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Friday, September 13, 2019



Homicide of Ricardo Rivera - Hartford - October 21, 2015

Ricardo Rivera was shot to death in Hartford on October 21, 2015. The State of Connecticut is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the homicide of Ricardo Rivera, who was fatally shot in Hartford on October 21, 2015.

On that evening at 10:16 p.m., Hartford police were called to the area of 7 Cherry Street on a report of shots fired. The caller reported hearing three gunshots, saw a “man down” and a silver Acura leaving the area with three males in it.

Officers arriving on the scene found Mr. Rivera, age 19, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to the hospital where he died the next day. A second man also shot was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle before police arrived on the scene. He has since recovered from his injuries.
Only minimal evidence was recovered at the scene of the shootings and to date no witnesses have come forward.  Investigators are hopeful the reward may lead to a successful conclusion of the investigation.

Anyone with information about the homicide of Ricardo Rivera is asked to contact Hartford Police. Tips may be left anonymously at (860) 722-TIPS (8477)  or


Friday, September 6, 2019


I would hope that no one would vote for a candidate based upon who the media, or local newspaper or even a blog would "endorse".

I thought I was looking at the comic's page this morning when I saw the Courant was "endorsing Luke Bronin for re-election. But did anyone expect anything different?

The more I see Luke Bronin and his operation, the more similarities I see to the Trump Administration. High turnover, high arrogance, a sense of entitlement and also, much like 2016, the two "front runners" are both terrible choices and I think many Hartford voters will fill out the little bubble on their ballot while holding their noses.

 There are alternatives to Perez and Bronin though, and I would hope that as we get closer to the real election in November that the DTC coronation of Luke Bronin will be a distant memory . Distant memories of Luke Bronin and Eddie Perez both. I hope that people would start paying some serious attention to Stan McCauley and take a few minutes to get to know him.

 Most people didn't know Luke Bronin until he decided he wanted to buy a Kingdom and be the King, also known as the 2015 Mayoral election. He is trying to buy the King's throne once again courtesy of Greenwich dollars. Just think back, how many of you knew the name Luke Bronin before the 2015 election. I don't see many hands being raised out there, so maybe very few or NONE. While I am asking questions, how many of you have seen Eddie Perez out in the community since he was arrested and bounced from Office in disgrace. Why is he back suddenly? Does he see money in development t on Albany Avenue or maybe it is time to start reconstruction on Park Street since it is falling apart due to his below standards corruption , I mean construction, work performed by his cronies on Park Street. (He did get his home renovated as a result of that corruption, all we got were potholes and defective brick walkways popping out of Park Street , and not to mention huge legal costs for battling him and keeping members of his staff from going to jail)

 I think you get my point for the time being, Stan McCauley is someone that just about every member of the Community who has gone outside their homes in the last 25 years have probably met or has seen Stan and his wife and children out in the community, not because he was running for something, but because he is actually one of us.

 I really don't think a lot of people have put much time or thought into the members they elect to the Hartford City Council, but I think you really need to.

 Do you realize that when you elect a Council person, you are potentially electing the next Mayor of the City. If the elected Mayor ever becomes incapacitated or is forced from Office by a corruption scandal or arrest, the President of the City Council becomes Mayor. Remember Pedro Segarra?

So on the primary ballot under column 1-MAYOR, my vote will be none of the above.

There, that's simple. I will save my bubble for Stan McCauley in November.

As far as City Council, Minority party representation laws apply in Connecticut, so out of 9 Council seats, only 6 can go to Democrats. I've chosen 5, First off is TJ Clarke. TJ has at least remained somewhat independent from the Bronin Administration. That fact probably resulted in his demise as the Council President when the Bronin puppets on the Council orchestrated his demise with a bogus "texting" scandal. TJ deserved our support

Next is a newcomer and someone I will admit I have never met. I am hearing good things about Nick Lebron from people whose opinion I trust, so I will give him a shot. I would prefer the unknown of a newcomer to those who were lackluster or worse their first time on the Council and want to get voted back on.

I was a little on the fence over Jimmy Sanchez, but much like TJ Clarke, I think he deserves the opportunity to hopefully prove himself.

My next choice is someone I can't say enough positive things about and I was thrilled, actually almost ecstatic, the day she called me and said she had decided to run for City Council. If you look up the definition of "integrity" in the dictionary, I am sure you will see the picture of Shirley Surgeon there. I have known and called Shirley Surgeon a friend for many years. If you are having a bad day, just call Shirley and her cheerful voice and accent , and advice, can't help but get you going again. Shirley also has an uncanny knack for being able to relate to just about anyone and make them feel comfortable, exactly what City Hall needs. Shirley was also a very close friend to my late political mentor, John B. O'Connell. Although O'Connell was a diehard Republican and Shirley was a loyal Democrat, they both were able to work together and communicate like adults.

Something else City Hall is lacking is that ability to work together for the good of the City. Shirley has that. Shirley also has a knowledge of City Hall from years of experience. She was the Council Assistant to the late John Stewart, she was the Democratic Registrar for years and then moved on to work in State Government. Shirley would be a great mentor for all Council members and I think we would see some serious work accomplished without the bickering we have become accustomed to.

My Final choice is Eli Mercado. For those of you who don't know Eli, you probably aren't going to enough community meetings. Eli is a permanent fixture at many meetings of people trying to help Hartford. He seems well connected with the Community and I think his concern and community involvement would definitely be an asset for any Council member.

I hope this information helps and I would not be presumptuous enough to do anymore than ask you to  educate yourself to the choices and then get out and vote

Thursday, August 29, 2019


 The short and quick answer is nothing has changed, although it has been months since the issue came to light.

