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Saturday, March 6, 2010


And a response to another comment

Anonymous said...
OK Brookman, Here's your chance to be in two places at once. Isn't the coronation of RubInStain scheduled for the same time as the council meeting?

Just by the tone and the wording of this comment I have a good idea that I know who posted it, but I would hope that that person would have the integrity to post it under his real name, the same as I do when I refer to someone as "Rosie".

Ok, so moving on.

My phone has been ringing almost constantly since Tuesday's election, almost every call focuses on the election for the Democratic Town Committee Chairperson. I'll post a few of my thoughts here that I will say to either candidate, many of them I have said already to Bruce Rubenstein, but Sean Arena chooses not to take or return my calls, so maybe he can read it here.

First off, the selection can't be called a coronation. A coronation is usually full of pomp and circumstance and the pageantry shows hope for the future. Neither candidate can be proud of what they are inheriting, or in the case of Arena, what he has the Democratic Town Committee to have become.

A once proud powerhouse that was the Hartford Democratic Town Committee of years past, has over the last several years become a cesspool of corruption and incompetence. Strong words, yes. Untrue words, no.

In years past candidates for political positions clamored to be accepted and endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee. Now I think most candidates view the Hartford Democratic Town Committee as a necessary evil that they have to approach as part of the process. They most definitely approach keeping in mind the recent Grand Jury, the arrest of the Mayor. They keep in mind the frequent hearings at Elections Enforcement for absentee ballot fraud.

They keep in mind the Mayor's fines for misusing taxpayers funds for political purposes, also known as the "Hartford Educator". They now can keep fresh in their mind the recent Superior Court decision detailing the illegal activity by the Democratic Registrar of Voters Olga Vazquez. That ruling should help, just in case they might have forgotten the first time in 2004 when she was fined $500.00 for almost identical illegal activity.

Like I said before, a cesspool of political corruption.

Although many people seem to think we have had enough and it is time for change, what exactly is the change?

The poster of the "anonymous" comment I'm sure misspelled Mr. R-U-B-E-N-S-T-E-I-N's name out of ignorance rather than anything intentional, but some might read into that another meaning.

For anyone familiar with either candidate, ask yourself if you know where they stand and what their direction would be for the Democratic Town Committee.

Since Mr Arena refuses to return phone calls, I honestly can say I have no idea where he stands. I have never heard him make a comment regarding the arrest of the Mayor. I have never heard his thoughts on the corruption and extortion charges against the Mayor and Abe Giles. I have never heard him make a comment about our Republican Councilwoman Veronica Airey-Wilson and her arrest on corruption charges.

That's probably a cheap shot about the Republican though, how could he say anything when the Mayor is as bad, if not worse, than her. Like Airey-Wilson once said "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". That was before her arrest, so maybe she thinks differently now.

Can anyone honestly say they don't know where Mr. Rubenstein stands on political corruption? I sometimes think if he could get onto the roof of City Hall, he would be up their shouting his thoughts out loud about political corruption. He's done it everywhere else, almost to the point of making me nauseous on Cityline on, on public access programs, and even here on "we the people".

He even voiced his opinion to the entire state on WFSB's "Face the State". Although Rubenstein came out loud and clear, the two councilpeople on with him refused to take a stand against corruption.

Is that a bad thing to let people know where you stand? Absolutely not. Is it a bad thing to remain silent and say nothing, almost giving the perception that you condone corruption? Absolutely.

And while Arena refuses to return phone calls and discuss issues with those who might disagree with him or challenge his actions, Rubenstein seems to thrive on it. Maybe it's the lawyer side coming out, but Rubenstein seems to live for a good argument and having the chance to present his side.

Here's a perfect example I know first hand.

Although I wasn't around during the Carrie Perry years, I recently learned how Rubenstein operates and his potential as a leader. I had heard that some perceived Bruce as "arrogant" and somewhat "heavy handed". I had a couple concerns about Rubenstein's "style and decided to approach him with a couple of my concerns.

The first concern was that people were tired of Eddie Perez's "tyrant" style of management. Cross Perez and you were done. I was someone that really hadn't worked with Bruce before, yet I found him knowledgeable and his concern for Hartford seems sincere.

Well, I approached him and told him I was concerned about his frequent comments about when he "used to run Hartford". No matter how it was meant, I knew I was turned off by it, and others were making comments to me about it also. If he was anything like Eddie Perez, I figured that was the last conversation we would have.

In case anyone has or hasn't noticed, I haven't heard Bruce comment on how he used to run Hartford since that day. He does talk about being inclusive, committees to interview and select candidates, a public relations committee to educate voters and improve the image of politics. He seems to be open to suggestion and creative ideas.

I'm not going to get into a stump speech here, I think it is already clear where I stand. I do have to ask though what is more important in a leader. Would I prefer a Chairperson who is silent and condones the Mayor's behavior no matter what or would I prefer a Chairperson who can be arrogant and confrontational when it is needed?

Would I prefer a Chairperson who may not be liked by everyone but who's commitment to fair and honest government isn't in question? Or, would I prefer a Chairperson who has shown his commitment to Hartford by beating us out of motor vehicle taxes by registering his vehicles in New Canaan?

Bruce Rubenstein may be a lightning rod, but change doesn't come by remaining silent and accepting business as usual. I have already seen more change brought about just by Rubenstein announcing his run than by an movement by the current Democratic Town Committee over the past couple years.

