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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tonight I received an "anonymous" phone call and then the comment from "citizen" on my recent posting regarding the Hartford Fire Department. The female caller made threats and accusations, the same as in the posting from "citizen". She accused me of writing only about minorities and trying to make minorities look bad. To the best of my knowledge the only minority I can definitely say I have written about was John Thomas, and the reason I know that is because I have seen his mugshot from his arrest after he ran a pedestrian down in the street. I can also confirm that yes, Dan Nolan is white, because I have met him in person. As for Henry Biffle, Gregory Simon or Dion Hightower, I wouldn't know them if I saw them, and the facts speak for themselves, no matter what race they are. When I asked the "anonymous" caller if she knew their races, she said yes, I asked her how and she said she "just knew". I then asked her which one of the firefighter's I wrote about she was related to, and she replied "I don't have to tell you that". It is easy to throw around the term "racist" when you have nothing else to stand on, but I think the facts and documents speak for themselves. As I told the spineless, I mean "anonymous" caller, if she had names to give me, I would look into anything that people give me. If the circumstances regarding Dan Nolan had painted a different picture, unfavorable to him, I would have posted that here also, Lowering standards for the hiring of firefighters is not a matter of racism, it is a matter of Public Safety. If the cowardly caller, I mean "anonymous" caller, is in fact related to a firefighter, I would think that you would want to know that the rest of the firefighters in a burning building behind your loved one are the best qualified and best trained persons for the job and not the one who made the best overture to a politician or city official to get a job.

After tonight, I will no longer take blocked calls, so if you are a coward, don't waste your time. I stand behind everything I say, grow a backbone and try doing the same. And anytime you want to pass along information, feel free.


Hartford Police were on the scene of a deceased person found in a car on Dover Street most of this afternoon. After personnel from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner's Office arrived on the scene, they observed a single gunshot wound to the persons head. From what sources are saying, apparently no weapon was found in the car, which most likely rules out a suicide. The body was taken to Farmington for an autopsy.