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Thursday, August 1, 2013


It really is sad to see someone that entered office with so much potential spiraling out of Control. Whoever is managing the Segarra message needs to learn that silence is golden. And also realize that at times it is not about the spin, but about acting  like a leader. The only real thing we are hearing about recent racist  incidents is that the City has a "Zero-Tolerance" policy. I guess Zero means different things to different people apparently.

If you actually had a "zero tolerance" policy , why was your Department head already aware of the matter, conducted an investigation that cleared the employee, and  yet you knew nothing about it until I e-mailed your office asking for comment

I don't usually yell at my newspaper, but this mornings Courant article and headline "Hartford Mayor Vows Kupiec's Arrest Won't Degrade Public's Confidence " . Newsflash Mayor, it already has. The moment you took your first spoonful of Caviar on New Year's Ever, that deal was done. Almost everything your Administration has done has eroded the public's confidence. If you don't believe me, lets go for a walk outside of City Hall and listen to your constituents.

Now it is time to stop playing the victim of the media and start acting like a leader that you were elected to be, Mayor. Your decision making has been disastrous. The people around you haven't been much better. How many times does your COO have to be caught misusing public funds before she realizes it is wrong? The buttery nipple thing should have been enough to alter her behavior after the first time she was caught almost 12 years ago. Read more about that here

And as far as you being "extremely angry" as you told the Courant when you found out Kupiec stole his City car back, where was that anger New Year's Eve when he whipped out his City Credit Card to pay for you and your partners dinner as well as the rest of you gluttonous  entourage at Max Downtown. Maybe it was that gastric high you were on after dining on that fine rack of lamb , caviar and champagne. The only thing missing were the cigars, but that probably came later.

Mayor, I find it hard to believe that you are this blind as to what is going on in your administration. You are just getting caught at it now. Can you honestly say that no one at that table at Max's questioned how the bill was being paid, and only in February , after I started requesting documents, that you realized something might be wrong? I don't recall ever walking away from a table at a restaurant without making sure someone was paying the bill.

In the Courant article, you apparently told them "I think the way this matter was handled shows this administration is unwilling to sweep things under the rug," .
You had no clue what was going on until I e-mailed your office asking for a comment. Doesn't it bother you that I know more of what is going on in your City than you know? Haven't you built the relationships that people feel free to come to you with these things.

Or is it that maybe they know nothing will happen because you won't make the difficult decisions , so why bother. Is it any news to you that you have department heads lying to you as to where they live. Small issue I know, but it goes to the sense of betrayal that people you trust have no problem lying to you.

It seems as though you prefer that people tell you that the tie you are wearing looks good, rather than actually giving you the truth.

Another quote from the article "You need someone who's definitely energetic and hard-working, but you also need the wisdom required to make good decisions," Segarra said, "and that often comes from experience."

I am pretty confident that is what many residents were thinking when they voted for YOU. Where is that wisdom to account for your decision making or does it only apply to a Chief of Staff. And I guess it is fair to ask, who selected him in the first place.

I also want to ask, what took so long? Why did you hang on to him for months after the Credit card issue was exposed, and then why did you go out of your way to protect him by keeping him on the payroll until the end of September?

I guess maybe you are hopefully learning from your mistakes. You also told the Courant "Segarra said that when he chooses a new chief of staff, he will seek someone with ample experience.". Well there is a novel idea. Might I add that you also find someone that loves both the City of Hartford and its people and doesn't just see Hartford as a large paycheck or a political stepping stone. And maybe even someone that has made the commitment to actually live here.

It is just sad that people are actually telling me your actions are making the Perez Administration look good.

Cut the salary in half and see how many takers you will have. That will separate the public servants from the leeches  hoping to live off City Hall. And while you are at it , try cutting a few other salaries and see how long those people hang around. Not long I'd bet.

But Pedro, please stop playing the victim here. You don't do martyr well. The people of Hartford are smarter than that. The power is in your hands to change things, now start doing it and quit the lip service, it is growing thin. Do the right thing and  you might just be respected, I think you will like that better than trying so hard to be liked


The details of the investigation that led to the arrest of Mayor Segarra's former Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec are detailed below. I have a few questions though.

