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Saturday, May 7, 2016


The Educator charged with Predatory behavior-Eduardo Genao

The Board President-Rich Wareing

The  "I knew nothing" Superintendent-Beth Schiavino-Narvaez

The busy , hectic day no time to respond Chief of Staff-Gislaine Ngoudou

I am being told that a march is being scheduled for Monday, beginning at 4:30PM, going from the Board of Education Offices at 960 Main Street to the Hartford City Council chambers at City Hall.

The march will precede the public comment session for the Council meeting, where anyone can sign up and speak.Hopefully, parents, students, educators and Hartford residents will show up to voice their concerns on how the Eduardo Genao alleged criminal behavior was handled and the lack of accountability by Board of Education personnel.

As of this time there still does not to appear to be any discipline or even reprimands for the mishandling of the matter by the Superintendent and her Chief of Staff Gislaine Ngoudou. The BOE still appears to be in bunker mode to avoid releasing relevant information which would show who knew what and when they knew it.

The elected and appointed members of the Board of Education have it within their power  to open the doors on this mess and set a strong tone of accountability. Your voices will help to let them know we will not go away on this matter until it is handled properly. Handled  to protect every child that trusts and relies on adults at the Hartford Schools to keep them safe.

Rich Wareing and others have done a lot for the Hartford Schools, but leadership calls on them to also take a stand on difficult issues when called upon. I don't think there is any issue more difficult than an adult preying on students, and Rich Wareing needs to put the politics aside and focus on the children. This calls upon his leadership to guide the Board through appropriate actions. Covering the issue through silence is not an appropriate action.

Again, Monday 4:30PM to join the March at 960 Main Street, march south on Main Street to City Hall, 6:00PM , Public comment session at Hartford City Hall. Make your voices heard for the children, PLEASE

Friday, May 6, 2016


A lot has been made this week of the layoff's of two of Hartford's Animal Control Officers. Here is a potential solution.

Apparently, the Hartford Police mounted Unit is also being disbanded as of July 1, 2016.The Mounted unit is currently  housed in a modern stable building on Vine Street in Hartford. That building will no longer be used horse related use after July 1st.

 Currently, the Hartford Police Department rents or leases space for the "dog pound" in Bloomfield. The cost for that space is apparently over $200,000 per year. The dogs in doggie jail are fed and cared for by the Hartford Animal Control Officer's, so that is a fixed cost whether the dogs are housed in Bloomfield or Hartford.

The Hartford Mounted Unit Horse stables should be converted into kennels so Hartford can house their own dogs instead of transporting them to Bloomfield. It would save a huge amount of man hours being in Hartford. Instead of Hartford officers having to transport the felonious K-9's  out of town for their incarceration, it would just be a quick trip to Vine Street. The same for their releases as well and also for their care and feeding. All local.

It would, most importantly, free up a couple hundred thousand dollars for the Bloomfield shelter, that could then be transferred into  the payroll account to pay for the two ACO's that were laid off

We can not afford to give away another City building when it means cost savings as well as jobs. The Police stable is a modern facility that could easily be retrofitted to a kennel use. The heat and utilities are already there and the cost should remain the same or even a little less with the reduced heating costs for dogs as opposed to horses.

It might just be an idea that seems too simple and makes too much sense, but it is definitely worth looking at as we try to find creative ways to deal with our dire budget crisis.

Any other suggestions?


Hartford Superintendent of Schools Beth Narvaez
These salaries are obscene, especially at a time when upwards of 250 people are facing layoffs due to budget cuts. Does anyone on this list have a conscience when they hear about layoffs for their lower paid colleagues. I know the Superintendent was questioned at her Council Budget hearing if she would consider giving something back. Not surprising there was no answer. But she is still taking her 3% pay raise this year. Leadership by example

Even more obscene is that most of the people on this list have no direct contact with children or their educations.

Please , can someone explain to me how we can justify these salaries for administration  and we can't find money for the front line educators in the class rooms, actually impacting children's lives.

I am really not sure how we justify paying an Executive Director ( whatever that position is) as much or more than we pay our Police Chief, Fire Chief , or for that matter our Mayor.

And the most obscene is paying a Superintendent $257,500 annually. Especially when she has failed so many children, especially a 13 year old child that was victimized by one of her highly paid disciples. And no one can convince me she had no prior knowledge of his behavior.

