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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Search Warrant Execution/18-37287


On 12/8/18 at 1213 hours, Officers were dispatched to HPD Headquarters on a report of a serious domestic related incident. Through his investigation, probable cause was developed and an arrest warrant was drafted for Rashid-Thorpe, Yusuuf (DOB 7/25/70) for violating the below listed charges. The arrest warrant was approved by a judge of the Superior Court, with a judge set bond of $250,000. A search and seizure warrant was also drafted based upon information received by Officers and approved by a judge of the Superior Court.


The accused turned himself in at HPD Headquarters without incident on 12/11/18. The search and seizure

warrant was executed by patrol officers on the same date at 2044 hours and several pieces of evidence were

secured, tagged, and submitted to the Property Room. CSD Detectives assisted in the processing of the

apartment. During the execution of the search warrant, ammunition and a firearm holster were recovered.

The accused is a convicted felon that was arrested by VCU Detectives on 4/5/18 for firearms related charges.


Arrested - Rashid-Thorpe, Yusuuf (DOB 7/25/70) 777 Main St. Apt. 1705


Charges - Sexual Assault 1st, Threatening 2nd, Assault 3rd, Disorderly Conduct, and Possession of

Ammunition by a Felon




On December 11, 2018 at approximately 7:15 PM, officers responded to 53 Sharon Street for a report of slashing. Upon arrival, officers initiated an investigation and determined a group of individuals attacked an adult after inflammatory words were exchanged via text message. The adult retrieved a knife and slashed one of the attackers, later determined to be a juvenile. The other attackers fled. Officers collected the knife as evidence and transported the adult to the Major Crimes Division for debriefing. The juvenile sustained a non-life threatening slash wound over the right knee cap and was treated at a local hospital. With the assistance of Major Crimes and Special Investigations Division detectives, the adult and juvenile combatants were arrested and charged accordingly.


Accused Adult: Wynter, Janice (B/F) DOB: 4/15/00 53 Sharon St.


Charges: Assault in the 2nd Deg. (53a-60)

Friday, November 30, 2018


On 11/29/18 at approximately 1941 hours, HPD dispatch received a call from the complainant of an armed robbery on 11/27/18 (Crossroads Supermarket). The complainant stated that two people matching the descriptions of the armed suspects from that robbery were back in front of the store. Officers from the Street Crimes Unit responded to the scene to further investigate the complaint. During the course of their investigation they engaged in a foot pursuit with the suspects, one of which was apprehended, armed with a .380 semi-automatic pistol. During a post Miranda debrief by MCD Detectives, the armed suspect confessed to the robbery on 11/27/18 at the Crossroads Supermarket. A warrant is pending for the robbery. Mondo, Jasonte (12/20/99) of 156 Oakland Terrace Hartford, CT

Charges: Carrying Pistol w/o Permit, Interfering with police


Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Come out Saturday and help Officer Jim Barrett from HPD as he continues his efforts to provide footwear and proper footcare for Hartford's homeless population


During the month of November 2018, Detectives from Hartford Vice & Narcotics developed information that narcotics were being sold from 27/29 York Street. An investigation was conducted, which led detectives to obtain a search warrant for 27 York Street, 2nd floor. On November 26, 2018, Hartford Vice & Narcotics, assisted by Hartford ERT, conducted the warrant operation. As a result of the operation, (1) Pistol/Revolver, ammunition and narcotics was located. In total, (4) persons were arrested on narcotics related charges. (2) of the arrested suspects, both having felony dis-qualifiers with one on parole, faced additional charges for criminal possession of a firearm and ammunition. Parole was contacted and responded. The suspect on parole was remanded by parole without bond, pending court appearance.

Warrant Operation Arrest 11/26/18

A1) Alexis Torres DOB: 04/04/91 LKA: 71 Blue Hills Ave. Hartford, CT (Felony Dis-qualifiers/Parole)

Charged: Criminal Possession Firearm, Criminal Possession Ammunition, Possession Narcotics (2cts),

PWITS Narcotics/Controlled Sub. (3cts), Drug Factory, Risk of Injury to Minor.

A2) Suelanie Concepcion DOB: 3/17/90 LKA: 27 York Street (2nd floor) Hartford, CT

Charged: Possession Narcotics/Controlled Substance (3cts), PWITS Narcotics/Controlled Sub. (3cts), Drug

Factory, Risk of Injury to Minor.

