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Friday, August 23, 2019


Where are They?

I am being told that is what I did when I posted this week about the 10 Chevrolet Tahoe purchases being stashed  away in the Morgan Street, I " really ruffled some feathers". (The Tahoe's were moved by HPD once they realized I knew about them, not sure why or what the secrecy is)

 I keep being reminded by city staff people that have called me to try to back off on this, and they have reminded me it is an election year.I know it is an election year, and I really don't care. Taxpayers dollars are the same in Election years as they are in non-election years I also know that no candidate  wants their management , or mismanagement exposed, especially when you claim you have put Hartford back on a solid financial footing.

I know I use this Mark Twain quote often, but maybe more people at City Hall need to memorize, and live by it "If you always tell the truth, you never need to remember the lies.

I am also amazed by our priorities in this City. The "powers to be" are up in arms and doing a full court press "to educate me" about the car purchases and that I wasn't correct about yesterdays posting of the Tahoe purchases. It boggles my mind that they are upset about my posting about the car purchases but reports I posted  this week of a Police Officer carrying on an "intimate and sexual" relationship with a Juvenile is of very little concern. He is still employed, working full time with full Police powers. I guess I don't get it.

Today, I was a guest on WTIC radio for the Todd Feinburg show. The City auditor did a preemptive strike to attempt to discredit my figures, but he failed to give the full and correct number. Craig Trujillo claimed they were getting a discount because they were "piggybacking" on a State purchasing contract and went on to say what great vehicles the Chevrolet Tahoe's were. He also forgot to mention the 12,000 to 15,000 cost for the upgrades such as lights, sirens, push bars and another couple thousand for installing radios.

here is a 2016 invoice from MHQ, the company that up fits all of Hartford's Police Vehicles. This is for the Traffic Division Admin vehicle and it doesn't include the additional $2800.00 for a light bar, similar to the Command Staff Tahoe's


  Simple question here, If the Tahoe's are/were such a great deal then why are the Connecticut State Police switching over to the Ford Explorer Interceptor's PPV? (The PPV is the identifier for the Police Pursuit Vehicle) Why has NYPD recently purchased 500 Ford Explorer's PPV's? Why have the Massachusetts State Police switched to the Ford Explorer Interceptor PPV's for their entire fleet?Not to mention they are roughly almost $9,000 less expensive than the Tahoe's but the estimated fuel savings is $3,000 to $4,000 less than the Tahoe.The estimated savings may be as high as $5,000 when the Hybrid version is released this year

Why wouldn't the Connecticut State Police take advantage of their great fleet Government pricing if it was such a great opportunity?

So back to the cars. I was told there is a delay in ordering patrol vehicles, the Ford Explorer Interceptors , which have replaced the Ford Taurus and the Ford Crown Vic. A source from HPD said that there was some sort of retooling being done and no new Ford Interceptors would be available for maybe 8 months. I started doing more research because I know I am seeing the Interceptors everywhere now, just about every town is putting them on the streets and and able to purchase them.  How are all of these other agencies able to put the Interceptors on the street and Hartford is 8 months out.

Through sources familiar with fleet purchases and Ford, that seems not to be true.  I asked one source familiar with the fleet process if they could find out for me , if an order went in today, when would the vehicles be delivered? The answer was 4 months. So if the vehicles had been ordered back in June, like I was told the first time I asked, they would probably be arriving any day now.

Ford is also very happy to talk about their state of the art Chicago production plant where over 500  Explorer's come off the assembly line every day. They are also very willing to share the videos of their "state of the  art" production line churning out large quantities of Police Patrol Vehicles. There are reportedly over 13,000 orders awaiting fulfillment for the  Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

I think the issue is more the incompetence of City Hall's purchasing procedures than Ford being unable to fill orders.

Hartford's Auditor also stated that HPD Officers trash the cars  and maintenance costs are high. Well, Craig that is part of the cost of doing business. Do you criticize DPW drivers who break a plow doing their jobs during a snowestorm? I am sure the worst thing the Auditors or City Hall staffers deal with is a stain on the carpet in their offices when they spill their Starbucks coffee. Hartford Police vehicles are subject to violent criminals kicking out doors and windows in cruisers, Some even vomit or urinate, or worse, in the back seat of a cruiser. And HPD cruisers definitely take a toll driving through potholed, poorly maintained streets racing to shootings and homicides around the City.

End the nonsense , show some regard for Patrol and let the Command Staff drive the recycled vehicles,

 And by the way, where are all the dash cameras that were supposedly purchased last year, and  are yet to be installed in any vehicle? Are we waiting to get a better deal when we return those to the vendor because the technology is outdated?

Here is a HPD Purchase Order for 5 Ford Explorers that were allegedly ordered back in March. Where are they? but as you can see, the cost is substantially less than the Tahoe's, $30,789.80

HPD Purchase Order for Explorers  on Scribd> From Ford:
"The new Police Interceptor Utility with standard hybrid all-wheel-drive powertrain has a projected EPA-estimated rating of 24 mpg combined, a 41 percent improvement over the current model equipped with a 3.7-liter gas engine. Projections indicate the first pursuit-rated hybrid police utility will save between $3,500 and $5,700 per vehicle annually in fuel costs versus the current Police Interceptor Utility*. If those savings were applied to every Police Interceptor Utility sold in 2017, it would equate to between $118 million and $193 million*, or more than 43 million gallons of fuel".