Why was the Larceny 2nd Charge crossed out? Is it acceptable to steal from the City if you were previously in a position of trust?  Also, it seems as though we read about adults all the time who are charged  when they commit a crime with a juvenile in their presence. Is hauling a little league team around in a stolen car not grounds for a charge.

Also, considering the relationship between the Segarra Adninistration and GA 14, might it not have made sense for a States Attorney from another GA to review the warrant to avoid any question of a conflict of interest?

If we are ever going to build trust in our judicial system, justice truly does need to be blind, not just deaf and dumb. Whether the defendant is a highly paid former City Official or a teenager from Garden Street, the treatment should be the same.

Here is the statutory definition of larceny 2nd degree, the charge that was crossed out by the Hartford County States Attorney:

Sec. 53a-123. Larceny in the second degree: Class C felony. (a) A person is guilty of larceny in the second degree when he commits larceny, as defined in section 53a-119, and: (1) The property consists of a motor vehicle, the value of which exceeds ten thousand dollars, (2) the value of the property or service exceeds ten thousand dollars, (3) the property, regardless of its nature or value, is taken from the person of another, (4) the property is obtained by defrauding a public community, and the value of such property is two thousand dollars or less, (5) the property, regardless of its nature or value, is obtained by embezzlement, false pretenses or false promise and the victim of such larceny is sixty years of age or older or is blind or physically disabled, as defined in section 1-1f, or (6) the property, regardless of its value, consists of wire, cable or other equipment used in the provision of telecommunications service and the taking of such property causes an interruption in the provision of emergency telecommunications service.
(b) For purposes of this section, "motor vehicle" means any motor vehicle, construction equipment, agricultural tractor or farm implement or major component part of any of the above. In any prosecution under subdivision (1) of subsection (a) of this section, evidence of (1) forcible entry, (2) forcible removal of ignition, or (3) alteration, mutilation or removal of a vehicle identification number shall be prima facie evidence (A) that the person in control or possession of such motor vehicle knows or should have known that such motor vehicle is stolen, and (B) that such person possesses such motor vehicle with larcenous intent.
(c) Larceny in the second degree is a class C felony.

  Kupiec Arrest Warrant0002





(August 1, 2013) — On August 1, 2013 Andrew Jaffee, Director of Emergency Services & Telecommunications convened a Loudermill Hearing regarding the racial epithet stated by an Emergency Telecommunications Dispatcher on July 22, 2013.

Based on the findings of the investigation and testimony presented during the hearing, Mr. Jaffee found just cause to issue discipline for violation of the City’s “Workplace Violence Policy” and Conduct Unbecoming an Emergency Telecommunications Dispatcher.

When issuing discipline, the employee’s past performance, the City’s Progressive Discipline guide, and the seriousness and significance of the incident were considered.  As such, the employee will receive a five-day, unpaid suspension to begin Friday, August 2, 2013, and must attend Cultural Diversity training upon his return to work.

In addition, all employees of Emergency Services & Telecommunications will be required to attend Cultural Diversity training.   
It is still interesting that the city has not identified the dispatcher who apparently made the remarks. I am not sure why, but my sources have identified him as Andrew Nichols . Sources have also told me that an arrangement was made to actually , in the end, reduce the suspension to only one day rather than the five detailed in the Press Release above.
Although I think the suspension and diversity training is probably appropriate, where is the accountability for the department head that never notified the Mayor when the incident occurred. Should an e-mail from me to the Mayor's spokesperson be the first time Segarra was made aware of this? Doesn't a Department head have an obligation to advise the Mayor of a potential public relations disaster looming on the horizon?
And if my sources are correct, Jaffe originally denied that a recording of the conversation existed. I guess myself and other reporters kept pushing the issue, knowing that all radio conversations on the City's Radio system were stored on recordings. Late that afternoon the recording surfaced.


Summertime is vacation time and vacation's mean home burglaries. I meet people weekly after they have been burglarized and are considering a security system. Typically they are scrambling to gather information for both the police and their insurance company. Not surprisingly, very few people actually have an inventory of their valuable items

It is tough enough for most burglary victims when they walk into their homes and realize they have been victimized, then comes the real work of documenting their loss.

