to express our deepest condolences to her family. She will truly be missed.”

More on this as arrangements are completed.

Friday, January 29, 2016


The new DMV software implemented this past summer has been full of problems. Recently NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters  Len Besthoff exposed some of those issues, such as numerous registrations suspended over insurance coverage issues . This was a software mistake and most of the suspended registrations did actually have proper insurance.

The problems eventually led to the resignation of the DMV Commissioner.

Today another software glitch raised some its ugly DMV head.  A city of Hartford vehicle was involved in a traffic accident this morning. According to sources, as an HPD Officer was preparing the accident report, he ran the registration plate for the vehicle. The registration came back from DMV as suspended for unpaid taxes.

The only problem is that  the City of Hartford is tax exempt  and doesn't pay automobile taxes.

Wethersfield, we have a problem.

HPD and DMV worked together to identify the problem and Hartford's registrations for all City Vehicles apparently were quickly restored.


On January 29, 2016 at 1:30PM, members of the Shooting Task Force executed a court ordered Search & Seizure Warrant,at 74 Congress Street, room #7.

Upon execution the target of the investigation, Accused Valentin, was located and detained. Seized was a Kel-Tec .380 caliber Model P3AT Auto Pistol, s/n KGR77, with  magazine, containing five live .380 rounds of ammunition. The firearm was stolen out of New Britain, CT (one of fourteen stolen). Also seized was 2,694 wax paper envelopes each containing suspected heroin, a plastic bag containing 15.1 grams of raw heroin, $297.00 in United States currency, cellular phones, safe and gun cleaner.  was placed under arrest.

Accused; Valentin, David, M/Hispanic/36 (07/19/1979), of 74 Congress Street (#7), Hartford, CT.Charges; Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Theft of a Firearm, Possession Narcotics and PWITS Narcotics. arrest for the listed charges and transported to the PSC for booking procedures


On January 28, 2016 at 4:26PM, members of the U.S. Marshal's Violent Fugitive Task Force, observed Accused Rushawn Carroll in the passenger seat of a vehicle on Chestnut Street. Carroll had an active felony arrest warrant for his part in the street robbery of a minister at 106 New Park Avenue occurring on October 10th, 2015. Charges include Robbery 1st Degree and Conspiracy / Robbery 1st Degree.

Detective Sherry and Perez radioed for assisting patrol units. As the vehicle turned east on Pliny Street, Unit 20 was respondingwest on Pliny Street. Upon observing the cruiser, Carroll bailed out of the vehicle at which point officers gave chase. As Carroll fled he discarded a pellet gun that closely resembled a real firearm . Deputy US Marshal Perreault apprehended Carroll in the area of 206 Mather Street.

As Deputy US Marshall  Perreault attempted to apprehend Carroll, Carroll struck  Perreault in the face with a closed fist. Detective Sherry and Officer Ragno assisted and Carroll was eventually handcuffed. Carroll was combative throughout the encounter and further spit at officers several times.
Marshall Perreault further suffered laceration to his hands while jumping fences which did require stitches.

Accused Carroll was additionally charged for Interfering w/ Police, two counts of Assault on Police and
Weapons in M/V, under case #16-03096

Great job by all officers involved..

Thursday, January 28, 2016


It appears that the Bronin Administration is serious about tackling the drastic need for Police Officer's in Hartford.

Despite the lack of hiring by the Segarra/ Wooden regime for years, the new Sheriff  in town, Mayor Luke Bronin, apparently has authorized the training of 24 to 28 new officers starting February 8, 2016.(UPDATE 5:00PM , the real number is 15 Hartford Officers, see more detail below) That information was contained in a department e-mail received from sources this afternoon. The e-mail was distributed by Lt. Christine Mertes of the Hartford Police Academy.

Unfortunately, my high hopes for increased numbers of Hartford Police Officers on our streets was a little premature. What Lt. Mertes failed to mention were the real numbers. According to one HPD source familiar with the hiring, only 15 of those recruits will actually be Hartford Officers. The additional numbers will be from other agencies taking advantage of using Hartford's Academy for training purposes.

