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Friday, October 14, 2016


During the month of October, Detectives from the Hartford Police Department Vice and Narcotics Unit conducted an investigation into a narcotics dealer known to sell large amounts of Morphine and Quinine. Both drugs were identified as a primary source, which is utilized as a cutting agent for heroin. A increased quantity of the mentioned drugs with the heroin are known to cause overdoes. From the narcotics investigation, Detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant for the target and a search warrant for his business at 737 Maple Ave. “The Mini mart”. On October 13, 2016 the HPD Detectives conducted a narcotics operation prior to executing the warrants. During the operation investigators obtained information that the target, Harwinder Singh was in his vehicle with a large amount of Quinine/Morphine.

Surveillance was established on the target and with the assistance of the Hartford STF Officers, he was subsequently stopped in the parking lot area of 736 Maple Avenue. During the stop, Detectives located the following; (501) grams of suspected Quinine/Morphine and a Ruger .357 Magnum revolver. After the target was arrested, investigators executed the search warrant at 736 Maple Avenue, seizing 20 Viagra pills and 89 Herbal Viagra pills. During the investigation, investigators learned that Singh was "stashing" more Morphine/Quinine at 104 Whitewood Road, Newington, CT. A consent was obtained and an additional 2,500 grams of suspected Morphine/Quinine, box of .357 and .38 caliber rounds, numerous packaging materials and approximately $6,964 in U.S. currency.

Arrested: Harwinder Singh DOB 8/2/91 LKA 104 Whitewood Road, Newington CHARGES:
1.       Illegal obtaining or supplying of a prescription of a drug
Arrest warrant: Served for Conspriacy/Illegal obtaining or supplying of a prescription of a drug.

Evidence: 2500 grams of Morphine/Quinine, 109 Viagra pills, numerous packaging materials
Evidence: $6,964 in U.S. currency.
Evidence: Silver Ruger .357 Magnum revolver containing (4) live rounds


I have taken some heat over the last few days after I posted details regarding the East Hartford plane crash. I even was called a racist on Facebook because I identified the suicidal pilot as Jordanian. How is that racist, it is a fact, that is where he is from and crashing a plane intentionally doesn't change that.

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I have some great Law Enforcement sources. Those sources regularly talk to me and they know I will protect their identities as I do for all my sources and they tell me things that they may not tell to other "media" people And as I said I protect my sources and sometimes I have to use great discretion with the information provide to prevent unintentionally "outing" a source. As much as I enjoy being first, I can't always put all the details I am given out there because they could lead right back to an Investigator especially when a limited group of people have the limited knowledge being developed.

Such was the case Wednesday after the crash, I would have loved to lay it out there and explain how or why details were developed, but there is a lot more to this story still to come out.

As the layers of the onion continue to get peeled back, the scenario will become clearer.

One example is further information broken by the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters today regarding the East  Hartford Police going to an East Hartford Motel 5 weeks ago  at the request of  the Federal Joint Terrorism Task Force. According to a State Police report a Jordanian student pilot was found in the room with flight manuals, computer equipment and a large amount of  cash. When questioned, he apparently told State Police he was "on a mission".

You can read the NBC Troubleshooters story here.

Again, I stand by my sources. They are not gossips on a street corner, they are professionals with credible facts and information and I think that will be shown once again as information develops.

We, or more correctly, some of us, may not want to face facts because they are unpleasant, but to ignore those facts would be dangerous to all of us.

Late this afternoon, the FBI office in New Haven issued the following statement:
It is imperative at this time to relay that there is no known connection between the aircraft incident on Main St. October 11th and the E. Hartford hotel search many weeks ago. Any attempts to make such a connection  of the two incidents prior to the conclusion of this investigation into the crash would be reckless at a minimum. Again, this incident is an isolated incident.”

The wording is interesting. Rather than saying that the incidents "are not related" it seems more like a CYA statement. "Connection of the two incidents prior to the conclusion of this investigation", and what will that conclusion eventually show?. I guess in the end we will see.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I am not sure many of us would consider East Hartford Connecticut a potential terrorist target, but it may well have very been one Tuesday, according to sources.

Sources have detailed a Federal search warrant that was served on a residence at 29 Annawan Street in Hartford after the crash of a small plane on Main Street in East Hartford yesterday afternoon.

The story began to come together as a pilot and a student pilot left Brainard Airport in Hartford Tuesday afternoon. The student, according to sources, was a Jordanian national here in the US on a Visa.

 During the instruction, the plane began to return to Brainard for a landing. The pilot noticed that the plane was off course and the student claimed that he wanted "to go around"for another landing attempt. During the second attempt , the student continued off course, headed toward the Pratt and Whitney plant in east Hartford.

The pilot, realizing something was wrong, attempted to take over control of the plane from the student. A physical struggle ensued  in the cockpit as the pilot tried to correct the course. According to sources, the student began yelling in what is believed to be a Islamic or Arabic dialect.  During that time, the pilot apparently was able to get off a radio transmission  declaring a "mayday" advising that his aircraft was being hijacked.

