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Monday, October 22, 2012


As is typical in Hartford, we tend to love meetings and planning but far too often those meetings don't translate into action on our streets. I hope that will not be the outcome of the "Faith based initiative" being spearheaded by Hartford's Police Chief James Rovella and Hartford City Council members.

Two meetings have been held so far and a lot of great ideas have been put on the table and several of the key players in the "faith community" have been at the table during the first two meetings held. Ideas on the table don't save lives in our streets, actions do.

The initiative needs to hit the streets for several reasons, but two that I want to mention here. One of the driving forces behind the initiative and planning was Council assistant Jean Ward. Jean organized and set up the meetings. In a verification of the saying that "only the good die young" Jean passed away two weeks ago of a brain aneurysm. From what I have been told, she was stricken during a sendoff for one of her sons who is in the military and was being deployed to Afghanistan. She never regained consciousness and died the following day

What greater tribute to her than to carry on her work and make sure the initiative gets off the ground and saves lives of our young people by preventing senseless violence.

Another reason is an unfortunate shooting death that took place this weekend. Sam Saylor has been at the initial meetings and took part in the formation of the Faith Based Initiative. Sam lost his son  to a shooting during an altercation behind the Betnances School Saturday afternoon. Shane Oliver was pronounced dead at Hartford Hospital about 6:18PM Saturday after efforts to save his life were unsuccessful.

The initiative can't start soon enough to cut down on this senseless violence.


I have been pretty clear that I support Chris Murphy for Senate, but I think I also need to make it clear how disgusting I find the McMahon Senate campaign to be. You never know from day to day what she stands for or which side of her mouth she will be talking out of.

The icing on the cake were her Obama ads that began running late last week. This woman will say or do anything to accomplish her quest to buy a Senate seat. She was nominated as a Republican, but I'm not sure how any self respecting Republican could possibly vote for her. She has essentially jettisoned the Romney campaign and any support for her Republican counterparts in her attempt to ride the coattails of President Obama in a heavily Democratic state.

To add to the fact that she will say or do anything, watch the video below when she explained why she voted for Mitt Romney in the August primary. What changed Linda? Maybe your support in the polls and now you need to jump on the Obama train? Even though she was apparently able to purchase the support of Hartford's 3rd District Rep. is she able to buy out Obama voters now also. I sure hope people aren't crazy enough to fall for this

It is also interesting how she urges to vote for her on the Independent line. Is McMahon embarrassed to actually admit she is running as a Republican. She seems to have avoided the Republican label at all costs, as if it is a bad thing

Does anyone in their right mind think that Linda McMahon will be an asset to President Obama as she would like us to believe through her advertisement. It is a ploy by a disgusting campaign to confuse voters into supporting someone that has no place representing anyone in the US Senate.

What changed from her overwhelming support fro Romney in August as she stated in the video above to her love of Obama now. I want someone in the Senate that we can trust, and that is not Linda McMahon. I hope the voters see through this and I hope the Republican Party now shows her the same level of respect she is showing to them as she solicits votes at any cost. And to anyone that would fall for her ad campaign, does anyone think that Linda McMahon will make President Obama's next term any easier?

Capitol Watch at the Courant had a column about this today, read that posting here, try to read the comments, it would appear that this strategy for the add seems to be backfiring with voters according to the comments


What if the debate questions and answers were all put to music and song. That might get more people to pay attention