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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Last years posting on former  Hartford Police Officer Natoya Guthrie and her alleged theft of lobsters from the self checkout line at Stop and Shop drew quite a few comments ..You can read more about Lobstergate, Chapter 1 here.

Now it appears that another City of Hartford employee is having a tough time making ends meet and has resorted to the same style of abuse in the Stop and Shop self checkout line. Fortunately this time it is not another Police Officer but instead a Hartford School System teacher.

Apparently, according to a Hartford Police arrest report which you can read below, Hartford teacher Sandra Crew was observed on 6/29/13 by Loss Prevention Agents at the New Park Avenue store scanning items at the self checkout..According to the report, Crew was scanning the tags for day old
Danish while bagging more expensive items.

When confronted by the arresting officer , according to the report," the items on the receipt did not match the items in her possession" . She was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Apparently during the arrest process Crew stated to the arresting officer that she "is a school teacher for the City of Hartford Adult Education and that if she was arrested , it would affect her career"

She might have wanted to consider her career before she apparently  decided to steal from Stop and Shop.. Most businesses today have very sophisticated surveillance that can probably read the serial numbers off a dollar bill. As well as being able to record every point of sale purchase action that is made. All recorded direct on video.