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Friday, June 2, 2017


Maybe we should think about replacing dead trees on City property to show we support green energy and a cleaner environment. But no, instead we are going to burn electricity all night to bathe City Hall in a sea of green protest. (or support as Mayor Bronin calls it)

I wonder if anyone ever considered  bathing City Hall in pink out of respect for the Komen Race for the Cure to support the efforts to raise funds to combat breast cancer and support research being held in Hartford this weekend.

That probably isn't enough of a political statement for the administration ''

Bronin Press Release:


HARTFORD, CONN (June 2, 2017) –   At the direction of Mayor Luke Bronin, Hartford City Hall will be lit green tonight to signal Connecticut’s opposition to the federal government’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, and to underline Hartford’s significant efforts to conserve energy, increase the number of green jobs, and support the quality of neighborhood life for residents.  Earlier today, Governor Malloy added Connecticut to a coalition of states committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement.

“The decision to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement is an unforgivable surrender of American leadership on one of the most important issues of our time,” said Mayor Bronin.  “In virtually every other country in the world, the debate is about how to confront climate change responsibly – not the absurd idea that it’s a ‘hoax’ created by China.  Not only do we have a moral responsibility to reduce carbon emissions, we should also be seizing the opportunity to build a robust green jobs economy by investing clean energy.”

The Mayor continued, saying, “I’m proud to join with cities and states around the country to commit to filling the void on environmental responsibility that this decision leaves.  In Hartford, we are on the path to reduce our energy consumption by 20% by 2018 with the dedicated work of City employees and leadership of our Climate Stewardship Council.”   

As a signatory of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, Hartford has committed to both reducing overall energy consumption by 20% and increasing renewable energy use by 20% across its City operations by next year.  Significant progress has been made towards that goal through building energy retrofits, the recent launch of a cutting-edge fuel cell microgrid in the Parkville neighborhood that will reduce carbon emissions by 40% in connected buildings, the solar array at the landfill in North Meadows, the streetlight overhaul across the City, and a number of other smaller renewable energy projects.

To achieve the 20% reduction goal, the 30-member Climate Stewardship Council, which includes stakeholders from a cross-section of nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies, will finalize the community’s Climate Action Plan and chart the path towards further emissions reductions.  The City recently hired a 100% grant-funded Sustainability Coordinator to assist in those efforts.


The front desk at HPD , known as Teleserve, is supposed to be a secure area surrounded by bullet proof ballistic glass.

That bullet proof ballistic glass was put to the test on May 27,2017 by a 40 year old female who  attacked the window with a "rusted bike pedal" shattering the $2300.00  glass.

Hopefully the glass will prove more durable if it is ever challenged by an actual bullet instead of the rusty bike pedal. Maybe the next Legislative session can ban the possession of rusty bike pedals without a permit, opening another revenue stream for our cash  strapped State.


The State of Connecticut is at a budget stalemate, unable to pass a State budget before their adjournment next week. That stalemate will most likely require additional money for a special Legislative session(s), adding to the State's deficit.

The State of California had a similar dilemma a few years ago. The California Comptroller came up with a simple solution. No California Legislator would receive a paycheck until a budget  was in place.

California's budget crisis was quickly solved and a budget was passed promptly,

 Maybe Connecticut should try that.

Here is an example of why our government budgets are a mess.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I am disgusted. Quite frankly I am sick of what our City has become. It hasn't just happened under our current Mayor. The incompetence and poor leadership has gone on for some time now, and we just sit back and take it.

I have spent most of my adult life as a resident of the City of Hartford. I have become used to the all too often question of "Why the hell do you stay there?". I have been a victim of crime, I have witnessed more crime as a Hartford resident than most people see in a lifetime. But yet I choose to call Hartford my home. A city that I have embraced with open arms and fought hard to see change.

Hartford is my home .It is sickening to see my next door neighbor contemplating a move out of the City that I love and deliver a devastating blow to my hometown. It is even more devastating that the so called leaders of our City and State could be so ignorant of their surroundings to be caught off guard of the move. I warned the Mayor and his Chief of Staff over a year ago when a source at Aetna told me that a move was imminent.

I was aggravated last fall when a high ranking official at Aetna told me personally that their communications with the Mayor were "virtually nonexistent". Not a good way to treat anyone. especially a large corporate neighbor like Aetna.

Although Hartford has its warts and failings , it is still my home. I am extremely fortunate to have met so many people that I probably would have never met if I chose to settle elsewhere. My good friends, like Hyacinth Yennie who has been there to prop me up for years, even during her own trials and tribulations. If there was ever anyone to win the award for Hartford cheerleader, it is Hyacinth and her energy for the people of Hartford is incredible.

I would love to start naming everyone but I know I will miss many, But a few keep coming to mind.

Bob and Candy Killian I met relatively late in my Hartford residency. Judge Killian and his wife are two of the finest people I have ever met. Bob and Candy have both adopted me and have taken me under their wings.  Bob has taught me valuable lessons in a relatively short time about humility and thoughtful reasoning. Even occasionally having to put the brakes on me and saying "are you going to let me finish or do you want to talk?". I have not met anyone yet that knows more about Hartford and its history and is able to tell the story with anecdotes that only a lifetime involved in Hartford can provide.

