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Friday, September 28, 2018


It has been a difficult few weeks for Chief David Rosado and the Hartford Police Department, but life goes on and the good works of the men and women of the Hartford Police Department continues, unnoticed for the most part.I'm not talking about the numerous volume of guns seized on our streets everyday or the seizure of the deadly drugs, including fentanyl that seem to be rounded up from every corner of our City

No, I'm talking more about the acts of kindness exhibited day in and day out  unselfishly by our Police Officer's. I was the recipient of one of those acts today. I was almost reluctant to post this act because I know I will be accused of "white Privilege" or whatever some people choose to call it when you have a positive interaction with Police, but if I post the bad, I also need to be fair and acknowledge the good.

Last night I received a call from a Hartford Police Officer telling me about an event that was going to be held on October 27 for Hartford youth and kids in the PAL program. It is a "haunted" hayride on a suburban farm and a bonfire and Halloween events for the evening. Then it was off for coffee with Chief Rosado and other community members this morning at Sister's Restaurant.

Everything was going well until I pulled off the street to park.

Chief Rosado and Assistant Chief Medina were also pulling up at the same time. I heard a strange noise as I pulled off  and only after I parked did I realize(after Chief Medina pointed it out) that a piece of metal had sliced the sidewall of my tire and the tire quickly deflated.

I went inside and decided to worry about the tire after the coffee meeting with the Chief. I enjoy the meetings because it is a wide sampling of people that usually attend, and I like to hear first hand what people think of our officers and HPD. For the most part , the meetings are very constructive with a lot of positive interaction. I would encourage anyone interested in attending to either call the Chief''s Office to be put on the invite list or pay attention to HPD's social media announcements and show up. They are held monthly.

So anyway, back to the random acts of kindness.

I decided to get a cup of coffee and then I made a call to my MacGuyver type guy. This guy can fix anything with a coat hanger and a tube of superglue. He also happens to be a HPD Officer and he was off duty at the time, so I called him and explained my dilemma. He immediately volunteered to hit the road to come to my assistance. Sadly, the coat hanger and super glue can't do much to repair a sliced sidewall on a tire.

I was relieved a few minutes later when I received his text that he was on the way with a wrecker to get me repaired. Almost immediately after I read the text I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Hartford's newest Assistant Police Chief Rafael Medina. Chief Medina was asking for my car keys. Usually that is a bad thing when a cop asks for your car keys and many times the next step is standing on one foot and touching your index finger to your nose.

It was too early in the morning for that, but I thin k that Chief Medina was well aware that after my stroke, the last thing I could do is change a flat tire alone.

He wanted the car keys because him and someone else were going to get my spare and take care of the flat. A sense of relief came across immediately, and I told him "MacGuyver"was on the way with a wrecker. Chief Medina told me to put "MacGuyver" on hold, they had it all under control

I'm calling him MacGuyver, but anyone familiar with HPD  probably has already figured out who he is, but he does things like this almost daily for people in a jam and I don't want to embarrass him, but he knows how grateful I am for his friendship

Chief Medina wouldn't take no for an answer, the tire was replaced in no time , and a crisis was averted , courtesy of a couple of great public servants who went way above and beyond to help a Hartford resident out of a jam. I also am pretty confident  that there are many more good officer's in our City, and for that matter working across our Country in law enforcement, who would step up and help someone regardless of whether his name was Kevin Brookman or Joe or Jane Smith

We are fortunate , despite what some at City Hall think or say or try to instigate. . We have a great group of public servants willing to the extra mile because they love our City and love its residents.

Whether that is Jimmy Barrett finding his niche dealing with Hartford's less fortunate population  and making sure they have decent footwear throughout the year or Teddy Sposito cooking hamburgers for the Barry Square Community Day, these acts go unnoticed for the most part.

I'm not saying to ignore the problems, but lets not focus on them exclusively  and forget to reward the good work that is being done also.

I just wish I had a picture of the tire changing, that would be something for a social media post

Thank you to Chief Medina and anyone else involved.

Sunday, September 23, 2018



On Saturday, September 22, 2018, officers responded to 476 Wethersfield Avenue for a burglary complaint. The complainant reported that she entered the common hallway of her apartment building and discovered a Hispanic male holding stolen items from her apartment. The suspect dropped the items and fled the area when confronted by the complainant. 

The complainant's exterior apartment door showed signs of forced entry. Responding officers broadcasted a description of the suspect. The complaint stated that she could identify the suspect. Officers detained an individual matching the description of the suspect in the area of 554 Wethersfield Avenue. A show up identification was conducted and the suspect was positively identified.

Accused: Alex Torres D.O.B. 3/3/87, 
74 Main Street, New Britain, CT


On 9/22/18, Detectives from the Violent Crimes Unit observed a male suspect enter into confirmed stolen Jeep Cherokee in front of 98 Magnolia Street. The Detectives attempted to apprehend the suspect, who exited the vehicle and fled on foot. After a brief foot pursuit, the suspect was apprehended in the area of Mather Street at Magnolia Street. 

Upon fleeing from the stolen vehicle, the suspect left the vehicle in gear, which then came in contact with a unmarked city vehicle, causing minor damage.

Felix Gonzalez (8/27/2000) of 184 Deerfield Road Windsor, CT.

Charges: Larceny 2nd Degree, Operating a MV without a License, Unsafe Movement from a Stopped Position, and Interfering with Police.