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Friday, February 15, 2019


When you enter most City of Hartford buildings you should notice the large blue and white signs proclaiming Hartford's policy of "zero Tolerance" for workplace violence , sexual harassment and blah, blah , blah,. The blah , blah , blah part I added as my editorial content, but apparently that is also the policy of the powers to be for the City of Hartford.
The recent complaint filed by Hartford Police Officer Kelly Baerga, an openly gay officer and the Department's liaison to the LGBTQ community. Baerga's claims paint a very troubling scenario of sexual harassment that may exist between at least one supervisor, Sergeant Andrew Rodney and Baerga.
This case does not appear to be a "he said/she said" type allegation but rather has been apparently witnessed by several others including Lieutenant Paul West..
If even 10% of what Baerga claims is accurate, there is no place for anyone like Andrew Rodney to have a leadership or supervisory role at HPD. And let me just say that I have no reason to believe that 100% of her complaint is not accurate and I am not trying to trivialize her claims, I think this is a pattern of behavior by Rodney.
Rodney was also the subject of a blog posting first reported on this blog in January of 2018.Rodney came under scrutiny after he removed an AR-15 assault rifle from a Community gun buyback by meeting the resident in the parking lot and offering her cash to be able to buy the gun for his "personal collection". You can read that post here.
Although, on the face value, Baerga's claim seems to be credible, Sergeant Rodney has also made media comments acknowledging his behavior, further enhancing the credibility of the complaint.
The timeline and the claim of lack of response by HPD's Administration seems to be a little cloudy though, for various reasons. Baerga mentions in her complaint  that "on or about May 31, 2018" she spoke to Assistant Chief Ralph Medina to explain the incident. Once that conversation was complete, according to documents obtained by "We the People", Medina immediately transferred Rodney out of recruiting and moved him to the South District in a different supervisory role. 

Although Baerga claims that she felt her and Lieutenant West were being punished for filing a sexual harassment complaint  the internal time line obtained by WTP appears to disprove that. Documents show that on May 15, 2018 Lieutenant Ian Powell, Deputy Chief Sonya Watson and Deputy Chief Dustin Rendock were all advised Simultaneously by Assistant Chief Medina that Lieutenant West would temporarily be transferred to the South District as the Commander during Lieutenant Powell's absence and that assignment would begin immediately until June 9, 2018.
In and by itself, Rodney's behavior should be troubling enough , and a pretty clear cut violation of the City's and HPD's  Harassment and discrimination Policy and makes you wonder when the "zero Tolerance" policy kicks in.
Even more  troubling is that Andrew Rodney is an elected official and a member of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee for the 7th District. Where is the outcry from Hartford's Democrats? Is discrimination and harassment against gay employees as long as race is not mixed in?
Sergeant Andrew Rodney on the steps of Hartford City Hall as Mayor Bronin announces his re-election bid

 Hartford Democratic Town Committee , 7th District roster
Is it ok to be a member of the DTC as long as you stand behind the incumbent Mayor as he announces his reelection bid and as long as you show your loyalty your behavior doesn't matter. People have been forced to resign for far less than Baerga's allegations  documented homophobic behavior, but yet Hartford's political "leaders" are conveniently silent.
Where is Mayor Bronins statement? Where is the 7th District State Rep Joshua Hall? Where is Hartford's Democratic Chairperson Marc DiBella?Where are the other Mayoral candidates? If this were an issue of racial discrimination, every Councilperson and politician would be running for the closest microphone to make their opinions known. Is this issue any less serious or important?:
Andrew Rodney needs to be forced to resign from his DTC position and needs to immediately be removed  or terminated from HPD.
I we are going to impose that punishment on the Sgt. Barone's of the world for their behavior, Sgt. Rodney deserves nothing less.

Baerga Complaint by on Scribd

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


This is not the full interview, due to technical difficulties with the equipment at Hartford Public Access Television, the beginning and the last couple minutes were lost, but I thought the main part of the conversation was informative enough to post it. Chief Rosado talks about HPD recruitment efforts and the next class having a 78% minority composition.

Thursday, February 7, 2019


Hartford, CT (February 6th, 2019) Hartford Police arrest two involved in daytime commercial robbery of cellular phone store. 

On Wednesday February 06, 2019, at approximately 3:34pm, patrol officers were dispatched to 1297 Main Street on the report of an armed robbery. The victim reported an individual entered the business (Metro PCS) armed with a silver firearm and demanded the cashier empty the register. The suspect was handed money from the register and fled the scene on foot. It was discovered soon thereafter that several hundred dollars was stolen during the robbery. 

Members of the Capital City Command Center (C4) quickly obtained surveillance video in the area that captured the suspect entering a silver Infinti Q50. Through additional footage, the registration marker plate on this vehicle was identified. Detectives assigned to the Major Crimes Division (MCD) immediately assumed control of the investigation.

