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Saturday, April 27, 2019


Actually, it is the accounting list  for "outside" legal services paid by the City of Hartford for outside legal services  for 2017/2018. The list was obtained through an FOI request to the City.

Job creation and economic development seem to be the key buzzwords every time an election is coming in Hartford, but it seems they are just that. Buzz words that not much seems to be done with.

 But one thing is for sure, we have no trouble keeping the legal industry in the Hartford area employed and very well funded as the list below indicates

The accounting report for outside legal services used by the City of Hartford for the past 2 years is rather extensive It actually makes me wonder what Hartford's Corporation Counsels Office actually does, even basic legal functions like real estate closings are contracted out.

Maybe the legal term "quid pro quo" defined as  "a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something" should be used somewhere along the line here. You can be sure a percentage of these dollars are eventually paid back as rewards for loyalty in the form of campaign donations to many politicians..


With the number of pending complaints and lawsuits against the City, I regularly get asked how much the City of Hartford pays out in settlements. I don't believe this list includes claims actually covered by or paid by insurance policies.

Here is a list provided by the City of Hartford Corporation Counsel's Office for the period of 2014 to 2019.

Many of these settlements appear to be for labor related issues or harassment complaints

Thank you to Attorney Cynthia Lauture in the Corporation Counsel's Office for promptly processing this information when requested..


Many times, even I would wish there wasn't a comment section just because of the nature of the comments, many of them "Anonymous". Other times I am impressed with the time and thought that goes into the comments by the authors. Hopefully the very  good comments don't get lost  on the back pages somewhere.

I am highlighting a couple of the comments that  are coming in hot and heavy regarding the Hartford Schools. I am also highlighting the comments in the hope that someone on the Board of Education or someone at City Hall pays attention and  proves themselves as more than just a bobblehead talking puppet. Maybe that will show that it is actually and truly about the kids and not just lip service.

From a reader's comment:

From another HPHS Teacher. Where is HFT 1018? Teachers pay a lot in dues and the officers are unwilling to come, walk the halls and fight for their members. One official visit at HPHS this year. No one knew they were coming to allow the teachers to create questions they'd like answered by our "voice".

HFT 1018 doesn't even respond to teachers emails with complaints cc'd to building reps. The paying union members are begging for representation based on harrassment by administration. Over and over. From HFT there is silence.

It is time for change. Current HFT-you aren't a voice in the media representing what HPS teachers face. The media doesn't care, you should.
How many code yellows this year? Shame on you for not doing your duty for the teachers contributing to your paycheck every 2 weeks. You are too cozy with Leslie. You said she offered nothing going in to negotiations? Why aren't you going in with ludicrous demands also? We can't strike but we can passively resist. We didn't resist. My family and many of my colleagues families are struggling due to the multi year pay freeze while the cost of living and contributions went up. We have less income to pay our bills even though district "leadership" is bloated. They don't serve our community, families or students in any way comparable to classroom teachers. In no way shape or form. Where's the community and political outrage from the union?

Why is HPHS being reconstituted where every teacher needs to reapply for jobs? Many have held these jobs for decades and have amazing reputations. Only the teachers are at fault(?) for the failure of the HPHS community? Not district leadership, 1 year or less on average school level leadership and the socio-economic issues our HPHS community faces for which we provide no resources or supports? None of our administrators has served here for longer than 2 full quarters.

Yes! This must make sense. Blame the only stakeholders who have their souls attached to everyday education each day. The teachers go to work to help the children of Hartford. They expect no recognition or acknowledgement and they are often sleepless at night thinking about and trying to help the students they serve. Look at the time and where my heart and mind are on a Friday after a long week. As many readers know we had parent/teach conferences on Thursday. I teach 174 students and had 3 parents show up over the 2 days. 

Or this one:

Anonymous said...
@1:34am, while teachers are prohibited from strikes in CT, work action is permissible especially given the significant public safety matter for both teachers and students being ignored by the BOE, Mayor, Superintendent and leadership. walk out of teachers along with students being robbed of their education by those unwilling to take action to stop the assaults and safety issues occurring daily should get some needed attention on these important matters. They have not listened for years and until we have the courage to fight back, doubt anything will change. Dr Leslie takes action when she’s forced or shamed. I say enough is enough and it’s time we stand up to the injustice now!