HPD Officer Kelly Baerga had filed a hostile work environment/sexual harassment complaint against  supervisors at HPD and the City of Hartford on February 11, 2019

You can read more details here.

Her is the original complaint below:
Baerga Complaint by on Scribd
The bottom line , after all of the complaints, all of the media attention, and all of the the Internal affairs Investigations, nothing, or at least very little has changed.

 Kelly Baerga this week returned to her patrol duties on the midnight shift. Sergeant Andrew Rodney, one of the officers accused of Baerga's harassment still remains in his position as a Sergeant and a supervisor. Despite his Internal Affairs Investigation and a disciplinary hearing, nothing has been resolved. No punishment for his behavior, not even any retraining or corrective action taken. I am told that Rodney's behavior is under review by Interim Chief Jason Thody.

This matter has been hanging in Limbo for far too long. Officer Kelly Baerga deserves a resolution of this matter, and some action should have been taken before she returned to work.If Sergeant Rodney's actions were substantiated, Baerga should not have to face him whenever she goes to work knowing that Rodney's actions went unchecked by "the good ole' boy network" as some have claimed. This matter needs to be resolved one way or the other immediately.

 Rodney should not be protected because of any political status as a member of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee or supporter of Mayor Luke Bronin

A request for an update on the matter made to HPD earlier today has not received a response

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Some positive news.

 I received a call earlier this evening from a resident having an issue with drug dealers setting up shop in front of his home and he was looking for some advice and help dealing with them. I offered to call LT. Boisvert , who I thought was the Lieutenant for that area, apparently it is LT. Santiago's area but LT Boisvert offered to contact LT Santiago and pass the information along

. I texted the resident and told him he should be hearing back from HPD. I told him if he didn't hear anything in a couple days to let me know and I would follow up. I was pleasantly surprised when he immediately texted me back and said there were two HPD Officers at his home right then dealing with the problem, all within a matter of minutes.

 Great work by LT Boisvert and LT Santiago and HPD officers for true community policing efforts.


Apparently the Hartford Police Union President has taken it upon himself to allegedly begin lobbying and campaign efforts for Hartford Mayoral candidate Eddie Perez. Perez a convicted felon after pleading to charges related to his corruption arrest announced earlier that he was attempting to regain the Office that he resigned from in disgrace after his arrest, trial and conviction on corruption charges.

In a strongly worded letter sent to HPD Union President John Szewczyk on Monday, HPD union Vice President Joe Sherbo, Union Secretary Nicholas Trigilia, Treasurer Chris Reeder and Chief Steward Anthony Rinaldi all signed onto the letter asking that Union President Szewczyk  "immediately cease and desist all political activity as it relates to the Mayoral race, unless the Executive Board has discussed and agreed to support a particular candidate " 

Furthermore, the letter stated "If you decide to continue your personal support for Candidate Perez, you are strongly advised to use your own personal vehicle to attend events , and to not identify yourself as President of the Hartford Police Union in those settings. 

The HPD Union President is given a leased vehicle paid for through Union membership dues.

The letter also states that Szewczyk has apparently "partaken in and recruited volunteers to engage in door to door campaigning on behalf of Mayoral candidate Eddie Perez

 The letter also states that the HPD Union does not support candidate Eddie Perez at this time.

As a sidenote, several HPD Union members have informed me that a "Vote of No Confidence " in Interim Chief Jason Thody is being pushed for as an agenda item at the September HPD Union membership meeting.

HPD Cease and Desist Letter to Union President (my apologies for the quality of the photo)

Monday, August 26, 2019


 The smoking gun, read further for the explanation.

The more I research the purchase of the 10 new Chevrolet Tahoe's the more suspicious I am getting.

What am I missing here and why has one blog post sparked such an uproar? I have received several phone calls from City staff members , all trying to get me to back off on this story and trying to convince me I am wrong. Their efforts make me think more strongly that I am actually on to something, I am just not sure what yet.

Last week I had requested documents through an FOI request related to the purchase of the 10 Chevrolet Tahoe's. This is what they sent me this morning. Am I really supposed to believe  that a legitimate Chevrolet Dealer would submit a quote with a value of almost half a million dollars written in black sharpie? My sources had told me originally that the cost of the Tahoe's was $43,000 and $48,000 each. That is exactly what the quote shows ….until the "sharpie" marker notations.

I was also told last week by Chief Thody that one of the reasons that Hartford was not buying the less expensive (and extremely popular) Ford Explorer Interceptor was because HPD would have to spend at least eight  hours in driver retraining for anyone  issued an Explorer.

 I have spoken to sources from the Connecticut State Police , who operate several hundred of the Ford Explorers and they weren't aware of any specialized driver training. Apparently when they originally switched from Crown Vic's to the Explorer and Taurus, there was initially driver training, but not today. I also contacted several local municipalities operating the Explorers , asking about any special training. One training officer replied that any claims of training requirements was "Nonsense" another Police Official said that claim was "Ridiculous" and no additional training is required other than what officers receive at the Academy during initial training.

Is this Legit? Is this how the City of Hartford does business with a Sharpie marker?
I still stand by my original numbers from my source of $43,000 to $48,000 per Tahoe, and that is not even including the roughly $13,000 for the light package and other upcharges and also a couple thousand more  per vehicle for the 2 way radio.

Again, I am not sure why this purchase and my posting has sparked such a furor. Maybe it exposes the incompetence of City purchasing or maybe because it exposes the sense of entitlement that exists among the Command Staff at the Hartford Police Department. It is also somewhat unnerving the extent that HPD will apparently go to in an attempt to expose and identify my sources. This isn't confidential or protected information that I am given. It is public information.

