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Friday, February 5, 2010


Pictured above, Abe Giles' mugshot after his arrest on corruption charges along with Hartford Mayor Perez. According to the brochure below, he is now handling US Census Bureau jobs.

The attached PDF file below was given to me this morning. Apparently it is a US Census Bureau form that has been altered to appear that the 5th District Democratic Town Committee has some sort of control over providing US Census Bureau jobs.

It even goes so far as to ask prospective applicants to contact members of the "Olga Vazquez/Abe Giles" slate, listing them by name. It goes on to encourage those who want more information to listen to the "Community Affairs Program" on WKND radio Sunday at 11am. The "Community Affairs Program" is Abe Giles' on air ramblings.

Apparently the allegations of Democratic Registrar of Voters Olga Vazquez altering state voter petitions wasn't enough. They must want to also now invite federal scrutiny as they appear to have altered federal documents.

The US Census bureau was extremely interested in seeing the document when I called for their comment. I e-mailed the PDF file to them and as soon as I get their comment I will update it here.

One member of the 5th district challenge slate, the so called "Kirkley-Bey" slate, was very concerned by the use of the brochure for political purposes. Rebecca Wareing commented that "It shows a potential lack of respect for our people". She further stated she was concerned that a federal agency who is non-partisan and a form designed and paid for by taxpayer funds, was being used for political purposes.

According to sources, Democratic Town Committee Chairperson Sean Arena had tried to get the brochure cleared through the US Census Bureau approximately two weeks ago and was told that the usage would be illegal, apparently in true Hartford fashion, they went ahead and did it anyway.

More to come on this, another interesting twist in Hartford's questionable political landscape. The original US Census Bureau brochure, provided by the Bureau is below, as well as the altered form


Altered 5th District Census Document


Census Brochure What Happens Next

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


photo from, attributed to urban compass

I was hopefully optimistic that the new year would mark a new beginning for the Hartford City Council under the leadership of its new president, Council President Pedro Segarra. As of today I am convinced the tide is turning.

After spending two years watching the previous Council President seemingly taking enjoyment in shutting down public comment at Council meetings, President Segarra has done a complete 180 degree turn.

Ex-President Torres used to use a ridiculous "stop light" contraption to time members of the public. Once the three minutes on the "stop light" expired and the light turned red, he'd bang the gavel and cut the speaker off.

As I mentioned in a previous post a couple weeks ago, at Council President Segarra's first meeting as President, the light was gone and not one person was gaveled down as they spoke. A very positive sign that things might be changing.

Then in today's mail I received a great letter from Council President Segarra. The letter is below for your viewing. A couple personal comments by President Segarra were made in the letter thanking me for my efforts, but I have also been told that the letters are going to be common practice during Council President Segarra's tenure.

Apparently President Segarra realizes the importance of acknowledging those that take the time to attend council meetings and express their concerns. Segarra also mentioned to me that he intends to keep speakers updated on the issues they raise by sending follow up letters regarding specific issues raised.

Hopefully this will motivate more people to attend council meetings as they realize that as of January 1, 2010 they are actually being listened to and their concerns are being addressed.

If justice prevails, I can only hope that Council President Segarra assumes the new title of Mayor in the not too distant future and continues to breathe fresh air into Hartford City Hall. It is definitely good to see some level of respect returning to Hartford City Hall. Please keep it going President Segarra.

Only until January of 2012 though, after that I have another suggestion for Mayor. Besides, after cleaning out that mess you'll probably be ready for a long rest.


Pres Segarra Letter

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I guess some people just aren't buying the "miracle" defense.

In the letter below, Attorney Robert Ludgin lays out his preliminary claims against the authenticity of the actions by the Democratic Registrar of Voters Olga Vazquez.

In the original posting, I referred to the two slates as the "Giles" slate and the "Kirkley-Bey" slate. In Attorney Ludgin's letter he refers to the "Giles" slate as the "Olga Vazquez" slate. I will agree with Attorney Ludgin and in future posts refer to the "Olga Vazquez" slate. It does seem more appropriate , considering her involvement.

Stay tuned, I'm sure this will only be the beginning of legal action that should make this whole matter much clearer.


Atty Ludgin Letter 1-28-10


The level of corruption in Hartford City Hall seems to rise to new heights daily, some would say hourly.

Numerous examples are coming to light on a regular basis. Whether it is apparently fraudulent petitions or tax scams or cash thefts from the Tax Collector's office, most people aren't surprised when the next corrupt activity is documented.

For most people, myself included, we shake our heads and ask if this administration has no shame? Do they not realize that just about everyone is watching their activities?