I think I may start highlighting certain comments regularly in the future

Thursday, April 25, 2019


I don't do this often , but here is an essay I was given written by a Hartford educator detailing conditions at Hartford Public High School. Many people, some Police Officers included, have described Hartford High as a powder keg ready to explode. Hopefully the Superintendent of the Board of Education will pay attention before that.

"Roving packs of students wandering the halls" that should get the attention of every parent of a Hartford High student who entrusts their kids to that school everyday.

Thank you to everyone showing the courage to protect the children in their schools


Hartford Schools Supreme Ruler Leslie Torres-Rodriguez

I am not really sure why the Hartford Schools Superintendents Office continue to play games with Connecticut State Law.

I think we all know that Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez does  not have the best track record in graduating students who are literate and can fully comprehend and read English. I would think though that people making over $100,000 a year in salary in the Superintendent's Office could comprehend written words and their meaning.

On February 28, 2019 I submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Superintendent's Office requesting specific documents regarding the assault of Hartford Schools teacher Susan Frazer , who was physically assaulted in her classroom by an irate parent, Cassandra DeCosta. Criminal charges are currently pending in Court against DeCosta after her arrest for the assault.

I was specific in my request for the documents in my request..."Any document, e-mails or reports regarding the assault on a Hartford School  teacher on or about December 23, 2018 by a Cassandra DeCosta, a parent."
Today I was presented with documents, which I have confirmed as authentic , which were not turned over to me as part of the documents provided 2 months after my initial request. Surprise, surprise, they just happen to be the documents clearing the teacher Susan Frazer of any wrongdoing after investigations by the Hartford Schools and the Connecticut DCF. Isn't that a coincidence how they just happened to leave out the investigation report clearing the teacher of any wrongdoing and clearly put the blame on the actions of the parent. You can read the reports below and make the decision yourself. Is there any question as to whether my request would or should have covered the investigation report? This information will all be presented at a future Freedom of Information Commission hearing and we will see how the Superintendent defends her actions before the Commission, they aren't puppets like the Board of Education and she can't control them.


Wednesday, April 24, 2019


In the screenshot above, copied directly from the Hartford Schools website, you can see that they represent  Joanne Tremblay- Jackson as the "Director of Support Services- Psychological & Social Services".

Joanne Tremblay-Jackson is also one of the High priced Administrators in the Office of Superintendent of Schools Leslie Torres-Rodriguez.. Tremblay -Jacksons salary , provided in information received through documents received pursuant to a Freedom of Information request is listed as $142,072.00 annually.

The problem is that Tremblay-Jackson is not a licensed Psychologist and representing herself as a Medical Professional or providing Psychological services is a violation of Connecticut State law.

A check of the State of Connecticut Licensing Verification portal confirms there is no Psychologist license listed for Joanne Tremblay-Jackson.It appears that Tremblay-Jackson is neither a licensed Psychologist or a certified School Psychologist

Does anyone at the BOE know how to do background checks? Who is making and permitting these HR decisions?

According to Connecticut State Law, it is a Class D Felony for anyone to represent himself(or herself) as a psychologist or carrying on the practice of a psychologist. Each instance of patient contact or consultation which is in violation of this section shall be deemed a separate offense

Is it time for a criminal investigation into the tactics in the Superintendents Office and potential fraud for collecting a large salary in violation of Connecticut Law?



It happens much more often than you would think. Hartford School teachers assaulted in their classrooms and schools.

Here is one teachers story of the day she was assaulted by a parent in her classroom in front of students. This is the teachers Victim Statement submitted to the Court after the parents arrest. The parent, Cassandra  DeCosta, is now asking the Court for leniency in the form of Accelerated Rehabilitation, which could eventually erase all charges against her.

The sad part is that even though the teacher was the victim, she was victimized even further by her employer, the Hartford Schools. Clearly, the Hartford Police found probable cause that the assault occurred and DeCosta was arrested for the assault and Risk of Injury to a minor for the incident happening in front of a classroom full of students.

But that wasn't good enough for the Hartford Schools. They added insult to  injury when on February 21, 2019, months after the incident, they notified the teacher, Susan Frazer that she was being investigated for her "inappropriate and unprofessional conduct". Did they read the statements?

Is this the way the Hartford Schools build morale within the staff?