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Saturday, December 23, 2017


One of the few shining lights in Hartford Government is celebrating a birthday today, in between supervising operations on our City's streets during an ice event.

Happy Birthday Reggie Freeman. Enjoy your day with your beautiful family, you deserve it.

And from what I am told , next year will be a milestone birthday for the Chief ( and no it is not 50)

Happy Birthday Reggie, and best wishes and good health for many more

Friday, December 22, 2017


Well, Mayor Bronin, the next move is yours. I have been critical of your leadership, or more appropriately , lack of leadership. Now here is an opportunity to show that you do actually know how to lead.

Accountability is something that has clearly been lacking in your Administration, so here is an opportunity to show that you can do what is right and even hold your lawyer buddy Sean Fitzpatrick accountable to the people of Hartford..

From my posting yesterday, I don't think there is much doubt that Hartford's Economic Development Director is violating the City's residency policy  by claiming to live at a woman's social club on Woodland Street.

Fitzpatrick even swore to it in the Residency form below, that I obtained last night .Clearly  the form states that any false information WILL result in immediate disqualification or dismissal. Not "may"  but WILL result.

Let's see, Mayor Bronin, if you are actually capable of providing the leadership your position requires. The voters are waiting to see what you are made of.

Here is a link to Fitzpatrick's actual $644,000 Simsbury  residence, yet he claims to live in a social club without even a full bathroom listed.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Hartford's City Auditors have uncovered that the XL Center owes the Hartford Police Department and the City of Hartford over $700,000 in past due bills dating back to 2016 for private duty police services.

The full audit report  released today is below.

There is no excuse for this and the CRDA, which manages the XL Center should be required to pay their bill immediately if they plan on continuing with events that require a Police presence. The Capital Regional Development Authority (“CRDA”), a quasi-public agency of the State of Connecticut, has operational responsibility for the XL Center.

I also wonder how Mayor Bronin can honestly sit and urge the HPD Union for givebacks to close a budget deficit, when we are bleeding large amounts like this. It is called management Luke and as the Mayor, it all falls back on you

I wonder how many Animal Control Officers the City could hire with $700,000?


Sean Fitzpatrick

The Town and County Club, according to their website, is " a private women’s city club located in Hartford’s Asylum Hill neighborhood. The historic twenty-seven room mansion hosts member dining, events, socializing and networking".

No where on their website does it list apartments or private living quarters, yet Hartford's Economic Development Director lists it as his residence and even has 2 cars registered and taxed there.

Hartford Department heads are required by City Charter to reside in the City, and it most likely appears that Fitzpatrick is using the address to appear as though he is complying with the City code.

Fitzpatrick, according to sources maintains his primary residence in Simsbury. That residence is apparently a real house, not a social club where his wife, is apparently also the Vice President of Personnel according to the website.

Also fromthe Town and County website, the Executive Committee listing;

 President - Mary Beth Murphy
 Vice President, Operations - Lynn Erie
 Vice President, Personnel - Candace Fitzpatrick
 Recording Secretary - Sarah Riley
 Treasurer/Finance - Susan Barnes

The website also describes the Fitzpatrick's Hartford compliance residence as  "Situated on a semi-wooded lot with beautiful lawns and gardens, the house was designed by architects Melvin Hapgood and Edward Hapgood with stunning interiors that are beautifully maintained today with period furnishings. The various rooms include parlors, dining room, library, art gallery, conference rooms and ballroom.
Each venue offers a unique setting for member events such art shows, film groups, speaker series and culinary experiences as well as private events for members and guests.

For more information about Casa de Fitzpatrick or to book your next event in the Fitzpatrick's Hartford Living room, click here

The City of Hartford Assesors website lists the property as the following:This property contains 1.780 acres of land mainly classified as HALL - CLUB with a(n) SOCIAL HALL style building, built about 1895 , having Brick exterior and Asphalt roof cover, with unit(s), total room(s), total bedroom(s), total bath(s), 0 total half bath(s), 0 total 3/4 bath(s). 

It must be somewhat difficult for Fitzpatrick and his wife to get  good nights sleep at 22 Woodland since the property description  lists (0) total bedrooms

Maybe it is time to get Sara Bronin and her Zoning Enforcement officers to verify this residence and the buildings usage.

Another fraud perpetrated on the residents of Hartford for the sake of a salary by the Bronin Cast of Characters.

Calls to reach Sean Fitzpatrick for comment have been unsuccessful

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Is the Hartford Board of Education once again hiring someone to have a new hiding place once their previous home got a little too hot?

What is the real story here?

This is what happens when there is no competitive process and people are allowed to hire their friends. Shouldn 't this process at least be put on hold until the matter is properly vetted and before we allow another $175,000 salary at the BOE?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


In another move that boggles the mind, the Hartford Board of Education was scheduled to meet tonight. Under Agenda item 1,b was the authorization to hire a Deputy Superintendent of Schools at an annual cost of $175,000 plus benefits. Even more alarming was that the selection had already been made by the Superintendent. No advertisement soliciting resumes, no interview process, just give the job to someone from the Superintendent's social network .

This is wrong and will only contribute to a top heavy administration and only the children will suffer. Probably a few short months from now there will be more talks of layoffs of teachers and classroom paraprofessionals  as the Superintendent claims to deal with ever tightening budgets.

This is obscene and just goes to show what I have said for years about the Hartford schools, it is not a system about educating children but rather a system to provide very large salaries a select group of adults with no regard for the educations being provided.

Dr. Alberto Vazquez Matos, the heir apparent of Superintendent Torres graciousness is also currently the subject of a petition to remove him from his position in Florida, just what Hartford needs.