It is a little  unusual to think that a caravan of 10 brand new Chevy Tahoe's being driven down Albany Avenue in broad daylight would not arouse some suspicion

As soon as HPD Command staff members found out that I knew about the purchase they started their witch hunt to figure out how I knew. I am told a Lieutenant met with Laz Parking, the operator of the stash house, I mean Morgan Street Garage, where the Tahoe's were originally tucked away.  Once I  posted the pictures of the Tahoe's lined up on the 5th floor of the Morgan Street Garage, they were immediately moved to an "undisclosed" location. I guess they also analyzed the pics I posted and found my reflection in the chrome grill of one of the Tahoe's.

I guess they haven't heard about or have maybe forgotten about something called our First Amendment rights. I had every right to be there and photographing anything I can see in the public view.

Photo below sent to me from a HPD source. My reflection in the chrome grill. Doesn't HPD have anything better to do?

The smoking gun, proof that I was actually there, yes those are my legs and I was wering khaki shorts. I admit it, I confess

I am not sure why. I readily admit I was in a Public Parking Garage where I have every right to be. I was not trespassing or in a posted restricted area

I think eventually I may figure this all out, but in the meantime, something stinks

Friday, August 23, 2019


Where are They?

I am being told that is what I did when I posted this week about the 10 Chevrolet Tahoe purchases being stashed  away in the Morgan Street, I " really ruffled some feathers". (The Tahoe's were moved by HPD once they realized I knew about them, not sure why or what the secrecy is)

 I keep being reminded by city staff people that have called me to try to back off on this, and they have reminded me it is an election year.I know it is an election year, and I really don't care. Taxpayers dollars are the same in Election years as they are in non-election years I also know that no candidate  wants their management , or mismanagement exposed, especially when you claim you have put Hartford back on a solid financial footing.

I know I use this Mark Twain quote often, but maybe more people at City Hall need to memorize, and live by it "If you always tell the truth, you never need to remember the lies.

I am also amazed by our priorities in this City. The "powers to be" are up in arms and doing a full court press "to educate me" about the car purchases and that I wasn't correct about yesterdays posting of the Tahoe purchases. It boggles my mind that they are upset about my posting about the car purchases but reports I posted  this week of a Police Officer carrying on an "intimate and sexual" relationship with a Juvenile is of very little concern. He is still employed, working full time with full Police powers. I guess I don't get it.

Today, I was a guest on WTIC radio for the Todd Feinburg show. The City auditor did a preemptive strike to attempt to discredit my figures, but he failed to give the full and correct number. Craig Trujillo claimed they were getting a discount because they were "piggybacking" on a State purchasing contract and went on to say what great vehicles the Chevrolet Tahoe's were. He also forgot to mention the 12,000 to 15,000 cost for the upgrades such as lights, sirens, push bars and another couple thousand for installing radios.

here is a 2016 invoice from MHQ, the company that up fits all of Hartford's Police Vehicles. This is for the Traffic Division Admin vehicle and it doesn't include the additional $2800.00 for a light bar, similar to the Command Staff Tahoe's


  Simple question here, If the Tahoe's are/were such a great deal then why are the Connecticut State Police switching over to the Ford Explorer Interceptor's PPV? (The PPV is the identifier for the Police Pursuit Vehicle) Why has NYPD recently purchased 500 Ford Explorer's PPV's? Why have the Massachusetts State Police switched to the Ford Explorer Interceptor PPV's for their entire fleet?Not to mention they are roughly almost $9,000 less expensive than the Tahoe's but the estimated fuel savings is $3,000 to $4,000 less than the Tahoe.The estimated savings may be as high as $5,000 when the Hybrid version is released this year

Why wouldn't the Connecticut State Police take advantage of their great fleet Government pricing if it was such a great opportunity?

So back to the cars. I was told there is a delay in ordering patrol vehicles, the Ford Explorer Interceptors , which have replaced the Ford Taurus and the Ford Crown Vic. A source from HPD said that there was some sort of retooling being done and no new Ford Interceptors would be available for maybe 8 months. I started doing more research because I know I am seeing the Interceptors everywhere now, just about every town is putting them on the streets and and able to purchase them.  How are all of these other agencies able to put the Interceptors on the street and Hartford is 8 months out.

Through sources familiar with fleet purchases and Ford, that seems not to be true.  I asked one source familiar with the fleet process if they could find out for me , if an order went in today, when would the vehicles be delivered? The answer was 4 months. So if the vehicles had been ordered back in June, like I was told the first time I asked, they would probably be arriving any day now.

Ford is also very happy to talk about their state of the art Chicago production plant where over 500  Explorer's come off the assembly line every day. They are also very willing to share the videos of their "state of the  art" production line churning out large quantities of Police Patrol Vehicles. There are reportedly over 13,000 orders awaiting fulfillment for the  Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

I think the issue is more the incompetence of City Hall's purchasing procedures than Ford being unable to fill orders.

Hartford's Auditor also stated that HPD Officers trash the cars  and maintenance costs are high. Well, Craig that is part of the cost of doing business. Do you criticize DPW drivers who break a plow doing their jobs during a snowestorm? I am sure the worst thing the Auditors or City Hall staffers deal with is a stain on the carpet in their offices when they spill their Starbucks coffee. Hartford Police vehicles are subject to violent criminals kicking out doors and windows in cruisers, Some even vomit or urinate, or worse, in the back seat of a cruiser. And HPD cruisers definitely take a toll driving through potholed, poorly maintained streets racing to shootings and homicides around the City.