Wednesday, August 21, 2019



I am trying to figure out who is telling me the truth and who is trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

The condition of the Hartford Police fleet, it is deteriorating quickly, I guess that is what happens when you don't follow the fleet replacement plan developed several years ago. Under that plan the majority of the fleet was replaced with end of the year, actually the last year that Ford's Police Package Crown Vic was being produced and the Chevrolet Caprice. That was also the beginning of the Black and White traditional police markings coming back to Hartford.

Almost daily, HPD cruisers are breaking down and being towed or "deadlined". Deadlining is the term used when the car is unfit for use and the car has to be taken to DPW's City Yard for repairs. Many days it seems like more cars on the deadline  on City Yard than those actually operating. This is a huge problem , especially on weekends or holidays when the Patrol Division has to put officers on the streets in safe, drivable vehicles. Deadlining could be for anything from replacement headlights or windshield wipers needed or major issues like a blown engine or brakes or transmission problems

Now in many instances, Patrol Officers are scrambling to find working, safe cruisers to go out on patrol. And I think most people that know anything about modern policing would admit that there are many specialized units, but Patrol is the backbone of any Police Department. Twenty four seven they are out there facing the public and danger every day around the clock. No disrespect, but other units are left to mop up after patrol has already headed into the problems and dealt with it

You would think that respect by Police Administrators would carry through since in most cases, with a few exceptions, they all spent time in Patrol (some more than others). It is troubling to me when Officer's stop by my home to show me the deplorable conditions of their cars. I have seen cruisers with holes in the drivers floor and they had to take an old stop sign from City Yard to lay down to cover the holes in an attempt to make the car somewhat safe.

I have been assured for months now that new patrol cars were coming, Then I was told as of July 1st once the new budget kicked in. Nothing in July, Then I was told that they would be able to order additional vehicle since Governor Lamont's Budget Director, a former City of Hartford employee had found additional money to send to Hartford for vehicles.

As of today,  no new patrol vehicles. Some older cars are being recycled back to patrol use. Then amazingly I received a call from a regular reader of the blog who has read many of the comments regarding the poor condition of the HPD fleet They told me they work at Constitution Plaza and Park in the Morgan Street garage and they observed a caravan of ten Brand new Chevy Tahoe's  being parked on the fifth floor on the East side out of the view of regular traffic flow.

 I had to verify that myself in light of the stories I was being told. Imagine my surprise when my wandering eyes beheld 10 shiny new Tahoe's on the 5th floor of the Morgan Street garage,east side, exactly where my said they were parked, all backed into parking spaces complete with police spotlights mounted on them. Now I have also been told that the Tahoe's would not go to Patrol since the engines are too big and they are not economical at all for Patrol use, not to mention the excessive speed  factor and officer's crashing them.

Now lets look at the economics. The Tahoe's, even with Government discounts are probably sold to the City for between $43,000 and $48,000 any "upfit" charges like lights. sirens radio, gun safes, etc. would be additional and could add up to $15,000 per vehicle. Now also keep in mind,  most of these Tahoe's are slated to go to Command Staff and Chief's, while Patrol Officers are left on the side of the road for Corona's to tow them back for repairs. By comparison, a source familiar with ordering Police vehicles told me that the Ford Explorer, depending on accessories would sell for between $23,000 to $28,000 each, almost a $20,000 per vehicle savings over the Tahoe's and a huge gas saving cost also when figuring in mileage.

The more economical choice would of course be the Ford Explorer. Now I am told there are production issues with the Explorer's, but where is the foresight? How can the Connecticut State Police  have 250 new vehicles waiting in Middletown to be outfitted and every town around us seems to have new Explorer's on their streets, and Hartford, the Capitol City, has none? 

The number of take home cars issued by HPD , basically as take home family cars with free gas and maintenance is deplorable. especially when their first priority should be getting vehicles out on the street to protect the City, not provide free commuter transportation to high ranking (and highly paid) administrators. I once had a HPD Captain tell me that he refused to take the car issued to him and left it parked at the old PD on Jennings Road unless he needed to use it for Police Business. He explained to me that "No one owed him a free ride to work, especially a taxpayer from Hartford" Sadly he is retired now , but I wish more shared that mentality.

These take home cars need to be issued on a case by case basis and not just a  perk of the job .Certain people at HPD, zone Lieutenant's, The commander of the Traffic Division, the Major crimes Commander, maybe even the IAD Commander have legitimate reasons for take home cars. But to jut give brand new $50,000 SUVS to the Academy Commander, the Court Liaison, and others who very rarely get a call back or spend time on the road is a huge waste or resources. If they need to go somewhere, grab a set of keys for a fleet vehicle and head out from headquarters.

