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Friday, March 23, 2018


Hartford's new Police Chief, David Rosado is beginning to make key appointments and changes to his management team.

According to sources familiar with the moves, an Assistant Police Chief will be coming into the HPD as of April 6th from the outside. Sources say the incoming  Assistant Chief is currently a Connecticut State Police Lieutenant, known for his "no nonsense" style of leadership.  He is currently a State Police Troop commander and has dealt with some of the worst cases Connecticut has ever seen, , including the Petit home invasion and murder arrests as well tracking down and arresting the driver responsible for hitting and  killing a Connecticut State Trooper several years ago on I-91 in Enfield.

The position  of Assistant Chief remained vacant for several years under former Chief Rovella.

Others inside of the Hartford Police organization were also considered and offered the Assistant Chief position, but residency requirements requiring them to move into the City proved to be a deal breaker. Maybe it is time we look at that residency requirement and decide whether it helps or hurts the City and its residents.

At least one HPD Lieutenant is on the rise to the rank of Deputy Chief. Lieutenant Sonia Watson is reportedly being promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief as of next Sunday. Lt. Watson is currently in charge of HPD' s Special Investigations Division(SID) . Lt Watson's role in SID will be taken over by current headquarters Lieutenant Rebecca O'Shea. Deputy Chief Watson will oversee HPD Support Services.

Current Deputy Chief Joseph Buyak will be moving into the perfect role for him, Chief of Patrol. Buyak currently oversees the South half of the City, and his move should be a huge morale booster for the Patrol Division. Patrol is often overlooked as other specialized units take the spotlight, but Patrol is the backbone of any Police Organization and even as a Deputy Chief, Even though Chief Buyak has served in many positions throughout his career at HPD I think Chief Buyak's heart has always been in patrol and with the men and women in uniform on our streets .

Deputy Chief Brian Foley will continue to be Foley and serve as the  public voice of HPD and social media specialist. Foley will continue to oversee the Departments investigative divisions also , as he has been doing since his promotion to D/C several years ago. Foley's openness and transparency, under the guidance of former Chief Rovella, has  drawn huge benefits to acceptance by the public in the current climate by many looking at the Police.

Deputy Chief William Long will assume the position of Chief of Operations. There is probably no one currently at HPD more familiar with the departments operational status than Long. Long has been a "behind the scenes " type guy and is probably not known to most people in the public, but not much goes on at HPD without Long's imprint being left on it, from vehicle purchases to operational plans for the Traffic Division events.

Deputy Chief Robert Ford will no longer be in charge of the North Operations. I am told his focus will be on the three member Accreditation Unit.

And finally, Deputy Chief Rendock will remain in  his position as to who knows what , managing I have no idea.

Lieutenant Brandon O'Brien will be transferred to the position of Internal Affairs commander, and the current commander of IAD. LT. Michael Coates will flip-flop into O'Brien's current position  as commander of Vice,Intelligence and Narcotics (VIN).

Chief Rosado will also be implementing a "Coffee with the Chief " program soon. Chief Rosado will be inviting small focus groups to sit down and discuss HPD with members of the community. Rosado promises to buy the coffee,but no word on the availability of donuts. If you are interested, be sure to give the Chief your contact information to be included.

And speaking of promotions, or more appropriately new jobs, which former HPD Chief has been tapped to be the new Director of Security for Hartford's Schools? Just a hint, your first guess will most likely be wrong.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The Sage Allen clock in better days

Empty sidewalk where the "Sage Allen" clock used to stand

We have all heard how "time flies". In this case "time flew". The historic Sage Allen clock was knocked off its base this past week by a City DPW bucket loader clearing snow off of the Main Street sidewalks in preparation for the Saint Patrick's Day parade crowds.

According to Hartford's Fire Chief and Acting DPW Director Reggie Freeman, the base of the cast iron clock was rotted and was not actually hit by the loader but the pile of snow being pushed snapped the clock from its base.

Chief Freeman says the City will cover the expense of repairing and replacing the clock on the sidewalk, where it has stood since 1889.

From Wikipedia: The store was known for the free-standing 'Sage-Allen' sidewalk clock, a local landmark built in 1899, that was located on the Main Street sidewalk in front of the store until the clock was damaged in a windstorm in 1992. The clock was later repaired and erected on another sidewalk in the city. Its importance as a Main Street landmark was known to the re-developers of the Sage-Allen building, and a deal was struck to return the clock to its traditional place. A clock specialist was called upon to restart the clock after its return to Main Street in the summer of 2007.

Monday, March 5, 2018


Tomorrow will be election day in Hartford for only one  House district. Town Committee elections for the Fourth District, (downtown Hartford and portions of the Southend)will be the only areas where a legitimate challenge has been launched. A challenge in the Sixth District was derailed after illegal activity and forged signatures were uncovered , eventually the so called "Peterson Slate" was ruled invalid after an unsuccessful Court challenge.