According to Pedro Zayas, spokesperson for the Hartford Schools, he told the Tampa News ""Our city is nearly bankrupt," he said. Funding has been flat for a decade "while costs rise and there’s a lot more compliance. We’ve had layoffs for the past two years." Geez, I guess under those circumstances I can understand $175,000 for the newly created position


Well, here we go again.

Now Sexual Harassment allegations are being made against Hartford City Council President Thomas Clarke. These allegations on the heels of allegations against City Council Aide Kelly Kirkley-Bey. And those allegations followed the removal of the Lieutenant in charge of Hartford's Police Academy, Lieutenant Christine Mertes after allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.

When is enough enough, or do we look forward to spending money on outside attorneys and paying out large settlements.

Sadly, these allegations are well documented through Police reports and other documents such as text messages. I think there  probably has been less solid documentation of wrongdoing against some individuals that have been forced to resign from positions,  Yet in Hartford, it is business as usual.

I don't think many people will accuse Mayor Bronin of showing any solid leadership, but maybe it is time he seizes the moment and starts showing what leaders are supposed to do.

Mayor Bronin set the tone of "Zero Tolerance" that we keep hearing you and others talk about.

If the text messages actually exist of the nature described in the Complaint against TJ Clarke, he needs to step aside. Kelly Kirkley -Bey should have been removed the day her incident occurred, not months later and only after it became public and a thorough investigation of Lt. Mertes needs to take place along with a demotion or termination for her outrageous behavior. Also, any current City employees need to know that their will be no retaliation for their honesty and helping to rid City Government of perverted behavior. And in setting the tone, the word should be spread that this behavior will not be tolerated

And making excuses TJ that it is just dirty politics is less than genuine. Dirty politics didn't type those text messages or have those thoughts, YOU DID. . And the same goes for Kelly and Christine Mertes, be adults and own your behavior. And Mayor Bronin you need to do the same also and stop worrying about votes for your next rung on the ladder, do the right thing.

Ignoring it only allows bad behavior to flourish.

Monday, December 18, 2017


On 12/17/17, Hartford Police Patrol Division responded to 97 Van Block Avenue on a report of an unresponsive male party lying on the grass. Upon arrival, the victim, later identified as Tyrone Mercer (D.O.B. 7/30/62), was located suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was pronounced deceased by EMS personnel on scene. The Major Crimes Division is investigating and Detective Dematteo has been assigned as the lead investigator. Next of Kin was located and notification was made to the victim’s son, Tyrone Mercer (same name) of 343 High Street, New Britain CT. 

Friday, December 8, 2017


Hartford's Police Chief James Rovella is set to retire from HPD February2, 2017.

As of yesterday, Chief Rovella will be adding a new title to his resume. This title will probably be the most important to the Rovella's as Chief Rovella and his wife Sandy prepare to enter the next chapter in their lives.

Chief Rovella will now assume the title of Grandpa after the birth Thursday of their first grandchild, Kali at 8 pounds 4 ounces. Congratulations to both Grandpa and Grandma Rovella and the Rovella family

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Bronin " It's time to get Hartford working once again"...And when is that expected to begin Mayor?
Luke Bronin today announced his exploratory effort for Governor and also revealed his unethical side, for those who haven[t seen it to this point, but trust me , it is there..
Bronin appears to want to win the Governor's Office the same way he won the Mayor's Office in buying it.
It must be something they teach in Mayor's School and Bronin took a page from the Dan Drew playbook. Drew ran afoul recently of FOI laws and ethic laws when he abused his position to obtain the home addresses of Police and Firefighters employed by his town of Middletown, where he is the Mayor to push them to donate to his campaign.
Bronin apparently dialed it back a notch and put the squeeze on Hartford employees by e-mail, at least so far. 
Less than four hours after announcing his intent, Bronin's campaign fired off an e-mail fundraising letter addressed apparently to all Hartford "Department Heads2" and all employees at "Hartford
A note to all City employees, please be sure to address those checks to "Luke for CT" otherwise your layoff notice may be on the way, but please don't feel intimidated by the Mayor putting the squeeze on you. It's only Hartford politics.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


On November 24th I posted about a cryptic Resolution that was on the Hartford City Council Agenda. You c an read that posting here

It now appears that resolution was directed towards  Hartford's Building official Michael Fuschi. Fuschi is apparently also listed , or is being employed by the Town of Manchester as their Assistant Building Inspector according to the Town of Manchester website.

Why it took a resolution by Council President Clarke to deal with the question is unknown.


Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose have all learned the message of "Zero Tolerance" the hard way. (No pun intended)

But at Hartford City Hall, "Zero Tolerance" seems to send a much different message. The message appears to be "carry on, business as usual".

Several recent incidents seem to highlight Hartford's double standards.

Let me start with the Hartford Police Lieutenant who at the time was the commander of the Hartford Police Academy. Apparently , sexual harassment of employees was her strong suit. Allegations were made by employees of HPD of her inappropriate behavior. The allegations ranged from  unwanted sexual advances toward police officers to extremely inappropriate behavior such as instructing an Academy recruit to go home and masturbate with his right hand to improve his accuracy shooting. The recruit was left handed and the Lieutenant apparently felt that if he became more proficient with his right hand it would improve his shooting score.

The bizarre behavior didn't end there though. Her comments to the class of recruits while they were exercising in Bushnell Park were very inappropriate. This behavior was witnessed by at least two HPD Sergeants as well as civilians in the park. When the Lieutenant wasn't happy with the level of  effort being shown by the recruits, she apparently yelled at them "I have been c *ck slapped harder than that" according to sources .Residents using the park apparently also over heard the comments.

