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Monday, July 24, 2017



As I sit here beginning to write this, another person has just reportedly been shot a couple blocks from me at 196 Sigourney Street.

In a state that had reportedly passed some of the toughest gun laws in the Country after Newtown, it seems to have only affected law abiding citizens.Criminals are still running our streets with weapons with no fear of using them.

And the alarming trend is that many of these gun criminals seem to be juveniles who are keenly aware that there is very little accountability for their actions.

Our local court and the Hartford County States Attorney seems to have a well deserved reputation for being a no show when it comes to the serious violence prosecutions. Her predecessor, States Attorney Jim Thomas, was a regular attendee at community meetings especially when concerned citizens wanted to discuss crime issues. I have never seen the current Hartford County States Attorney at a meeting or anywhere in public. And that is saying something considering she has been in that position for twenty years.

Something is wrong when the Assistant US Attorney, Mike Gustafson, is a regular fixture at the monthly Public Compstat meetings agt HPD ,but I have never seen the Hartford County States Attorney Gail Hardy ever enter the room. Is the US Attorney more concerned about crime in Hartford than the States Attorney? I would have to say the answer is definitely yes by all appearances.

Maybe it is just that local law enforcement has a better working relationship with Federal prosecutors than they do with our own local courts for a multitude of reasons.

Yesterday, a 17 year old committed a car jacking with a gun in Newington. He eventually arrived in Hartford in the stolen Mercedes-Benz, courtesy of the newest criminal pipeline into the City, CTFast track bus way and was observed by the Hartford Police. They attempted to stop the car  and the 17 year old fled, but eventually crashed and was taken into custody. HPD located a loaded handgun on the 17 year old. Don't let the pink gun fool you, it still could have been deadly in the hands of an adult, never mind a 17 year old thug.

According to HPD , the 17 year old already has an extensive criminal record dating back to the age of 10. Is it difficult to see that this path is not going to end well?

The 17 year old career criminal apparently obtained the deadly weapon from a 14 year old friend who stole the gun from her mother and gave it to him according to n HPD patrol division investigation this evening.  So much for responsible gun ownership, at least there is no body on it....yet.

Even more troubling is the disposition of the matter according to the HPD Unusual Occurrence Report.  The 17 year old was apparently given a summons and sent on his way to prey on the public once again
The Hartford County States Attorney should make it a point to get menaces like this off Hartford's streets and finally set a tone that gun crimes by both adults and juveniles are taken seriously in the Hartford Court. It might mean that the States Attorney's Office doesn't shut down at noon time on Fridays and that they actually work a full day, but that is a story for another day.

Luckily though we still have Mike Gustafson and his Federal partners who aren't afraid to get out and interact with the Hartford community.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


At first I thought this unusual occurrence report from HPD was a joke.

 I know HPD has encouraged people to use the HPD headquarters parking lot at 253 High Street as a safe location for "offerup" and "craiglist" transactions.

 Apparently two potential cocaine purchasers also thought it would be a good location to score their coke this morning.

The two approached a HPD officer finishing up his shift at 2:00am and asked the officer for the closest ATM so they could get $60.00 to buy cocaine. The officer directed them to the lobby of the Police Department where they used the ATM in the lobby, and were promptly arrested and taken into custody for conspiracy to purchase and possess narcotics
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Thursday, July 20, 2017


Several Law Enforcement sources familiar with a recent homicide investigation and arrest last night and an evading accident with a stolen car this week where a pedestrian lost a leg are most likely connected.

Although sources would not name the individuals because of their ages, I was told that the persons who are in custody for the homicide are believed to have been either passengers or the driver of the stolen vehicle that crashed on Sigourney street on Tuesday and severely injured a pedestrian

Sources also said that an arrest is likely soon, but that certain legal hurdles and jurisdictional issues have to be resolved first.

One issue is that authorities wish to charge the suspect as an adult due to the severity of the crime and the injuries, as well as the suspects somewhat extensive criminal history for a young age, now also including an arrest for a homicide.

 This whole story and the incidents raise some very serious issues about the mindset of some Hartford youth. I am not sure how anyone could inflict the types of injuries as they did in striking  and maiming another human being and leaving her laying on the sidewalk. How do you shoot an innocent person in the head and think nothing of it?

