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Friday, November 18, 2011


After a quiet period, the second homicide of the week occurred last night at 1995 Park Street in Hartford.

The shooting victim died this morning after under going surgery for his wounds.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today's "Occupy Hartford" actions turned out to be more of a union media stunt than a protest to effect social change from what I saw. That was more evident than ever when the press releases began rolling out from Union organizers. Signs and banners were front and center from the Teamsters and SEIU.

And for anyone that has ever watched a flash mob video, the element of surprise and spontanaiety happens because the people just show up and get started. No telegraphing your intentions to the media, the property owners and more importantly the police or security agencies. That is why they have an impact.

Today's event was probably the biggest "non-event" Hartford has seen in a while. Do they not understand that HPD has people that live just to develop "Op-plans" to minimize the impact of such events. I think in all honesty many commuters would welcome this as a daily event. It seems that traffic ran smoother nthan just about any day I have seen.

The bottleneck at the intersection of Farmington, Broad and Asylum Streets was non-existent. Traffic was flowing smoothly both east and westbound on Farmington Avenue which is usually bumper to bumper at this time of day. Fortunately the gridlock and disruption of traffic never happened. That's probably a good thing since I think many of the "99%" (translated as us commoners) would have a hard time supporting something that was disrupting our daily lives.

The HPD "Ops plan" diluted the impact so much that unless you were on Broad Street near the Courant and I-84 you would be hard pressed to even know anything was going on. No tasers were unholstered, no pepperspray cloud over the area, no riot helmets,just a street full of cops who politely announced to the 12 human speed bumps that each one was about to be arrested and were they sure they wanted that.

A sergeant and two officers approached each of the 12 people on the entrance ramp and advised them they were about to be arrested. And probably even more politely than a hostess at a restaurant, they were led to the prisoner transport by two police officers.

I'm still not sure what the message is and what "Occupy Hartford" is trying to accomplish, but letting the union's hijack their message and ride their coat tails isn't a good direction to take.

The officer's present from HPD did a great job handling the event, but it is another unnecessary burden being placed on a Department which should be focusing on keeping our City safe, not being used as extra's in a stage production orchestrated by Union organizers.


Apparently the "occupiers" are planning a protest today to send a message to those nasty Corporate neighbors of ours. From what I understand, they plan to lay down at the entrance ramps to I-84 at Broad Street.

Who is that going to hurt or inconvenience other than hard working people trying to get home after a day at work?

Why not lay down at the driveways at the Corporate locations where the limousines leave at the end of the day returning Corporate executives to their homes? That might have more impact than disrupting everyone. But I'm not sure what the message the "Occupiers" have been trying to get out anyway, other than one of chaos and confusion.

So make today's rush hour a little easier and stay in Hartford at one of our restaurants and relax until the mess clears.


After the previous post and the "Press Release" from City Hall claiming that the dispatch Center was moved due to a "mock exercise" I have received numerous calls from people inside the building

Apparently, as I have previously posted, the evacuation is due to an infestation of fleas. Once again, I stand by my information, no matter how the City tries to spin the information.

I received one internal memo through "alternative means" and another one detailing the infestation should be available shortly.

Why can't they just tell the truth, how difficult would it be to say " we have experienced an infestation of fleas and for the health and safety of our employees, we will be moving the dispatch Center for 24 hours as we exterminate the area."

What else should we expect them to lie to us about? Once again, so much for that "Segarra Transparency". Do you see the words "mock exercise" anywhere in the Chief's memo?

Dispatch Center Relocation


I could say so many things about this and go in so many different directions.

The Emergency Dispatch Center at Jennings Road has been evacuated and moved to the Emergency Operations Center at City Hall because of "bugs". Yes, the actual living type...insects, not the "electronic" type.

Apparently the Dispatch Center was overrun with crawling critters and needed to be fumigated, although no one would say exactly what the "insects" are.

I can suggest other areas that might be worthy of a fumigation, and even maybe an exorcism. Maybe the Chief's complex should be swept for "bugs" also

UPDATE 12:00pm

In typical City of Hartford "spin machine" the move is being called a "Mock Exercise" not a word was mentioned that the Center is overrun with bugs.

Here is the release below:


From the City of Hartford Office of Communications and New Media

For Immediate Release: Thursday, November 17, 2011



(Hartford) - The City of Hartford's Emergency Services and Telecommunications Division will be conducting a mock exercise today wherein the entire City of Hartford Dispatch Center will be abandoned and moved to the City's Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Room 304 on the third floor of Hartford City Hall, 550 Main Street, Hartford.

The media is invited to a press availability with City of Hartford Emergency Planning officials at the EOC today at 1:00 p.m. to discuss the emergency planning exercise. Emergency Services and Telecommunications Director Andrew Jaffee and Jared Kupiec, Chief of Staff to Mayor Pedro E. Segarra, will be available for interviews.

For further information contact Nancy Mulroy, Public Information Officer, City of Hartford Office of Communications and New Media at 860-757-4021/office or 860-930-8945/cell.