The pilot, according to sources, was able to gain enough control of the aircraft to direct a crash landing on Main Street in East Hartford, avoiding the Pratt and Whitney buildings which were the student pilots intended target.

Due to the pilots actions, the only fatality in this incident is the alleged Jordanian hijacker, and a much greater disaster was averted by the hero pilots actions. The pilot is currently at the Bridgeport Burn Center being treated for his injuries from the crash.

As of this afternoon, apparently Federal authorities are denying any terrorist connection, but the facts would seem to say differently.

HPD  also put out this statement today:

After many calls from residents, and in an effort to keep our community well informed, I am writing you to keep you updated on an ongoing investigation that is impacting a neighborhood our city. Yesterday October 1, 2016 a plane crashed in East Hartford CT. That East Hartford plane crash is related  and has led to an ongoing investigation at a specific apartment at the 29 Annawan St apartment complex.. The Hartford aspect of the investigation involved HPD detectives, HPD SWAT and many other outside local, state and federal partners. However, it has lasted through the night and into today. Many law enforcement personnel and media are present and will be visible in one of our densely populated neighborhoods. We understand the stress, impact and concern this can create on a neighborhood and community. We want to ensure our residents, they are not in danger. The scene is safe and secure. Please be aware the neighborhood may be impacted throughout the day. If you have any questions or concerns relating to HPD please feel free to reach out

Thursday, October 6, 2016


The video has finally been released of the alleged HPD brutality incident from June 4, 2016.  No one, not even the worse of criminals roaming our streets should be subjected to any type of physical abuse at the hands of a police officer, never. Once the handcuffs go on, everything else stops and the Justice system should take over from their for punishment.

With that being said, some arrests aren't pretty, especially when the defendants are high on drugs and combative. Should a police officer have to put up with someone spitting blood at them and on them because it may  look bad on video, or can they react like any of us private citizens would do and protect ourselves by stopping the person from spitting?

And if we are going to maintain the trust in our Police Departments, shouldn't we as residents and citizens be confident that the ensuing  investigations are thorough , complete and unbiased?

The investigation should be as fair to the Police Officers involved as well as the criminals.

I have my doubts about this investigation of the June 4th incident.

According to sources , a Hartford Police officer, Officer Barone, prepared an affidavit for  for a search warrant to obtain a blood sample for the driver of the vehicle after he was taken to Hartford Hospital after the accident. The analysis of a blood sample is standard procedure after a DUI allegation and accident when the driver is hospitalized and can't be subjected to a breathalyzer.

According to sources, Officer Barone attempted to "walk the warrant through" the court. This is also normal procedure and happens routinely on such incidents. Walking a warrant though means that the officer physically goes to the Court on Lafayette Street and "walks it through" the process, getting the signatures required on a timely basis.

Apparently when Officer Barone went to get the signatures, according to sources, Hartford County States Attorney Gail Hardy refused to sign the search warrant saying she wanted "no part of it".

Even though this is a normal process to determine the level of intoxication of the operator, Hardy refused to do her part. Again, according to sources, the blood sample was eventually destroyed by Hartford Hospital as part of their normal procedures. Hardy's actions resulted in a critical piece of evidence in the case being destroyed and unable to assist either the police officer or the defendant in obtaining eventual justice.

It is unclear at this point if the Connecticut State Police or Litchfield County States Attorney's Investigators also attempted to obtain, or did obtain, the sample as part of their parallel investigation.

Justice would seem to say that a police officer has just as much of a right to a fair and impartial investigation as a criminal defendant. In this case I  am not sure


Several sources have called me and sent messages over the last week claiming that there may be a potential of new found revenue in the Bronin budget of approximately $25 million dollars.

This information has come from both City Hall insiders as well a Union officials. At this point there is no solid information as to the origin of the money, if it actually exists, but the sources were all confident of its existence.

If the existence of  a surplus is accurate, it would seem to make Mayor Bronnin's predictions of a "dire" financial crisis less dire, although any potential surplus would be a short term fix for this fiscal year and would not offset budget deficits predicted for future years.

If anyone has more information on this potential surplus, please contact me.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


I think we keep hearing the words "done deal" associated with the Hartford Stadium deal, but that could actually be the furthest thing from reality.

It would seem that Centerplan, the stadium developer thrown off the project in June by the King and his Court Jester I. Charles Matthews, I mean Mayor Luke Bronin, has a few weapons still left in their arsenal. Probably one of the best weapons in the form of the Connecticut courts.

Today Centerplan added to their actions against the City of Hartford in the form of an "Emergency Motion to Preserve Evidence" filed late today in Superior Court. This motion will most likely prevent work from resuming on the Stadium until the request is reviewed by a Judge.

There aren't too many promised dates that have actually come true on this mess since Bronin took office. I have  a hard time putting much confidence in anything Bronin or the Hartford Stadium Authority's I. Charles Matthews have to say.

It is also interesting to note that other key members of the Hartford Stadium Authority have not been consulted or included in recent decision making of the HSA.

The Dunkin Donut Stadium mess is most likely going to drag on for a while

I have to wonder how much longer  Dunkin Donuts is going to allow their corporate image and good name  to be associated with this colossal debacle