In the meantime, HPD's fleet is a disaster, I am told 5 Ford Explorers are being outfitted at the Company in Middletown that sets up the new cruisers. 5 new cruisers probably won't even cover the number of cars that break down today. (those five new explorers apparently have not arrived yet either) Maybe the City hasn't paid their bill yet.

The Financial oversight, if there is any, seems to be a joke, and half a million for PD rides home is a joke.In the meantime it would probably be cheaper to use Uber for the command staff, that's what we do in the real world 


I know I took some liberties with that headline, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", in this case it is a juvenile female carrying on an " intimate and sexual affair" with a married Hartford Police Officer.. That description of the affair  are Officer Joven Gonzalez's own words in a statement he gave to the Bloomfield Police after he had an on duty altercation  with the subject of his affair.
I posted yesterday about Hartford Police Officer Joven Gonzalez and his incident that took place in Bloomfield on July 29th that has put him as the subject of a Police Investigation in Bloomfield and an Internal Affairs Investigation by his own Department, the Hartford Police Department.
Apparently, there was also another incident in Windsor, documented by Windsor PD. The incident report of that was obtained from Windsor PD through an FOI request..
The Juvenile female, whose identity was withheld because she is a juvenile, According to the report, Shari Gonzalez, Officer Joven Gonzalez's wife , was out for a walk in their Windsor neighborhood on July, 1, 2019 . According to the Windsor report, Mrs Gonzalez stated that she observed a vehicle driving at her at a high rate of speed. Mrs. Gonzalez claims she jumped off the street onto the grass because she felt she "would of been hit".
A "skinny black female" jumped out of the car and yelled "where's Joven at ?". Mrs Gonzalez claimed the she recognized the female as a girl that her husband, Hartford Police Officer Joven Gonzalez was  having "some sort of relationship with". She further stated that she had found "Juvenile Number 1" in the passenger seat of her husbands car "when she was out looking for him" on Sigourney Street in Hartford in May of this year.
Apparently, "Juvenile Number 1" was eventually arrested by Windsor PD , and although that report was also requested, Windsor PD is claiming an exemption due to it being a Juvenile arrest.
You can read my original posting and read the Bloomfield PD incident report here

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


A Hartford Police Officer is currently under investigation by the Bloomfield Police Department and Hartford PD Internal Affairs related to an "on duty " incident that occurred in Bloomfield on July 29,2019.

The incident occurred at 580 Tower Avenue in Bloomfield and involved an on duty Hartford Police Officer in the Church Parking lot. The Officer has been identified as Hartford Police Officer Joven Gonzalez, according to Police Reports obtained from Bloomfield PD and sources within the Hartford Police Department.

According to Bloomfield Police reports, the incident occurred on July 29th when Bloomfield Police received reports at about 2:12am from an "anonymous" witness who observed some sort of altercation or interaction between a young female and a uniformed HPD officer in the parking lot at 580 Tower Avenue.. They claimed to see the Hartford Officer, later identified as Gonzalez holding the hands of a young female and she appeared to be trying to pull away from him and the female was yelling "let go of me" and "get off of me"

Although the anonymous witness did not see any visible injuries on the juvenile, they still notified HPD and reported the incident..

Subsequent to the incident, Bloomfield PD dispatched  Sergeant Zachary Klomberg to respond to Hartford Police Headquarters and meet with the Hartford Officer, Joven Gonzalez and conduct an interview regarding the incident.

Prior to conducting the interview, Sgt. Klomberg advised Gonzalez of his Miranda Rights, which Gonzalez reportedly waived. During the interview, Gonzalez reportedly admitted that he incident occurred with a "juvenile"  that he had had an "intimate and sexual" relationship with. Gonzalez claimed that only after he began the "intimate and sexual " relationship di he realize she was a juvenile. Gonzalez claims he only realized her age after he helped her apply for a job and saw her birth certificate with her age on it.

That claim might be somewhat questionable since Gonzalez had arrested the Juvenile previously for a Larceny and common practice would dictate that he had to either establish her identity and charge her accordingly as an adult or determine she was a minor and charge her through the Juvenile Court process. Either way, Gonzalez must have known her age.

According to Gonzalez's statement, he claims that after arresting the Juvenile, she tracked him down through Social Media and they began their "intimate and sexual" dating relationship.

According to HPD sourced, Gonzalez is married and the father of two young children.

You can read the full Bloomfield PD report below.

A request for comment from HPD as to Gonzalez's current status with HPD has not been acknowledged. HPD sources tell me that he has been taken off the street and is working inside, but he has not been suspended and still maintains his full Police powers at this time

According to the Bloomfield report, this issues may be a little of a hot potato as any charges are in Limbo, According to the report, the Hartford County States attorney punted the matter to HPD, but Bloomfield clearly has the jurisdictional  authority over this matter, and HPD would only have administrative authority over Gonzalez's actions internally.

The  identity of the female "victim" has been withheld from the reports as both a juvenile and an alleged victim of Domestic Violence.