Alyssa Peterson is someone else that has an extreme love for Hartford. Often misinterpreted due to her strong sense of right and wrong, often called a naysayer, but she serves a purpose in keeping Hartford from going off the rails regularly. Alyssa also has an uncanny knack or sixth sense of knowing when I land in the ER. She has a way of convincing hospital staff she is family to get her way beyond the locked hallways.

I have befriended my share of underdogs also, and they are far from anything close to an underdog to me, they are some of the most genuine decent people, if anyone took the time to appreciate them. Lt Rob Allan from HPD, Deputy Chief Dan Nolan from HFD, and quite a few others that are probably better unnamed because they still have time left to work at HFD and HPD. Sadly, Lt Allan announced today that he is calling it a career and moving on from HPD.

People like Shirley Surgeon, Angel Arce and Doug McCrory all have opened my eyes to life in Hartford and Hartford's odd way of politics and have helped me appreciate all that our City has to offer.

Chief Rovella is also someone that has taught me a lot about our City and both his and Chief Freeman's vision and planning to try to keep Hartford a great place have been underrated. One  major thing Chief Rovella has taught me is that when I am really pissed, stay away from the keyboard, take the time to breathe deeply before the venom starts flowing through my keyboard. That is why tonight's posting is not what many people expected when they called me today The upset and the venom can wait until tomorrow

And so finally, for anyone I didn't mention above, you already know if you mean something  special to me. And I wouldn't change my experiences  in Hartford for anything.

The video below is something I found on youtube tonight, and pretty much has nothing to do with the posting above, but I found it inspirational, enjoy,  and keep fighting for Hartford. If we keep trying, sooner or later we will get it right and elect some decent leaders for our City.


The exodus continues from the beleaguered Bronin Administration. The latest to jump ship is the Director of the Emergency Services Telecommunications Department, Clayton Northgraves. Northgraves has apparently informed Mayor Luke Bronin that he will be leaving.

Northgraves took over the troubled agency in November 2014 and restored management to a City Department  that was frequently criticized for its inefficiency under its previous Director, retired HPD Sergeant Andrew Jaffee.

Northgraves is only the latest in Hartford Department heads that have parted ways with the Bronin Administration in the 18 months the Mayor has been in office.

Northgraves was previously with the Town of Enfield and the City of New Have in 2014n before coming to Hartford.

In addition to Northgraves there have also been numerous departures from the Police and Fire Departments in the last several days adding to the leadership void in City Departments. Much of this is being caused by the indecisiveness of the Administration and the concern over the course of Hartford's future and the lack of any structural change to put Hartford back on a solid foundation.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Last week, comments were posted questioning a training seminar that was conducted by the Hartford Fire Department for some of its members.

I haven't bothered Chief Freeman since he is out on paternity leave after the birth of his second daughter last week. Congratulations to the Freeman's on the arrival of their daughter.

I have spoken to several other people familiar with or who had attended the training. The course was regarding "Situational Awareness Training". From what I understand, the course was taught by a Fire Chief from Minnesota who was in the area to teach a course to the US Navy. The City was able to get a reduced rate on the training since he was already in the State of Connecticut for the Naval course.

Chief Freeman may not have risen up through the ranks of HFD and because of that may not be accepted by everyone at HFD. As someone who has observed HFD from the outside for a while now, I have to say I think the HFD is under the best leadership it has seen in quite a while. We aren't hearing of the discipline problems and chaos we have seen under the previous few Chiefs.

Chief Freeman is functioning under some of the most difficult circumstances seen in years. Between financial constraints and staffing problems, the HFD is still called upon every day to provide Fire Services for the City of Hartford and its residents. For anyone not aware of the situations facing Public Safety in Hartford, both Police and Fire are headed for a definite crisis due to the lack of commitment from City Hall.

The number for both Police and Fire are dropping steadily and they are not being replaced to keep ahead of the attrition. Sources at both HFD and HPD are telling me that those numbers will likely get much worse after July 1st as large numbers of Police Officers and Firefighters retire or leave for other jobs. Much of that attrition is being forced by the uncertainty and insincerity from Mayor Bronin and City Hall..

One high ranking HFD source told me that the training was held to help offset the damage of the upcoming exodus. The person explained that the loss of many high rankling officers is going to require the promotion of many people at HFD to important command positions The source made it clear that many of those people "were not ready for the promotions", but that everything was being done to prepare the future Captains and Deputy Chiefs to be ready.

Even though they may not be "ready", the promotions will be necessary to provide the Command Structure necessary for day to day operations at HFD.

Chief Freeman has had the vision and foresight to prepare for the possible disaster caused by City Hall and take the necessary steps to mitigate the impending disaster. Although some commenter's called the training a "waste of money", it seems to me like it will be money well spent if it keeps our firefighters safe with proper leadership in the field.

For those that claimed they learned nothing from the training, one source who attended the training told me that if anyone attended and learned nothing, "they were either asleep or not paying attention"