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Saturday, August 1, 2015


I will not be intimidated.

Yesterday I received a "an unknown caller" message on my cell phone voice mail. The phone call, a little after 5:00PM was short and to the point. A male voice which sounded disguised left the message, "Leave the Mayor alone"

Listen to this coward, I clearly post my thoughts under my own name and stand by everything I write and I will not back off.

The truth is the truth, if your "Mayor" wasn't such a loser and so incompetent, I would have a lot  less to write about, get used to it, the best is yet to come


By this point in the week, most people know the name of Cecil the Lion.  I am an animal lover and I can't understand the cowardly thrill of killing such a majestic animal. All for the sake of mounting the lions head above the mantle or the lion pelt on the floor. Maybe if it was a little more fair, if you wrestled the lion and win, OK take him home.

I am somewhat confused by our priorities though. All the media attention and the uproar over a majestic lion from Zimbabwe is interesting . Many more young people and others are hunted down in our streets everyday with hardly any notice.

By now, just about everyone knows the name of Cecil the Lion.Can anyone name Hartford's last homicide victim?

Friday, July 31, 2015


Pedro Segarra talks a good story. There is nothing more important to him than the violence facing Hartford. He has apparently spent much of this summer comforting the families of homicide victims, at least that is his version , if you believe it. I don't, and the more Segarra opens his mouth, the more I realize what a fraud he is.

Here is a press release sent out by his office Wednesday:

Mayor Segarra Joins congressman Larson and Congresswoman Esty in forum on violence in Hartford



(July 29, 2015) Tomorrow at 5:30 p.m., Mayor Pedro E. Segarra will join Congressman John B. Larson and Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty at a community forum on the recent violence in Hartford.---

WHO : Mayor Segarra, Congressman Larson and Congresswoman Esty

WHAT : Mayor Segarra, Congressman Larson and Congresswoman Esty participate in forum on recent violence in Hartford

WHEN : Thursday, July 30, 2015; 5:30 p.m.

WHERE : Parker Memorial Community Center; 2621 Main Street, Hartford
Segarra never showed up.
You would think that is you had a Congressman and a Congresswoman from a district that doesn't include Hartford, willing to meet and listen  the Mayor would be there. Nope, Segarra was a no show even after announcing he would be there. He claims he had a scheduling conflict, and no one from his office would say what that conflict was. Even Congresswoman Esty apparently was unaware why Segarra bailed.
Well here was the conflict. Segarra was seen by sources exiting the Fox 61 Television Studios last night after recording a segment for the Real Story, a Sunday morning news show. Segarra can't meet with residents of one of the most violent areas of the City to discuss crime, but he can make it a point to get to a television studio to record an appearance. Segarra can travel to the White House to discuss Hartford's crime issues but he can't travel to North Hartford. Maybe the resident's  of North Hartford would ask some tough questions he just doesn't want to answer.
Segarra did send a lackluster Councilperson in his place. Councilman Kyle Anderson chairs the Council's Public Safety Committee, the same committee that has overseen the decimation of staffing levels a the Hartford Police Department.
Segarra also sent COO Daryl Hill in his place. Mr. Mayor we didn' t elect Mr. Hill. The community deserves answers and solutions from you. Hopefully they will take your disrespect for the community into consideration an not elect you again either. After 41 years here, you think you would have learned some respect for our City and its residents



Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I've said it many times here before, but I often wonder if Pedro Segarra is delusional or just really out of touch wth his City? Wednesday evening Max Reiss had a great piece questioning some of  Segarra's claims. Again everything is someone else's fault , it is never Pedro's responsibility. Apparently, according to Segarra, Hartford's spike in homicides and violent crime is Governor  Malloy's fault. The facts aren't there to back  Pedro's clams up, but we know it must be true  because Pedro says so.

Click here  to see  NBC Connecticut's report:

I wonder why the Governor seems to get it, when our Mayor doesn't. Malloy was accompanied on a walking tour through the crime ridden Northend by a local pastor AJ Johnson. In the 95 degree heat and stifling humidity, ,Malloy,  Pastor Johnson  and others were actually "taking it to the streets" to hear the concerns of concerned residents. Segarra, who had promised to take his campaign "to the streets" was too busy to accompany them, he was cutting a ribbon and kissing babies for the photo ops in Baby Pope Park. Why is it that a young pastor is more in touch with his community than the Mayor is, and why is it that a Pastor has more vision to get things done than Segarra?

