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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Just a few points to remember during this cold. Feel free to add anything I forget, I'm still not up to full speed after this past week.

Please be sure to check on your neighbors during this cold stretch. Especially the elderly  and disabled, a quick knock on the door to make sure they are OK can mean a lot, as well as potentially avert a weather tragedy.

If you live in a home that may be older and not insulated to newer building codes, open the doors under your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow your heat to flow more freely to avoid freezing. Know where your main water shut off is located to be able to shut your water off quickly in case  a pipe should freeze and break.

Don't forget the pets in this extreme cold, be sure to provide them proper shelter  as well as plenty of fresh drinking water. Water freezes solid very quickly in these temperatures. If you see a pet in hazardous conditions or being abused , promptly call Animal Control at the Hartford Police Department at 860-757-4000

Do not bring anything inside your home to generate additional heat. No charcoal or gas grills or any unvented heater . Any heater should be UL listed for the use  you are using it for. Electric heaters should have automatic shutoffs to avoid fire if they are accidentally knocked over.

Carbon monoxide kills and you don't normally notice it until it  is too late. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, If you suspect furnace problems or possible CO poisoning, get everyone outside to fresh air and call 911, the Hartford Fire Department can check and meter for the presence of CO gas.

Do not leave  your car warming unattended in your driveway, it might not be there when  you go out .

Feel free to add any other helpful comments below


That is what many people were asking after taking Mayor Segarra's parking ban instructions. They followed Segarra's request , parked at the Sigourney Street  Boy's and Girls Club lot, as instructed. Their cars were towed from the lot,

The cars were towed from the lot by Medina's Towing as trespass tow's. The lot was put on the list as a safe lot, apparently by mistake by Mayor's Segarra's staff. You would think this was confirmed before hand, but then again this is Hartford. 

It seems that as soon as the ban began and people began parking, Medina's began hooking. One by one the cars were towed from the lot. Now hooking is nothing new in Asylum Hill, and most residents are accustomed to a different kind of prostitute, not the Medina's kind.

Although Medina's is one of Hartford's predator's when it comes to towing, in this case they were right legally but maybe not morally. You would think that once the mistake was discovered the towing would have stopped, Nope, the dollar signs kept ringing, the cars kept going and the Asylum Hill towing prostitutes were happy.

It seems that the Hartford Schools apparently had a program they previously operated at 170 Sigourney Street. They vacated that location approximately a year ago and it seems that the Mayor's Office doesn't keep up on things like this. After the school program vacated, the Boys and Girls Club signed a contract  with Medina's to grab their neighbors cars for using the lot. Why I am not sure , but that is the very lucrative business of pretty much unregulated trespass tows in Hartford.

The good neighbor policy went out the Window for the Asylum Hill Boy's and Girl's Club, they wanted their lot cleared. even for their good neighbors doing what they were asked to do.

It was only after residents obeying the Mayor's request began looking for their cars  that the error was uncovered. Medina's refuses to return the cars but HPD is apparently stepping up to fix the Mayor's Office screw-up.The Hartford Police Department will cover the costs of the tows for the residents.

Make sure those tow straps are secured.