HPD claims that they were going to launch an Internal Investigation to look into the matter, but according to sources, no investigation ever took place.

It goes on and on and the behavior of a sexual nature was a regular event. The Lieutenant was even reportedly walking around the Police academy  out of uniform just wearing her panties and under garments.

The penalty for this behavior, a transfer back to patrol.

Or the issue of the Deputy Chief who was apparently caught in a parking lot in West Hartford Center having "adult relations" with one of his subordinates. The issue arose because it was the subordinates husband, now ex husband I am told, who caught them. The husband smashed out the drivers front window of the Deputy Chief's City issued car during his rage. The damage to the car was falsified and repaired by the City without any repercussions to the Deputy Chief.

The fraternization by the Deputy Chief and his subordinate is widely known through HPD as well as by members of the Community he is supposed to serve, yet nothing has been done. Most likely nothing will be done until the relationship goes bad and the inevitable lawsuits are filed seeking a large payout from the City's checkbook.

And what about the incident from earlier this year involving an aide to a City Councilperson and her inappropriate and violent behavior toward another City employee. Even though the signs are all over City Hall for "Zero Tolerance" for drug use and work place violence, in this case Zero Tolerance apparently means' "job well done, we will protect you."

 A Police report  documents the entire incident, including the Council Aide yelling the "N " word at the other employee and pushing the Police Officer away when he intervened. The incident apparently was so serious the Office of the Corporation Counsel hired an outside investigator to look into the incident and came back with the recommendation that the Council Aide should be terminated.

In a letter to Council President TJ Clarke, the Corporation Counsel's Office recommended that due to the "egregious nature of this misconduct, this office must recommend immediate termination of the Council Aide from City employment"

To date that has not happened and "zero Tolerance" means business as usual, carry on..

Why are certain people protected by this Administration? Sexual harassment  is sexual harassment no matter who the perpetrator is. Whether it is a Deputy Police Chief, a Lieutenant or Matt Lauer, the repercussions and discipline should be the same. If a Police Officer gets fired for using the "N" word at the Casino or a Police Officer facing termination for using the "N" word while getting arrested for a DUI, why would a Councilperson protect her Aide for using the "N" word openly during an argument at City Hall?

I also have to wonder why the City of Hartford would spend the money to hire an outside investigator to look into the matter and then ignore the results of that report? Or is to make it look like they are doing something, kind of like establishing a "Zero Tolerance Policy". it may sound good , but it means nothing in the end.

I have requested all of the documents including any Investigatory reports as well as any disciplinary reports through a Freedom of Information request to the City of Hartford. I will post those as soon as they are provided.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


On December 1, 2017, patrol units responded to the area of 104-116 Bond Street for a shot spotter system activation with 6 rounds recorded. Upon arrival, officers located a male victim down on the sidewalk suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Medical aid was provided until the arrival of EMS and Fire. The victim was subsequently pronounced deceased on scene at 2027 hours by Aetna Ambulance paramedics. Detectives from the Major Crimes Division, Crime Scene Division and an Inspector from the Hartford Chief State's Attorney's Office responded and assumed the investigation. Detective Pethigal was assigned as the lead investigator. The investigation is on-going.

The victim has been identified as Edgardo Galindez a 45 year old Hartford resident.

Anyone with information can contact HPD at 860-757-4000

Friday, November 24, 2017


Much of what the Hartford City Council does is beyond explanation, and here is one more example that needs explanation.

Does anyone know what this resolution is about?



Council President Thomas J. Clarke II City of Hartford, November 27, 2017

WHEREAS, The Court of Common Council hereby takes issue to any ‘City Employee’ who retains employment with any other town or municipality while still employed by The City of Hartford; and

WHEREAS, The perception of such actions at this time is viewed as showing favoritism and a decrease in employee moral; therefore, now, be it

RESOLVED, That the Court of Common Council request that The Administration implement a policy that will prohibit the retention of any city worker currently employed by another town or municipality; and be it further

RESOLVED, That The Administration provide the Court of Common Council with a copy of this policy within 30 days of the passage of this resolution.

Please email or call me if you have any additional information

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


The broken links to the Hartford Police Daily Arrest log are once again working, It appears to have only taken 3 months or so to get it fixed. This is apparently a function of the Emergency Services and Telecommunications Department  to post the Police Department arrest Logs.

September 27, 2017 was the last time the reports were updated until today,

The logs can be viewed daily here


These details just came out tonight, although they were first reported a month ago by NBC Connecticut Troubleshooter Jill Konopka along with video she had obtained

HPD is just confirming those details now in this release tonight from HPD Deputy Chief Brian Foley.

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, at approximately 2:03am, Hartford Police Department Patrol officers responded to a report of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Hudson Street and Park Street. Officers arrived on scene and began rendering aide to a female victim, later identified as Cynthia James, 58 of Hartford. Preliminary investigation revealed that a dark colored vehicle struck Ms. James and evaded the scene, traveling northbound on Hudson Street.

At approximately 2:54am, Ms. James succumbed to injuries suffered in the crash and was pronounced deceased at Hartford Hospital.

Video footage of the fatal accident was obtained from the city’s camera system as well as private systems by personnel from the Capitol City Command Center (C4). The video footage showed Ms. James walking eastbound on Park Street on the south sidewalk. Ms. James then walks eastbound across Hudson Street, in the marked crosswalk, under an illuminated “Do Not Walk” signal. Ms. James can be seen almost being struck by an SUV traveling southbound on Hudson Street as she crossed. Ms. James continues eastbound across Hudson Street when she is struck by a dark colored vehicle traveling northbound on Hudson Street. At the time of the crash, vehicles traveling on Hudson Street had a green traffic control signal. Additional video footage shows the suspect vehicle’s brake lights illuminate before the vehicle continues northbound on Hudson Street, evading the scene of the crash.

