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Friday, April 15, 2016


I have to ask, aren't we still living in a Democracy here in the United States of America. This political season has taken on one of the nastiest tones I have seen in my lifetime. The Democratic debate last night makes me wonder if either of them has the dignity, integrity or demeanor to be President of the United States.

 With Donald Trump coming to Hartford tonight, we are being promised a true three ring circus by protester's coming into our City to wreak havoc. Not from the Trump campaign but by outsiders who want to shut his message down

Did I miss something over the years? Isn't a Democracy about putting ideas out there, whether you agree with them or not. We all have the right to say and listen to anyone we want. Then we have the ultimate choice to make of who we support with our vote.

It is a pretty simple theory and those who wish to shut down that process through, shouting, yelling, chaos and pepper spray should really look back. They should be looking back at the men and women who have fought and died for their right to go out there and act like idiots, injuring other citizens as well as Police Officers in the process.

If you don't like Donald Trump, don't vote for him. Go out there and work your ass of for the candidate you believe in, but please don't disenfranchise those people who really want to listen and learn about the candidates. It just seems hypocritical that the same people that are trying to shut down the Trump message are many of the same people that have been marginalized over the years by the same narrow-mindedness that they themselves are now exhibiting.

Our Democracy allows for a free exchange of ideas and thoughts everyday by everyone, and that includes Donald Trump and his supporters and even the people that just want to listen to him before making up their minds on which candidate earns their vote.

Thursday, April 14, 2016




On April 4, 2016 the Hartford Police Department was contacted by a concerned citizen regarding potential inappropriate conduct between a (now former) Hartford School administrator, Eduardo Genao 57 of Hamden, and  a 13 year old female from an out of state school.

HPD investigators began an immediate investigation, visiting the victim in her home out of state that afternoon. The corroborated details of the interactions, between the 13 yo and Genao, were included in a search warrant application for a cell phone believed to be possessed by Genao. On April 5th, 2016 the search warrant was approved and served to Genao at the Hartford Board of Ed offices at 960 Main St. Working closely with Hartford Public Schools Administrators and Security, HPD investigators were able to secure the phone from Genao. Shortly thereafter, a second search warrant was obtained and served at the Hamden home of Genao. Electronic evidence was seized. That evidence has been, and continues to be examined.

On April 13, 2016 HPD Investigators submitted an arrest warrant for Eduardo Genao to the Hartford CT States Attorney’s Office (GA14). The warrant was approved. HPD investigators took Genao into custody at his home in Hamden CT without incident. Genao was transported to HPD Booking where he was charged with a single count of Risk of Injury to a Minor and given a $50,000 bond. Genao posted bond and was released. He has a scheduled court date of April 20, 2016.

This investigation is ongoing. The Hartford Police Department is communicating and working closely with the Hartford Connecticut States Attorney’s Office as well as our federal partners.

Former Hartford Assistant Superintendent of Schools Eduardo Genao after his arrest last night on felony Risk of Injury to a Minor charges. The investigation continues.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Dr. Eduardo Genao, Hartford Schools
The Predator Superintendent  is in Police custody after his arrest warrant was signed earlier today

The next photograph you will most likely see posted here of Hartford's Assistant Superintendent of Schools Eduardo Genao will  be his arrest photo.

According to sources, Hartford detectives are planning to arrest Genao at his home in Hamden tonight on a single count of Risk of Injury to a Minor. The single count may only just be the beginning as  the investigation continues and more forensic evidence is reviewed by investigators. 

The arrest is most likely an effort to get Genao's passport in the Courts custody. Genao apparently has strong ties to the Dominican Republic and authorities were concerned about Genao being a flight risk as  the investigation continues.

Sources are also telling me that dependin on the evidence found, the investigation has the potential to be turned over to Federal authorities due to the scope and interstate violations that may have been involved.

To read more about Genao's escapades and my original posting, click here



You  can read the full story here.


Word from sources is that the Trump Campaign is tentatively planning a campaign stop this Friday in Hartford.

Trump is expected to make a campaign stop at the Connecticut Convention Center on Friday in preparation for the upcoming Republican Presidential Primary.

More details as they are released.


"I guess we need to find a way to shut you and your blog down".

 Those were the last words I heard from Hartford Schools spokesperson Pedro Zayas yesterday before I promptly told him our conversation was done , and I then hung up.

Zayas had called, complaining that I was attacking him on the blog.  I told him it was not an attack but more accountability and holding him responsible for his incompetence. He didn't like that, I guess no one does when you point out they are incompetent.

