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Saturday, May 30, 2015


That might be a harsh headline, but it is exactly what came to my mind Saturday morning. ( Actually , I wonder quite frequently if Pedro has lost his mind)

After a shooting on Barbour Strreet Saturday morning, Segarra was quick to arrive on the scene to begin comforting the neighborhood. What a leader, where did he find the time to take a training course on how leaders are supposed to act? And I think that is exactly what most people observing Segarra's behavior are thinking, it's an ACT. An election year act when he has realized that he is fading quickly and his job hopes as Mayor of Hartford are shrinking quicker than the support for his baseball endeavors.

I am convinced he has lost his mind , or at least his grasp on reality when I read a media quote attributed to our delusional Mayor:" Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra, who was comforting the Barbour Street families, said the area is usually quiet.

Is there another Barbour Street in Hartford I am not familiar with?
Usually quiet? Someone might want to remind our poor Mayor that the crime scene tape had just barely been taken down from the previous homicide on Barbour Street The scene where a 23 year old man lost his life earlier in the week, where a vigil for him will be held at 4:00PM this afternoon.

Mayor Segarra, homicide vigils don't occur in neighborhoods that are "usually" quiet. And there have been far too many vigils on Barbour Street for it to be classified as "usually" quiet. There has been far too much gunfire  and crime on Barbour Street  for it  to be classified by anyone of sound mind as "usually " quiet

Mayor Segarra, if Barbour Street is your version of  "usually" quiet our City is most definitely doomed under your  so called "leadership" Oh and those residents you were busy comforting, honestly, how did they react when you told them their neighborhood was "usually" quiet? Did they openly laugh or did they wait until you left their "usually" quiet neighborhood?

And I noticed in the photograph of you "comforting " the neighbors in their "usually" quiet neighborhood, you were alone. It might be a good idea to have the bobblehead Council members pre-program Barbour Street in their GPS. Maybe they can then find it quickly to accompany  you on your next "leadership" tour after the next homicide or shooting in the "usually" quiet Barbour Street area. I doubt it is an area  that any of you regularly visit without the  camera opportunities.

Everything is good in Segarraland


I think we need to change the Charter again in Hartford. Not a lot of changes, really just one. We need annual elections for Mayor and City Council. It just seems like so much more gets done and our elected officials are much more attentive in election years. Isn't it amazing how Mayor Segarra has suddenly come to life acting like a leader when he knows his job is on the line and his record of performance isn't too great

As I write this now Segarra is arriving at the latest shooting scene on Barbour Street. Now that almost sounds Mayoral, but is this the first shooting in almost six years for him to attend? Where has he been previously. I don't even recall him showing up at a scene when a police officer has been shot.

 But it goes back to my reason for Charter Change. Politicians become different people when they know their jobs are on the line.

For years now I have heard Hartford's plead with the Council at budget time for more Officers. I have heard him plead for more money and to try to stop the Council from cutting  spending for the Cadet program and the PAL program. Unfortunately that has fallen o n deaf Council ears year after year . PAL and the Cadet program are the first stage of HPD's minority recruitment plan. But, since it wasn't done in an election year, it doesn't matter, cut the budget.

It was almost funny if it wasn't so serious to the City. Yesterday, Segarra held a press conference in the atrium of City Hall after he emerged from his secret meeting. It was interesting to watch. I almost thought that someone had found the money to make life size bobble head dolls of Ken Kennedy, Kyle Anderson and Shawn Wooden. Every that was made by Segarra about hiring more cops, funding for overtime, Funding Community Policing programs, all those statement were met by the bobblehead bounce of support.

I am going to save that that video. When Chief Rovella goes before the Mayor and Council for the funding to accomplish those goals I may have to drag that video out to remind them of that day. But if an election day isn't in the immediate future they may quickly forget ,as if often the case it seems

Friday, Police Chief Rovella said he was down 70 to 90 police officers... Rovella has cautioned city leaders in recent years that the department is losing staff faster than it can replace them." Where were the boobleheads then, or do they only listen to the Police Chief in an election year? Are the bobbleheads finally realizing that proper police funding is important to the people of Hartford and maybe they should listen because it might just become a big election issue?

