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Friday, April 26, 2013


In case you missed it, Channel 30's "Troubleshooters" did a story last night on the questionable land deal between the City of Hartford and the Spanish American Merchants Association (SAMA). Documents that will probably raise even more questions will be posted here this weekend. Watch Monica Buchannan's story here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Hartford City Council Monday night postponed a vote on the appointment of Saundra Kee Borges as Hartford;s permanent Chief Operating Officer. According to sources, councilman Alexander Aponte appeared to be the only solid yes vote for her approval. Councilman Joel Cruz was apparently on the fence and may have been a second yes vote .

Issues over the enforcement of an ordinance prohibiting double dipping by retirees prohibited from returning for more than 6 months played a role. Councilmembers said that the lack of management of the City for the last few months since David Panagore left was more of an issue than the retiree issue.

The Counccil will most likely take up the vote at their first meeting in May, although it appears that there will be little movement in the vote tally

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Monday, April 22, 2013


Tonight's Council meeting should prove very interesting. On the agenda are the resolutions submitted by Mayor Segarra for the possible appointments of his hand picked Chief Operating Officer, Saundra Kee-Borges and Juan Figueroa as Corporation Counsel.

As of 4:00PM it appears as the votes are not there to approve Kee-Borges's appointment. It is most likely to try to avoid any more embarrassment, Segarra may pull the resolutions for both appointees rather than be humiliated by a public vote against his choice.

Unfortunately, Figueroa may end up as collateral damage in this vote, I think the votes may actually be there for him, but his confirmation would mean no home for Kee-Borges at City Hall if her vote as COO fails. There is only money budgeted for one Corporation Counsel, and Kee-Borges would revert back to her previous position if her ascension were to fail.

This may prove to be just one more step in the neutering of Segarra as he sees his power slip without the Council's support. The recent override of his veto was symbolic and now a potential no vote on Kee-Borges will be a negative blow to Segarra as strong mayor.

As a former Council President who came from an era  of disrespect from the Mayor's Office under Eddie Perez, I can only say Segarra has done this to himself. He has fostered an era of disrespect for the Council, probably greater than any that happened under Perez. Unfortunately, rather than building relationships with the Council, Segarra has relied on terrible advice from his so called"Cabinet" that has led him down the wrong path for their own self serving interests  rather than putting Hartford first.

Kee-Borges has presided over the City during some of the worst decisions made that have been far from boosting the best interests of Hartford and its people. The recent P-Card mess and the ignorance of City Ordinances have pushed Segarra into the public spotlight in a far from flattering role.

 These appointments should have been a slam dunk for his Chief odf Staff if he knew how to build coalitions and consensus. In the end, everything works out for the best though, start a real search and find a professional that can lead our City forward


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