Of course none of these corrupt activities happen in a vacuum, and what happens to those individuals that finally decide that enough is enough? What happens to the Lee Erdmann's, the Chief Teale's, and others? Is a "retirement" really a retirement, or a way to exit gracefully when you reach your limit?

One such example is Hartford Police Officer Hector Robles. Officer Robles took an interest in politics from an early age, interning at the Connecticut State Capitol, before becoming a police officer, and getting a taste for democracy.

Robles, one of the few Hartford Police officers that actually resides in Hartford, took an interest in local politics and became a member of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee. During that time, several sources told me that he was supportive of the Perez administration and towed the "party line".

In November of 2008, Robles ran for the legislative seat open in the 6th District and won a spot in the Connecticut House of Representatives. He was sworn in as a freshman legislator in January 2009.

Everything seemed to go well and Robles introduced legislation that benefited Hartford and its residents that included a bill to reduce "speed-racers" on Hartford streets. Robles remained in his position as a Community Service Officer (CSO) for the South Meadows area of the city.

According to sources, Robles began to drift away from the influence of the Perez Administration and began to remain more independent. This independence did not come without a price.

With little explanation, Robles was removed from his CSO position in late 2009. The CSO positions are highly coveted positions by many officers. Robles's area was an area heavily populated by commercial and industrial businesses. Several business people I have spoke with had no complaints regarding Robles's performance as their CSO.

After being removed from his CSO position, Robles was assigned back to the patrol division, working days in a marked cruiser.

In early January 2010, apparently it came to light that Robles and other members of the 6th District Democratic Town Committee did not intend to support Democratic Town Chairman Sean Arena for his re-election bid this coming March.

Apparently as a result, Officer Robles was again transferred, unwillingly from what I have been told, to the midnight shift. When Robles was told he was again being transferred, he didn't argue, but instead requested to be assigned to "Teleserv" the name given to the HPD front desk.

Well, I guess aggravating this administration and refusing to be a puppet has its consequences.

No front desk for Robles, instead he was assigned to the "relief" squad on midnights.
The relief squad is usually given to officers lowest in seniority, which Officer Robles is far from that level. The relief squad means that the officer has no assigned area or car, but rather fills in for other officers on their days off or vacations, sick days, etc.

If anyone has any questions as to how they can do this to a veteran officer protected by a union, I asked the same question. Apparently, according to sources, Hartford Corporation Counsel John Rose issued an opinion that they could.

HPD Chief Daryl Roberts and HPD Union President Richard Rodriguez did not return my calls for comment.

In the meantime, Officer Robles continues to serve the city, working midnights where he has been assigned. Although he probably does sleep better than others that didn't maintain their independence and lay awake at night waiting for the next shoe to drop in an ever increasingly corrupt operation.

And to other city employees, you have to ask at what price you continue to support corruption, and will it be your job next.



In the previous post, I laid out the information about Sasha Hunter and her program being removed from Hartford Public Access Television. Since no reason has been given to Sasha Hunter for her removal, many feel it is a clear violation of her free speech rights as guaranteed by the legislation that created public access television.

Hunter's program was removed from the HPATV lineup after she made comments that some say pointed out the apparent incompetence of the management of the Hartford Public Access Television operations.

Since no reason has been given for the programs cancellation, it would appear that the actions by Scruse are most likely retaliation for Sasha's comments.

Ironically, this month's meeting of HACTAC (Hartford Area Cable Television Advisory Council) had already been scheduled to be held at the HPATV offices. The meeting of the Advisory Council will be held on Wednesday, February 17 2010 at 7:00PM at the HPATV office at 20 Sargent Street in Hartford.

Unlike the HPATV Board of Director's meetings, HACTAC's meetings are open to the public and public comment is welcomed during the meetings.

Please try to attend and voice your opinion on the denial of Sasha Hunter's free speech rights.

To view HACTAC'S website and learn more, click here

to view Billie Scruse's new "Hartford Television" website reserved by Billie Scruse in October of 2009, click here. It might just confirm Sasha's comments and the perceived thoughts of incompetence

In the meantime, if you would like to contact members of the HPATV Board of Director's, feel free. I will post phone numbers as soon as I have them.

Billie Scruse, Executive Director, 20 Sargent Street, Hartford, CT 06105

Victor Moye, President, 296 Vine Street, Hartford, CT 06112

Jeffrey Stewart, Treasurer, 34 Canterbury Street, Hartford, CT 06112

Christopher Stan, Secretary, 41 White Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06119

Luz Conde, Vice President, 35 Bonner Street, Hartford, CT 06106

Please let them know how you feel, and hopefully attend the February 17th HACTAC meeting