A3) Eduardo Burgos LKA: 4/22/87 LKA: 1686 Broad Street Hartford, CT (Felony Dis-qualifiers)

Charged: Criminal Possession Firearm, Criminal Possession Ammunition, Possession Narcotics (2cts),

PWITS Narcotics (2cts), PWITS Controlled Substance, Drug Factory, Risk of Injury to Minor.

A4) Travis Eason DOB: 12/29/88 LKA: 46 South Whitney Street Hartford, CT

Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics, Possession less than 1/2 ounce Marijuana.

A5) Alexis Torres DOB: 04/04/91 LKA: 71 Blue Hills Ave. Hartford, CT (Felony Dis-qualifiers/Parole)

Possession Narcotics, Sale of Narcotics, Operating Suspended License, Possession Marijuana.


On 8/25/18, probable cause was developed and an arrest warrant was drafted for Roberto Mejias in regards to the assault of a 7 month old infant. DOC PO Pawlich was notified, and Mejias' parole was immediately revoked. Through a concerted effort between Hartford Police Patrol Units, New Britain PD, and DOC Parole, intelligence was obtained that Mejias was present at 174 Maple Street New Britain, CT. On 11/25/18 at approximately 3:43 PM, Hartford Patrol Units and New Britain PD located Mejias, and took him into custody without incident. Mejias was debriefed by HPD Special Investigation Detectives and later remanded to the CT Department of Corrections.

Mejias, Roberto (8/21/88)

Remanded to Custody of DOC (Arrest warrant pending for Risk of Injury to a Minor, Assault 3rd under HPD case 18-35740)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


It is sad that our City Council tries so hard to create problems where they don't exist. A prime example is the proposed Ordinance  to restrict the use of technology by the Hartford Police Department.

It is also unfortunate that Council members can't , or won't , come up with proposals based upon their constituents needs but rather jump on board with legislation dangled in front of them by the ACLU. I never voted for an ACLU lawyer to represent me on the Hartford City Council. Our Council members need to get out in the Community more and start listening to what is important to residents of the City. And not only act like they are listening after they rile people up with misinformation

Early this spring, City residents were sending a message loud and clear at every opportunity that ATV's and crime were an issue. The Hartford Police responded with a program that included aerial surveillance and the operation was successful in clearing many of the ATV's off our streets for most of the summer. That aerial surveillance in the future will include a "drone" aspect to provide the aerial view and tracking for illegal activity on our streets and in our Parks.

Another aspect of the Council's disdain for technology is video surveillance, especially facial recognition technology. Facial recognition technology is used in many instances now, such as sporting events, concerts and other venues that attract large numbers of people. It serves a purpose and if that purpose is to keep us safer in this day and age, I have a hard time condemning that technology and I don't feel threatened by it.

Much of the Council's opposition to HPD technology is not due to the "Big Brother" watching  fears, it is more about promoting Hartford as a Sanctuary City where everyone if free of any fear of detection. The sad part is that even people who choose to come here because Hartford is known as a Sanctuary City, still have the same potential of being victims of crime as everyone else, possibly more.

The Council's anti-Police Technology agenda, and make no mistake, there is an agenda in play here, only serves to foster  greater mistrust in our Police Department. If the Hartford City Council were serious about holding our Police Department accountable to its residents, the Civilian Police Review Board  would be fully functional and meeting regularly to let residents know that their complaints would be handled promptly  and dealt with when issues arise. Not the lapdog joke it has been allowed to become under the Council's oversight ,  or should I say lack of oversight

We are fortunate as a City that we don't face the problems that many other Cities face with their Police Departments. Is HPD perfect? Absolutely not, our Police Department can always improve and strive to do better, but let's not create problems for someone's self serving agenda.  Transparency is a huge issue for any Police Department in gaining and holding the Public's trust.

HPD is a leader, in my opinion, in transparency. As an example, last week after an Officer involved shooting, HPD Command Staff released audio recordings within hours of the event. Other cities may take close to a year to release recordings.

If the Hartford City Council set aside their personal agendas and started actually working for their constituents needs, maybe things would change.

It is popular to attack the Police these days, but it should also be popular for elected Council members to attack homelessness, slumlords, disgusting living conditions, childhood asthma, gun violence, drug deaths, Hell, even the inequality of auto insurance rates for City resident's should be important, but I guess those issues are less important to the ACLU than a drone protecting Hartford residents.



