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Monday, June 29, 2009


After the Perez Administration successfully drove WFSB Channel 3 to build a new facility and move to Rocky Hill, the City of Hartford Economic Development people, under the guidance of of our dishonorable Mayor Eddie A. Perez, have once again proved to be a huge benefit to our suburban neighbors. As most of our neighboring towns seem to understand the concept of "economic development", Hartford continues to roll out the red carpet for many businesses leaving the City. Last time I looked, the Sunshine Laundry site on Maple Avenue was still empty.

But back to WFSB. Through a source of mine, I was informed today that Meredith Corp., the parent company of WFSB, will be moving another division of theirs to Rocky Hill. Meredith Video Solutions will be moving their operations to Rocky Hill in the near future. Unfortunately, these are jobs that could have been based in Hartford if Perez had a clue how to build a vibrant business climate, rather than drive businesses out to the suburbs, where they are met with open arms by our suburban town leaders.


As Hartford continues to build its reputation as "New England's Shooting Star", two of the latest victims of gun violence have just been confirmed dead at Hartford Hospital. The shootings,which occurred today during the evening rush hour in broad daylight, at one of Hartford's busier intersections by South Green Park at Main Street and Wethersfield Avenue.

The major question is where is the outrage on the part of residents, City leaders( if there are any) as well as suburban residents. Aside from the drug trafficking that occurs daily in South Green Park (commonly referred to as Needle Park) as well as the prostitutes walking the area, this intersection is traversed daily by thousands of people heading to Hartford Hospital, CCMC, the Learning Corridor, Trinity College and many State of Connecticut office buildings. Although one more shooting is one too many, the argument used after the Papa Pizza murder and shootings that Hartford really is safe, that it was an isolated incident not affecting the average person doesn't seem to ring true. In a crowded intersection during rush hour when bullets start flying, the miracle seems to be that no more innocent victims were hit, whether driving, walking to one of the numerous shelters in the area, or the person that may have been sitting in South Green Park.

When are the so-called leaders at Hartford City Hall going to step up and do what needs to be done to reclaim our City. And as much as I support Chief Roberts, the question has to be asked , do we really need him attending classes at Boston University or do we need him on the streets of Hartford doing what he is paid to do, lead the Hartford Police Department. I had no problem getting Matt Hennessy out of town for his stint at Harvard, but I think we need the Chief here.