End the nonsense , show some regard for Patrol and let the Command Staff drive the recycled vehicles,

 And by the way, where are all the dash cameras that were supposedly purchased last year, and  are yet to be installed in any vehicle? Are we waiting to get a better deal when we return those to the vendor because the technology is outdated?

Here is a HPD Purchase Order for 5 Ford Explorers that were allegedly ordered back in March. Where are they? but as you can see, the cost is substantially less than the Tahoe's, $30,789.80

HPD Purchase Order for Explorers  on Scribd> From Ford:
"The new Police Interceptor Utility with standard hybrid all-wheel-drive powertrain has a projected EPA-estimated rating of 24 mpg combined, a 41 percent improvement over the current model equipped with a 3.7-liter gas engine. Projections indicate the first pursuit-rated hybrid police utility will save between $3,500 and $5,700 per vehicle annually in fuel costs versus the current Police Interceptor Utility*. If those savings were applied to every Police Interceptor Utility sold in 2017, it would equate to between $118 million and $193 million*, or more than 43 million gallons of fuel".

Wednesday, August 21, 2019



I am trying to figure out who is telling me the truth and who is trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

The condition of the Hartford Police fleet, it is deteriorating quickly, I guess that is what happens when you don't follow the fleet replacement plan developed several years ago. Under that plan the majority of the fleet was replaced with end of the year, actually the last year that Ford's Police Package Crown Vic was being produced and the Chevrolet Caprice. That was also the beginning of the Black and White traditional police markings coming back to Hartford.

Almost daily, HPD cruisers are breaking down and being towed or "deadlined". Deadlining is the term used when the car is unfit for use and the car has to be taken to DPW's City Yard for repairs. Many days it seems like more cars on the deadline  on City Yard than those actually operating. This is a huge problem , especially on weekends or holidays when the Patrol Division has to put officers on the streets in safe, drivable vehicles. Deadlining could be for anything from replacement headlights or windshield wipers needed or major issues like a blown engine or brakes or transmission problems

Now in many instances, Patrol Officers are scrambling to find working, safe cruisers to go out on patrol. And I think most people that know anything about modern policing would admit that there are many specialized units, but Patrol is the backbone of any Police Department. Twenty four seven they are out there facing the public and danger every day around the clock. No disrespect, but other units are left to mop up after patrol has already headed into the problems and dealt with it

You would think that respect by Police Administrators would carry through since in most cases, with a few exceptions, they all spent time in Patrol (some more than others). It is troubling to me when Officer's stop by my home to show me the deplorable conditions of their cars. I have seen cruisers with holes in the drivers floor and they had to take an old stop sign from City Yard to lay down to cover the holes in an attempt to make the car somewhat safe.

I have been assured for months now that new patrol cars were coming, Then I was told as of July 1st once the new budget kicked in. Nothing in July, Then I was told that they would be able to order additional vehicle since Governor Lamont's Budget Director, a former City of Hartford employee had found additional money to send to Hartford for vehicles.

As of today,  no new patrol vehicles. Some older cars are being recycled back to patrol use. Then amazingly I received a call from a regular reader of the blog who has read many of the comments regarding the poor condition of the HPD fleet They told me they work at Constitution Plaza and Park in the Morgan Street garage and they observed a caravan of ten Brand new Chevy Tahoe's  being parked on the fifth floor on the East side out of the view of regular traffic flow.

 I had to verify that myself in light of the stories I was being told. Imagine my surprise when my wandering eyes beheld 10 shiny new Tahoe's on the 5th floor of the Morgan Street garage,east side, exactly where my said they were parked, all backed into parking spaces complete with police spotlights mounted on them. Now I have also been told that the Tahoe's would not go to Patrol since the engines are too big and they are not economical at all for Patrol use, not to mention the excessive speed  factor and officer's crashing them.

Now lets look at the economics. The Tahoe's, even with Government discounts are probably sold to the City for between $43,000 and $48,000 any "upfit" charges like lights. sirens radio, gun safes, etc. would be additional and could add up to $15,000 per vehicle. Now also keep in mind,  most of these Tahoe's are slated to go to Command Staff and Chief's, while Patrol Officers are left on the side of the road for Corona's to tow them back for repairs. By comparison, a source familiar with ordering Police vehicles told me that the Ford Explorer, depending on accessories would sell for between $23,000 to $28,000 each, almost a $20,000 per vehicle savings over the Tahoe's and a huge gas saving cost also when figuring in mileage.

The more economical choice would of course be the Ford Explorer. Now I am told there are production issues with the Explorer's, but where is the foresight? How can the Connecticut State Police  have 250 new vehicles waiting in Middletown to be outfitted and every town around us seems to have new Explorer's on their streets, and Hartford, the Capitol City, has none? 

The number of take home cars issued by HPD , basically as take home family cars with free gas and maintenance is deplorable. especially when their first priority should be getting vehicles out on the street to protect the City, not provide free commuter transportation to high ranking (and highly paid) administrators. I once had a HPD Captain tell me that he refused to take the car issued to him and left it parked at the old PD on Jennings Road unless he needed to use it for Police Business. He explained to me that "No one owed him a free ride to work, especially a taxpayer from Hartford" Sadly he is retired now , but I wish more shared that mentality.

These take home cars need to be issued on a case by case basis and not just a  perk of the job .Certain people at HPD, zone Lieutenant's, The commander of the Traffic Division, the Major crimes Commander, maybe even the IAD Commander have legitimate reasons for take home cars. But to jut give brand new $50,000 SUVS to the Academy Commander, the Court Liaison, and others who very rarely get a call back or spend time on the road is a huge waste or resources. If they need to go somewhere, grab a set of keys for a fleet vehicle and head out from headquarters.