At the same time, Segarra's challenger, Democratic endorsed nominee Luke Bronin was also taking it to the streets , walking and listening to the concerns of business people and residents in the Upper Albany area.. Maybe Pedro needs to update his  GPS to be able to find Upper Albany. I think he usually just follows the television live trucks to the latest homicide scene.

At a 5:00pm news conference on the steps of City Hall, Segarra unveiled his Council slate, his choice of retreads that have been complicit in leading us down our path to destruction. Ken Kennedy, Kyle Anderson and Edward Casares. Ken, just a note, I never did get all those documents you said you were going to deliver to "my fat ass" to  show your accomplishments during your stellar 14 year career on the Council. Read more about that here

And to continue the hypocrisy, I am getting tired of Segara's claims that he is qualified to be Mayor because he has lived her for 41 years. He seems to be claiming that Bronin can't make a good Mayor because he has only lived here a decade or so. I think Segarra is disproving his argument everyday. Even a 41 year resident can make a lousy Mayor, just look at Pedro's record. I don't care is someone has been here only 6 months, if they show leadership and vision, they are more qualified than Pedro Segarra has been after 41 years.

And at the same time the hypocrisy gets even better.Segarra introduced one member of his Council slate who most likely has far less time in Hartford than the Bronin's. I have never seen him at a community meeting or even heard his name before. Apparently his claim to fame is that he is the roommate of Segarra's scheduler. Actually  correct  that, his scheduler was recently promoted to  Segarra's Deputy Chief of Staff  with a sizable raise. I defy anyone  to find either the positions of Scheduler  or Deputy Chief of Staff  as authorized positions  in the Mayor's Office as defined in Hartford's Charter.

You probably also won't find the authorization for an assistant media spokesperson or a videographer in the Charter either. But apparently it is Governor Malloy's fault tat we don't have the money to hire cops, but Pedro has a scheduler, imagine that.

Pedro, can you say hypocrite? It is time we demand honesty and integrity from our Mayor. I think we have a better chance of getting that from Bronin , even after he has lived here for 10 years or 41 years.


August 9th there will be a fundraiser for my nephew, Andrew. Andrew is trying to qualify for the 2018 Paralympics Alpine Ski Team being held in Korea. For more about Andrew and his quest, check his website Stop by and support the efforts of this incredible young man.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The following release was issued  by the Segarra campaign this afternoon.Please Pedro, just go away, Save the last shreds of  dignity you still have left. If you were doing your job as Mayor, we would know it, we wouldn't need crazy press releases. Why don't  you mention your other accomplishments? Such as decimating the staffing levels of HPD, helping us to soar to the highest homicide levels in New England, not to mention plunging us into debt for the next 25 years with a crazy baseball deal.

Your early UConn accomplishments seem to pale in comparison for us. Good try though

Please accept your defeat with dignity and stop the spin. We deserve better. Your time has come and gone.


Contact: Jenna Grande


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : Mayor Segarra releases first accomplishment in 50-day plan


July 28, 2015 : As a part of Mayor Segarra’s re-election campaign, the first point for his 50 Days of Accomplishment plan was released this afternoon.


The first accomplishment highlights a notable achievement for a younger Pedro E. Segarra: While in law school at the University of Connecticut, Segarra was a founding member of UCONN’s Latino Law Student Organization. He also served as the organization’s first president.


As a Puerto Rican, Mayor Segarra has oftentimes noted his pride in his heritage while serving in public life because of the perspective it has given him in how he approaches and solves problems. He was motivated to create this organization to give students like him a chance to develop connections in a supportive atmosphere.


“I wanted to create a positive and encouraging environment for other Latinos enrolled at the UCONN School of Law. By building each other up, we created a setting that motivated us to be our best,” Mayor Segarra said. “I am proud to see that is still thriving today.”