On Monday November 19, 2018, Detectives from V&N conducted a plainclothes narcotics operation for the area of 762 Park Street (Bean Pot Restaurant). The operation was conducted in an effort to address the ongoing open air narcotics complaints which plague the area, reported by the business owners. The operation resulted in the arrest of numerous suspects for narcotics related charges or trespassing related complaints. As a result of the operation, (10) adult suspects were arrested on narcotics related charges. Numerous packaged Fentanyl, Crack Cocaine, Cocaine and Marijuana items were recovered from the arrestees. Several suspects were found to have active warrants, which were served during the booking process.

A1) Peter Boccacio Dob: 9/27/68 Lka: 24 Roxbury Street, East Hartford, Connecticut 

• Poss. of Narcotics, Criminal Trespass 3rd.

A2) Carl Jones Dob: 05/28/81 Lka: 1630 Main Street East Hartford, CT 

• Poss Narcotics, Sales Narcotics, Criminal Trespass 3rd.
• Poss Narcotics (2cts), Sales Narcotics 
(2cts), Criminal Trespass 3rd.
• Poss Narcotics (2cts), Sales Narcotics, Criminal Trespass 3rd.

A3) John Gray Dob: 5/01/81 Lka: 584 Main Street New Hartford, CT 

• Poss Narcotics (2cts)

A4) Alberto Rodriguez Dob: 2/19/98 187 South Marshall Street Hartford, CT 

• Operating Suspended License, Op Unregistered M/V, Misuse Registration.

A5) Luis Galindez Dob: 9/20/69 Lka: 560 Hungerford Street Hartford, CT 

• Poss. of Narcotics, Poss. Controlled Substance (Marijuana).

A6) Christopher Ayala Dob: 11/16/90 Lka: 33 Benton Street Hartford, CT PRAWN Warrant: Criminal Trespassing 3rd, Interfering W/Police FTA 2nd PRAWN Warrant: Poss. Cont. Sub., Op Suspend Lic., FTR registration, FTA 2nd

A7) Kirk Marshall Dob: 5/16/87 Lka: 37 New Street Bristol, CT

• Poss. of Narcotics, Criminal Trespass 3rd.
PRAWN Warrant: Identity Theft 3rd, Larceny 2nd, Forgery 3rd, FTA 1st. PRAWN Warrant: Larceny 6th, FTA 2nd

A8) Rosemary Soto Dob: 2/17/69 Lka: 20 Bary Lane Unionville, CT 

• Poss. of Narcotics, Criminal Trespass 3rd.

A9) David Castellano Dob; 11/29/74 Lka: 194 Russ Street Hartford, CT

• Op. Sus Lic., Op Unreg. M/V, Misuse Registration, No Insurance, Trespass 3rd.

A10) Luis Ramos Dob: 2/25/70 Lka: 50 Forest Street Hartford, Connecticut 

• Poss. of Narcotics, Criminal Trespass 3rd.


On 11/19/18 at approximately 7:45pm, officers responded to the intersection of Airport Road and Wethersfield Avenue to investigate a multi vehicle car accident involving a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, officers learned the complainant spotted his vehicle in the south district of the city, and began chasing it northbound on Wethersfield Avenue. 

The accused ran a red light and struck a vehicle traveling eastbound across Wethersfield Avenue onto Airport Road. The operator of the stolen vehicle lost control and struck the front porch of 637 Wethersfield Avenue. 

Once stopped, the owner of the stolen vehicle and a friend of his began assaulting the suspect with a baseball bat. All parties were arrested and charged accordingly. 

Arrested: Gerardo Santiago 06/17/88 of 217 Wethersfield Avenue Apt. 6 Hartford, CT

Charges: Larceny 3rd, Reckless driving, Using M/V without owners permission, criminal trover 2nd and Breach of peace 

Arrested: Felix Cruz 08/21/81 of 34 Madison Street Apt. 1W Hartford, CT

Charges: Assault 2nd, Reckless driving, Operating M/V without license and Breach of peace

Arrested: Osniel Gonzalez 03/01/84 97 Grandview Terrace Hartford, CT

Charges: Assault 2nd and Breach of peace

**no mugshots at this time**