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Monday, September 8, 2014


I am not even sure what I can say about this picture. What can I say about the level of respect displayed by dancing on the roof off a police car? And yes, the car was damaged when the roof and hood were dented.

If you recognize the individuals in the picture you can pass that on to HPD at 860-757-4000

UPDATE- 9:30PM-According to HPD sources, all 3 cruiser dancers have been apprehended as the result of some great citizen involvement


Apparently HPD has been receiving complaints from residents and politicians regarding speeding in the area of Asylum and Woodside Circle in the West end.

As the result of their increased enforcement one of the first ticketed for speeding was none other than Hartford's own Councilman Ken Kennedy, reportedly 46 in a 30 MPH zone. No details yet on just how that conversation went. Maybe Kennedy has one of those corvette engines he feared were going to go in HPD cruisers.