 Maybe annual elections would remind the next Mayor and the next group of potential bobbleheads that they have to come through on their promises. Leadership requires that you step up and be a leader everyday, not just every 3 and a half years, 6 months before the next election cycle begins. Leadership requires that you show compassion and care for your constituents the entire term, not just when an election is looming.

And finally, since Hartford's voters for some reason seem to have short memories, annual will keep the failings of our elected officials fresh in our minds as we decide who to support. They will no longer be able to rejuvenate their images as fresh for the next election. They will no longer to be able to write off the history of their lackluster terms. They will no longer be able to tout "but look what I have done lately".

We won't have to worry about our long term memory, it will be fresh in our minds with yearly elections


Dear Friends,

This has been a very trying time for this community in the wake of the extreme and unnecessary violence. I write to you still in shock over the events.

My heart weighs heavy with deep concern for the victims, their families and loved ones, and for all the young people growing up in fear in this atmosphere of hate and disregard for human life.

In the past two weeks, four people have died in shootings in Hartford and another was stabbed to death. As of yesterday, 12 homicides have occurred in the city, and random shootings have skyrocketed compared to last year. Earlier this week 2 drive-by shootings occurred around 6am Sunday morning. A pastor placing memorial flags in front of his church on Capitol Avenue and another man on Garden Street were both shot minutes apart.

It pains me to think of what these acts are teaching our young people. Children growing up in homes plagued by domestic violence and abuse often become abusers themselves. I hate to imagine anyone carrying forward and replaying these atrocities in the future.

I still believe the most violent neighborhoods have the potential to achieve peace with the proper support and programs for struggling youth that reduce their numbers entering the juvenile justice system. Making positive changes in neighborhoods prone to violence and supporting families remains a priority.

I have been working with many groups committed to transforming violent neighborhoods back into safe and thriving communities in spite of those individuals who spread terror and hate again and again.

All of us are committed to the common goal of stopping the cycle of violence and revitalizing urban neighborhoods for the future--but we are still losing young people to violence and families continue to flee those neighborhoods.

I will work with anyone committed to safer and healthier neighborhoods for all children and families. By joining together, we can increase our collective impact and have a bigger opportunity to achieve meaningful, positive social change. City and community leaders and neighborhood groups will be meeting to affirm our solidarity, discuss, and plan for action.

I ask you to join me in these efforts, to work together, and share your thoughts and ideas. I promise to keep you informed and communicate more about these meetings as they are scheduled in the hopes you can attend. Your participation is most necessary and appreciated.

Brandon McGee


 The following was received from Mayoral Candidate Robert Killian:

Friday, May 29, 2015


According to the Hartford Courant Editorial today, Mayor Segarra will today meet privately with "selected community members".

Bad idea Mayor .I know you are trying to look like a leader since you squandered five years of possible involvement, but not this  way. People, especially Hartford residents, need to have confidence in their leaders and secret meetings do not instill confidence. Yes, maybe you are doing something, but who will know?

I think you already know there is not a lot of trust and confidence in your administration and do you really think they are going to take your word for it?

And just for clarification , who are these "selected Community members" I notice the term "community leaders" wasn't used Are they your campaign supporters. I would imagine they aren't campaign donors, because if they were Hartford people, that seems like a very small group.

This is a conversation that needs to be held in the open , publicly. The public is who is being impacted most by this violence and they are the ones that need to be reassured. A room full of Segarra  supporters, patting the Mayor on the back, serves no one.  Pedro needs to hear the harsh reality of his failures, not the hand clapping of supporters waiting for the next grant check from the City

 People are dying. 

As one person familiar with the meeting today said "too little too late"


Here is a  report commissioned by the Hartford Police Department. Hopefully the report will answer some of the staffing questions for HPD such as what are the proper number of Officers that should be at HPD. It is very dry reading, but it is informative
Hartford Police Department Staffing and Deployment Analysis 3-02-201 (2)