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Friday, September 28, 2012


Candidates Leo Canty, left and Brandon Mcgee on the right
Next Tuesday may possibly be one of the most important days in recent Hartford politics. It is the court ordered rematch between Hartford resident and political newcomer Brandon McGhee and Windsor's Democratic Town Chair Leo Canty for the 5th District House seat. The August primary results see-sawed back and forth until recounts determined a tie and a re-vote was ordered by Superior Court Judge Susan Peck.

The race is important to Hartford to retain the 5th District seat by a Hartford resident as the majority of the district was realigned north of the Hartford border during recent legislative redistricting. McGee, a political newcomer to elected office, essentially pulled off a huge upset in his tie vote with Canty , a well known political and union operative. For Hartford now it is important that all votes possible are pulled together for McGee.

In a city that is not always known for its political strategy, this is an opportunity to both support a newcomer with fresh ideas and send a message that Hartford's political forces can work together and get things done, despite a few of the previous postings here today.I strongly believe in mentoring and getting younger people involved in government and this is a perfect opportunity.A McGee win would ensure that Hartford doesn't lose an important voice in the Legislature

If you have some spare time between now and Tuesday to help the McGee campaign, and help Hartford, his campaign can be reached at 860-808-6932. And if you live in the 5th or know someone who lives in the 5th District call them and make sure they get out and vote. If there ever was an example that every vote counts, this is it.


You knew it had to be coming, the Spanish speaking Linda.She started running the anti- Murphy television advertisement that she can't possibly be anti-women because if you haven't noticed yet, she is one. Can Linda eating Coco bread on Albany Avenue be far behind? I have not made it a secret that I support Chris Murphy, I think he is the right choice for our next US Senator. Unfortunately Chris has to do it the old fashion way, one voter at a time because he doesn't have the luxury of buying a Senate seat. Linda McMahon has done a wonderful job of reinventing herself over the last two years and I guss that is the result of being able to afford the best marketing experts money can buy. At the same time she is avoiding media scrutiny by refusing to meet with any of the media editorial boards in the State. I think the debates are where we are going to see the "real" two candidates come through.

I can only hope that someone will ask Leenda a question in Spanish and see how she responds, although I am told that her daughter does speak fluent Spanish.


Democratic State Representative Minnie Gonzalez and her husband Ramon Arroyo at the Republican national Convention in Tampa
Several years ago when I realized that the Republican Party was no longer the right fit for my beliefs, I left the party. I have been criticized for that, but if you don't believe in what you are representing, you need to make tough decisions to maintain your integrity. In the morning when I look in the mirror, besides realizing that I need to lose weight, I also want to feel comfortable with the person I see. I wonder what Minnie and Ramon think when they do the same?

For the original posting on Hartford's Loyal Democrats, click here
The most troublesome part to me is that Minnie and Ramon have made a very good living for themselves off Democratic politics in Hartford over the years. At a recent Hartford Democratic Town Committee Executive Committee meeting before the August Primary, Ramon was looking for funding for advertising for his campaign. I stated that even though I didn't support Arroyo for registrar of Voters, I didn't vote his nomination ( I thought there was a much better candidate without Arroyo's prostitution baggage that I supported and no it isn't Olga)but the bottom line was that Arroyo was the nominee of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee.
Apparently that is a one-way street for Arroyo who is using his facebook page to undermine the Democratic efforts in Hartford. In the recent "screen capture" below from his facebook page, Arroyo is apparently urging Hartford voters to ignore the Democratic candidates such as John Larson and Chris Murphy and vote only for his wife, Minnie Gonzalez, and President Obama.
This is in addition to the "walking tour" of heavily Hispanic Park Street that was apparently organized by the two loyalists on behalf of Linda McMahon's Republican quest to purchase  a Senate seat.
A source who regularly follows Arroyo's facebook page has told me that Ramon has posted numerous comments about his "betrayal" by the Democrat's after he lost his attempt in the primary for the Registrar of Voter's Office. Ramon, it might not have been a betrayal by Hartford's Democrats or Chris Murphy, but rather a rebuke by the voters of Hartford who still feel integrity is important and soliciting prostitutes is not a value we choose to embrace
Hopefully this will be a wake up call to Hartford's Democrats and Democratic leadership statewide that this backstabbing type of behavior should not be rewarded in any way , shape or form.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


From Mother's United Against violence and the Reverend Henry Brown, the following release, . Please support Rev. Brown and his efforts if you can.