At 5am, the Office of the Hartford State’s Attorney was notified via phone of the fatal crash investigation. A crime scene was established in the area of Park Street and Hudson Street which was processed by Detectives from the Hartford Police Department Crime Scene Division. As the investigation progressed, additional video footage was recovered by C4 personnel showing the suspect vehicle. HPD had not yet been able to positively ID the car or develop a suspect.

At approximately 9:30am, an HPD Major Crimes Division supervisor was contacted by an off-duty Hartford Police Officer regarding the crash. The Officer notified the Sergeant that his half-brother, Nathen Negron, was the operator of the vehicle involved in the Park Street and Hudson Street fatal crash. The Sergeant worked to ascertain additional information pertinent to the investigation, including the whereabouts of Negron and the location of the involved vehicle.

Notifications were then made to HPD command personnel regarding the potential involvement of a family member of an HPD Officer. At 10:45am, the Sergeant advised investigators that Negron was at his parent’s home, located at 82 Harwich Street, Hartford, Connecticut. This information was relayed to Crime Scene Division Detectives who responded to 82 Harwich Street. At approximately 10:49 hours, HPD contacted the Hartford State’s Attorney’s Office and advised them of the newly obtained information, including the fact that the suspect is a family member of a HPD Officer. HPD was advised to continue with the investigation.

HPD Detectives from the Crime Scene Division responded to 82 Harwich Street, the home of Negron’s parents. Negron met with Detectives there and agreed to be interviewed about the incident. The vehicle involved in the incident, a black 2015 Honda Civic (CT 316-ZER), then arrived at 82 Harwich Street driven by the registered owner, Shayla Bonner. Bonner was determined to have been the front seat passenger in the Honda Civic at the time of the crash. Bonner also agree to be interviewed by Detectives. The Honda Civic had visible damage consistent with having been involved in a crash involving a pedestrian. The vehicle was immediately seized as evidence and brought to the Hartford Police Department and held for further examination.

Both Negron and Bonner voluntarily came to the Hartford Police Department to be interviewed. Prior to the interview of Negron and Bonner, at 11:33am, the Hartford State’s Attorney’s Office was advised that Negron, Bonner and the vehicle had been located. They were advised that Negron and Bonner were traveling to the Hartford Police Department to be interviewed by HPD Detectives.

Both Negron and Bonner were interviewed by detectives and provided details of their involvement in the accident.

Investigation into the incident continued, including obtaining additional video evidence from within Matty D’s bar.

The HPD Officer, who contacted HPD about his half-brother’s involvement, was interviewed by Detectives from the Crime Scene Division regarding the incident.

Based on evidence and the Officer’s details about his involvement in the fatal motor vehicle accident aftermath, HPD initiated an internal administrative investigation. That Internal Affairs Division investigation is ongoing.

Based on the information obtained by Detectives, an arrest warrant application was submitted to Superior Court in Hartford and obtained on November 21, 2017, charging Negron with 53a-157b, False Statement, 14-222a, Negligent Homicide with a motor vehicle and 14-224(a), Evading Responsibility with Death with a $100,000 bond. On November 21, 2017 at 8:00pm Negron turned himself in to HPD detectives.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing and additional criminal charges may apply pending further inform


Two more incidents of suspicious behavior involving Hartford Public School female students heading home after school were reported to Police today. These incidents come on the heels of three other similar type incidents reported in the last week.

It is unclear  from HPD if there is any indication  that these complaints involving children are related. Both HPD and the Hartford Schools have been tight lipped  and only seem to be releasing  just enough information to avoid criticism. Although Hartford's Superintendent continuously talks about the safety of students being her number one priority, her actions seem to show a desire to protect the institution rather than protecting the Children.

From HPD Unusual Occurrence Reports:

INCIDENT 1 :  3:45pm
On 11/21/17 Hartford Police Officers responded to Hyland Park on the report of a suspicious person. An HPD Officer interviewed the Complainant who reported that she was approached by the below listed Suspect while she was in the area of White Street and Cheshire Street. The Complainant stated that the Suspect approached her on foot and began asking her a serious of questions that made her uncomfortable including; "Do you have a boyfriend?". The Suspect's actions scared the Complainant who ran to the day care at Hyland Park to seek help. A canvass for the Suspect was unsuccessful. SID was notified and is assuming the investigation

INCIDENT 2 : 4:54pm

 On 11/21/17 Hartford Police Officers responded to the Complainant's address on the report of a suspicious person. An HPD Officed interviewed the Complainant who reported that she was approached by the below listed Suspect on her way home from the bus stop. The Complainant stated that the Suspect made contact with her in the area of Franklin Avenue and South Street and yelled to her, multiple times, "Hey come here." This scared the Complainant who ran home and notified her mother. It should be noted that prior to the Suspect's approach the Complainant was being chased by a dog. This resulted in her appearing distressed and running. At this time the Suspect's intentions are not known. SID and C4 were notified and are currently investigating this 

No matter what the suspects intentions were, it is troubling that unknown male adults are approaching  female students walking home from school.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


After months of working without a contract and months of negotiations  with the Bronin Administration a tentative agreement has been reached between the HPD Union and the City of Hartford.  It's about time.

This tentative agreement comes after what many perceived as "Union busting" efforts by Bronin as soon as he took Office in an attempt to get union concessions to reduce his budget deficit.

In a text message sent earlier today by HPD Union Vice President Joseph Fargnoli he stated that "the Executive Board has  reached a tentative agreement with the City regarding our contract"

I haven't obtained specifics of the deal yet, but sources are telling me it involves no raises for 3 years and then 2% in the fourth and fifth year.It also involves an increased contribution for health care costs than one officer described to me as "maybe less than 30 dollars a week " out of his weekly pay.