The group is still an active part of UCONN’s student life, and continues to offer academic and professional development programs. It serves as a community for many Latino and non-Latino students.


Take a moment to click on this link to Colin McEnroe's column at the Courant. It will explain why Hartford's Democratic politics are such a mess.


Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra showed his true colors last night with his hissy fit a the Hartford Democratic Town Committee's nominating convention For a man that claims to love the City and care about its people,  he has a funny way of showing it.

Segarra is ego driven and his actions clearly show it.  How do you "decline" a nomination that you were never offered and never were going to be offered. Was that part  of Segarra's plan to be depicted as the martyr being squashed by the terrible Ivy League, outsider preying on the innocent voters of Hartford? It didn't work from what I am hearing. Segarra looks more like a whiny immature brat and Bronin's response makes him look more like a man capable of leading the Capitol city forward.

Segarra does get my sympathy though. I  feel bad that someone that came into office with so much good will and hope for his success could squander that opportunity . All of Segarra's  failures have been his own doing. He is just too delusional to realize it or t even admit his failings. That has been he hallmark of his administration. It is always someone else's fault.Even our snowplowing issues were the fault of suburbanites sweeping their cars off after storms on Hartford's streets.

Segarra has never seemed capable of the self analysis required to admit mistakes and correct them, the blame game I guess is easier than actually making changes.

Pedro, if you really care about Hartford, you will realize you have failed. You missed a huge opportunity that was handed to you. You will now realize that it is time for you to step aside and see what the next man can do with the opportunity.

Segarra's Statement:

Contact: Shelly Sindland

There comes a moment in one’s life when you must stand up for what is right and walk away from what is wrong.  Tonight was one of those moments.
I chose not to accept the nomination of the Democratic Town Committee because I am in this race for the people of Hartford and not the politics.
I will not stand by and let outsiders try to buy their way into office and take control of our city.
It would be an abomination for us to let political influence determine the character of Hartford that would be represented by someone who has never held political office or advocated on behalf of the City of Hartford. 
Tonight we say: let the people decide and not a few political insiders trying to stack the deck in their favor.
Too much is at stake to hand over the reigns to an outsider who has absolutely no experience to be Mayor and no real relationship with the people here. 
Our campaign and the great people of Hartford will do everything to insure the people’s victory on  Sept. 16
This election has always been about the people of Hartford.  Tonight, I walk with them.

--Pedro E. Segarra

Mantilla Leadership Solutions
25 Hamlin Drive
West Hartford, CT 06117

Monday, July 27, 2015


Tonight will tell the story. Will the Hartfortd Democratic Town Committee vote for change or will it be more of the same old same old. Will DTC members endorse Luke Bronin to bring about change  or will they side with a Mayor who seems to reenforce his incompetence and lack of leadership every day. Many are saying "too little too late for Pedro Segarra who seems to have driven Hartford into a leadership ditch with his decision  making . The baseball stadium is just one example of his missteps, his refusal to hire sufficient Police officers to keep pace with attrition is another. Segarra also has a reputation of surrounding himself with losers, Saundra Kee-Borges jumps to mind as one of Segarra's biggest  losers. Jared Kupiec is another front runner of Segarra's choice of losers.

The DTC will face another test as they select a slate of Council Candidates. Like a junkyard offering a selection of used tires, that is what will most likely be pushed forward. Ken Kennedy and rJoWinch come to mind as useless re-treads ready to hit the road again .Why? Is there no one being mentored by the Democratic establishment to provide leadership to the people of Hartford. Do we really need to settle for the same old hacks?

And I saved the best for last. Judge of Probate. It is somewhat shameful that the position vacated by Judge Robert Killian Jr., a man of integrity and honesty, may be replaced by a corrupt and possibly criminal attorney, Alexander Aponte. If Aponte gets the nod from the DTC, we should probably offer the FBI desk space in the Probate Court so they will be ready to move when Aponte gets going. Aponte is already well versed in Food Stamp Fraud, could fleecing someone's estate be much of a jump? (to learn more about Aponte's history, just type his name in the search bar above and read about his history)

I guess we will see what the DTC thinks about Hartford's future.