Just two years ago, on September 30, 2010, Altanese Walker, an innocent bystander, was killed by a stray bullet at 20 Greenfield, Hartford.

Her family has requested of Mothers United Against Violence a memorial vigil at Greenfield Street and Enfield Street at 5:45 PM on Friday, September 28. Please join the family in remembering her as well as in solidarity with the community coming together to seek solutions. A summary of her life in the obituary: Altanese Nicole Walker, 25, of Hartford was born in Middletown to Deborah Robinson (Gadson) presently of East Hartford and Richard Walker of Snellville, GA. She departed this life on September 30, 2010.

Altanese was a beautiful woman who enjoyed her fashion and her music. She is survived by her mother Deborah and stepfather Antonio Gadson of East Hartford; one son Dondiego Sentiel Robinson Jr.; two sisters, Solana Gadson of East Hartford and Rycheal Walker of Snellville GA; four brothers, Keenan Gadson of East Hartford, Anthony DeVaugh, Treven Walker, Richard J. Walker all of Snellville, GA.


The letter below was sent by Superintendent of Schools Kishimoto to Board of Education Chair Matt Poland to voice her displeasure with her annual review. The letter speaks for itself but an interesting note is that she found it necessary to CC it to her attorney at the end.

Can a lawsuit be on the horizon. It is the Hartford way, demand a buy out of her contract and move on to the next rung of the career ladder. But then again it is all about the kids if you believe that.

Ltr Chairman+Poland


 This should be a great weekend at Hartford's Riverfront as two days of entertainment are about to take place. The Pipes in the Valley Irish festival will take place from 11am until 10PM  at the Riverfront Plaza with bagpipers and Irish Music that everyone can enjoy. Year after year this is a great event that brings large crowds toi Hartford's Riverfront showplace.
The fun begins at 11 am, with the massed pipe bands parading over the Founders Bridge at noon, and doesn’t stop til 10:30pm when “Celtica” closes the show with an unforgettable performance of bagrock, fire and brimstone! Earlier we build up the Celtic fever with the thunderous tribal pipes and drums of Scotland’s “Albannach!” Check out the entire music schedule here including Ontario, Canada’s all-sister band, Searson; Northampton’s Dicey Riley; and three Irish bands all hailing from Connecticut, The Mighty Ploughboys, The Jolly Beggars and The Rising.

The event is made possible throught the sponsorship of SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc, Ahern Funeral Homes, United Technologies, Highland Park Markets, East Hartford Dept of Parks & Recreation, Harp Mechanical and The Rock 106.9 WCCC

On Sunday, be sure to check out the Riverfront for the:

Head of the Riverfront Rowing Regatta

The 14th Annual Head of the Riverfront is scheduled for Sunday, September 30, 2012.
Come enjoy the spectacle of New England’s 3rd largest rowing event as you cheer on your favorite collegiate, high school, club, individual and masters rowers.

Riverfront Recapture is a 30+year-old non-profit in Hartford, CT that was created to restore access to the city’s riverfront. Each year, beginning in 1998, we host a head style regatta offering competition on the Connecticut River for high school, collegiate, and masters rowers.
In 2012, the main launch/return site for the Head of the Riverfront will be Riverside Park (the location of the Riverfront Recapture Boathouse). This will now be the central area for registration, launch & return, and trailer parking. The start line is located approximately three miles downstream from the boat launching area. The approximately 2.8-mile racecourse runs North (up river). The finish line viewing area is approximately a 15 minute walk from Riverside park, easily accessible by way of the Riverwalk paved pathways leading to the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza.

for more info go to


The lackluster campaign for the US Senate in Hartford may be taking a turn now due to the new Surgeon on the Murphy team. No , it is not a heart transplant surgeon, it is Hartford resident and community activist Shirley Surgeon.

Shirley is a great choice for the Murphy campaign and will hopefully bring the same skills she put to work organizing campaign efforts for Governor Malloy's campaign  in Hartford.

Shirley is the former Democratic Registrar  of Voters in Hartford and a resident of the Upper Albany Neighborhood.  Shirley is someone I am proud to consider a friend and her integrity and love for her City and community is endless. Her energy for the political campaign is something any candidate would be fortunate to harness for a winning campaign effort.

Shirley has taken a temporary leave of absence from her position with the State of Connecticut to organize the Murphy campaign efforts in North Hartford.


I fully understand that we live in a democracy and individuals are free to support the candidates of their choice, but what is the price .

