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Sunday, September 23, 2018



On Saturday, September 22, 2018, officers responded to 476 Wethersfield Avenue for a burglary complaint. The complainant reported that she entered the common hallway of her apartment building and discovered a Hispanic male holding stolen items from her apartment. The suspect dropped the items and fled the area when confronted by the complainant. 

The complainant's exterior apartment door showed signs of forced entry. Responding officers broadcasted a description of the suspect. The complaint stated that she could identify the suspect. Officers detained an individual matching the description of the suspect in the area of 554 Wethersfield Avenue. A show up identification was conducted and the suspect was positively identified.

Accused: Alex Torres D.O.B. 3/3/87, 
74 Main Street, New Britain, CT


On 9/22/18, Detectives from the Violent Crimes Unit observed a male suspect enter into confirmed stolen Jeep Cherokee in front of 98 Magnolia Street. The Detectives attempted to apprehend the suspect, who exited the vehicle and fled on foot. After a brief foot pursuit, the suspect was apprehended in the area of Mather Street at Magnolia Street. 

Upon fleeing from the stolen vehicle, the suspect left the vehicle in gear, which then came in contact with a unmarked city vehicle, causing minor damage.

Felix Gonzalez (8/27/2000) of 184 Deerfield Road Windsor, CT.

Charges: Larceny 2nd Degree, Operating a MV without a License, Unsafe Movement from a Stopped Position, and Interfering with Police.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018



At least one City of Hartford employee may be taking the recent seminars held by Councilwoman Wildalis Bermudez on starting your own Marijuana business a little too literally.

 Elon Trader, a City of Hartford DPW employee was arrested this afternoon after  his Main Street apartment was found on fire and  his marijuana grow operation ignited . The fire is believed to have been caused by electric grow lights and heaters used in the operation.

The investigation into the operation is ongoing by the Hartford Police Department, the Connecticut State Police and the DEA.

Hartford Fire Department members who battled the fire in the apartment were reported to be very relaxed for the rest of the evening and were indulging in large quantities of potato chips and other munchie type snacks. Any random drug testing scheduled has been put on hold temporarily


On Thursday, September 20th at 4:30pm, the Hartford Police Department will formally promote a number of individuals to the positions of Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Detective in a ceremony to be held in the Auditorium at the AETNA INSURANCE COMPANY, 151 Farmington Avenue in Hartford.

 Complimentary parking will be provided in Aetna lots and security personnel will be on hand to provide assistance for those wishing to attend.

 The Hartford Police Department’s Traffic Division will also be on site to facilitate traffic control and parking related duties.


Rafael Medina
Jason Thody
Sonia Watson
Jeffrey Rousseau
Ian Powell
Glendaly Garcia
Gabriel Laureano
Michael Coates
Anthony Pia
Brian Bowsza
William Rea
Vincent Benvenuto
Kevin O’ Brien
William Labelle-Boucher
Lauren Cox
Jason Lee
Marisol Rodriguez-Velez
Sean Michel
Luis Ruiz
Obdulio Santiago
Robert Shelby
Aaron Boisvert
Christopher Mastroianni
Luis Raimundi
Manuel Pacheco
John Zweibelson
Michael Diana
Anthony Rykowski
Omayra Martinez-Baidy
Daniel Zarebski
Leslie Rivera
Lara Traczynski
Robert Hathaway
James Campbell
Valentine Olabisi
Joseph Mauro
Ivys Arroyo
James Newell
Benjamin Lee
Johnny Muniz
Michael Caron
Kevin Small

Sunday, September 16, 2018

FROMHPD FOR 9/16/2018


On 9/16/18 at 1027 hours, Officers were dispatched to the area of Sims Metal Management, 263 Locust Road, for a report of a person trespassing inside of a fenced area. There have been numerous burglaries and stolen car batteries in the area. While investigating the trespassing complaint Officers located an occupied suspicious vehicle in the rear parking lot of Burger King. 

Upon investigation it was determined that it was a vehicle that had been reported stolen from a burglary that occurred on 09/13/18 at 40 Airport Road, Equipment Services. The female occupant of the vehicle was immediately detained. She advised that her boyfriend, who had the keys to the stolen vehicle, had parked the vehicle and left. 

It was determined that he had been the suspect seen trespassing at Sims Metal Management. After a thorough search of the area the male suspect was located outside of CVS, 690 Wethersfield Avenue, and taken into custody. He admitted to trespassing on the property at Sims Metal, and he had the keys to the stolen vehicle in his possession.

Major Crimes Division Sergeant S. Michel was notified of the incident. MCD Detective C. May and Officer A. Flores later debriefed both suspects. Both suspects were appropriately charged and transported to the Hartford Police Booking Facility.
An excellent job was done by all officers involved.