The form below is compliments of the Hartford Police Department Major Crimes Division .  Take a little time and document your valuables, computers, televisions, gaming modules, anything with a serial number that can be documented.

Hopefully you will never need it, but it will make things a lot less stressful if you do.

In the meantime, a security system is never a bad idea.

Home+Inventory+Log+11 2009


What is going on at Hartford City Hall? The Gorilla's in the mist, the "N" word and now the City of Hartford is paying a law firm $350.00 an hour to investigate claims of discrimination at Hartford's Department of Public Works.

The letter of engagement between Hartford's Deputy Corporation Counsel L. John Van Norden and the law firm of Rogin Nassau, LLC was obtained today through a Freedom of Information request to the City.

Although specifics of the complaints have not been received yet, I have requested to review the files in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. The letter references Equal Employment Opportunities investigations at DPW( Department of Public Works).

The letter specifically details the fees of $375.00 an hour for attorney's time, associate attorneys billed at $200.00 an hour and legal assistants at $80.00 per hour.

The main question to me is why is it necessary to hire outside attorney's for this. Are the attorney's in Corporation Counsel not qualified to handle such matters or is everyone at City Hall so conflicted that no one can do their jobs? The City has prohibited police overtime, even for investigations related to homicides and serious crime, but we can pay an attorney $375.00 an hour?

 There also doesn't seem to be any cap on the amount that can be spent or billed.

I have to assume that the complaints have been well substantiated if the decision was made to spend this money. What changes will result and will anyone be held accountable if the complaints are true?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I guess I have a replacement for the Batman and Robin picture


On July 30, 2013, at 1628 hours, Jared Kupiec, age 30, of Hartford, was arrested by the Hartford Police Department. Following an investigation, an arrest warrant was obtained by the Hartford Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division relating to his use of a City of Hartford vehicle. Kupiec was charged with Using a Motor Vehicle without the Owner’s Permission 53a-119b (Class A misdemeanor) and Interfering with Police 53a-167a (Class A misdemeanor). Kupiec turned himself in to the Hartford Police Department at 235 High Street without incident. He was processed through standard booking procedures and released on a written promise to appear (PTA). Kupiec has a court date scheduled for August 8, 2013.


The matter has been turned over to the Connecticut States Attorney’s Office.



Click on the link below to go to the Face the State program segment from Sunday, click on the third segment down

Monday, July 29, 2013


Sources are confirming that Hartford's Chief Operating Officer has once again been rejected for a management position she was seeking.
Sources have confirmed that although Kee-Borges applied for the Town Manager position in Bloomfield, she did not make the cut for the final interviews. My sources said she was one of 12 candidates and she didn't make the final cut, although the Courant says there were 15 applicants. FOI laws exempt the disclosure of candidates for an "Executive search" until a final decision is made, and even then the actual names of the "losers" can be withheld.
Kee Borges was also rejected by the Hartford City Council in her quest for the permanent Chief Operating Officer's position. Kee-Borges withdrew her nomination when it became evident that she had only one vote, Councilman Aponte, for her approval for the position.
Kee-Borges management has been called into question, especially after her New Year's Eve soiree with Mayor Pedro Segarra and his former Chief of Staff where they dined on Caviar, Rack of Lamb and Champagne, funded by the taxpayers on a City Credit Card.
Kee- Borges decision making and leadership has been in question for some time, beginning back in the  early 1990's when she was embroiled in another taxpayer funded controversy.  More on that here