In the meantime, HPD's fleet is a disaster, I am told 5 Ford Explorers are being outfitted at the Company in Middletown that sets up the new cruisers. 5 new cruisers probably won't even cover the number of cars that break down today. (those five new explorers apparently have not arrived yet either) Maybe the City hasn't paid their bill yet.

The Financial oversight, if there is any, seems to be a joke, and half a million for PD rides home is a joke.In the meantime it would probably be cheaper to use Uber for the command staff, that's what we do in the real world 


I know I took some liberties with that headline, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", in this case it is a juvenile female carrying on an " intimate and sexual affair" with a married Hartford Police Officer.. That description of the affair  are Officer Joven Gonzalez's own words in a statement he gave to the Bloomfield Police after he had an on duty altercation  with the subject of his affair.
I posted yesterday about Hartford Police Officer Joven Gonzalez and his incident that took place in Bloomfield on July 29th that has put him as the subject of a Police Investigation in Bloomfield and an Internal Affairs Investigation by his own Department, the Hartford Police Department.
Apparently, there was also another incident in Windsor, documented by Windsor PD. The incident report of that was obtained from Windsor PD through an FOI request..
The Juvenile female, whose identity was withheld because she is a juvenile, According to the report, Shari Gonzalez, Officer Joven Gonzalez's wife , was out for a walk in their Windsor neighborhood on July, 1, 2019 . According to the Windsor report, Mrs Gonzalez stated that she observed a vehicle driving at her at a high rate of speed. Mrs. Gonzalez claims she jumped off the street onto the grass because she felt she "would of been hit".
A "skinny black female" jumped out of the car and yelled "where's Joven at ?". Mrs Gonzalez claimed the she recognized the female as a girl that her husband, Hartford Police Officer Joven Gonzalez was  having "some sort of relationship with". She further stated that she had found "Juvenile Number 1" in the passenger seat of her husbands car "when she was out looking for him" on Sigourney Street in Hartford in May of this year.
Apparently, "Juvenile Number 1" was eventually arrested by Windsor PD , and although that report was also requested, Windsor PD is claiming an exemption due to it being a Juvenile arrest.
You can read my original posting and read the Bloomfield PD incident report here

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


A Hartford Police Officer is currently under investigation by the Bloomfield Police Department and Hartford PD Internal Affairs related to an "on duty " incident that occurred in Bloomfield on July 29,2019.

The incident occurred at 580 Tower Avenue in Bloomfield and involved an on duty Hartford Police Officer in the Church Parking lot. The Officer has been identified as Hartford Police Officer Joven Gonzalez, according to Police Reports obtained from Bloomfield PD and sources within the Hartford Police Department.

According to Bloomfield Police reports, the incident occurred on July 29th when Bloomfield Police received reports at about 2:12am from an "anonymous" witness who observed some sort of altercation or interaction between a young female and a uniformed HPD officer in the parking lot at 580 Tower Avenue.. They claimed to see the Hartford Officer, later identified as Gonzalez holding the hands of a young female and she appeared to be trying to pull away from him and the female was yelling "let go of me" and "get off of me"

Although the anonymous witness did not see any visible injuries on the juvenile, they still notified HPD and reported the incident..

Subsequent to the incident, Bloomfield PD dispatched  Sergeant Zachary Klomberg to respond to Hartford Police Headquarters and meet with the Hartford Officer, Joven Gonzalez and conduct an interview regarding the incident.

Prior to conducting the interview, Sgt. Klomberg advised Gonzalez of his Miranda Rights, which Gonzalez reportedly waived. During the interview, Gonzalez reportedly admitted that he incident occurred with a "juvenile"  that he had had an "intimate and sexual" relationship with. Gonzalez claimed that only after he began the "intimate and sexual " relationship di he realize she was a juvenile. Gonzalez claims he only realized her age after he helped her apply for a job and saw her birth certificate with her age on it.

That claim might be somewhat questionable since Gonzalez had arrested the Juvenile previously for a Larceny and common practice would dictate that he had to either establish her identity and charge her accordingly as an adult or determine she was a minor and charge her through the Juvenile Court process. Either way, Gonzalez must have known her age.

According to Gonzalez's statement, he claims that after arresting the Juvenile, she tracked him down through Social Media and they began their "intimate and sexual" dating relationship.

According to HPD sourced, Gonzalez is married and the father of two young children.

You can read the full Bloomfield PD report below.

A request for comment from HPD as to Gonzalez's current status with HPD has not been acknowledged. HPD sources tell me that he has been taken off the street and is working inside, but he has not been suspended and still maintains his full Police powers at this time

According to the Bloomfield report, this issues may be a little of a hot potato as any charges are in Limbo, According to the report, the Hartford County States attorney punted the matter to HPD, but Bloomfield clearly has the jurisdictional  authority over this matter, and HPD would only have administrative authority over Gonzalez's actions internally.

The  identity of the female "victim" has been withheld from the reports as both a juvenile and an alleged victim of Domestic Violence.