The list wasn't broken down by those salaries that actually are made by Hartford residents, but I will bet my Powerball tickets that there are very few on the list spending their paychecks in Hartford


On May 5, 2016 the Hartford Police Department  Vice and Narcotics Unit with the assistance from the Hartford Shooting Task Force and the HPD Emergency Response Team executed two simultaneous search and seizure warrants at 64/66 Madison Street 1st and 2nd floor. The detectives have received several citizen complaints about individuals selling drugs from this residence. Upon executing the search warrants detectives located a male fleeing from the first floor apartment to second floor where he was stopped by ERT members. Detectives were able to recover 60 grams of cocaine, 40 bags of heroin, a small amount of marijuana and U.S. currency. Two people located in the front of the residence were found to be in possession of narcotics and placed under arrest.

Arrested: Julian Solis DOB 3-12-94 LKA 64-66 Madison Avenue
CHARGES: Interfering with a search warrant, possession of narcotics, possession with intent to sell narcotics

Arrested: Jesus Garcia DOB 7-24-82 LKA 50 Hillside Avenue
CHARGES: Criminal Trespass 3rd, Possession Narcotics

Arrested: Victor Rodriquez DOB 1-17-74 LKA 15 Ward Place
CHARGES: Criminal Trespass 3rd, Possession Narcotics

Evidence: 60 grams of cocaine, 40 bags of heroin, a small amount of marijuana
Evidence: $902.00 U.S. currency

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The list of names of laid off Hartford employees begins. These are civilian positions from the Hartford Police Department.


 Two worthwhile events are coming up next Saturday, May 14, 2016.

The first one is a walk for Brain Tumor Awareness  in Suffield. The walk is being organized by the wife of a Brain tumor survivor that I met while I was going through rehab at Mt. Sinai after my stroke. Rick was discovered to have a brain tumor over a year ago after a medical episode at his home . Rick underwent surgery and chemotherapy to attempt to remove the growth. His rehab is still omgoing.

If you have the time, meet us at the Suffield green for the second annual Brain Tumor Awareness Walk! Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. We'll gather on the Town Green in Suffield, CT. at 10:00, walk to a turn around point . If you are unable to attend, any donation to help the effort can be made by clicking here
2016 Walk With Us for Brain Tumor Awareness.

 The second event of the day is a fundraiser for my nephew Andrew. Andrew is still in training to compete in the Paralympics in 2018 in Korea.

The event is a spaghetti dinner at the Enfield Elks Lodge at 138 North Maple Street in Enfield , beginning with a social hour at 4:00PM and dinner served at 5:00PM. The flyer is below. Hope to see you at both events if possible. If you are unable to attend Andrew's event, you can donate any amount here.

Thank you for your support for both events


A sign of things to come?
Although no specific information has been released from Mayor Bronin's Office yet, here is some information from the online budget at

Corporation Counsel: The primary changes are the annualization of salary funded for partial year as well as a restructure of the administrative and professional support functions, which includes the elimination of 5 positions through layoffs.

Office of Communications and New Media: The net decrease is the result of the elimination of 4 positions through 3 layoffs and the elimination of a vacancy.

Metro Hartford Innovation Services: The FY2017 Recommended Budget for MHIS also includes reductions comprised of 1 layoff and the elimination of 1 vacancy.

Finance: eliminating 9 positions, 2 vacant and 7 layoffs, offset by the transfer of 10 existing positions for Procurement and 3 new Account Payable positions to implement centralization City-wide. The Recommended Budget for FY2017 in Finance represents major efficiencies to be realized.

Human Resources: elimination of 3 positions,
2 vacant, including a vacant Deputy Director, and 1 layoff and reductions in non-personnel accounts offset by a onetime funding in the a

Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation: he net decrease is the result of restructuring recreational programs to focus on areas of high demand, adjustments in funding to community agencies and the elimination of 4.9 positions through 3 layoffs, 1 vacancy and 0.9 shift to grants.

Police: elimination of 25 non-uniformed positions, 18 vacant and 7 layoffs.

Public Works: the elimination of 24 positions, comprised of 17 vacant and 7 layoffs, as well as anticipated attrition and reductions in non-personnel accounts.

Development Services:
the elimination of 6.85 positions through 2 layoffs, 4 vacancy eliminations and a 0.85 FTE position shifted to grants.

Health and Human Services: A total of 6 positions are eliminated, 2 vacant which includes a Deputy Director, 4 layoffs, 1 shift to part-time and shifting 2 positions to grant funding.


Many times people avoid difficult  decisions saying it is legal, but the greater question is "is it moral?" Such should be the issue facing Hartford's Superintendent of Schools Beth Schiavino-Narvaez.

Schiavino-Narvaez faced off with an angry crowd of parents last night at a budget hearing. Narvaez is spearheading the effort to lay off close to 250 Hartford Schools employees, including teachers and other professionals. All of this at a time when Narvaez is greedily accepting her 3% raise , potentially increasing her salary to $270,000 next year. Narvaez's salary is currently about $257.500.

