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Thursday, March 5, 2015


SEGARRA- "What do I do now, I'm confused"
No, let me rephrase that, leadership DEMANDS accountability. It needs to be demanded by the leader of both himself as well as the people they place around themselves.This was no more obvious than on tonight's NBC Connecticut interview of Pedro Segarra regarding his bad information he was slinging at Luke Bronin.  Segarra issued a release yesterday with allegations that Bronin was not a consistent voter in Hartford's Municipal elections. Those charges were untrue and quickly proven false by local and State voting record.

You would think some sort of apology would be forthcoming, but no, in true Segarra fashion , his explanation on camera was that a "staff person"  had screwed up by relying on bad information.  No Pedro, you screwed up by relying on bad information from a staff person. At the end of the day, you are at the top of the ladder and it is your fault. That is called LEADERSHIP. I know you have found that it is much easier to throw people under the bus and ignore any accountability, but in the end Hartford deserves some leadership.

But not to beat a dead horse here, but some leadership and accountability might have saved some major problems in the Hartford Fire Department from happening. A strong tone set for what you expected from your Fire Chief and Fire Department might have quite possibly saved a lot of embarrassment as well as a life. Your Chief was warned of dangerous activities by firefighters at the very same house where a firefighter lost his life caused by the same activities the Lieutenant wrote and warned Chief Huertas about. Apparently to this day, nothing has been done or changed. That is not leadership

I guess we shouldn't be surprised Pedro when nothing changes with you. I half expected to hear a lame "I'm sorry , I made a mistake by calling Bronin out. I was wrong" That's what men, or even more importantly LEADERS do. What did you do when your spokesperson sent out the release with  a date from a year ago for your State of the City Address? And then it took her over 24 hours to send out the correction. I'm sure in true Segarra fashion you did nothing, In fact it was probably a joke around the office the next day "Guess what that crazy Maribel did now" ha, ha,ha

This is not the way to run a City. We deserve so much more from our LEADERS.

Pedro, look in the mirror tonight after you finish telling yourself how wonderful you are and repeat these words " I am sorry Luke, I screwed up". It probably won't be as difficult as you think and you will have taken the first step down the path of leadership. Try it , you might actually find you like it

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Hartford's Mayor Pedro Segarra likes using Mark Twain quotes, here is one he may want to consider living by : "IT IS BETTER TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED AND LET PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE A FOOL THAN TO OPEN IT AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT", Mark Twain

Segarra apparently lobbed allegations against one of his opponents in the upcoming November Mayoral election, challenger Luke Bronin. Segarra appears to have stated that Bronin did not vote in the last Municipal election in 2013. Apparently Segarra felt that would make Bronin look less Mayoral.

 With the choices we had in that election, it is surprising anyone voted .

 But as is typical of many things Segarra claims, he was wrong. Voting records show that Bronin did vote in the election. I doubt we will see any apology to the Bronin campaign anytime soon from Segarra. I doubt his ego would allow him to admit he was wrong and say those words "I'm sorry"

If you are going to sling mud, at least make sure it is correct Pedro. But then again, what should we expect, his staff couldn't even get the date of his "State of the City Address" correct on the invite, they were a year late.

I am hoping the voters of Hartford see Segarra for the loser he is and realize there are other people out there willing to lead Hartford out of the Segarra gutter and begin bringing professionalism and some real leadership and accountability back to City Hall.

Segarra can attack Bronin on untrue  allegations but I have yet to see any response to the Touch of Class  Escort Service documents. I think that who is possibly soliciting prostitutes is more important to voters than who may have missed a voting opportunity 3 or 4 years ago.

 It matters even less when it is a lie from a desperate campaign

Monday, March 2, 2015


I hope you take a few minutes and watch this video.

This must have been a great Wedding surprise for this lucky couple. Maybe with more creative priests like Father Kelly churches would start filling up again This is a lot different than what I normally post, but I thought it was a great video, The church also reminds me of the church  I was baptized in and grew up in, and that my mother still attends today, St, Joseph's in Windsor.

There are many more videos if you search youtube for Father Ray Kelly


The Invite, A year late from Maribel
We all know by now that money is no object when it comes to staff in Mayor Segarra's Office. Between the scheduler, the Communications Staff, the videographer and the bids for the Public Relations Staff now being solicited. The Office  of Mayor Pedro Segarra should be running like a well oiled machine. 

I guess money can't buy everything, At least not for Segarra.