Despite my disappointment, 15 are much better than done, which is what w saw for most of the Segarra years

HPD's  numbers have been decimated for the last few years as a result of attrition, including retirements. y most estimates, the department is at least 100 officers under where they need to be to properly staff HPD.

Conditions Unit Officers and Faith Based Community Service Officers have all been told they are being returned to the ranks of the Patrol Division as of February 7, 2016. This is required to staff vital patrol positions and account for the attrition and lack of hiring by the City


On Friday, January 1st, 2016, at approximately 1010am, a Hartford Police Patrol Officer was approached in the area of Hartford Hospital and informed that a male (later identified as Maldonado) arrived in the emergency room suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the left hand. Maldonado was dropped off via private vehicle.
During an investigatory interview by Patrol Officers, Maldonado admitted to shooting himself while he was attempting to purchase a firearm on Park Street earlier in the morning. Maldonado did not provide officers with an exact location of incident on Park Street, the identity of the person selling the firearm or the current location of the firearm.
On Friday, January 1, 2016, Shooting Task Force Detectives responded to Hartford Hospital and met with Maldonado. Maldonado reported to STF Detectives he was attempting to purchase a firearm while intoxicated and shot himself in the hand at approximately 1am. STF investigators assumed this case and prepared an arrest warrant for Martin Maldonado. On January 26th, 2016, a Judge at Superior Court GA14 granted the warrant, charging
Maldonado with the following charges: Carrying a Pistol without a Permit, Criminal Possession of a Firearm,
and Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm, with a Judge set bond of $50,000 cash / surety.
On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, members of the Hartford Police Shooting Task Force located and arrested
Martin Maldonado without incident at his home on Preston Street, Hartford, CT.

Arrest: Maldonado, Martin, 27 Preston Street, Hartford, CT. (10 previous arrests, convicted felon)
1.       Possession of a Pistol without a Permit
2.       Criminal Possession of a Firearm
3.       Unlawful Discharge

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Well, that didn't take long.



Deputy Director Debra Carabillo to Serve as Interim Director




(Jan 27, 2016) Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin today announced that he has reluctantly accepted the resignation of Henry Burgos, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations for the City of Hartford. Mr. Burgos, who began working for the city in 2013, will depart from his position effective January 27.


“I have been impressed with Henry’s dedication to the people of Hartford thorough his management of all aspects of the City’s Human Resources Department, and I’m sorry to see him leave City Hall,” Mayor Bronin said. “Under Henry’s tenure, the City saw drastic modernization of our onboarding and applicant tracking and testing services. He has been an advisor and an invaluable resource during this transition period, and his departure is a loss for City Hall.”


Mr. Burgos stated, “It was a pleasure to serve Connecticut’s Capital City. My tenure as director was the most rewarding experience of my career. I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve the citizens of Hartford and I look forward to pursuing personal and professional goals in the near future.”


As Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Mr. Burgos has been responsible for directing every aspect of the City’s Human Resources Department, including, but not limited to, labor relations, recruitment, employee relations, employee benefits and contract negations. As a member of the senior management team, Henry played a key role in the City’s budget development process and was a member of the Personnel and Finance Committee, where among other things, he engaged in the monitoring of the City’s budget. 


Mayor Bronin has appointed Debra Carabillo, Assistant Director of Human Resources, to serve as Acting Director of Human Resources while a search for a permanent replacement in underway.





To read the original posting and read the full story, click here


According to several sources familiar with Hartford City Hall, embattled Human Resources Director Henry Burgos is expected to resign today.

No confirmation is readily available from the Bronin Administration, but standby for more details
Search the blog archives  for more information on Burgos's tenure. Despite Burgos's comments that he was "protected" and couldn't be let go, that apparently may not be the case


According to sources, Hartford's Interim Fire Chief's tenure will probably be one of the shortest in Hartford history.