The fourth district has the incumbent slate and the "challenger" slate competing for votes tomorrow. The choice is politics as usual or maybe some new blood and new ideas from the challengers.

All too often we just hear about Town Committee candidates every two years when they are campaigning for votes . One of the unique factors about at least three of the challengers is that they have made names for themselves by being out in the community regularly  and assuming a "watchdog" type role over Hartford Government.

Challenger Anne Goshdigian has shown that she is willing to put her neck on the line and stand for what she believes in. Anne initially challenged the Dillon Stadium Project and was extremely vocal against the project and uncovered much of the Fraud  that  eventually led to a Federal Grand Jury and arrests and Federal Prison time for the developer . Anne eventually also assumed the role as a vocal opponent of the Stadium Deal. trying to protect Hartford taxpayers from years  of  unnecessary bonding and debt.

Challenger Leslie Hammond has assumed a similar role to Anne, becoming a regular attendee at City Hall meetings for the Hartford City Council, the Hartford Stadium Authority as well as many other meetings and being an active  "cheerleader" for the City.

A third challenger worth a good look is a well known face to most Hartford residents. J Stan McCauley over the years has found his niche as the communicator for Hartford's political establishment, Stan can be found at many events with his video camera over his shoulder to document what is going on in Hartford to eventually be posted on his Public Access network  and other social media. Stan plays a critical role in educating people on what  is normally unseen but what goes on behind the scenes

Hartford Democratic Town Committee politics often highlight the bad and the ugly as opposed to the good. This years cycle has run true to form , especially the bad and the ugly with fraud, deception and disgusting dirty tactics. The three people I mentioned above may actually start making a difference if only given a chance tomorrow

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Andrew outfitted with his team uniform in the Paralympic Village

My nephew Andrew Haraghey boarded a flight yesterday morning for a 17 hour trip to Pyeongchang , South Korea.

After years of hard work and training, Andrew qualified for the US Paralympic Alpine Ski Team. It is a quest that many of you who read this blog have assisted with through your support and donations over the last few years. Here is one of my past postings about Andrew,

I have written about him several times here, but much of the credit has to go to his immediate family, especially my sister Sheryl , Andrew's mother, for her never ending quest to encourage her son. Sheryl has over the last few years been tireless in her fundraising efforts to pay for Andrew's quest as well as writing a book and illustrating it describing Andrew's efforts, maintaining his website with information, and just basically being Andrew's "manager" , and countless trips to Vermont's Mount Snow for Andrew's training. Sheryl is also an Adaptive Ski Instructor and still volunteers many hours at Mount Snow working with skiers with disabilities

Here is an update I posted in 2014 about Andrew's efforts

Sheryl has dealt with airlines to get reduced airfare rates for Andrew's trips to various ski locations in Colorado and Canada and his training around the Country , worked with organizations such as the Enfield Elks to host spaghetti suppers to raise the necessary funding, and spent endless weekends at Brown's Harvest pumpkin patch in  Windsor painting pumpkins to raise funds and selling the "Andrew Rocks" painted rocks , which proved very popular. And she did all of this while still maintaining her own career and being a devoted mother  to her youngest son Ryan and wife to her husband Rich

And although this posting is about Andrew, I have to give credit to Andrew's younger brother Ryan, who has many times remained in the shadow due to his brother's "notoriety"Ryan started off skiing with Andrew and then also becoming a mentor in the adaptive skiing program at Mount Snow, skiing along side and assisting other skiers with disabilities.

Ryan is always there for his "big" brother. When they were both in High School, Andrew was in the marching band for Fermi High. Due to his Cerebral Palsy, I think Andrew knew he was going to have problems marching the whole Memorial Day Parade in Enfield route a few years ago, his "little" brother Ryan stepped up and pushed Andrew in  his wheelchair the entire parade route so that he could be part of the band's celebration

I don't think Andrew has ever seen himself as disabled and I think that spirit shines through today in accomplishing the first step in his goal to make the Paralympic Ski Team. There were challenges as well as injuries along the way, but Andrew has always bounced back. Andrew lives with Cerebral Palsy, but it doesn't rule his life and I wish every child born with a disability had the same strong family , parents and community around to support them as Andrew has.

It quite frankly scares the hell out of me when I was watching the recent Olympics and came to the realization that my nephew, Andrew Haraghey, the kid that we were never sure if he would ever walk, would be coming down those same slopes at 65 or 70 miles an hour as a member of the US Paralympic Ski Team

Best of luck Andrew. Stay safe and stay healthy. Continue to be the inspiration that you are to everyone. Beijing 2022

You can read more about Andrew at his website Andrew Races

And its not cheap getting to South Korea and all the competition to qualify for the Paralympics. It will probably be over $10,000.00 in the end, and the competitors fund that themselves. Thank you to everyone that has helped on the fundraising efforts over the years, and Andrew's "Go Fund Me" is still open and accepting contributions

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


More on this later, but here are the documents.

The legal brief's submitted to the court are below.

Krayeske Peterson Brief on Scribd