He also didn't like my suggestion that he take some lessons from Deputy Chief Foley, the spokesperson for the Hartford Police , if he wanted to learn how to do his job I have never waited more than a few minutes for a reply to an inquiry from Foley, no matter whether positive or negative to HPD. And that is the way he treats everyone, not just people he agrees with.

He was not happy that I pointed out and posted a screen shot where I texted him a request for documents Friday afternoon and now he was getting back to me Tuesday at 12:30PM. And his call wasn't really in response to my request for documents, it was because he wanted to complain that I was attacking him.  He continued to do the Public Relations spin thing , even claiming that he had four days to acknowledge my request under the FOI laws.

It was even comical at one point when he tried to point out my inaccuracies. I asked him for an example. He replied that I was calling Eduardo Genao an Assistant Superintendent of Schools .He said that title was incorrect. When I told him that title came exactly from the Hartford Schools website, he replied that "the website must be wrong". That's my fault that your own website is not accurate?

 He is new, I guess he really doesn't understand the FOI laws. He said he was fulfilling the "legal" obligations to my request. I asked him where was his "Moral" obligation to do his job and do it well and not be part of a cover up?

I could almost feel the steam coming out of his ears through the phone. Zayas then started on the scripted mantra. " I care so much about the City" "I care so much about the Hartford Schools" "I care so much about the Children" " I only want to make Hartford better". He must be studying from the Narvaez playbook

 I then asked him what I considered a pretty innocent question. "For my own clarification, what neighborhood do you live in?" The response was typical. " Oh ,I don't live in Hartford". Apparently neither does his wife, who he claims has been a teacher in the Hartford Schools for 14 years..

We went back and forth for several minutes, and Zayas had to clearly see I wasn't falling for his nonsense. I was somewhat surprised when he said " I guess we need to find a way to shut you and your blog down". I promptly ended the call

Bring it on Pedro, plenty have tried, including FORMER Mayor's. Police Chief, Fire Chief's, Department heads,   and even a former State rep, (I think you work for him now).


Your e-mails, phone calls and text messages are really helping to expose problems and deficiencies in the Hartford School System and delivering the rad map for me and others to follow.
The cartoon above was sent to me this morning and I think it very accurately sums up the mindset at the Superintendent's Office in Hartford.
Please keep the information coming and I will continue to try t uncover or find answers to your concerns.


The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression. --W.E.B. DuBois

In May of 2015 a negligence lawsuit was filed against the Norman Public School District (Oklahoma) and its superintendent for violating the Constitutional rights of a student diagnosed with disabilities and special needs, leaving him with physical and psychological damage. The plaintiff alleged that the superintendent placed the student in the classroom of two abusive teachers. The district had been notified about the abusiveness of both teachers for more than 5 consecutive years. Despite the recurring grievances filed by several parents, Superintendent Siano continued to disregard their concerns. The lawsuit stated that the superintendent had a fiduciary duty to take actions on behalf of the children given that the Superintendent was notified of previous abuses. Unfortunately, the superintendent did nothing.

For several years I have heard Hartford Board of Education superintendents, one after another , promising to hear the concerns of the parents, community leaders and others to act responsibly to those concerns.  Regrettably each Superintendent continued to fail to deliver on their word. Interestingly enough, if only the former Superintendent of the Norman Public School District listened to and acted upon the complaints of parents, a lawsuit could have been averted and a child may have been unharmed. The underlying problem is that there has been a major shift from what education should be, as compared to how education is practiced today. The focus of education has changed. The raw truth is that education as displayed in our present day public school system is not a tool to make our children better, more exposed, and prepared to compete in a rapidly evolving world market, but is rather a secret society.

Education has become a secret society whose sole purpose is to protect the “brotherhood and sisterhood” of an exorbitantly high paid cabinet of chiefs who are not obligated to consider the welfare of the children. The children’s well being and development is no longer the measurement of progress. The measurement of progress is now measured by hosting weekly meetings, workshops, and conferences. These meetings have replaced accountability and meaningful conversation among parents, teachers, and the superintendents of schools. The problem has never been that parent’s and teacher’s are not speaking but rather that no one is listening, no one is taking action. The problem is further exacerbated by the truth that no one is being held accountable to the fiduciary responsibility to hear and act on parents or teachers concerns.

