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Sunday, December 15, 2013


As dozens of cars were towed around Hartford for violating the parking ban and hundreds of $99.00 tickets were issued, apparently the word of the ban didn't get out at City Hall.

This is probably another example of the Segarra Administration's "Leadership by Example" as the City of Hartford vehicle pictured above was left on Prospect Street, directly behind City Hall in violation of the Snowstorm parking ban. As you can see in the picture, the van was hampering snow plowing operations as the plows had to navigate around the van , instead of being able to plow to the curb.

Also, this may not come as a consolation to those who were ticketed and towed, but the press release from the Mayor's Office was incorrect. The fee to retrieve a vehicle towed is not $196.84. The car can be retrieved by paying directly to the tow company $97.84, the parking ticket fee of $99.00 is paid to the Hartford Parking Authority.. The Hartford Police Department does not collect fees for parking violations

If your vehicle is missing from the street and you think it was towed, contact the Hartford Police Department at 860-757-4000. Be prepared to give them the location where it was parked and the plate number on the vehicle . They can tell you which towing company has your vehicle.

In the meantime, next time there is a parking ban, pay attention to it. Even if the City of Hartford doesn't