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Saturday, October 10, 2015


I can only post so much about Hartford's corruption, occasionally I need to take a break.

Friday, October 9, 2015






(October 9, 2015) Today, Councilman Ken Kennedy has withdrawn the Resolution to develop Dillon stadium.


"While I continue to believe in this project, it's become clear that this proposal with these developers is not in the best interest of the City and its residents. As we continue to dig deeper, we find more issues that cause great concern. Accordingly, I am withdrawing this resolution from Planning & Zoning and Public Hearing. I believe this is the right project and concept for Dillon Stadium but currently not the right team to move it forward.  I know this parcel of land is destined to be a great public space and an asset to the City of Hartford."


MAYOR SEGARRA statement on dillon stadium




(October 9, 2015) Today, Mayor Segarra issued the following statement regarding the current proposal to develop Dillon Stadium:


"I am angered and disappointed to learn that during the course of the City's due diligence for the Dillon Stadium project, disturbing issues and questions have surfaced regarding the project's investors. We are reviewing every payment made to the developer, Premier Sports Management Group, to ensure accurate accounting. They have agreed to work with the City of Hartford to reconcile any issues, if necessary. The Hartford Police Department, Hartford's Corporation Counsel, and the City Council attorney are coordinating efforts to make sure the City's interests are protected."


The big  question for many though is how did Kennedy's deal ever make it this far in the first place? How can community people recognize the letter of credit as a questionable document and Kennedy never did? Where were Tom Deller and the Corporation Counsel in protecting the City's interests and verify information before pushing forward? Who should have been verifying the work being billed before writing checks in excess of a million? And why was Councilman Kennedy so adamant about not being willing to release copies of the letter of credit and related documents when requested by Councilman Deutsch and others?



Everyday I realize that there are good compassionate people around us. The video above is one that Tony Terzi from Fox 61 had posted on his Facebook page.  The video shows a man recovering from pretty severe burns that he received in a fire. He still found the time to stop and help a stranded motorist..

I had an incident yesterday with a Hartford Police Officer that is worthy of recognition. In these times when police bashing has become so popular with some, we also need to recognize the great officers out there.

Yesterday was my first day (or night) back in my own apartment after my July 5th stroke. I arrived home mid afternoon and a Hartford Police officer ( who I am not going to name, but it is indicative of most of our police officers) pulled into my driveway. The officer knew I had been gone for awhile and he was asking how I was doing .We had a short conversation. I then got out of my car and had a few things to carry up my stairs to get into my apartment.

He immediately went to get out of his car to help me carry things in. I  thanked him but explained I needed to do it myself to continue trying to get back into a normal routine. It was a struggle, but I got everything in on my own.

A short time later the same officer came back into my driveway. I was sitting outside on my back porch with my dog when the Officer pulled in.  He got out and told me that he was just stopping by to make sure I made it in safely.

It was a small gesture but it means a lot to know that people care. We do have many great officers in this city and we need to acknowledge and recognize their efforts.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


I guess we are about to find out just how bad the deal is. According to several law enforcement sources, at least one and most likely two criminal investigations will be launched as early as tomorrow into the  deal.

One investigation is expected to be launched by HPD into various issues with the the deal,  the other investigation is allegedly a Federal investigation requested by Mayor Pedro Segarra during a request he made to US  Attorney Deirdre Daly earlier today.

The investigations are believed to the result of red flags raised by numerous questions  in regard to the development deal. One question is the amount of work that has been claimed to have been done already on the  site and payments made by the City using Capitol Improvement funds approaching $700.000. Much of that work and the scope of the work is apparently now in question.

According to City Hall sources, a stop payment order was placed on a check today that had been issued for additional work in question amounting to $305,000 .  Numerous other questions have been raised regarding the authenticity of a letter of credit apparently given to the City by the developer showing credit of $404 million dollars from Barclay Bank as of June 2015. That letter appears to be signed by an individual, according to sources, that has not worked for Barclay's since 2004.

It is unclear the involvement or how this information was passed by numerous City Hall individuals, including Councilman Ken Kennedy, a major proponent of the project or  Development Director Thomas Deller.

This deals needs to have the breaks put on and much more scrutiny needs to be shined on this project before moving forward.

Much more coming on this one.


With all the good work HPD and the Shooting Task Force do to take guns off our streets, it doesn't help when carelessness by their own officers are putting deadly weapons back on the street.