An informational meeting will be held for HPD Union stewards on Monday November 27,2017 to have the agreement explained  so that they can take the information back to their membership for a Union vote on December 5, 2017.

The finalized agreement in principle is being completed at this time.

Friday, November 17, 2017


A Minor accident became a serious incident Wednesday, details below

On Wednesday morning , the Hartford Police Dispatch Center received a call for a minor motor vehicle accident in front of 26 Wethersfield Avenue. It eventually turned out to be anything but a minor incident and resulted in the arrest of a Hartford woman on numerous charges.

According to police , two vehicles were headed north on Wethersfield Avenue near Wyllys Street. One vehicle was driving properly in its designated lane. The second vehicle operated by Amber Williams, 29, of Shultas Place in Hartford, was apparently improperly travelling northbound in the left turn lane to bypass traffic. According to witnesses , Police, and video recordings, Williams quickly veered over to continue northbound in the travel lane, striking vehicle number one in the front end when she cut him off.

Sounds pretty basic, doesn't it?

Well it quickly took a turn for the bad when Williams exited her vehicle and approached the vehicle she had just cut off and struck. A verbal altercation ensued, at which point, according to Police and witnesses ( and the video), Williams returned to her vehicle and retrieved a baseball bat and proceeded to strike the vehicle she cut off, hitting the grill and front end area of the car.

The operator of the vehicle she was hitting with the bat , apparently then yelled to his wife "Get the gun ready".

The operator apparently felt as though he was being threatened by an erratic woman swinging a bat and hitting his car.. Williams apparently told the operator that "she was not afraid of him" and could  "handle her own". As it turns out, the operator's wife did have a gun in her possession, a 357 Magnum and she was licensed to carry it and that was confirmed by HPD. The use of deadly force most likely would have been justified if there was any attempt to turn the bat on the operator or his wife or child. Fortunately, Williams only struck the vehicle and not the operator , his wife, or their child in the car and didn't physically threaten them aside from swinging at the car

Before Police actually arrived, concerned citizens observed the commotion and intervened to diffuse the situation.

According to operator number one and witnesses, Williams was extremely irate after the accident , even though it was clear she caused it. Williams was reportedly yelling obscenities and calling operator number one a "cracker". Witnesses claimed Williams continued to act "crazy". Once Police arrived, that craziness continued.

The arriving officer asked Williams what had happened and reportedly she began to yell "he hit my car , he hit my car", even though the facts showed that she caused the accident. The officer then tried to get Williams to calm down , but that didn't work. The officer tried to explain to Williams that it was "just an accident". Williams reportedly yelled at the officer "I see how you do, you are already judging me". according to the HPD incident report, Williams then called the Officer a "racist". The Officer walked away from Williams and requested a Supervisor.

A Supervisor responded, Sgt. Eric Smith. When  Sgt.Smith attempted to talk to Williams, again according to the incident report, Williams walked away and said Smith was too intimidating and then stated to HPD Officer Cunningham that  " that Officer is the type of Officer that kills black People". Not that it has any bearing, but Sgt Smith is an African American Officer with over 20 years on the Department.

The sequence of events as reported was also verified by numerous witnesses as well as video recorded by HPD's Crime Center cameras which cover that area and showed Williams acting erratically and aggressively.

Williams was arrested for the incident and charged with Breach of Peace, Reckless Endangerment and Interfering With Police.

Luckily HPD handled the incident quickly and professionally, and avoided an incident that could have turned out much worse.

William's "Easton"  Aluminum bat was confiscated as evidence.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


A home invasion in Hartford yesterday could have turned out much worse if not for a well prepared and calm thinking homeowner and a great response by the Hartford Police Department.

The details are outlined in the unusual Occurrence Report above.

Aside from the details of the crime, one of the most troubling aspects is that the criminal has over 130 arrests, and is still roaming Hartford's streets. What does it take for someone to get jail time in Hartford? I guess climbing through a window into an occupied residence armed with a knife is not enough.

Again a great response by HPD and a great apprehension by K9 Rosco.

Monday, November 13, 2017



At 7:45am a Hartford resident called the Hartford Police Department to report that while his 2001 Ford Taurus was warming up in his driveway, the vehicle was stolen by an unknown suspect. HPD Officer’s responded and reported the vehicle stolen. At 9:23am HPD got a second call from the resident. He reported that he was now on Maple Ave where he had found his vehicle and fired a gun shot. HPD Patrol Officers responded to the area of Campfield Avenue at Maple Avenue. The resident stated that he had just observed his stolen Ford Taurus being driven and then parked in the area of Shultas Place and Maple Avenue. The suspect/driver was still in the vehicle. The resident stated that he confronted the driver of his stolen vehicle, at which time the driver pointed a firearm at the resident. The resident produced his own firearm and discharged a round, striking the suspect/driver of his stolen vehicle in the cheek/jaw. The now injured suspect/driver of the stolen vehicle drove away at which time the complainant called the police to report the incident. Moments later, HPD dispatch received a report of an abandoned motor vehicle at the intersection of Webster Street and Crown Street. HPD Patrol Officers responded and located the stolen vehicle with a broken window and blood evidence. Moments later another call was received of a gunshot victim in the area of 215 South Street. HPD Officers responded and located the gunshot victim, who was transported to Hartford Hospital for a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the cheek/jaw area. It was learned that the gunshot victim was a 17yo juvenile from New Britain CT. who already had an active arrest warrant for auto theft charges and a lengthy history of stealing cars in the region.
The resident is cooperating with the investigation, and was transported to the HPD Major Crimes Division for debrief. The investigation revealed that he was a licensed pistol permit holder. He gave a statement and was released. At this time the investigation is active and ongoing.
HPD C4 is reviewing video of the area.
The Juvenile has admitted to point a weapon at the resident.
Juvenile is in Hartford Hospital with non-life threatening injury.
The Hartford State’s Attorney was notified.