I’ve heard many times from Hartford Board of Education Superintendent Beth Schiavano-Narvaez that she wants to engage parents and that she cares about teacher concerns. She claims that her office has an open door policy and she is ready to hear the concerns of people possessing fresh ideas to help improve our students. Dr. Narvaez makes a bold claim that “it’s all about the children.” But during her two-years as Superintendent of schools those claims can not be verified. Andrea Johnson, president of the Hartford Federation of Teachers would agree that Dr. Narvaez is not hearing at all.
In early 2016, Johnson presented a 30 bullet point document that listed a myriad of educational and workplace complaints on behalf of the 2000 teachers that her union represents. Her complaints listed inadequate support for special education, “filthy” conditions in some school buildings, and desiring properly functioning technology. Despite consistent and clear grievances being presented monthly, Johnson claims that “very few” of the issues have been resolved. Johnson rightly stated that “Enough is enough.” Something has to be done. Who is required to listen to parents, to the teachers, or even the children? According to Hartford Board of Education policies, no one.

No matter what the Superintendent does wrong, she is fiercely defended by an oligarchy who clearly has a vested interest in securing her post as in doing so gives them access to power and political future aspirations. People are speaking and have always been. In fact, many are screaming for change in our system but very little is being heard. Eduardo “Eddie” Genao who is now under police investigation for inappropriate contact with a minor is no novice to the system that allows for predators to thrive. In fact, he knows how to work it to his benefit. Files show that Genao has been loosely reprimanded for years under three administrations for similar lewd conduct.
While serving as Principal of Sport and Medical Science Academy, Genao was reprimanded for using, “exceedingly poor” judgment in engaging in social interactions with a student electronically. Perhaps a clearer translation of this highly romanticized central office language is that he was “sexting” and preying on young girls. It’s very hard to understand how education is one of the rare sectors that continues to cover up criminal behavior, especially when it involves children. People are speaking but no one is listening. In a January 2008 letter signed by then Assistant Superintendent Penny McCormack the reprimand stated that Genao also “engaged in the same conduct with a former student who became an employee; again administration exhibited a poor decision.

For “poor decision making” Genao was not reported to the police or the FBI. He was not fired. He was not put on a watch list. Instead Genao was given a promotion to central office, a position that yielded him in excess of $176,000.00 salary. The Office of Talent and Management and the then Superintendent seemed to have believed that it would be better to transfer and promote Genao to a position where he wouldn’t have immediate access to children rather than to fire him or prosecute him. There is a grave danger when people speak but no one listens.  Education in general is in desperate need for reform.

This reform has been stalemated by people who fail to care but also who fail to listen and act.  Of course, some may disagree and claim that the Board of Education is listening. In fact, they have hired a team, a communication team to address all of their vital public concerns so the Superintendent won’t have to.  Although the newly appointed city school’s spokesperson Pedro Zayas has only been on board for a few months he speaks in vague terms about information concerning the system failures at the Hartford Board of Education, some of which happened more than a decade ago. Interestingly enough he is paid to say whatever “they” (the stakeholders) tell him to say whether it makes sense or not. He is a professional pitch man who is not paid to speak truth but rather to deflect anyone and anything that comes against the Hartford Board of Education and its “Holy Grail” failed policies. His job is clear to make the Board of Education look good even if the ship is swiftly sinking.

Of course the reports from Zayas and his team of advisors clearly explains that we should not be worried about Genao’s predatory actions since he was intelligent enough to target an out-of-state little girl instead of one of our own. This point was made clear that the little girl who was the victim is not a part of the Hartford School system. She does not live in Hartford. Thus, every parent should feel safe. The confidence in the board should now be restored because parental concern should only arise if Genao’s target was a Hartford resident or Hartford student. This nonsense is what our tax dollars pays for. Why should it matter whether the victim lives in Hartford, New York or Europe? If the Board of Education continues to cover up predators and ignore the voices of reason I cannot be comfortable. In fact, it is an outrage.

What does this say about our care for “all” children not just those living in Harford and its surrounding towns? Dr. Narvaez, Dr. Ngounou, and Attorney Wareing have failed all of our children. If we follow the past protocol, then they should all be promoted for ignoring the warnings. Not this time! They have proven to be threatening to our children’s future. Only the blind cannot see the handwriting on the wall. This administration does not hear and cannot see. Parents, teachers, advocates, union leaders, and even harassed employees have been screaming yet Dr. Narvaez, Dr. Ngounou, and Attorney Wareing, by their own admissions, do not have the time to respond, they overlook emails, because they are busy. They do not care.

