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Thursday, April 16, 2009


As documents continue to surface regarding the hiring of recent Hartford firefighters, the picture seems to becoming clearer for most people viewing the documents and listening to the facts. Dan Nolan's contentions that he was terminated after he refused to force unqualified recruits through the Hartford Fire Academy also seems to gain more credibility each day. The recent revelations that disgraced Hartford firefighter John Thomas used the dishonorable Mayor Eddie A. Perez as a reference on his job application was interesting, but the documents that show Thomas was also a paid consultant on Perez's campaign in 2001 raise even more questions. According to sources close to Perez and his campaign stated that Thomas was very upset after the election when Perez didn't offer Thomas a "city" job.

Most of us at one time or another have been used as a reference by someone seeking a job. I know I can honestly say that I have recommended people for employment, only to realize later that I may have not known the person well enough to do that. maybe a person that you know on a casual friendship level and then realize that you knew very little about their work ethic or reliability when their hiring didn't "work out". If Eddie Perez was a man of integrity, he could have stood up and admitted that he knew John Thomas, pushed for his hiring, but realized now that it was a mistake. Instead he threw Hartford's Fire Chief Charles Teale under the bus and blamed Teale for Thomas's hiring and said the sole responsibility was Teale's. For anyone that thinks that Perez didn't use any pressure or exert any influence to hire Thomas, especially when Thomas's references and background were checked , must also believe that Perez is innocent of his criminal charges. The facts are the facts in both cases and speak for themselves.

The part that bothers me though is that most people would agree that Chief Teale is, or was, an honorable man. To allow Perez to throw the entire blame for Thomas on Teale's back is wrong and Perez had no problem throwing him under the bus. I think most would agree that Teale loves his job, but sooner or later you have to ask yourself, at what price are you willing to sell out your reputation and integrity and continue to be a Perez puppet.

Chief Teale, a simple question after our conversation Monday night, who is the one being used now ? I still believe in the stand I've taken, do you?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


On Monday night I had a conversation with Chief Teale of the Hartford Fire Department. The Chief was standing in City Hall outside the Council Chambers when I was exiting and Teale said hello to me and extended his hand for a handshake. Whatever your thoughts about the Chief, he always conducts himself as a gentleman. I made an off the cuff remark that I was surprised that he was still talking to me after the postings about Deputy Chief Dan Nolan. Chief Teale said no, he understood , but that I was being used, I assume he meant by Nolan. I will make the same offer again to Chief Teale or anyone else, provide me with documentation of wrongdoing by Nolan, and it will be posted here. So far, no one has been able to do that, but the evidence supporting Nolan's version of the reasons behind his termination continues to surface. One of the basic assertions on Nolan's part is that his suspension and eventual termination were the result of his unwillingness to "push" recruits through the Hartford Fire Academy. Nolan's contention was that some of these recruits were not capable or suitable to be Hartford firefighters but due to connections, political or otherwise, they were being shuttled through the academy. When Nolan refused to allow this, he was placed on paid administrative leave and in February of this year Nolan was terminated. I realize there are two sides to every story, but so far the only side that appears to be credible is Nolan's version. The following documents seem to strengthen Nolan's version.

For those who have been following my blog, the name John Thomas has surfaced several times in the past couple weeks. Thomas was a Hartford Firefighter who was arrested on March 28, 2009 for DUI after he ran a pedestrian down at the intersection of Main and Westland Streets and left her lying in the street. Thomas was a probationary member of the Hartford Fire Department with less than a year on the job. The victim of Thomas's actions was quoted in news reports, and im paraphrasing here, as saying that she always thought firefighters were supposed to help people, not leave them for dead in the street. In support of Chief Teale and his actions in this matter, after the information came to light and was broadcast in the media, on April 6, 2009 Thomas was terminated by Teale for "conducting himself in a manner to bring serious discredit upon the department".

Although Teale's actions were swift by Hartford's standards, many people have questioned how John Thomas ever was hired in the first place. The first clue came to light today when I received John Thomas's original job application, and even more questions were raised by his background investigation completed by the Hartford Police Department before Thomas was hired. Nolan's claim that some recruits were unfit for duty in the Hartford Fire Department, yet politically connected seems to be shown quite clearly in John Thomas's application which is posted below.He lists Eddie A. Perez, Mayor of Hartford as a reference. Apparently Thomas was also a staff member working on Perez's 2001 Mayoral Campaign. Aside from Thomas's criminal background report that is also attached, Thomas admitted to the investigator, Sergeant Winston Brooks, that he was approximately $60,000 to $80,000 behind on child support payments. Most would call individuals in that situation a "deadbeat
dad", yet Chief Teale chose to hire Thomas, questionable background and all, as one of Hartford's bravest. It would be an interesting question to have answered as to what influence Perez's reference played in Thomas's hiring, yet I don't see that response coming anytime soon.

And the offer remains, anyone that has another theory and can prove it, I'm willing to listen, but Nolan's case seems to get stronger and become clearer with every document I receive.

John Thomas Application
John Thomas Background