One thing the Hartford Police Department has done to be transparent  was to post their daily arrest logs on line.
For some reason, those logs were last updated on September 27, 2017
Maybe due to the shortage of staff , maybe the person responsible for the website retired.
Transparency is transparency and it needs to be consistent to be of any  value.
Maybe the Mayor's communication's staff could be taught how to do it, they don't seem to be
putting out much lately

UPDATE: 10:49am -Updating the website and "on-line" information is handled outside of HPD and apparently the Dispatch Center and MHIS (the City's IT Department) have been advised of the problem. In addition, the "COMPSTAT" reports and stats have not been updated for months on the HPD website, so could someone please take care of that also? Thank you. Within minutes of this post going up, City Hall was apparently reacting and phone calls were being made to fix the problem. The power of social media

lotter 9 27 17 by on Scribd

Friday, November 10, 2017


The perpetrator's and failed politician's
A Hartford City Council Resolution originally introduced by Council President Thomas Clarke in February is being resurrected for action at Monday nights Council meeting.
The resolution appears to be directed at the Hartford Yardgoat's failure to comply with the City of Hartford's Living Wage ordinance for part time jobs at the stadium this year, their first year of operation.
 Clarke's resolution claims that compliance with the living wage is required by City Ordinance as part of Hartford's Municipal Code.
Clarke also claims in his resolution that "this is just another in a long line of broken promises to the residents of Hartford about the economic benefits they would receive from pouring over $100 million in taxpayers funds into one of the most expensive minor league baseball stadiums in the Country"
Clarke goes on further to state "The previous Administration entered into a poorly  negotiated deal for the development of the Stadium"
Finally, Clarke concludes " As of today, we are still unsure how many millions of dollars city taxpayers will have to pay to cover Construction completion, litigation, and the cost of land taken by eminent domain for the stadium"
It might have been nice if the Powers to be had listened to City residents concerns before jumping head first into this deal that will continue to cost Hartford's taxpayers millions per year with very little , if any, in return for the next couple decades.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


This November 10th is the 242nd Birthday of the United States Marine Corps, as well as Veteran's Day.

Thank you to all who have served



It just never ends at the Hartford Schools. And it really makes me wonder who is watching out for the children. These incidents are deplorable.

Apparently a babysitter was sent to the MD Fox School recently to pick up a student. The student was apparently wearing a hooded sweatshirt when the child was handed off to the babysitter.

According to sources, when the babysitter got the child home and took off the hooded sweatshirt, they realized they had the wrong child .  I am not really sure how this could happen with any responsible adult entrusted with the care of a child, but it did happen.They promptly returned to M D FOX School and claimed the correct child and returned the mistaken child to the teacher.

How could this happen and what is the proper procedure for anyone other than a parent to pick up a child from a Hartford School? And what was the reporting process? Who if anyone was notified of this dangerous error and what steps are being  taken to make sure it doesn't happen again.

My suspicion is NONE and every effort was and is probably being made to handle in the school to avoid embarrassment and the public and the media from finding out.

Several people have already called me about this incident, as well as others that I am digging into. If you have information on this incident or any others you would like to make me aware of, please contact me

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


NOT!!!!! It seems like anytime there is a mass shooting, our politicians all run for the closest TV camera to spout off more about the need for tougher gun laws.

Although we expect our "leaders " to come up with useful legislation to help keep us safe, those same leaders show they are usually just "noisemakers" trying to get political recognition for themselves.

The State of Connecticut is said to have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, most of them passed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings. Sadly, most of those laws were passed  by politicians in response to a rush to soothe their own consciences to say they did something in response to innocent children being slaughtered  in what should have been a safe environment.

In reality, what it did was make it much tougher for honest law abiding citizens to purchase guns and ammunition. It did nothing to address illegal guns and the accompanying violence on our streets. If I wanted to purchase a handgun legally in Connecticut, I would have to apply and go through the process to get a handgun permit to arm myself.

But again , back to reality, anyone familiar with Hartford understands that you could probably go a few blocks in any direction in Hartford and illegally purchase a handgun off the streets, probably with the identifying serial numbers filed off, but a gun is a gun. And if you are involved with illegal drugs, guns are an unofficial alternative currency for drug purchases, so they are readily available from most drug locations. Not the safest thing to do, but most people involved with illegal weapons probably aren't the most law abiding residents either.

I wonder how many people carrying illegal weapons in Hartford or willing to use them in criminal activity such as robberies or shootings have actually taken the time to get a concealed carry permit and carry their guns in accordance with gun laws that Senator Murphy and others think will end the problem.

The solution  if there is a solution at this point, is enforcement and accountability and being serious about it.

The double homicide arrest today of the shooter is a perfect example. The alleged shooter, is Latoy Johnson, Johnson ,a convicted felon with 23 previous arrests was currently out on  Probation  and was scheduled for a probation meeting in Hartford today, where he was arrested by HPD. 

23 Previous arrests, a convicted felon who was barred from owning or even touching a firearm or ammunition, yet he allegedly shot and killed 2 men during a gun battle on a City Street. What do you think he thinks of your gun laws Senator Murphy? He was probably shaking like hell as he shot one man in the head and the other victim in the face He was probably terrified of the consequences of the gun laws Senator Murphy pushed so strongly for to feel better after Newtown.