Even Mayor Luke Bronin gave back $20,000 of his salary after taking office and realizing the City was in dire financial condition. Narvaez continues to take and take, giving nothing back from her salary and  at the same time willing to lay people off.

Legally, she may be entitled by her contract, but where does the morality enter in. Superintendent Narvaez, you have failed every child and parent in the Hartford School System by your handling of the Eduardo Genao matter. Not just in your handling of the situation after his arrest became public knowledge, but even prior to his arrest.

I have a hard time believing that you had no knowledge or had any indication of his pattern of predatory behavior prior to April. You promoted him and if you were doing your job you would have reviewed  his personnel file and seen the previous allegations.

The fact that my FOI requests for those same documents have sat in your office for over a month indicates to me that you do not want this situation exposed further. May it be that you realize you are part of a cover up that allowed one of your immediate subordinates to prey on innocent children?

Even the e-mails I requested to and from Dr. Ngoudou through an FOI request have met a brick wall. Why? What are you hiding?

How you can  morally think about laying off teachers and  the "worker bees" in our schools when you keep an over priced Chief of Staff sitting next to you. The same Chief of Staff who also failed very child and parent in the Hartford Schools when she was "too busy" to look into allegations of Eduardo Genao preying on a child.

Several of those teachers could continue teaching if we got rid of an ineffective Chief Of Staff at $170,000 a year in salary plus close to another $100,000 in benefits

You should both be ashamed of yourselves every time you look in the mirror and realize the reflection looking back at you enabled a predator . And every member of the Board of Education that allows this behavior to go on  hoping it will just go away should also be ashamed of themselves for violating the trust that has been placed in them..

In the meantime, the cover up continues as documents are destroyed and kept secret. A source of mine in the Superintendent's Office has advised me that Eduardo Genao's personnel folder is half as thick as it was before his arrest as documents are purged to avoid any implication or knowledge by the "higher-ups".

Dr. Narvaez and Dr Ngoudou should both be looking for alternative employment where they don't need to worry about the "moral" decisions they need to make to protect children. They clearly are not up to the job requirements

 You can see more on Genao, including allegations by employees that Genao's behavior went on for years, at WVIT NBC Connecticut Troubleshooter Jill Konopka



 According to sources, today is "D-Day" for between 40 and 100 City of Hartford employees who will be receiving layoff notices and will be shown the door today.

 The process began early today as employees began receiving their layoff notices and had their access to City records and computers revoked.

No official word is available yet as to the exact numbers and departments, but one source said it appeared to be all departments "across the board"

 More on this throughout the day.

The layoff's have been necessitated by the budget hole that the Segarra administration has left for Mayor Bronin


On 5/3/16 at 10:41pm Hartford Police Department patrol officers responded to 241 Ledyard Street in response to a possible robbery/abduction (of an adult) complaint. 241 Ledyard St is a small mechanic repair shop (M&J Auto) in the South Meadows neighborhood. At 10:41pm this business is typically closed.

The victims reported working in the shop late, when masked suspects entered carrying guns, speaking in a Dominican dialect and demanding money. One of the victims reported that his father had been in shop with them, was abducted by the suspects, and left with them in a small black Cadillac SUV. The victims were subsequently brought to the Hartford Police Department to be interviewed by Major Crimes Detectives. Approximately an hour later, officers learned that the victim's father was left on Interstate 91 South by exit 8 -uninjured. Hartford Police responded to that area and brought the victim back to the Hartford Police Department to also be interviewed by Major Crimes Detectives.
The motive is unclear as HPD MCD Detectives are trying to determine why this smaller, typically closed auto shop in an industrial neighborhood would by the target of an armed robbery and abduction by multiple suspects at that time of night.

Cars, tools and electronics were not stolen from the shop. Some cash ($200) was reported stolen. The suspects are described as 4-5 Dominican males in black clothing, wearing ski masks. The investigation is ongoing.


On 05/03/16 at 4:06pm hours, HPD Patrol Officers received information concerning guns and narcotics sales. A suspect was reported to be in the rear of 80 Edgewood Street and in possession of at least two handguns and narcotics. The HPD Patrol officers went to the address to develop additional leads, when they observed the suspect actively engaged in narcotics activity. The suspect attempted to flee from the officers, but after a short foot pursuit and brief struggle  the suspect was detained. The suspect  was found to have a handgun in a nearby vehicle. The suspect vehicle was subsequently searched, locating an additional handgun which had been reported stolen from Hartford as well as crack cocaine.  Members of HPD STF, V&N were then contacted and assisted. The suspect was arrested and transported to HPD for debriefing and booked.

