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Thursday, February 19, 2009


This was originally posted in July , 2008. The Courant is reporting that Deputy Chief Dan Nolan was terminated from the Hartford Fire Department on Wednesday.

Deputy Chief Dan Nolan, seated, center

"More than two months after Hartford Deputy Fire Chief Daniel Nolan was placed on paid administrative leave amid accusations that he offered leniency to Hartford Fire Department recruits in exchange for charitable contributions, his status remains in limbo." Hartford Courant Article, 7/2/08,0,4971831.story

This is the height of hypocrisy, the City suspends an employee for trying to teach future city employees a sense of community by getting them involved in charitable events and public service. No accusations of Nolan benefiting from the actions, no accusations of pay-offs, just maybe using a tactic that others didn't approve of.
Yet we have a Mayor under Grand Jury investigation, accusations of dirty deals to line the Mayor's, certain Council Members and other city Hall employees pockets, dirty deals for crooked politicians and payoffs for parking lots, dumpster deals and alleged contract steering on school building projects.

Where is the same standard being applied? Shouldn't we also be calling for Perez to be placed on suspension until his investigation is conducted.If the facts are truly as they are laid out here, Dan Nolan should be commended for his actions. In a society where it is all about "me first" Nolan's actions should be encouraged to teach young persons what leadership is about and a sense of community pride.
It will be very interesting when the real cause for this action eventually comes out. Most likely someone politically connected whose toes Nolan stepped on.


More on this as I have time to put my thoughts together, but after reading and hearing about budget cuts and layoffs at the Hartford schools, it makes me wonder what the primary function of the Hartford school system is.

I may be over simplifying this, but I feel that job number one of any school system is educating its students. To that end, I also feel that the most important tool to achieving that is qualified teachers. Yet, here in Hartford we are laying teachers off while at the same time we are keeping the media people employed.If the numbers presented in Helen Ubinas' blog are accurate, which I believe they are, $219,000 is spent for two positions in the "Communications Department" for Nancy Benben and David Medina, both former Hartford Courant employees. In addition, Kelvin Roldan, a former Perez staffer and State Representative, was recently handed a $99,000 a year position with the school system, for what is any ones guess. There are many more positions that should be looked at before one teacher, guidance counselor or teacher's aid is laid off.

The business of the Hartford Schools should be educating students, not rewarding people beholding to Mayor Perez.