Again, it comes down to stronger accountability and enforcement. Your second chance philosophy just isn't working. How does someone with 23 arrests still roam the streets to kill two men on a City Street. And Latoy Johnson clearly  has no regard for society's laws and has shown no intention of abiding by them, so passing more gun laws will only give Latoy Johnson and other criminals like him a wider variety of laws they choose to ignore when  committing their violent acts against society.

Let's start enforcing the laws we actually have on the books instead of trying to encumber law abiding citizens with  more seat of the pants feel good, reactionary legislation


On September 23rd at 12:38am, Hartford Police Department patrol officers responded to the area of 1164 Albany Avenue on a report of shots fired by both the automated ShotSpotter systems, as well as several 911 calls. HPD  Officers arrived and found four gunshot victims. One of the four victims (Joshua Taylor) was pronounced deceased on scene. Another victim (Jovan Wooten) was found unresponsive and transported to St. Francis Hospital where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased on September 29th 2017.  Two other victims were also located suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds. The Hartford Police Department Major Crimes Division initiated and lead the investigation. Initial investigation revealed that a verbal had altercation occurred on the sidewalk to 1164 Albany Avenue, an area known for very heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic.   The altercation escalated to gunfire when the intended target (deceased, Joshua Taylor) was struck by a single gunshot to the head.  One of the individuals who was with him, (licensed gun permit holder-Jovan Wooten) returned fire.  It appears at this time that he did not strike the shooter, but was met with return fire from the suspect, resulting in him taking a fatal gunshot to the face.   When Wooten was located  by HPD officers, his licensed firearm was still in his possession.  Detectives from the HPD Major Crimes Division and HPD C4 analysts secured surveillance video in the area which recorded the incident.  Several pieces of crucial evidence were secured and analyzed by the Hartford Police Crime Scene Division.  Ultimately, the combination of forensic evidence,  surveillance video, and cooperative citizens led to probable cause to charge Latroy Johnson, 40 of Windsor CT, with the homicides. 
On Monday, November 6, 2017, an arrest warrant was drafted and submitted to the Hartford State's Attorney and a Judge of the Superior Court. The arrest warrant was approved and signed by both. The arrest warrant had a two million dollar Judge set bond attached and charges the accused, Latroy Johnson, with two count of Murder, Assault First, and Criminal Possession of a Firearm-all in violation of Connecticut General Statute.

Today, November 7, 2017. HPD Major Crimes detectives developed information that Johnson (A convicted felon with 23 previous arrests currently out on CT Probation) was scheduled for a probation meeting in Hartford. Upon his arrival to the meeting, members of the Hartford Police Department and U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force safely and peacefully took Johnson into custody without incident.

Johnson was then transported to the Hartford Police Major Crimes Division to be debriefed by the lead detectives before being transferred to the Hartford Police booking facility where he was processed for his charges.  Johnson is scheduled to be arraigned in Hartford Superior Court located at 101 Lafayette Street on November 08, 2017 at 9:30 am.  Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to call Lieutenant Paul Cicero of the Major Crimes Division at 860-757-4179, or the confidential tip line at 860-722-TIPS.

Victim: Jovan Wooten 11/11/1979 of New Britain CT
Victim: Joshua Taylor 02/19/1986 Unknown address, no CT History, recent indication he resided in New Jersey.
Accused: Latroy Johnson 01/05/1977 of Windsor CT

Deputy Chief Brian J Foley


It just never ends at the Hartford Schools. And it really makes me wonder who is watching out for the children. These incidents are deplorable.

Apparently a babysitter was sent to the MD Fox School recently to pick up a student. The student was apparently wearing a hooded sweatshirt when the child was handed off to the babysitter.

According to sources, when the babysitter got the child home and took off the hooded sweatshirt, they realized they had the wrong child .  I am not really sure how this could happen with any responsible adult entrusted with the care of a child, but it did happen.They promptly returned to M D FOX School and claimed the correct child and returned the mistaken child to the teacher.

How could this happen and what is the proper procedure for anyone other than a parent to pick up a child from a Hartford School? And what was the reporting process? Who if anyone was notified of this dangerous error and what steps are being  taken to make sure it doesn't happen again.

My suspicion is NONE and every effort was and is probably being made to handle in the school to avoid embarrassment and the public and the media from finding out.

Several people have already called me about this incident, as well as others that I am digging into. If you have information on this incident or any others you would like to make me aware of, please contact me


Monday, November 6, 2017


Dr. Craig J. Yennie

One year ago tomorrow Dr. Craig Yennie, the son of my good friend Hyacinth Yennie passed away suddenly in Providence, Rhode  Island.

This Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 10:00am there will be a memorial service to celebrate Craig's life, to be held at the Trinity College Chapel, 300 Summit Street, Hartford.  A tree will be planted along with  a plaque to honor Craig.

This year, the first Dr. Craig J. Yennie STEM Scholarship will be given to a Hartford Public School student who intends to pursue a college education in the STEM field.

The scholarship will be given this coming January at the annual Scribes Institute  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gala.

Donations to the Dr. Craig J. Yennie Scholarship Fund can be sent to :

The Scribes Institute
PO Box 380640
East Hartford, CT   06138

Contribution's are tax deductible

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Why now? Is it maybe because the National Football League has taken a huge hit in their revenues?

 Why couldn't they have done this weeks ago, if they really do respect our "Freedoms". The same freedoms that men and women of the military that they show in this video have fought and died for.

"We live in this amazing Country" and "Take a second to realize how lucky we are" are just two of the quotes from NFL Players in this ad, Are they just coming to that reality now?