There is a small child in the middle of the highway with fast moving cars, in fact, there are many children in harms way. If someone doesn’t act quickly they will die. Is there anyone who has the time to respond? Will you continue to turn a deaf ear to the voice of the people? Time will tell.
“He that has an ear to hear let him hear.”

Dr. Aaron Lewis 4/11/16

This can also be viewed on Dr. Lewis's website where he has started his own blog

Monday, April 11, 2016


A question was posted on the blog today regarding the current re-construction of Pratt Street.

The question:
 Little Brick Road said...
Kevin, just saw on the news the city is replacing ALL the bricks on Pratt St!!!! The entire street is almost vacant! Aren't we in a fiscal crisis according to Bronin? How much is this costing and where is this money coming from. This has got to be a multi million dollar job. This could have and should have waited, we're a broke city, right? What is the matter with this mayor? Now is NOT the time for projects like this. Please report back Kevin.
My response:

Little Brick Road.

I did make a call to Mayor Bronin's Chief of Staff Thea Montanez and your question were timely. I guess a meeting was held recently in the Mayor's Office and many of the question's you were asking were brought up in that meeting. The project actually began design work in 2014, well before the Bronin Administration. The total cost is expected to be around $1.3million and a large portion of that, close to $400,000 is being funded by a "grant" from AETNA. Comcast is also underwriting some of the infrastructure repair required to upgrade underground systems. The project and contracts and materials had already been purchased and Bronin's people weren't in a position to break or breach those contracts now. I would hope that serious consideration will be given to turning the renewed Pratt Street into a pedestrian mall , free of vehicular traffic and find businesses willing to take a chance on Hartford to occupy the numerous vacant restaurants and make outdoor seating and entertainment a priority, very similar to what West Hartford Center has to offer, and make the Pratt Street pedestrian mall an integral part of a revamped downtown. Northland investment is a major impediment to that happening though. If you notice, most of the north side of the street that they own is vacant due to exorbitant rents that they charged and forced many of the restaurants out of business. Thank you Thea for your prompt response on this one.

Mayor Bronin's Chief of Staff, Thea Montanez was gracious enough to answer my questions promptly this afternoon.

In researching the issue further, I found a Courant op-ed article from 2015 that depicted a very interesting history of Pratt Street. If you enjoy Hartford history, it is well worth reading.


I am really not sure why it has taken a week to get to this point.

 Mayor Bronin and Superintendent of Schools Beth Narvaez today issued a joint statement "related to the reporting of any information suggesting that a child may be at risk of harm" Shouldn't this have been automatic on the part of Narvaez? Did it really take strong media attention to get her to admit the obvious?