A hatford officer left his fully loaded HPD issued firearm, and two fully loaded magazine on the seat of his personal vehicle when he was off duty and went into a home in Hartford's southend. The officer parked his vehicle after midnight Wednesday morning. After returning to his vehicle around 7:30 am Wednesday morning he noticed the window smashed out and his gun, holster and gunbelt was gone. The incident report is below. The case is currently under investigation. I is unclear if the officer will face criminal charges for failing to secure the firearm as required by law.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Another one from the "Only in Hartford File". As if the baseball stadium isn't enough, now this Courant article posted on line tonight.

Does anyone at City Hall understand the meaning of "due diligence"? Why are we just hearing about this now? Who  knew about the developers history, especially the embezzlement convictions?


If someone truly loves Hartford as much as he tried to make us believe during the recent campaign, Pedro Segarra needs to forget the ego and start showing us that love, if it really exists.

Now I understand politics a little bit. I also understand that a "lame duck", especially one soundly defeated, will try to leave is mark as he leaves.

The problem simply is that the direction of Pedro Segarra's administration ,as well  as that of his predecessor, has left a terrible void in Hartford's leadership. The next Mayor deserves to shift and replace whatever is needed to begin making real change. Last minute replacements throughout City Hall as well on Boards and Commissions are simply an attempt at establishing roadblocks to impede the forward movement of the next administration.

Segarra's last minute moves to appoint an Assistant Fire Chief and now filling slots on the Pension Commission are sleazy attempts to stymie the next administration.  The slots on the pension Commission are actually not vacant and although the terms of the 2 Commissioners expired as far back as two years ago, both were were still serving, so there was no rush to fill their positions. Except when you look at the fact that the two current Commissioners are believed to be supportive of the Bronin Campaign and the 2 Segarra appointees are apparently Segarra loyalists and donors to the Segarra campaign.

Does a campaign donation really warrant an appointment to the Pension Commission? The pension Commission is too important of an appointment to gamble and rush with. Currently the Hartford Pension Commission manages in excess of nearly $1billion dollars in retirees pension investment dollars .The future of Hartford's retirees demands that these appointments not be taken lightly or relegated to political payback or retaliation.

If the two individuals brought forth by Segarra are qualified to serve, then so be it. But that is a decision that should be left up to the next Mayor and the next Hartford City Council  as they build their own team for the future. The same rings true for Assistant Fire Chiefs also.

Mator Segarra, if you are a man of your word and truly support your successor for a transparent shift, as you publicly stated in Burr Mall, then show us you still have integrity and do it.


Some people plan and plot just to get into politics. Others are thrust into the political scene.
Hartford's Fourth District State Representative Angel Arce is one of our rare politicians who has found his calling as a true public  servant.

Angel is someone I consider a good friend and I have gotten to know him after he was thrust into the limelight of Hartford's politics. Angel showed that he was a tireless fighter after a tragic hit and run accident that eventually claimed the life of his father. Angel fought hard to see the evading driver brought to justice. Arce eventually answered the call to represent his neighbors in the legislature and was elected as a State Representative.

Angel is one of those rare political figures that actually remembers why he was elected and seems to thrive on helping his constituents. Angel is much more comfortable walking through his district and talking to the residents than he is attending a political cocktail party. A walk with Arce through his District should be required education for every other State Rep. entering the legislature.

Angel's popularity stems from his genuineness, not from any political game playing. The people that approach Angel when walking routinely voice their thanks for everything from help in obtaining a job interview to keeping their lights on when threatened with a shutoff notice. Arce is a product of Hartford and its neighborhoods and clearly understands the  trials and tribulations his constituents face for every day survival. Crime, poverty, health care issues are all problems that Arce comes forward to help his thankful neighbors with.

The attached posting on Angel's Facebook page recently shows just how far Arce will go to assist his constituents. This was copied from Angel's Facebook page. Angel had no idea I was going to post this, but it shows the true quality of the man I am honored to call my friend.

  "One of my constituents called me today and said, "I have not seen my sister in 25 years and she is in New Jersey visiting for a few days . I'm looking for someone to take me to see my sister" I told him don't worry I take you. . so here we are on our way to see his sister . love to make people happy. New Jersey here we come."

If only more of our politicians had the same understanding that Angel has of what Public Service actually means we would be much better off.