Thursday, August 8, 2019


I am not sure if anyone on the Hartford City Council understands the City is broke, and the only reason we are not drowning is and just barely keeping our heads above water is because the State of Connecticut bailed us out. Now Councilman Deutsch has introduced a resolution to potentially give Council Aides ( translated as Patronage appointed secretaries) as much as a $20,000 raise.
This is ridiculous, especially when they tried to cut benefits to the real workers in the City, Police Fire and DPW. The Fire Department even went so far to give back pay raises as part of the "shared sacrifice " to get Hartford back on a stable Financial footing.; Shouldn't the politically appointed  "council aides" share the sacrifice also, especially since none of those positions have any educational requirements or even requisite office skills and virtually no supervision for hours worked or even attendance. 
This is wrong and folly should be abandoned immediately
The City Council and Mayor's Office need to start leading by example and truly make Hartford's finances a "shared sacrifice"
We will see as the Council moves on this

Deutsch Resolution by on Scribd

Tuesday, August 6, 2019



This past weekend, I was critical of the deceptive false, campaign ad from the Bronin camp. Bronin featured fake Hartford Police Officers played by hired actors to make it look like he had HPD support.

You can read that posting here

That is the furthest thing from the truth and HPD rank and file officers will most likely vote to throw their support behind a convicted felon before they will get fooled by Bronin again.

Well as a resident of Hartford I want to be able to do my part in the Bronin campaign effort.

I attended the National Night out tonight at the Sigourney Street  Boys and Girls Club. HPD was there giving out little foam black and white cruisers, like the little squishy balls you squeeze to relieve stress. In addition they were giving out silver Junior Police Badge stickers. I picked up a few for Luke to hand out to the next batch of actors her hires.

No need to thank me Luke, my pleasure.

Monday, August 5, 2019



On 8/5/19 at 1158 hours, Hartford Police responded the area of 404 Hillside Avenue on a report of an evading motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian. Upon arrival, a female victim was located in the roadway suffering from severe injuries. The victim was transported to Hartford Hospital where she ultimately succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced deceased at 1349 hours. The victim is believed to be a 55 year old Hartford woman. Her identity is being withheld pending Next of Kin notification.
     The evading vehicle has not been located at this time.
     Detectives from the Hartford Police Crime Scene Division responded to the scene and assumed control of the investigation. Investigation is ongoing.


Stock photo of a Ford Explorer Cruiser

This post won't mean much to most of my readers. Lately one of the biggest questions I get from Hartford Police Officers calling me is "When are we getting new cars?"

The HPD fleet has begun to show its age, and new cars are long overdue. These vehicles sometimes run almost around the clock 24/7 and somedays it seems like there are more cars on the repair line at DPW than actually running on the streets.

The lack of cars presents a real problem, particularly  in the Patrol Division as officer's scramble  and search at the beginning of their shifts to patrol the streets of Hartford.

Well, good news is on the way. Five new Ford police package Explorers have arrived and are being outfitted in Middletown at the company that sets the cruisers up with lights, sirens and al of the wiring for other electronic equipment on board.

It may not seem like much, but more vehicles are on order. Apparently the Connecticut State Police also have 250 vehicles waiting to be outfitted, so it will be a juggling act for vehicles coming in after the first five are outfitted.

New vehicles are typically rotated through the Command Staff vehicles and trickled down to patrol

But at least it appears there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, August 4, 2019


I have to ask if Hartford's Mayor Luke Bronin reads the paper or watches the television news. If he did I would have thought he would have realized there has been a huge surge in gun violence the last few weeks. Instead, Bronin held a press conference recently acknowledging the  violence. ( since I originally started this posting a couple weeks ago, at least three more people have been killed and numerous victim's shot)

Who is advising Eddie Perez? His former Chief of Staff? (Pictured above)

Now I will have to give Bronin a little bit of a break , he is in a tight re-election campaign and he does need to spend the majority of his time on the phone fundraising to hit the $1million dollar mark to once again buy the Mayor's Office. Maybe he could maybe spend a little more time performing the job the people of Hartford thought he was going to do.

I found this on the "Eddie Perez for Hartford" website;

Former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez is calling on Luke Bronin to stay in Hartford and work to stem the outbreak of shooting violence in Hartford instead of traveling out of state to collect thousands of dollars in campaign donations from wealthy donors. 
In mid-June, as the number of shooting victims increased, Bronin decided his priority was to leave Hartford to attend a Washington D.C. fundraiser where he collected thousands of dollars from lobbyists and Washington insiders[1].
As the number of shooting victims and deaths continued to rise[2], Bronin jetted to a Beverly Hills Mansion[3] to party with donors who gave him thousands more in campaign donations. That very day, four more people were shot in North Hartford[4].
“Luke Bronin has shown time after time that he is more focused on the needs of his wealthy campaign donors than the people of Hartford. This Hartford gun violence crisis has been growing for over a month, but little has been heard from Bronin because he has focused his time on raising huge sums of campaign cash outside of Hartford for future runs for office. It is time for Luke Bronin to put the people of Hartford first and put his fundraising travel on hold.  It is time he got serious about working with our communities to stem this outbreak of violence.” Perez stated
Those are interesting comments from Perez ,
because as a former Gang Member, he might  possibly have been responsible for his own  share of gun violence in years past, but as much as I hate to admit , he is right in his assessment of Bronin
Up to this point we have not received our money's worth from Bronin. He spent his first 18 months orchestrating his failed run for Governor and now he is preoccupied trying to keep his job from being taken away by a convicted felon and a handful of true Community people ( By Community people, I mean people that have made names for themselves in the community and not just constructing the next rung on their political ambition ladders)

When I originally started this posting, we were at homicide number 15, I saved it as a draft and decided to work on it again today, so it has not gotten better,

Yesterday, the start of West Indian Celebration week, there was a huge shootout in the Northend of Hartford from Windsor Street up to North Main. Police Officers that viewed the HPD C4 surveillance video said it  was amazing no one was killed, either by gunfire or innocent pedestrians the way cars were driving on the sidewalks shooting at each other..