Gertrude H. Johnson Mero, 85, of Hartford, was welcomed into the loving arms of her Lord and Savior on Tuesday (July 23, 2013) while surrounded by her loving family. She was born in Denmark, SC on Sept. 6, 1927, daughter of the late Martin William Hayes and Arie Mae (Anderson) Hayes, and spent her early years in Trenton, NJ. Gertrude came to Hartford in the 1940s and married Wilfred Xavier Johnson, Sr. in 1947. Along with her late husband, the Honorable Wilfred X. Johnson Sr., Gertrude was also active in city politics. She fervently believed in promoting equality and empowerment in the City of Hartford and worked diligently toward that end. A long time employee of the State of Connecticut Department of Human Resources, Gertrude served as an Executive Administrative Liaison to three Democrat administrations. Her memory is forever cherished and alive in her children, Dawn Hayes Oduor of East Haven, Winifred Jean Johnson of Tortola B.V.I., Wilfred Xavier Johnson, Jr. of Hartford, Jeffrey Paul Johnson of Hartford, and Sara Lynn Johnson-Davis and her husband Charles of West Hartford; four grandchildren, Reeve Johnson, Evan McDuffie, Amasai Oduor, and Trude Davis; one great-grandson, Reeve Carter Johnson; and three sisters-in-law, Willie Jane Furlow, Lottie Johnson, and Phyllis Johnson. She also leaves a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, church family, and dear friends. In addition to her late husband Wilfred, Gertrude was predeceased by her husband, Robert V. Mero; and five siblings, Rose Brown, Calvin Brown, Sr., Sarah B. Kelley, Theodore Hayes, and John Martin Hayes. The funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, July 30 at Faith Congregational Church, 2030 Main Street in Hartford with private burial held at the convenience of the family. Calling hours will be held on Monday, July 29 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Faith Congregational Church and Tuesday from 10-11 a.m. prior to the funeral. In lieu of flowers, friends are encouraged to make memorial donations to the if (!aa) var aa = { iframes : new Array(), random : function() { return Math.round(Math.random() * 10000000000); }, pageNum : Math.round(Math.random() * 10000000000), refresh : function(iframeId) { if (typeof(iframeId) != 'undefined') { var iframe = document.getElementById(iframeId); if (iframe) iframe.src = iframe.src.replace(/misc=[0-9]+/, 'misc=' + this.random()); } else { for (var i in this.iframes) this.refresh(this.iframes[i]); } } }; //no AJAX refresh for inline ads aa.adServer = ''; = '' + '/3.0' + '/5306.1' + '/1400071' + '/0' + '/-1/size=30x1' + '/adtech;' + 'alias=legacy.hartfordcourant.lifestory.30x1.1.1;' + 'target=_blank;' + 'key=' + escape('NKF') + ';' + 'kvopenextapp=' + escape('1') +';' + 'kvcobrand=' + escape('hartfordcourant') +';' + 'kvpersonid=' + escape('166047592') +';' + 'sub1=' + escape('National Kidney Foundation') + ';' + 'sub2=' + escape('') + ';' ; if (typeof aa !== 'undefined' && typeof aa.kvscreenwidth !== 'undefined') += 'kvscreenwidth=' + escape(aa.kvscreenwidth()) + ';'; if (typeof aa !== 'undefined' && typeof aa.criteo !== 'undefined') += aa.criteo; aa.src = aa.adServer + 'addyn' + + 'grp=' + aa.pageNum +';misc=' + aa.random(); document.write(""); document.write(""); National Kidney Foundation / Connecticut Chapter, 1463 Highland Avenue, Cheshire, CT 06410-1216. To send notes of condolence to her family, please visit


Several City Hall sources have confirmed  that actions by Hartford's Deputy Corporation Counsel L. John Van Norden caused the City and it taxpayers to be forced to spend over $24,000 for a Charter Revision legal notice.

Apparently there is a strict timeline that governs Charter Revision actions by municipalities. Hartford came upon one of those deadlines last week. A requirement for the publication of a legal notice advising voters of the change apparently had to be published last week. The requirement allows for a "plain English" synopsis of the proposed changes to be voted on to be published.

According to the sources, that synopsis was never completed by Van Norden or anyone in the Corporation Counsel's Office. That forced the City into publishing three full pages of the entire City Charter in the Hartford Courant last week. Total taxpayer cost....$24,000

How much gas would that buy for a Tahoe Councilman? Lets see what inquiries are made into this, I bet none.


According to sources, the warrant application for the arrest of Mayor Segarra's former Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec was completed over a week and a half ago and submitted to the Hartford Court.
Sources stated that the application has been in the hands of Hartford County State's Attorney Gail Hardy since then.

There is no indication as to what the delay is at this point.

More to come on this.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I will post the link to the p[program on tomorrow when I get it, in the mean time here is a link to Dennis House's blog about the program.