Several of Hartford's supposedly loyal Democrats seem to have no problem being auctioned off to the highest bidder, even though they have made very good livings off of the Democratic Party. Several disturbing stories have come to me lately regarding Hartford's Politicos who are capable of following the money to apparently  benefit themselves.

One supposedly loyal Democrat who also was a former member of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee, although the voters defeated him in his last attempt for re-election ,has apparently accepted a 13 passenger Ford van for his nonprofit from Linda McMahon. Andrew Wood, who has made a very good living capitalizing on Hartford's poverty problems has apparently accepted the van for "Hartford Communities That Care" from a charitable arm of Linda McMahon's wrestling empire.McMahon was also offered the opportunity to be the guest speaker at the Commencement of the summer program for "Hartford Communities that Care" an event attended by a large number of Hartford parents that also are voters presumably.

On its face value the deal seems shady, but apparently it all is legal. Most people I have spoke with come to the conclusion that it appears that McMahon is attempting to buy votes through the back doors of Hartford's nonprofits. But that has been the McMahon campaign effort , the best money can buy.

The more troubling calls came this week and informed me that 3rd District State Representative Minnie Gonzalez was organizing a walking tour of the Park Street area on behalf of Republican Linda McMahon. One business owner I spoke with confirmed that Gonzalez had scheduled a visit for Tuesday but that McMahon was a "no show". I have a strange feeling that Hartford would have a lot of "no shows" if McMahon were ever elected.

Requests for comment or clarification from Gonzalez were met with a voice message that her phone was not accepting incoming calls. Calls to Andrew Wood for comment were not returned. Calls to the McMahon campaign requesting comment were also not returned.

I can understand part of Minnie working for McMahon after the stunning defeat of her husband in his effort to become Hartford's Registrar of Voters. I didn't vote to endorse him and neither did the voters of Hartford. I guess "cavorting with whores" is not a value that Hartford voter's choose to embrace.
Arroyo was arrested in an undercover police sting for attempting to solicit a prostitute while he was a city of Hartford employee.

Arroyo has been very vocal lately on his face book page on what he perceives as his betrayal by the Hartford Democratic Town Committee and Hartford's voters in not electing him. In one posting Arroyo urged his followers to only vote for his wife Minnie and President Obama in November  and ignore the other Democratic Candidate's. Arroyo is also a member of the Executive Board of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee.

 Minnie Gonzalez and Ramon Arroyo , both longtime Hartford Democrats also apparently attended the recent Republican National Convention in Tampa


The annual performance review for Hartford's Superintendent of Schools is out and it is not a pretty picture. Issues of poor management, lack of planning and the large number of principals that have walked away from Hartford all appear to be major concerns related to Kishimoto's performance as the Board of Education sees it. As you read the report, ask yourself what other profession would be proud of their results if they were failing two-thirds of their clients.

 In Hartford's Schools, roughly one- third of the high school students actually make it to graduation. Those numbers have increased in recent years but primarily because Magnet Schools have been thrown into the average. It would be interesting to know the percentage of students from Weaver, Bulkeley and Hartford High that actually make it to graduation. Here is the report:
Superintendent Kishimoto evaluation In reponse to her review, Kishimoto fired off the following letter to Board Chair Matt Poland:
Ltr+to+BOE+Chair Kishimotos letter was met with the following e-mail response by Board Chair Poland.

Dear Dr. Kishimoto: Thank you for your response to your performance evaluation. I want to point out that the Board is not interested in engaging in a “political debate” that does not exist. However, we are interested in engaging you in the work that we must do together to ensure academic and career success for all of our students. Thank you for the initial steps that you and your administration will take to begin the journey to build a confident and trusting relationship with the Board. While frameworks for communicating with the Board are important, alone or unilaterally, they will not solve the problems we face. The Leadership Committee of the Board will work with you to build a more substantive approach that is sustainable. And finally, since we are all student-centered, fortunately we have a foundation upon which we can move forward. Best regards, Matthew K. Poland Board Chairman Hartford Board of Education

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The sign above says it all. but today was a proud day for the City of Hartford as James C. Rovella was officially sworn in as Hartford's permanent Police Chief. With Rovellas energy and vison for the Hartford Police Department, great things seem to be on the horizon to benefit the City and its residents. It has been a long day and I will post more on this, especially regarding the Faith based initiative that is one of Chief Rovella's priorities in the near future.