I don't think Luke Bronin gets it. Probably because he feels safe in his own home with C4  Police cameras aimed at the front of his home protecting , mounted by Bushnell Park ( Coincidentally paid for by the taxpayers of Hartford, I seriously doubt any other Hartford resident or business has the same luxury of that surveillance) and the C4 cameras aimed at his back door and parking area from Clinton Street. No one else on Mather Street or Shultas Place  or anywhere else in the City is protected the way the Mayor has protected himself and his family from crime.

Now I know Luke hasn't been here too many years to understand what us long term residents know, but this violence occurs every summer and halfway through the summer is not the time to start planning for it. What steps were set up over the winter to plan initiatives?

Why did it take 15 homicides for Luke to wake up? Why is he just now calling for a dedicated Gun Prosecutor? We had one under Chief Rovella's Shooting Task Force model, and by most accounts Prosecutor Dave Zagaja did an outstanding job following cases through to the end and helped in getting gun play off our streets.

Connecticut State Troopers were embedded  with the Shooting Task Force along with East Hartford, West Hartford, Manchester Windsor, Wethersfield and police Officers from other agencies . Federal agencies and State Probation and Parole Officer's as well. They were all tools in  now Commissioner Rovellas toolbopx when he was given the orders  by Governor Malloy and Chief States Attorney Kevin Kane to "do something about the violence in Hartford" It is time to dust off Jim Rovella's master plan and recreate STF or something similar. Although STF wasn't popular with politicians at City Hall because of the mental image it created.

Rather, I think Bronin needs to look at the results it produced and also the results you can't quantify, how much gun violence was prevented by their efforts and work behind the scenes that didn't result in arrests, but prevented shootings.

I think  it is irresponsible to leave an "Interim" Chief in that position during such periods of violence. An Interim Chief is basically a lameduck Chief  unwilling to make major changes while walking on eggshells with the Administration if they are applying for the permanent job ( I also am not sure if there has even been an application process since Chief Rosado resigned)

A national search would also set HPD back in finding candidates and then the learning curve if they were hired to figure out HPD and the City. Remember Eddie Perez's experiment, Patrick Hartnett from NYPD.

Jason Thody may not be the perfect choice but he is the best choice for the sudden exit of David Roasdo. I think Bronin either doesn't realize  who he has or hasn't worked enough with Deputy Chief William Long. Long is well versed in the inner workings of HPD and is already responsible of many of  the Administrative functions at HPD and the day to day functions from everything fro, vehicles to overtime accountability. Long would also be , in addition to Thody,  a great choice for permanent Chief. ( if this is considered an endorsement by me, it will probably be the kiss of death because Bronin , I am sure doesn't appreciate my opinion)

Even thought the powers to be and Council members didn't like the image of the Shooting Task Force, the image of bodies dropping in the streets on an almost daily basis from shootings and homicides isn't much better.

Luke forget the fundraising and the out of state trips. I think a million dollars in your coffers already is enough to beat your competition and actually doing the job you were elected to do may prove priceless as far as the voters are concerned.

Friday, August 2, 2019



Can anyone be honest?

Earlier today I posted about the deceptive release of HPD bodycam footage after it was altered by The Tolland County States attorney investigating last weeks officer involved shooting.

Now the deception is continuing, this time by our esteemed Mayor Luke Bronin, and the esteemed part is  sarcasm in case you are wondering.

Bronin apparently put out a campaign ad tonight touting his accomplishments in hiring Police Officers Police Officers everywhere in the ad. Police Officers walking, Police officers standing by a cruiser, a female Police Officer taking a stroll with Bronin.

It is all a shame. Most of the Police Officers were blurred just enough to unrecognizable., but two shots it is clear to anyone that has actually met a Hartford cop and respects the work they do that these are not Hartford Officers. Those are not Hartford Police badges they are wearing. Those aren't even Hartford Police patches on those uniforms. Heck, I don't even think those are HPD issued holsters.

For someone that claims he has done so much for HPD ( besides cut their benefits and slash their contract),isn't it sad he has to hire actors to walk with him posing as Hartford Officers? He probably couldn't find any self respecting Hartford Officer to be used by him and his campaign.

Deception is deception and I guess Luke is losing his deceptive touch, He really screwed up on this one and to the best of my knowledge even the HPD Union was leaning toward endorsing another candidate besides Bronin.

Isn't it interesting that in the ad on facebook at "Luke Bronin for Hartford" Bronin touts the diversity he has brought to the Hartford Police, yet there is not person of color depicted in any of the actors playing Hartford Officer's. Oops.

How low will Luke go to buy the Mayor's Office again. You would think with his million dollar war chest he could have put out a better ad with a Director who pays better attention to critical details

Luke Bronin owes a huge apology to the hard working men and women of the Hartford Police Department for his deception and dishonesty.


As I prepare to write this post, I can't help but think that it may have serious consequences. It is also making  a couple of quotations to keep running through my head as I put my words together. "Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive" is first, the second is from one of our older Hartford neighbors, Mark Twain "If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember the lies".

You might ask why I am thinking this way on a beautiful  Friday morning. It is because Hartford has the potential of a huge storm brewing on the horizon. I love my City and I don't want to see that storm hit.

The recent Officer involved shooting by the Hartford Police Department hat  the potential to look like a sham and erode the relationships between our Police Department and the community.

That potential loss of confidence has nothing to do with our Police Department, but in the end it will totally be the result of actions by the Tolland County States Attorney and the Office of the Connecticut Chief States Attorney.

