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Sunday, October 21, 2018


I have to ask, which do you think would do more damage in our community, the fully automatic handgun (machine gun) on the right with a barrel type high capacity magazine capable of firing dozens of rounds per minute or flippant words uttered by a Police Officer?

The weapons above were recovered Saturday night during what should have been a routine contact after an anonymous citizen complaint of suspicious activity on Broad Street. Probably very similar to the type of call Sergeant Stephen Barone responded to not far away from Broad Street on August 9, 2018.

How the officer's responded and dealt with the Saturday night incident could have spelled the difference between life and death, as do many incidents our Police Officer's respond to everyday. The warm and fuzzy approach might not have worked if someone decided to pull out the fully automatic machine gun and opened fire. Luckily the gun runners in the car weren't trigger happy themselves that night.

I am not trying to make light of the Barone situation , but maybe the vocal residents that pushed the envelope in the Barone termination might think a little differently if they had looked down the barrel of a machine gun and then realize what our Officer's face every day


image1.jpegOn Saturday 10/20/18 at approximately 1924 hours, Detectives from the Vice & Narcotics Unit received information for a suspect believed to be in possession of an stolen firearm. V&N Detectives, along with Officers from the Street Crimes Unit, established a perimeter in the area, locating the suspect on Park Street. Information was discovered, revealing the suspect had an active arrest warrant. The suspect was secured in the area of 147 Washington Street (Bank of America parking lot), without incident. 

During a search incidental to arrest, police located numerous packages of Suboxone and a stolen firearm. On-scene information led detectives to 65 Bulkeley Avenue (Apt-A2), where a second firearm, narcotics (Fentanyl), and narcotics packaging materials were recovered. As a result of the investigation, (1) suspect, a convicted felon, was arrested on numerous firearm and narcotics related charges.




Arrested: Rafael Quiles Dob: 5/26/76 Lka: 65 Bulkeley Avenue (Apt-A2) Hartford, CT

Charged: Possession Narcotics (2cts), PWITS Narcotics, Pistol W/O Permit, Weapon in M/V, Criminal Possession Firearm (2cts), Hi-Cap Pistol Magazine, Possession Stolen Firearm, Drug Factory.
** Active Warrant Manchester, CT ( Larceny 3rd ) **

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


HPD terminates Officer Stephen Stephen Barone;

Chief Rosado's statement:

Today, Chief David Rosado terminated the employment of Officer Stephen Barone after the completion of internal investigations and a formal hearing process regarding charges related to his interaction with a group of young people in August 2018 and his supervision of a traffic incident in July 2018. 


“Our success as a police department depends on our relationship with the community we serve,” said Chief Rosado.  “Every day, the men and women of the Hartford Police Department are out doing good police work with professionalism and respect, and this officer’s conduct does not reflect the values of our agency.  I did not make this decision lightly.  We hold ourselves to high standards, and when we fall short, we take responsibility for it.  After reviewing the findings related to these two incidents, it’s clear to me that there’s no scenario in which Mr. Barone can return to his duties as a productive member of the Hartford Police Department.  As a department, we are committed to building and rebuilding a strong relationship with residents across our city based on mutual respect, accountability, transparency, and a shared desire to live in a strong Hartford.” 
End of HPD statement

I will be posting more on this later today

Tuesday, October 16, 2018



On Monday 10/15/18 at approximately 3:45pm, Detectives from Vice & Narcotics were conducting operations in the south district of Hartford. While conducting surveillance, detectives observed several suspects engaged in an illegal hand to hand narcotics transaction. Detectives secured the suspects in the Laurel Street area, in possession of narcotics (Fentanyl/Heroin). 

On-scene information led detectives to 110 Laurel Street (Apt-B), where an illegal firearm with an obliterated serial number was recovered, along with additional narcotics. In total (1) semi-automatic firearm was recovered along with approximately 300 bags Fentanyl/Heroin, powdered Heroin and Suboxone films. As a result of the investigation, (1) suspect, a convicted felon, was arrested on firearm and narcotics related charges.

Arrested: Luis Roman Dob: 8/26/72 Lka: 110 Laurel Street Apt-B Hartford, CT

Charged: Possession Narcotics (2cts), PWITS Narcotics (2cts), Criminal Possession Firearm, Possession Firearm W/Obliterated S/N, Criminal Possession Ammunition.