Arrested #1: Nelson Cooper (04/08/63), 58 Great Hill Road, East Hartford, CT

Larceny 3rd Degree (CGS 53a-124), Use of Motor Vehicle without Owner's Permission (CGS 53a-119b), Criminal Trespass 1st Degree (CGS 53a-107). 

Arrested #2: Jeri Souliere (07/15/88), NCA,

 - Larceny 3rd Degree (CGS 53a-124), Use of Motor Vehicle without Owner's Permission (CGS 53a-119b), Criminal Trespass 3rd Degree (CGS 53a-109).


On 9/16/18 at approximately 0339 hours, officers responded to 213 Capen Street on an active burglary complaint. Upon officers arrival three suspects immediately fled the scene. Officers were able to detain one male without incident. 

A back door to the business was found damaged where entry was made. A State Police K-9 officer arrived on scene and the cellar was checked for other suspects, and none were found. MCD was notified of the incident. The arrested male has 36 local arrests.

Arrested: Darnell Baxter, (06-05-79), 33 Greenfield Street, Hartford, CT. 

Charges: Burglary 3rd., Criminal Mischief 3rd., and Larceny 6th.


On Saturday 9/15/18, Detectives and Officers from the VIN Division were assigned to a proactive detail throughout the north district of Hartford. While participating in the detail, detectives from V&N received confidential information for a suspect illegally in possession of firearms. Detectives secured the suspect in the area of 2370 Main Street, while in possession of (2) firearms. 

On-scene information led detectives to 2387 Main Street (Apt-B1), where a third firearm was located, as well as 6 Nelson Street (2nd floor), where additional narcotics and ammunition was located. A check of the recovered firearms confirmed at least (1) was listed as stolen. In total (3) firearms were recovered. As a result of the investigation, (2) suspects were arrested on firearm and narcotics related charges. VCU Detectives responded.

Arrested: Radumes Jurado Dob: 10/25/83 Lka: 2387 Main Street Apt B1 Hartford, CT

Charged: Pistol W/O Permit (2cts), Possession Stolen Firearm, Drug Factory.

Arrested Gerardo Guerrero Dob: 9/20/95 Lka: 6 Nelson Street 2nd floor Hartford, CT

Charged: Possession Stolen Firearm, Possession Narcotics (2cts), PWITS Narcotics, Drug Factor


Saturday, September 15, 2018


It is relatively easy to run for an available television camera to make statements to further your agenda, and no one should doubt that there are specific agendas in play here. It is apparently more difficult to actually show some leadership qualities and work to bring about real change.

Instead of trying to look at the issues facing HPD it is much easier to go along with the "Anti cop" rhetoric which is very popular with the media, and that is a lot easier than  actually trying to set policy.

Does anyone really believe that Justin Torneiro was an "isolated incident" as the HPD Union wants us to believe?  I can quite confidently say right here right now, absolutely not, it is only a short matter of time before the other shoe drops.. But with that being said, where are the solutions or even an attempt at some solutions.,

 It is much easier for Council people to call "Emergency Community Meetings" and expand the divide between Police and Community, and while we are at it, lets thrown the racial exposure in there to split the community even further apart.. That is not leadership, or is probably more a result of inexperience and not sure what a leader actually does.

I received several  calls this week , probably half of them from Police Officers,  asking why there was no drug testing at HPD or HFD? The answer has nothing to do with HPD and rests squarely with City Hall.  Apparently the Mayor and the Council have refused to appropriate the funds and apparently cut the funding from previous budgets,

And after the Torneiro incident, I am told by a source familiar with the HPD budget that they could take the money out of another HPD budget item and apply that to drug testing. I think that is what they call robbing Peter to pay Paul.

If City Hall was serious about this problem, and hopefully preventing future problems, they would get on board and fund random drug testing for all City employees, HPD, HFD, and City Hall including Council employees. DPW already has a random drug testing program from what I am told.

And to show real leadership, every Council member should be at the front of the line to be tested, but we know that won't happen, it is easier to run for the TV cameras.



Edwin Franqui, one of the people involved in the Barone "trigger happy" video has been arrested for several charges . The charges stem from a domestic incident where Franqui kicked and stomped his pregnant girlfriend.

Franqui was quoted as yelling that "if  you won't be with me, then you won't be with anybody" during the assault.Franqui also attempted to strangle his victim during the assault and actually choked her out to the point she lost consciousness during the assault . The girlfriend, according to the arrest report was hospitalized  but there did not  appear to be any apparent injuries to the unborn child.

Not surprisingly, no one recorded Franqui's assault on their I-phone.

Due to the fact  that this was a domestic violence issue, the victim is identified only as Jane Doe in the reports.

Here is the Police report:

Franqui Arrest  on Scribd