 Today, Mayor Luke Bronin and Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez announced that the Board of Education will launch a thorough review of the policies and procedures related to the reporting of any information suggesting that a child may be at risk of harm
. At Mayor Bronin’s request, the Board of Education will also engage the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate to assist in the review of policies and procedures, and to look into the reporting of a recent situation involving a Hartford Public Schools (HPS) administrator sending inappropriate texts to a minor. “Both as a father and as Mayor, I feel a profound responsibility to do everything possible to ensure that kids are protected from harm,” said Mayor Bronin. "There needs to be a thorough review of what happened in the reporting of this situation, as well as a broader review of the policies and procedures to ensure that officials respond quickly and forcefully whenever there are any warning signs. I believe it’s appropriate to engage the independent Office of the Child Advocate so that the review is as thorough, as impartial, and as effective as possible.”
Led by Sarah Egan, the Office of the Child Advocate is responsible for monitoring and evaluating public and private agencies charged with the protection of children in Connecticut. The Office of the Child Advocate also has the authority to review the policies and procedures of state agencies, or others that provide services to children through state funding, to ensure they are protecting children’s rights and promoting their best interest. “As Superintendent, I believe that there is no greater task at Hartford Public Schools than being vigilant about the safety of all children. We will review our abuse and neglect reporting procedures immediately,” said Superintendent Narvaez
. “I welcome the support and assistance of the Child Advocate in the review of our policies to ensure the district is doing everything within its power to protect every child.” Superintendent Narvaez also noted that anyone who believes a child is at risk should immediately call the Department of Children and Families Careline at 1-800-842-2288, which is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  This announcement comes after a police investigation surfaced against a former Hartford school district staff member, Eduardo Genao, who allegedly sent inappropriate text messages to a minor. The criminal investigation involving Mr. Genao is ongoing, and there are no official charges to date, according to the Hartford Police Department.
  For further inquiries on the investigation, please contact the Hartford Police Department.
Also, Assistant Superintendent Gislaine Ngoudou issued her own statement via e-mail to her colleagues explaining her lack of action when confronted with allegations of inappropriate behavior by her counterpart, Eduardo Genao.
  Dear colleagues,
I am reaching out to you regarding a matter of importance.
I wanted you to hear directly from me for several reasons;
 I believe we share an unwavering commitment to all of our children and I deeply value our collective work and our culture of strong relationships and collaboration. I would like to express my regret for the way I handled an allegation brought to my attention of a potential improper contact between a HPS employee and a minor
 On 3/22 I received a text from Dr. Aron Lewis concerning an allegation of potential inappropriate contact between an unnamed HPS Director and an unnamed minor. I replied to Dr. Lewis’ text and attempted to set up a time to call him twice that day, but was unable to speak with him. In a follow up message,
 Dr. Lewis informed me that he would handle the matter through an alternative way. I incorrectly assumed we would speak the next day, but neither of us followed up on the matter with each other. This was an omission of the mind and not an omission of the heart. I take full responsibility for the failure on my part to aggressively pursue more information. This was a lapse that does not reflect my own professional standards, my commitment to children, or the importance HPS places on the safety of children attending our schools. I am deeply sorry for any breach of trust this may have caused between HPS and the families we serve and pledge to do all I can to rebuild that trust. I also commit to the work of improving our processes and practices to ensure the safety of all of children. I thank you for remaining focused on this work with me.
Sincerely, Gislaine Ngounou, ED.L.D. Chief of Staff Hartford Public Schools
Although it is good to see Ngoudou taking responsibility for her failing to protect a child, it can not just be breushed of by an e-mail confession . Strong action by the Superintendent, up to and including termination, needs to be taken for anyone found to be guilty of not taking appropriate action in this matter .
Oh, and just as a sidenote, Pedro Zayas, the Hartford  Schools  spokesperson  still has not responded to any of my requests or text messages for information. But as you can see, I am still getting the information through "alternative means". and I thank you all for helping to expose this problem even if the highly paid spokespeople want to keep this covered up.
Here is a screen capture of one text message he has ignored. as you can see, it was read Friday, and still no response. All part of the cover up mentality ,I guess. They should realize by now I won't just go away because they ignore me.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Illegal ATV's on Albany Avenue at Sigourney Street Sunday afternoon. Note the reckless Quad on the left going against traffic head-on

More quads and ATV's up on I-84 near Flatbush  Avenue on ramp Sunday Afternoon. Do you think we have a problem. Who will be the first to die in a  crash? An innocent motorist going out of control on 84 or a quad operator doing a wheelie on Albany Avenue?

This one of those things that I am not sure what the solution is, but there has to be a solution.

Hartford's ATV problem. The warm weather is here so the ATV's are back out. Sunday was a near constant rumbling of the obnoxious operators and their illegal vehicles on Hartford's streets. It  is not only a quality of life issue, but also a safety issue for both the illegal reckless operators as well as the legal vehicles using Hartford's streets competing with the ATV's.

Most of these operators have no regard for their own safety as well as those on the streets. The wheelies and weaving in and out of traffic  with no regard for anyone else is unacceptable. Do we need to wait for some fools death or them causing someone elses death before we make a serious attempt  to curtail their use?

The police  are pretty much rendered helpless under their current orders to stop this nonsense. The vehicles aren't registered so there is no plate to trace back to an address Police are forbidden from chasing the vehicle, but in the mean time they are allowed to tear up our parks and jeopardize our streets.  The ATV's were even up on I-84 this afternoon.  This is a recipe for disaster when one of them goes head to head with a tractor trailer or cartwheels out of control at 50 MPH .

Are we the only City facing this , or how is this problem dealt with in  other locations?

UPDATE: 7:25PM: Here is a news article I found from this past Thursday. This is how Washington D.C. is dealing with the problem. It sounds like it would work here also


On Saturday April 9, 2016, the Hartford Police Department Traffic Division under the Supervision of Lieutenant Rob Allan and Sergeant John Bremser  partnered with the Make A Wish Foundation to fulfill a dream for an amazing young girl.

The young girl, Carly from Granby had her Make-A-Wish granted with a vacation in London and France. The Hartford Police Traffic Division was honored to provide her with a dignitary escort on her way to the airport.

Thanks to the Make-A Wish Foundation, Connecticut, and NBC Connecticut and the Hartford Police Traffic Division for giving Carly a sendoff fit for a princess.