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Saturday, April 23, 2016


Monday, April 25 Doors open at 7 a.m.  A Future to Believe in Hartford Rally featuring Jim Dean, Mortensen Riverfront Plaza, Riverfront Amphitheater, 300 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT
 This is free and open to the public, but RSVPs are strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served. For security reasons, please do not bring bags and limit what you bring to small, personal items like keys and cell phones. Weapons, sharp objects, chairs, and signs or banners on sticks will not be allowed through security. Limited street parking available. Carpooling or public transportation is strongly encouraged. 

Program starts at
 10 a.m. 

Friday, April 22, 2016


According to several sources, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will me making an appearance Monday in Hartford.

HPD, the Secret Service and the Sanders campaign are finalizing plans for a rally Monday at 9:00am at Hartford's Riverfront Plaza

More on this as details are finalized throughout the day

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The mascot for the Hartford Yard Goats was assaulted and beaten tonight on Asylum Street near Main Street , downtown tonight

According to sources, witnesses observed two male passengers get out of a car and pummel the costumed mascot while the driver of the vehicle  video recorded the incident. Witnesses were able to provide HPD with a license plate and a description of the driver.

Although injured, the mascot did not require additional medical assistance

No additional info or comment  from HPD at this time


The arrest warrant application for Hartford Schools Eduardo Genao is below. This is most likely only the first stage as the investigation continues. I understand that everyone has the right to plead not guilty, but this application paints a very disturbing pattern of behavior by Genao. 
The smoothness and the manner in which Genao gained the confidence of the 13 year old victim would make me think he didn't seem nervous and was well practiced in his stalking behavior.

At least on the positive side, he is out of the Hartford Schools 

Some of this application is graphic, please be forewarned.


Hartord Fire LT. Russell Cook and his father

RELEASE: Hartford Firefighter Receives Award

Hartford, Conn. (April 20, 2016)  —Lieutenant Russel Cook received the Firefighter of the Year Award on Tuesday April, 19 2016. The award was presented to him by the Hartford Association of Insurance Professionals at the Sheraton Hotel in Rocky Hill Tuesday evening.

On November 14, 2015 Lt. Cook rescued an 8 year old girl from her burning home at 22-24 Hamilton Street.

Attached photo is of Lt Cook with his father


STATEMENT: Hartford Fire Chief Reginald Freeman on Firefighter Aarvah Quinonez

Hartford, Conn. (April 20, 2016 ) – BACKGROUND: Today, Firefighter Aarvah Quinonez was arraigned in court for the charges that she was arrested on yesterday afternoon. Following the arraignment Chief Freeman reviewed the charges and circumstances. As a result, Quinonez has been placed on administrative leave without pay effective immediately. In response, Hartford Fire Chief Reginald Freeman made the following statement:

“With the information that has been brought to light in today’s arraignment, Firefighter Quinonez has been put on administrative leave without pay until further notice. Any further actions on Quinonez’s status with the department will be made based on additional information pertaining to this case, as well as the final outcome of her legal proceedings. Despite these allegations, let me reiterate the fact that the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Hartford Fire Department stand tall — even above the difficult discussions that we find ourselves periodically having in regards to off duty allegations or conduct of a few individuals. Through my interactions with our firefighters, I see an energized and professional work force that is dedicated to moving the organization forward in a positive and productive manner.”

For more information on this matter, please contact the Hartford Police Department.

This type of action is long overdue at HFD and throughout City Government. We can not afford to reward bad behavior by employees with "Paid suspensions" Whether it is a DUI arrest or abusing a child, the tone needs to be set that the paid vacations at the taxpayers expense while these cases wind through the courts are done.,

Congratulations Chief Freeman for your swift action in this matter.


The questions are rolling in regarding Aarvah Quinonez and how she managed to keep her job as a Hartford Firefighter, even before her arrest yesterday on Child Abuse charges.

There also seems to be some real questions regarding Quinonez and other Hartford Firefighters use, or more appropriately abuse, of Workers Compensation  benefits for extended periods.

According to sources, Quinonez was recently observed by a former Hartford Fire Chief ( before he became the former Chief and while he was still overseeing the Department). That Chief had apparently attended a soccer game for his niece and while there observed Quinonez refereeing the soccer game. Quinonez was allegedly out on a Worker's Compensation injury  that kept her from her regular job, but she could run and referee a soccer game.

Apparently there are also questions regarding her arrest in Georgia in July of 2004 and if that figured into her background investigation before her hiring by the City.



The home of former Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has been placed on the market for sale. Actually to be clear , it is the home of Segarra's husband, Charlie Ortiz, apparently the brains and the money behind the former Mayor's operation.

If you are interested in owning the home, which may go down   as the residence of one of Hartford's worst Mayor's in history, it is listed at $685,000

Maybe we can start a "go fund me" page to actually hire the moving company to get Segarra as far away from Hartford as possible

Tuesday, April 19, 2016



On February 4, 2016 the Hartford Police Department responded to CT Children’s at the request of DCF. Upon arrival Officers were informed of allegations of an assault of a minor by the child’s mother (Both Hartford residents). HPD Officers with the assistance of Special Investigative Division, began an immediate and extensive investigation.

After facts and circumstances were discovered through communication with DCF and CT Children’s, HPD Officers applied for and obtained an arrest warrant for Aarvah Quinonez, 34 of Hartford CT. On April 19, 2016 HPD Officers arrest her at HPD Headquarters without incident.

The alleged incident involves multiple incidents of assaults, striking with a belt, choking and other serious allegations in 2015 and 2016.

Assault 2nd Degree
Strangulation 3rd
Risk of Injury to a Minor
Bond $150,000 (arraignment tomorrow)

Quinonez is currently assigned to Engine 14 at Blue Hils Ave and Albany Ave.. No further information is available from HFD at this time as to her status. She is scheduled t be arraigned  tomorrow at GA14, the Lafayette Street Court.. It should be a busy morning for City of Hartford employees being arraigned on Child Abuse charges as Eduardo Genao from the Board of Education is alsos scheduled for a court appearace tomorrow morning


In the month of April Hartford Police Department Vice & Narcotics Detectives received information from New Hampshire Police about an individual selling large amounts of heroin over state lines. New Hampshire Police were able to provide HPD detectives with a phone number and the nickname "J".

HPD detectives were able to identify the target "J" as Juan Facundo of 377 Franklin Avenue. Several controlled purchases were conducted by HPD Vice & Narco detectives using an undercover officer. Based on those sales, HPD detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant for Facundo and a search warrant for his home. On April 18, 2016 HPD Detectives set up another controlled purchase and when Facundo arrived he was placed under arrest for his outstanding warrant for sale of narcotics.

Facundo was found to be in possession of 345 bags of heroin. Subsequently the Detectives executed the search warrant at the targets home and recovered 600 more bags of heroin, 2 ounces of crack cocaine, $3791.00 in U.S currency and packaging material. A juvenile (4 years old) was also located within the apartment and was well within the reach of all the recovered drugs. Immediate notifications were made to DCF in regards to this issue by HPD Detectives. Facundo was placed under arrest for narcotics related charges and transported to HPD booking.

Arrest: Juan Facundo 23, of 377 Franklin Avenue apt 3N

Warrant CHARGES: Possession of Narcotics, sale of narcotics (warrant)

New CHARGES: Possession of Narcotics (2cts), Drug Factory, Possession with intent to sell narcotics (2cts), Risk of Injury to a minor.