 What do you think? Would these "PSA's" have ever happened if upset American's were not speaking with their wallets as a protest against the NFL players misguided actions?

God bless the USA, God bless our military and God bless our first responders.


Across the country the use of opiates are taking lives. Much of that is due to the cutting of heroin by Fentanyl, which from what I am told is less expensive than pure heroin and ups the profit for drug dealers. Unfortunately the cutting with Fentanyl is done by street level drug dealers trying to increase their profits and isn't done under the most controlled settings and is routinely delivering a lethal dose to addicts trying to get a sufficient high.

I am told that even a small grain of Fentanyl in contact with the skin can deliver a deadly dosage to anyone, including law enforcement officers who are routinely having to deal with Fentanyl on our streets.

I have to admit I was administered Fentanyl during a medical procedure and the feeling was close to euphoric, but it was administered in a controlled setting  in a dosage given by a doctor. But in knowing the feeling, I can only imagine how someone addicted to heroin would  welcome the addition of Fentanyl to increase the high  and then strive to increase that high, resulting in a deadly combination.

Narcan has been a huge help in reducing opioid deaths, but many people are not using heroin with someone else watching and monitoring and ready to administer Narcan when things go bad. Hartford Fire and EMS are routinely administering Narcan now and saving lives everyday.

As you can see from the list below, not everyone is within reach of a dose of Narcan and at least 45 people have lost their lives so far as a result of drug overdoses. I have blocked out the names and I have only redacted actual house numbers on the street addresses so that readers can see these overdose deaths are happening in every neighborhood, no area is exempt.
And this list is only the beginning. Police sources are telling me that the number of suspected deaths awaiting final determination by the Office of the Medical Examiner, who is backlogged with suspected opioid deaths statewide, will equal or exceed this list. As many as 45 suspected opioid deaths are awaiting final toxicology reports, and there are still roughly two more months left for the end of year numbers.

And take a moment to not the demographics on the list below.  The ages range from 23 to 60 , and includes black, white and Hispanic victims. No one is exempt from this crisis. And the neighborhoods include all areas of the city from the Northend, to the Southend, Frog Hollow  Downtown and the Westend.

And like most of our problems with illegal drugs, this is a problem we won't be able to "arrest" our way out of. It is going to take some serious discussions and treatment for addiction

Opioid Deaths Hartford 2017 by Kevin Brookman on Scribd


Thursday, November 2, 2017


The week started with a University of Hartford student being charged with a hate crime against her roommate and it didn't improve.

A stabbing on Willard Street in Hartford yesterday morning, according to sources, involved a University of Hartford student as the victim. According to HPD, the victim was reported in critical condition with numerous stab wounds.

The investigation is ongoing with HPD Major Crimes Division

I am not posting the name of the victim, who showed a downtown Hartford address, st the time.


Apparently Mayor Bronin doesn't understand that he is only a good as the people he surrounds himself with.

Bronin today announced that he will be elevating Leigh Ann Ralls to the position of Finance Director to replace the exiting Darrel Hill. 

Ralls won't have very big shoes to fill  after Darrel Hill leaves, which in this case is probably a good thing. For those not familiar with Ralls work, when she was interviewed in the past by City Auditors regarding abuse of City Credit Cards, she explained that the numbers were off because many of the receipts were not recorded properly and instead were found in a shoebox on a shelf in her office. From the Auditors Report it stated  she told the Internal Audit Commission that the P-card problem had been solved when all of the missing receipts were found in a shoe box on a shelf in the Finance Department .

 Her statement made it seem that this method was an accepted business practice in City Hall.

Well , I guess on the bright side ,the City is already broke, so how much damage could she do?

A quick search of the blog will bring up other content about Ralls. At least with the added responsibility, Ralls should be able to enlarge her circle of influence when it comes time for increased sales of Girl Scout cookies to her staff that answers to her and feel obligated to buy her treats

From Mayor Bronin to the Hartford City Council: 

Dear Council President Clarke and Members of the City Council:
As you know, Darrell Hill will be leaving his role as Director of Finance and CFO effective this Friday.  Darrell has served the City in senior positions since he arrived in Hartford in 2014, and I know you join me in thanking him for his hard work and dedication.  We have benefitted from his expertise and experience, and wish him all the best as he pursues new opportunities.
Though I have spoken to many of you informally, I wanted to formally share with you our plan to ensure a smooth and effective transition of responsibilities. 
First, I have asked Director of Management and Budget Melissa McCaw to assume additional supervisory responsibility as Interim Chief Financial Officer.  As you know, Melissa has more than fifteen years of experience in budgeting and financial management at the state and local levels, as well in higher education.  She is a tremendously skilled and trusted leader on our team, and I am confident that she will be an outstanding Interim CFO.
Second, I will be nominating Leigh Ann Ralls to the position of Director of Finance, reporting through the Chief Financial Officer.  Leigh Ann has managed key accounting processes as well as financial reporting for the City of Hartford since 2006, and she has twenty years of experience in public accounting.  She has served as Acting Director of Finance on multiple occasions in the past, and I am glad she is willing to continue serve in this critically important role.
The Department of Finance will continue to house many of its existing divisions, including Accounting and Control, Tax Assessment, Tax Collection, Procurement, and Human Relations.  The Capital Improvement Program and Risk Management functions remain part of the Finance Department, but will report directly to the Chief Financial Officer.  We will also be moving the Revenue Management division from the Department of Finance to the Office of Management, Budget and Grants, reporting to Melissa in her role as Budget Director.
I believe that this modest reorganization will allow for a more appropriate and manageable division of responsibility and authority, and will best position both the Finance and Budget Departments to continue their work as effectively as possible.  
Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions.
Luke Bronin