Scott Brady named acting interim Chief  took over the reigns approximately 2 weeks ago after former Chief Carlos Huertas was shown the door at the start of a new Mayoral term began.

Brady's appointment was somewhat unusual due to the fact that Brady, according to numerous sources within HFD, was campaigning heavily for the new Mayor's opponent Pedro Segarra.  Brady , again according to sources, was visiting firehouses and speaking with firefighters advising them not to support Bronin, that Segarra was much more favorable to their upcoming contract negotiations. Apparently supporting Segarra was to benefit the firefighters Union.

In the end, apparently, everything works out for the best . Brady is not on the short list to be named as Assistant Chief under the incoming new Chief Reginald Freeman. At least one of the Assistant spots has been filled by HFD retiree Frank Costello. Costello is reported to be starting next Monday as Assistant Chief , at the same time Freeman takes over. Costello retired as a Deputy Chief of Training  for the fire Department.

The only fly in the ointment is a Hartford Ordinance that took effect January1, 2016. Any new hire or new appointment  that is a retiree will have their salary capped at the amount of the annual base salary minus the amount of their pension benefit, provided however that the annual compensation shall not be less than 50% of the annual base salary.

So much for double dipping being profitable anymore.

Here is the ordinance and its wording below. The pertinent part is on page 2, highlighted.(I guess Ken Kennedy did do at least one thing worthwhile in 14 years)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Word today is that Jason Martinez, the Hartford Firefighter who received severe burns in a structure fire over a year ago, has recovered enough from his injuries to return to work.

Martinez is undergoing refresher training classes today and will report back to his firehouse for his shift at 5:00PM today .

Best of Luck Jason on your continued recovery and may you and all of Hartford's first responders stay safe.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Hartford has traditionally been a snowplowing disaster.. It was so bad that during a Mayoral debate last summer , former Mayor Pedro Segarra blamed Hartford's dismal efforts on our suburban neighbors coming into Hartford and sweeping snow off their cars, blocking Hartford's streets.

Now I know Saturday's storm was small by many standards, but there was  so much different in the DPW efforts to clear Hartford's streets. I usually drive around once the snow stops to see what is going on in the City. I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of every street I drove down Sunday.

One of the big barometers I gauge by is how the streets are open. Typically, the streets are rarely plowed "curb to curb" meaning that the right lanes are usually left with a pile of snow taking up half of the travel lane Farmington Avenue is usually choked down to one open lane in each direction, bringing rush hour traffic to an impassable mess. Sunday morning the street  was open wide and the curbs were visible on  each side
Farmington Avenue in front of Saint Joseph's Cathedral, plowed curb to curb
New Park Avenue and just about every other street I drove down was plowed well and passable. For the first time I can recall, I couldn't tell where Hartford ended and West Hartford began. Usually I can tell when I have crossed into west Hartford because the plowing of their streets are pristine
New Park Avenue near Park Street looking South,. you can actually see the road
Therre just seemed to be a lot more co-ordination this time in the plowing efforts. It was comical though the numerous instructions being given to plow drivers over the DPW radio to plow Elm Street and be sure to put "plenty of material" down so that when the Mayor would look out the window of his home, he would see the results of their efforts. It might surprise them to know that I doubt the Mayor was sitting at home monitoring their efforts I think he was most likely out viewing their efforts first hand from every corner of the City. Its called management
I hope these efforts were not a one time occurrence and the next storm will show we do know how to do it right. We all have frequently bashed the DPW efforts over snow removal, but I think it is also important to let them know we appreciate it when they do it right.


Columbus and State Street intersection, The former Channel 3 "Broadcast House" site. Now a vacant lot for several years
Photo from the Hartford Courant article below
When are we going to stop falling for every developer that walks through the doors at City Hall with a fancy set of artists rendering

The Hartford Courant story below is about a property and its delusional development that I have written about here a few times previously. You can read the Courants story here :

Maybe we could at least have local artists design a "Welcome to Hartford " mural for the exposed walls of the vacant lot