Recovered Stolen - 9MM Ruger Semi-auto Pistol Model SR-9C, Recovered Harrington Richardson Model 732
32mm revolver. Recovered numerous loose rounds of ammo including 12/16 Gauge shotgun, .308 rifle.
Recovered - 16 Grams Crack cocaine.

Arrested: Alonte Coleman; 18 yo, Hartford, CT with 2 previous Hartford PD arrests.
1.       Poss of Narco
2.       PWITS Narco
3.       Poss Drug Para
4.       Carrying Pistol W/O Permit
5.       Possession Stolen Pistol
6.       Altering S/N of Handgun
7.       Interfering W/Police.
$750,000 Bond


On 5/3/16 at 8:22pm.  HPD Patrol Officer Phil Borkowski was speaking to a citizen at the intersection of Main Street at Park
Street on a separate investigation.  Officer Borkowski suddenly observed a motor vehicle accident happen in his immediate proximity. The Officer observed two males in the vehicle who recognized his presence, immediately exiting the  Honda Accord,  fleeing the scene. The Officer was able to keep visual contact on the evading driver, and called
out a foot pursuit. Responding HPD Officers assisted and took the driver into custody in the area of South Green Park after a brief struggle. HPD Officers responding to the accident scene observed a firearm on the back
seat, as well as several firearms in an open back pack in the Accord. A total of eight firearms were recovered
from the vehicle as well as ammunition, 61.8 grams of crack cocaine, 29 grams of marijuana, 100 bags of heroin stamped "Fatboy" and $3,843. The vehicle had also been reported reported stolen.

The driver is a convicted felon with 14 previous Hartford PD arrests:
Arrested: Guzman, Elias (D.O.B. 5/23/91) 18 Melrose Street, East Hartford CT
1.       Making a Restricted Turn
2.       Operating without a License
3.       Evading Responsibility
4.       Interfering with Police
5.       Possession of Narcotics
6.       Possession with Intent to Sell
7.       Possession within 1500' of a School
8.       Larceny 3rd
9.       8 counts of Carrying a Pistol without a Permit
10.   8 counts of Criminal Possession of a Firearm
11.   Possession of a High Capacity Magazine
$2.5Mill Bond

Recovered Firearms:
Norinco 9mm
Keltec Freedom .380 caliber
Interarms R-9 9mm
Davis Industries P-380 .380 caliber
Hi-Point Model C 9mm
Interarms 38 Special 9mm
Bersa Thunder 380 .380 caliber
Hi-Point Model JCP .40 caliber
No information could be found on any of the recovered firearms.

Recovered Narcotics:
61.8 grams of crack cocaine
29 grams of marijuana
100 bags of heroin stamped "Fatboy"
Recovered US Currency: $3,843.05

UPDATE: 10:30am

How is this guy even on the streets?  Connecticut's courts are failing us. Guzman appaently has over 14 felony arrests. The list below are his current cases pending at GA 14. the Lafayette Street Court. These are only the cases pending, never mind his convictions already.He should be locked behind bars and this menace should be removed from our streets, no "second chances", he has clearly shown he can not conform to our laws

GUZMAN ELIAS1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR10-0643011-S
GUZMAN ELIAS1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR14-0673367-S
GUZMAN ELIAS1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR15-0678008-S
GUZMAN ELIAS1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-MV16-0501180-S
GUZMAN ELIAS J1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR15-0681295-S
GUZMAN ELIAS J1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR16-0684223-S

Monday, May 2, 2016



Hartford, Conn. (May 2, 2016) — Today, the Hartford Fire Department (HFD) announced that over the weekend firefighters and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals delivered a baby at a Bedford St. residence.

“It is not often that we respond to calls that leave us smiling from ear to ear, and rejoicing with the citizens that we are called to serve, due to the nature of most of the calls,” said HFD Lieutenant Ron Talit. “However, this is one of those calls that we were ecstatic about.”

On Sunday afternoon, the HFD received a report that a mother’s water had just broken at a Bedford St. address. 

When firefighters and EMS professionals from Engine 2 arrived on location, they were immediately advised by others in the house that a baby had crowned and was ready to be delivered. 

Within minutes of rushing to the mother — and providing care and support — a newborn was successfully delivered. This was followed by postpartum care being provided to the beautiful newborn baby girl and her proud mother. 

“Our dedicated professional emergency responders are committed to providing exceptional services to the citizens and visitors of our great city,” said HFD Chief Reginald D. Freeman. “The excellence that was demonstrated on this particular call is reflective of our experience and training which we are committed to ensuring that the City of Hartford receives nothing but the best from their Hartford firefighters and EMS professionals.”

The mother’s expected due date was Tuesday, May 3, 2016.