The suspect vehicle information was disseminated to other law enforcement agencies across the state. With this information, the suspect vehicle was located a short time later by members of the Manchester Police Department at the registered owner's address. HPD MCD detectives and members of the Hartford Police Emergency Response Team responded to the location of the suspect vehicle and were able to locate the vehicle's owner with the assistance of the Manchester Police Department. At this time, the firearm used in this incident was also recovered. (Loaded Bersa 9mm handgun)

Through additional investigative efforts, the identity of the primary participant in the robbery was obtained. This individual was located on Willard Street in Hartford a short time later and taken into custody without incident by members of the HPD Patrol Division and Street Crimes Unit.  Further evidence related to the crime, including suspected stolen cash, was recovered. 

Arrested and charged with the following:

Munroe, Michael (white button shirt) 
DOB 09/12/1985 of 51 Starkweather Street, Manchester, CT

Charges: Robbery First Degree, Conspiracy/Robbery First Degree, Firearms Trafficking. Munroe is currently being held on a $200,000 bond and is to be arraigned at 10:00am at 101 Lafayette Street. 

Seay, Shantee (white hooded sweatshirt)
DOB 03/03/1984 of 17 Willard Street, Hartford, CT

Charges: Robbery First Degree, Conspiracy Robbery First Degree, Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Pistol w/out Permit, Possession of Narcotics. Seay is currently being held on a $300,000 bond as is to be arraigned at 10:00am at 101 Lafayette Street. 

“The tremendous efforts of all involved in this investigation led to the quick apprehension of two dangerous suspects who carried out a brazen armed robbery near one of the busiest intersections in the city in broad daylight.  Investigators in Hartford, as well as  our partners in Manchester, seamlessly worked together to close this case with a dual arrest within hours.  Our Capital City Crime Center has once again proven how technology that we utilize frequently assists in some crucial aspects of investigations.”

Sunday, February 3, 2019


Congratulations New England Patriot's

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Hartford, CT (January 30th, 2019) Hartford Police arrest two adults and a juvenile, charged with assaulting school security guards.

 At approximately 10:16am, dispatch received a call from the Annie Fisher School at 280 Plainfield Street on a report of an assault involving a security guard. Upon patrol officer arrival, it was determined that an adult male and female had parked in an unauthorized area of the school property and were asked to park elsewhere. The male occupant allegedly became belligerent and punched one of the security guards on the head.

 The female joined in on the assault, as well as her fifteen-yearold son. During the altercation, a second security guard who responded to assist was also assaulted. One of the guards suffered a laceration to the head and was transported to St. Francis Hospital for treatment. The incident occurred on school property, but did not enter into the school. The fifteen year-old was not a student of the school, and at this time it is unknown as to why the male adult had attempted to enter the building.

The investigation into the matter continues. Both the arrested adults, Matthew Locke and Amber Mills, were transported and processed at the Hartford Police Department. Both will be arraigned at 10:00am at 101 Lafayette Street on Thursday, January 31st.

 The fifteen-year-old juvenile was issued a juvenile summons to appear at juvenile court at a later date. Arrested: Locke, Matthew 03/15/1984 119 Chatham St, Hartford, CT Assault on Public Safety Officer (2 counts) Breach of Peace 2nd degree Risk of Injury to Minor In custody on $7,500 bond Arrested: Mills, Amber 05/23/1979 119 Chatham St, Hartford, CT Assault on Public Safety Officer Breach of Peace 2nd degree Risk of Injury to Minor In custody on $5,000 bond Juvenile/Referral: Fifteen (15 year-old male Assault on Public Safety Officer


Tuesday, January 29, 2019


One of Hartford Police Chief David Rosado's primary goals when he took over as Hartford's Police Chief last year was to implement the use of body worn cameras by Hartford Police Officers.

Next Monday, February 4th is the one year anniversary of Rosado taking over at HPD and it is also the day that Hartford's officers will  begin wearing Axon digital body cameras.

The policy regulating the "BWC"'s will probably continue to be a work in progress for the relatively new technology for HPD as public input and input from Hartford officers becomes available. The seventeen page policy is relatively involved  and has been the subject of training over the last couple weeks as Hartford officers have been instructed in their use.

These cameras have been something that Hartford resident's have been asking for for some time as well as a national trend in law enforcement to document interaction  of police officers with both criminal's and citizen's alike.

As a resident that has sat in many community meetings where residents have pushed for these cameras, I think we owe a special thanks to several people, including Chief David Rosado for making the cameras a priority, Assistant Chief Jason Thody  for countless hours researching the best system to meet Hartford's needs today and for years into the future.. Thody was also crucial in negotiating an excellent contract between Axon and the City, with one of the major issues for many departments being the cost of the video storage. Hartford will be using a "cloud based" system with unlimited storage with video being uploaded to the cloud system regularly by officers as the BWC's are used daily.

A/C Thody also negotiated regular replacement of the BWC's  with newer equipment under the original purchase agreement as the need arises or equipment becomes outdated.

In addition, a special thanks to the HPD Officers and supervisors who went above and beyond developing this Policy for the use of the BWC's