The attached Press Release was e-mailed out this afternoon by Segarra's top notch staff announcing his State of the City Address , which is supposed to be next Monday. I guess his staff is in the City Hall Time Warp since thy advised everyone to "save the date" and mark their calendars for a year ago
Monday March 9, 2014. Yes 2014

Shouldn't  we expect better from our $200,000 investment in the "Media professionals"?

Here is the release:

Save the Date

The Office of Mayor Pedro E. Segarra cordially invites you to

The 2015 State of the City Address

City Hall
550 Main Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06103

Monday, March 9, 2014
5:00 p.m.

The Mayor will deliver his speech in Council Chambers, 2nd floor.
Additional seating and live video projection will be available in the Atrium.
For the second year in a row, on-site translations will be offered in Spanish. Those who are interested should contact Hilda Muñoz for details:, or (860) 757-9738
*** Se ofrecerá traducción en vivo por segunda vez. Personas interesadas en atender favor de contactar a Hilda Muñoz,, o llamar al (860) 757-9738

Open to the public. All are welcome.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


It was only $2.5 million dollars  but apparently the City of Hartford didn't see it important to be reimbursed for storm damage costs  and allowed it to slip through their fingers by not properly submitting the paperwork. Despite warnings from the State of Connecticut and FEMA  that they had done the paperwork wrong. The e-mails and documents later this week.

Shouldn't a City of Hartford employee that volunteers to represent their country through Military service be able to think that they will be treated fairly if they qualify for a promotion while they are fighting in another Country. Only to find out when they return that they are being passed over again for the same position they qualified for? Add insult to injury when the Department head making the decision is also a military veteran and should know better under Federal Law.


I don't often write about issues outside of Hartford, but I think this one needs to be said. I often think the treatment of criminals has lost sight of our victims, The number of convicted felons arrested with guns after shooting or killing another victim is a problem. I think our courts have become far too liberal  and are more concerned for the criminal, even when they are convicted felons and have no problem carrying an illegal weapon and using it to kill or injure their next victim.

But one case has just forced me to speak out.

When felon Gary Castonguay shot and killed his last victim I was still a senior in High School in 1977.  I don't remember that case, but from accounts I have read.Castonguay  shot and killed 33 year old Plainville Police Officer Robert Holcomb as he attempted to flee from a Burglary he had just committed. From accounts, Castonguay shot Holcomb at least three times in the chest at close range, ending his life.

Castonguay has now applied for Parole and for reasons that boggle my mind, the Board initially honored Castonguay's request and granted him a Parole Date for later this year. It appeared there were several bureaucratic screw-ups and now that request is under review and being reconsidered. Two of the major mistakes were that due to the age of the case, some of Officer Holcomb's  who normally showed up at the hearings to oppose parole have passed away and no family members were notified of the upcoming hearing. Apparently the State's Attorney's Office also wasn't notified to oppose the request..

Aside from the mistakes though, I have to wonder what would  run through the mind of any Parole Board member that could have a killer sitting before them knowing that the man had fired several bullets into the chest of a police Officer entrusted to protect or communities, cold blooded killing him and taking him and his life away from his family/. And then making the decision that cold blooded killer sitting before you should get a taste of freedom again. I could care less if he was 80 years old and on a respirator, any convicted cop killer does not deserve to get a taste of freedom again, no matter what.

I know there are issues with the way some communities think of law enforcement, but Police Officers are the basic foundation of order in our communities, and anyone that clearly takes the life of a police officer  deserves life behind bars with no opportunity for parole.  I would further say that Death would be a suitable option for anyone that kills a Police Officer in the commission of a crime, but we all know what our Legislature did with that.

In the meantime, Castonguay needs to be guaranteed that his last breath will be taken from the stale air inside a maximum security prison. His actions demand that  and no panel of  liberal reformists should be able to change that. I am not sure if the DOC keeps a list, but I for one would be willing to volunteer as a pall bearer to carry Castonguay and his casket out of the prison when he takes his last breath. I think that's all we owe to his memory and definitely not one day of freedom.

You can read more on this from Kevin Rennie's column in the Courant

**I Intend to be very tight on comments submitted on this post so please keep it respectful to Officer Holcombs memory

UPDATE- on Sunday a reader posted the following comment, I support sending your thoughts and comments to the Parole Board as well as the Governors Office, and calling also.
"The new hearing is set for March 25. Flood the Parole Board with letters opposing the parole decision:
Governor Malloy's Office- 860-566-4840 "