And how do other Hartford youth stand by and are more concerned about live streaming the severed leg and the carnage to Facebook than rendering any assistance to the victim until EMS arrive? Something is seriously wrong here and the depraved indifference for human life is disgusting. Even animals don't treat their own like this.

And the argument that they need to be treated as juveniles because their brains are not fully developed is nonsense. Even the youngest brain should know that it is wrong to steal a car and run someone down or to pull out a handgun to settle an argument and shoot someone in the skull.

Big boy court for this already a career criminal and let him now experience "big boy" prison where he will not be a threat to anyone, hopefully , for quite a few years. His victims deserve that justice

Wednesday, July 19, 2017



On July 16, 2017 at 1:59pm, Hartford Police Patrol Officers responded to the intersection of Garden Street & Westland Street for a Shotspotter system activation of 4 shots fired. Upon arrival, officers located a male victim, Jeffrey Worrell, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. Mr. Worrell was transported by ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital where he was subsequently pronounced deceased. The 63yo victim had no family in the region. (Investigation showed Mr. Worrell was an innocent victim and unintended target.)


A crime scene was established and secured by HPD patrol officers. The HPD Major Crimes Division and HPD Crime Scene Division responded to the scene and assumed the investigation. During the course of the investigation, HPD Analysts from the Capitol City Crime Center (C4) working with MCD detectives canvassed, located and reviewed surveillance footage which captured the incident in its entirety. During the review a suspect vehicle was identified and found to be stolen from Southington, Connecticut.  The vehicle was subsequently located in New Britain, Connecticut.  With the assistance of the noteworthy New Britain Police Department, persons of interest were located and interviewed. With the information obtained, video review and physical evidence, probable cause was established by HPD Detectives. There were multiple juveniles suspects identified. HPD Detectives drafted an arrest warrant affidavits for co-conspirators which was reviewed and signed by a judge of the Superior Court.


On July 19, 2017, Middletown Police Officers located and took one 16yo male juvenile suspect into custody without incident. The juvenile was subsequently transported to the state Juvenile Detention Center in Hartford, Connecticut. He is being detained on a judge set bond of $1,000,000. On this same date, MCD detectives located the second 18yo male juvenile suspect at his residence where he was taken into custody without incident. The second juvenile suspect was also transported to juvenile detention where he is being held on a judge set $1,000,000 bond.  Both juveniles have been charged with Murder and Conspiracy to commit Murder. Both will appear in court tomorrow. The suspect in this incident may also be involved in other recent violent acts in Hartford. The investigation is on-going at this time.

The unfortunate victim, 63 year old Jeff Worrell was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time as a couple of thugs with illegal weapons decided to "settle a beef". How do you respond to that Mayor Bronin?


I feel like I have met my limit of typed characters today with my postings but this one I couldn't  just let go.

Tomorrow will mark the first time since 1953 that there has  not been a Nolan family member in the ranks of the Hartford Fire Department. Captain John Nolan will be retiring tomorrow after 27 years and 7 months of service to the City of Hartford. I know it has not been an easy decision, but back injuries over the years have taken their toll on Captain Nolan, and I of all people have learned to realize  how important your health is, enjoy it while you can. John comes from a family of firefighters serving over the years on the HFD, and served along side his brother , Deputy Chief Dan Nolan, who retired earlier this month.

Their father, the late Deputy Chief "Big  Dan" Nolan, began serving the City of Hartford in 1953 and was on duty during the devastating fire at Hartford Hospital, a fire which helped eventually form the basis for Fire Code changes nationwide.

Thank you to the Nolan family for sharing their brothers, sons and father with us and for protecting our families and homes in Hartford. Enjoy your wel deserved retirements


The State of Connecticut Election Enforcement Commission is one step closer to answering another one of Hartford's dirty little secrets. Where does William diBella reside. The question is important because Dibella  is the Chairman of the Metropolitan District Commission, (MDC) the regional water and sewer agency for the Greater Hartford region.

Whether diBella is actually a resident in his sons condo in Hartford or does he actually reside in his multi million dollar home on the Old Saybrook coast may determine whether DiBella can keep his title as Hartford's Sewer King.

The decision  is the result of research done and a formal complaint filed by Hartford activist Alyssa Peterson questioning diBella's residency to conform with State statute regarding the Chairman eligibility  for the MDC.

Much more on the complaint and the decision in the coming days, but don't hold your breath for anything earth shattering, this is Connecticut politics,