On Monday, 10/15/18, at approximately 1600 patrol units observed a stolen vehicle that was being operated in the Southeast corner of the city. Dispatch confirmed the vehicle was listed stolen out of Portland. Together with Traffic Units they were able to locate and stop the vehicle at the intersection of New Britain Avenue and Newington Avenue where the operator was taken into custody. Notification was made to MCD who later debriefed the arrested party. The vehicle owner arrived on scene to recover his vehicle.

(A) Edwin Alicea-Nieves 12-11-96 of 65 Grafton Street Hartford Apt. A


On Tuesday October 16, 2018, at approximately 0140 hours, were flagged down in regard to a paintball gun assault in the area of 262 Franklin Avenue. The victim stated that the operator of a gray Mercedes shot him several times with a paintball gun. The victim was covered in yellow paint and reported that he could identify the suspect. 

Officers discovered a silver Mercedes with dark tints in the area of the 22 Elliot Street. A motor vehicle stop was conducted and two paintball guns were observed in the Mercedes. Officers assisted with a show up identification of the suspect. The victim positively identified the operator of the Mercedes as the shooter. 

Accused: Roldan, Dashua Outlaw DOB 12/9/94, 38 Mapleton Street, Hartford, CT

Charges: Assault in The Third Degree 53a-61, Breach of Peace in The Second Degree 53a-181, Operating an Unregistered MV 14-12a, Insufficient Insurance 14-213b, Failure to Have Tint Sticker 14-99, Misuse of Plates 14-147c

Friday, October 12, 2018


On Friday October 12, 2018, at approximately 1230 hours, members of the Hartford Police Auto Theft Unit observed a 2013 Ford Fusion that had been previously reported stolen from New Britain, Connecticut. This vehicle was also reported to have been involved in a residential burglary in the town of Southington. After confirming the vehicle was still listed as stolen, the vehicle was stopped and the operator taken into custody without incident. 

During the course of the arrest, numerous items consistent with those reported stolen in the out of town burglary were observed within the vehicle. The operator of the vehicle and a passenger were transported to the Major Crimes Division for debriefing.

Arrested: Matos, Generoso DOB 11/13/1991 of 71 Lillian Street, Bristol, CT

Charges: Larceny 2nd degree, Operation without owner's permission, and Criminal Trover 2nd degree

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Anyone that drives in Hartford knows that they are taking their lives in their hands every time they travel on Hartford's streets.

Fatal traffic accidents are more than doubled over the same time last year. Hartford experienced its 19th fatal accident yesterday when a pedestrian was struck and killed on Wethersfield Avenue.

The current state of drivers in Hartford is definitely not caused by a lack of enforcement by the Hartford Police Department, and actually the numbers show a large increase by HPD this year.

Citywide as of this date, there have been over 10,335 motor vehicle traffic stops, mostly by the HPD Traffic Division. By comparison, for the same period last year, HPD conducted 7,034 traffic stops.

56% of those drivers stopped were given motor vehicle infractions and 44% were just issued written or verbal warnings.

According to HPD, their main goal is to correct driving behavior through enforcement and that doesn't always involve a monetary fine.

The HPD Traffic Division also received funding to pu8rchase an updated "speed cart"  which shows drivers their speed as they approach. Currently the traffic carts are deployed in key enforcement areas as needed..

DUI enforcement  also points to a serious problem  with impaired drivers on Hartford's Streets. For 2018 there has been 48 DUI arrests on the Wethersfield Avenue   corridor alone. as well as the many other DUI arrests City wide funded by checkpoints mad possible through State and Federal funding grants.

Despite HPD's efforts, the message clearly isn't getting out. Anyone who drives on Hartford's streets most likely has numerous stories of near misses with drivers who blow through intersections running red lights or improper passing or drivers who make right turns from the left lane. And what about the school bus violations . And I won't even get started on the Handicap  parking violations. One Hartford Officer recently wrote 18 Handicap parking violations at the Washington Street CVS during one nights shift.

Although HPD is doing the best they can with limited resources and staffing, more needs to be done to stem the increase in traffic fatalities. Most of us are more at risk of being killed or injured in a traffic incident in Hartford than we do from shootings or homicides, but either way, people are being killed