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Friday, May 8, 2015


There is no doubt about it, the last few months, and probably even longer, have been very difficult times for police community relations. At the same time Hartford residents and the Hartford Police Department have been working together to come up with solutions to avoid the next Ferguson or Baltimore here in our own City.

It is a difficult tightrope that  Police Chiefs across this country must walk every day knowing they are one step away from the next incident that could ignite a community. It almost seems ironic that at the very same time I am working on this posting, Chief Rovella is in a meeting with several of Hartford's African American leaders to make sure the bridges HPD has built over the years remain strong, and accessible.

But. as the saying goes " one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch". And now it becomes an issue of throwing out the bad apples before they can do any damage. I think, actually no, I hope the picking is swift and decisive in this case to send a strong message to both HPD Officers and Hartford residents that racism within HPD will not be tolerated in any form by anyone.

Recently a Hartford Police Officer, Kamil Stachowitz attended a whisky tasting event at a Connecticut Casino. While there he apparently tasted too much of the whisky. Stachowitz, according to numerous sources within HPD ,created a disturbance at the casino. The Tribal Police were called to apparently remove Stachowitz from the Casino. Also according to sources, an African American Tribal Police Officer responded to the call. Upon confronting Stachowitz, the officer reported that Srtachowitz began yelling the "N" word and went into a  racist verbal tirade, yelling at the Officer at one point "My family used to own people like you" and "My Grandfather used to own slaves".

For some reason , no arrest was made, even though the Tribal Police were recently given full powers of arrest by State Statute after the State Police were removed from the Casino's. It may have to do something with Stachowitz identifying himself as a Police Officer, but I think any professional courtesy should have ended once Stachowitz started yelling the "N" word.

Stachowitz, according to sources, is now out on sick leave under the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Stachowitz has hired an attorney and may be planning on making a claim under the American's With Disabilities Act. Apparently he may be claiming that alcohol dependency or problems with alcohol would alleviate his behavior.

That may be true , but the streets of Hartford are no place for a racist cop. The alcohol helped the words come out, but the mindset already exists for someone that can freely use hateful language like that used by Stachowitz. He needs to go, too much is on the line for Chief Rovella to tolerate such behavior, and I am very confident he will not, EAP leave or  not.

I will post the incident report and any video I receive through FOI requests  here when it is received.

An Internal Affairs investigation is ongoing within HPD.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I take a lot of pride in the changes this blog has forced in Hartford. P-card's, use of City vehicles, sexually abusive Department head removed, the list goes on and on. The biggest change this blog needs to make, or more accurately help make, is in the change of leadership to move our City into the future.

As a City we can not survive another four years of this Council and Mayor Pedro Segarra. It is time for change if we are to succeed. That change will only come about through education of our voters and some deep soul searching by those that claim to care about Hartford. Why do people run for Council seats, why do they run for Mayor?

I am more and more convinced the reason is over inflated egos and desires for titles. Possibly they also love the invites to the best cocktail parties. Ask most of our elected officials what they have done during the time they have been in elected office and they might have a hard time giving you solid answers. What have you done in your 16 years as a Councilperson is a question that should probably get you a lengthy list of accomplishments, except in Hartford it will probably get the glasses slid down the bridge of the nose and a blank stare.Why would the voters re-elect a Councilperson after their  term as Council President ended in shame with a Mayor you rubber stamped for eventually  resigned in shame  facing corruption charges. Yes , a solid reputation of excellence in moving Hartford forward.

Hartford is in a good position this year if the voters educate themselves and if the Democratic Town Committee stops playing politics with the lives and futures of Hartford's residents. The time is here to put the political payback and dirty deal making aside and select the best possible candidates to run our City.

Up until a few weeks ago, the choice for me for Mayor was a tough one. I had met Luke Bronin at the Governors Office. I had known John Gale from being out in the community, I had seen Councilman Cruz as a fill in Councilperson when he was elevated to fill an unexpired Council term. I probably would have supported Luke Bronin as the most capable of the candidates. I still think Bronin , at a different time in Hartford's future, could provide a level of leadership this city is sadly lacking now.

That all changed when Hartford's Judge of Probate retired last month after 31 years in that position. I had never met Bob Killian. I knew who he was and knew of him and his family, who wouldn't if you had any sense of Hartford's and Connecticut's history. I was surprised when Judge Killian called me and asked if we could sit down and talk. I agreed, even though I had thought I had made up my mind that Bronin was my choice.

We met at a restaurant for lunch and ended up leaving almost 4 hours later. I was impressed. No , I was very impressed.This man gets it, and he also has an amazing knowledge of Hartford's past and its history. He also has a love for this City that can't be made up. His love for Hartford, its people and its neighborhoods comes through loud and clear. I never felt that love in talking to Pedro Segarra and although it is there with Bronin and Gale, the compassion for Hartford from Killian exudes in everything he has to say.

I think part of that might be his 31 years as Hartford's Probate Judge. Bob has dealt with over 51,000 Hartford families during those 31 years. Many of those dealing were at less than favorable times, deaths, drug and alcohol issues and mental illness issues, removing children from less than desirable home issues and the bright side of the job such as completing adoptions and placing children with relatives and others to provide them the nurturing to make them productive adults.

I think those 31 years also provided Bob with the nurturing and compassion that uniquely suits him to be Mayor of our City. Bob's love and compassion for Hartford come through in just about every conversation he has about Hartford. And just about every conversation Bob has is about Hartford and his vision for the City he was born in and grew up in ( as well as his father and family)

 Bob also seems very well versed in issues facing Hartford, budget, pensions, land use, you name it, he understands it, or is willing to listen and learn. The leadership and vision for Hartford are exemplary qualities that puts Killian ahead, definitely ahead of our current Mayor . His knowledge of Hartford's issues  can only come from his experiences living here and growing up here. I think I can honestly say that there have been very few people  that have impressed me enough as to their leadership  and knowledge of City government as Bob Killian possesses.
 Listen to what he has to say and decide for yourself. Isn't it about time we have leadership at City Hall that cares about each and everyone of our residents? Isn't it time we have a Mayor that understands City government and is able to work within it to  make the City we love move forward and succeed?

After this short time of getting to know Bob Killian, I am ready to say Bob is the best choice to move this City forward., The Mayor's Office is not a stepping stone for Bob. He doesn't want to be a Senator or Congressman 10 years from now, he wants to see Hartford thriving and it's residents and business owners thriving 10 years from now.

I support Bob Killian for Mayor and I truly believe he is the best hope for our future.


I had posted this clip earlier but apparently there were some audio issues. Here is a corrected version of Bob Killian and his interview as to why he is running for Mayor of Hartford.


This is an audio clip only of my recent interview with Tony Terzi on WDRC radio.


Many of you who don't live in Hartford have been asking about our "We the People "program on Hartford Public Access TV. I am going to try to post the program weekly here for your viewing.