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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Several sources are telling me that the City of Hartford has rejected over $1,000,000 in concessions that the Hartford Police Union has offered as contract givebacks to the City of Hartford as their share in balancing the Perez Administration's budget disaster. Specific details are not available at this time as to the content of the concessions, and HPD Union President Richard Rodriguez reserved comment until after the union membership meets on Tuesday. The concessions were said to take effect July 1, 2009 if they had been approved.

Although the Perez Administration has stated several times that Police layoffs were not being considered, this action seems to contradict that. It would seem that if layoffs were not being discussed, then any givebacks by the unions would gladly be accepted to help balance the budget.

During the budget process and hearings, Rodriguez had testified before the council, along with other city union leaders, that they desired to work with the City to be a part of the solution in balancing the city's budget. Although the Perez administration is not known for its openness and transparency, one needs to wonder what their intent is as far as police staffing ? It would seem to be a no brainer that when concessions on the parts of the unions are offered, especially as a good faith effort to ease the city's deficit when they aren't required to give anything back, and when the Perez Administration says layoffs aren't being considered, why would you not accept a million dollars plus?

Maybe someone under arrest for felonies and under the microscope of several law enforcement agencies for potential criminal acts, might not be the best person to decide Police issues and be willing to work objectively, just a thought.