By law, the States Attorney takes over any Police Officer Involved Shooting (OIS). It is meant to avoid any appearance of impropriety by removing the investigation from the Department that the officer came from and turning the responsibility over to a States Attorney outside of the district of the Police Department involved and the actual investigation , including evidence gathering and witness interviews are handled by  the Connecticut State Police.

It is a difficult assignment to get all the egos and personalities working together and put their differences aside to gather the facts and get to the truth.  I am being told by sources familiar with the OIS Investigation that is not happening and tempers are flaring with thee old Al Haig mentality and claims that "I'm in charge"

Commissioner James Rovella oversees the Connecticut State Police and is a familiar , trusted name and face to the people  of Hartford. Anyone who knows Commissioner Rovella knows that he is a huge proponent  for transparency and honest and open dialogue with the community he serves.

Tolland County States Attorney Matthew Gedansky appears to be the opposite of Rovella and the perfect storm is being created to potentially strike Hartford unless Chief States Attorney Kevin Kane  begins the storm prep  to head it off.

When I first heard about the issues regarding the release of HPD Body cam footage, and its potential delay, I have to say I was very surprised. From Officer's at the scene that I spoke with and from various media accounts, it seemed like this was clearly a justified shooting.  So why the delay in releasing the footage?

Part of the explanation  from sources familiar with the investigation was that Gedansky was an old school prosecutor and didn't see the need to share anything until his investigation was complete. Gedansky clearly didn't understand the community needs in an urban area like Hartford and he admitted as much to me when I spoke to him by phone on Wednesday.

I am told by sources that the video was released  Tuesday after some intervention by a "higher power" under the gold dome. It is good to see that someone besides Commissioner Rovella understands "community" and the public trust

I had called Gedansky  Wednesday to try to set up a Community meeting to answer questions that I was reading on social media that were becoming more and more inflammatory daily. The main question was regarding whether the full body camera footage was released and had the video been edited in any way.  there were other questions that I thought could be readily explained  and might avoid some problems if explained to community members. Questions such as why didn't they just Taser him instead of shooting him? Why didn't they just shoot and wound him instead of killing him? Why were the audio muted on portions at the beginning of the body cam video?

So when I spoke with SA Gedansky by phone, he readily agreed to attend a community meeting to explain  what he could. I asked him right out if the full body cam footage had been released, I was somewhat surprised when he answered "No". I had been told by another source that Commissioner Rovella was very upset when he found out that Gedansky had taken it upon himself to  edit the video. 

In my phone conversation with him I asked if the video released had been edited. Again I was surprised when Gedansky answered "Yes. the video had been edited". I asked why that was done, and why was no one told up front or at the time it was released that they were getting an edited version and not the full raw video.

Subsequent to that conversation I had a conversation with Commissioner Rovella and he confirmed everything Gedansky told me. Rovella said that the edits were totally at the direction of Gedansky and not in his control. I am also well aware that Commissioner Rovella , Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody and even Mayor Bronin were adamant almost from the  time the crime scene was being secured that is was imperative to release the body cam footage publicly as soon as possible to maintain the public trust and confidence in the process.

This is where I think the choice of Gedansky as the overseer of the investigation is wrong and needs to be reviewed or reassigned by Chief States Attorney Kevin Kane. In my conversations with Gedansky, he readily admitted he didn't understand Hartford or its "inner workings "with the community. He also stated at one point "people in Tolland  trust me"

 Well, Mr. Gedansky, in Hartford, unlike Tolland, that trust needs to be earned and isn't just automatic because you are in a position of authority. I think that is where Commissioner Rovella is critical. Rovella has spent years in Hartford developing those relationships and trust.

I tried to explain to Mr. Gedansky that those relationships that have taken years to build, could be quickly damaged when the community found out that he was being less than truthful in releasing the body cam footage without any disclaimer or explanation that the video had been altered or edited or whatever they want to call it. That is  deceptive and does not exhibit any transpareny and it is a disservice to HPD and the officer's involved if there is a lack of confidence in Gedansky's final report.

In trying to finalize the community meeting with Gedansky, I asked him what the chances were of the community actually being able to see the raw video  of the bodycam footage. His response was "Zero". Gedansky claims he made a promise to "the family". I questioned Gedansky why the "family"  interest carried more weight than the public interest . He just replied he had made a promise to the family when he showed them the video last Saturday and they requested portions be edited out when the video was released.

Apparently there were huge issues this week when Commissioner Rovella was made aware that the video had been edited, SA Gedansky had apparently had State Police technicians edit/alter the video last Sunday. Since I have not seen the raw video, I am not sure what was edited out or how much more it would show, but I doubt very much that community members political leaders or even NAACP members that have had somewhat private viewings would appreciate that they were shown bodycam footage that apparently they were unaware had been edited by Mr. Gedansky and totally at his discretion and at the request of the "family'

Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, I received a call , again from a source familiar with the investigation, yesterday afternoon that Mr. Gedansky was instructed to meet with "the family" today to show them the full video. Wait a minute , I thought Gedansky told me that the edits had occurred after the family watched the full video but now I'm being told today will be the first time they see it? Wait a minute here, someone is not telling the truth.

In the meantime, Chief Thody has to maintain calm in the City after an Officer Involved Shooting, Commisioner Rovella has to expend resources to conduct a thorough investigation by CSP and that could all be an impossible task in the end if no one has confidence in the report,

Mr Gedansky , this is Hartford and unlike Tolland, trust in you and your work is not automatic you need to earn it the old fashioned way, by being transparent and truthful. 

Chief States Attorney Kevin Kane, it is within your power to fix this. Please transfer the investigation to someone that understands Hartford such as the SA from Bridgeport, New Haven or even Waterbury. The public's trust in the process for this and future investigations is imperative