Change doesn't come about by doing nothing. If it did, Sean Arena would be the unanimous choice for another two years.

And for those unsure of which way to go in the Town Committee vote, let me give you another Len Besthoff "southernism",and in the interest of full disclosure, it's a term I've heard him use, not an endorsement of any political activity

"If you stay in the middle of the road, your gonna get run over"

Make a choice, it may not be popular, but you know what you have to do if we are really going to see change in our city. Forget the personalities, forget the gossip, forget the rumors, forget the backstabbing. Do what you know you have to do if we are going to return Hartford to the proud city it once was. If there was ever a time for political enemies from the past to now come together for the public good, that time has come.

It's a matter of leadership, pure and simple.


The first comment I think is actually a fair question, any one who wasn't at the hearings would probably make the same comment.

Anonymous said...
wasn't rose representing olga as the registrar? i mean, the suit was regarding things olg did/did not do as registrar of voters. so, where is he defending the slate?

The comment is accurate, John Rose as Corporation Counsel is pretty much obligated by the City Charter to represent city officials. He did that in the case of Olga Vazquez. Sometimes it was a little difficult to keep track of who he was representing by his comments before the Judge. At one point he stood and said "the Registrar blew it" and "the City won't be harmed" if Judge Peck vacated the stay . That is all part of his job, as required by the Charter.

The question of if and when he crossed the line and began representing the Giles slate is an entirely different issue. After Rose stated that the Registrar blew it and the city won't be harmed, he seemed to begin arguing for the Giles slate.

Rose continued on and stated that if the Judge lifted the stay that the Giles slate "will be dead, they will be done" and further stated that they would be "murdered at the polls". Does that sound like he is arguing for his client, Olga Vazquez OR advocating for the Giles slate?

It seems pretty clear to me. If the Giles slate felt that their chances were dead and they would be done, that is their problem then and they needed to hire their own attorney if they felt aggrieved, the same as the Kirkley-Bey slate did when they felt Olga Vazquez stepped on their rights.

Whether your question was meant to be sincere or sarcastic, I know there aren't many that understand the issue if you weren't in court to hear it. Regardless, I hope this has offered some clarification to those trying to understand this mess. Hopefully at Monday's Council meeting it might become clearer. If there is a side I'm missing that you think can justify Mr. Rose's arguing for the Giles slate, please feel to post it here.


Channel 3's Len Besthoff covered the latest John Rose controversy in the Friday evening broadcasts. My version was reported here yesterday also. In an interesting twist, I asked John Rose for the memo's regarding the meeting, and he turned them over to me also immediately.

To view Len's story, click here

More to come on this after Monday's Council meeting



Hartford Police Seek Public Assistance in Locating Missing Hartford Man

(Hartford) - Detectives of the Hartford Police Department's Juvenile Investigative Division are seeking public assistance in locating a missing Hartford man. Miles Douglas Wiles was last seen by his family on February 19th, 2010, at approximately 5 p.m. as he left his family's residence on foot.

Wiles, shown in the photo below, is described as a 28 year old, 6 ft, 240 lbs, light skin Hispanic male with short black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a khaki shirt and trousers. Family members indicate to police that it is unlike Wiles to not return home or not be in contact with his family.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Miles Douglas Wiles is asked to contact Hartford Police Detective Ivys Arroyo at 860-757-4236, or Hartford Police Sergeant Matthew Eisele at 860-757-4242. Confidential tips, for cash rewards, may be made by calling Hartford Crime Stoppers at 860-522-TIPS (8477).

As a sidenote, from what sources are telling me, Miles Wiles is the grandson of Hartford politician Abe Giles.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Monday nights Council agenda promises to be full of action.

The meeting starts with the obligatory State of the City address by Mayor Perez. This in and of itself could prove historic as this might be the last State of the City Address by Perez before he heads off to prison, depending how his upcoming trial goes.

Two items added to the agenda also might prove quite interesting.

The relationship between the Council members and Corporation Counsel John Rose has been contentious almost from the start. After several recent incidents, it appears that at least some Councilmembers have decided enough is enough. Councilperson Deutsch had called for a vote of "no confidence" in John Rose. This is more symbolic than anything else. According to the City Charter, the Mayor hires and fires the Corporation Counsel. The Council does have the power to remove Rose, but only after a hearing and a vote that would require seven votes.

If nothing else has been learned, councilmembers this past year realized they need to learn to count their votes. After the unsuccessful overthrow attempt of former Council President Torres, councilpeople quickly learned how to count to seven. Any attempt to remove Rose most likely wouldn't be able to get the seven votes with Councilpeople Torres and Winch almost definitely siding with Perez. Cotto and Airey-Wislon typically do not agree with the majority of the Council when it comes to an "anti" Perez move.

Another surprising twist though is an agenda item introduced by Counciperson Kennedy. Kennedy had requested the Council go into executive session to discuss the role of the Corporation Counsel.

Apparently John Rose, upon hearing of the agenda items, sent a memo to Council President Segarra demanding that any hearings be held in public and be an "open and public hearing and airing". Rose further demands that all actions be conducted with the "sunshine law's" also known as the Freedom of Information laws. I know, I know, I'm thinking the same thing also, but FOI does apply to everyone.

Numerous questions have arisen regarding the actions of the Corporation Counsel and has even forced the City Council to hire outside counsel to advise them in their performance.

The 5th District Town Committee suit over the past couple weeks has also raised issues as to whether Rose was representing the City or the Town Committee slate. The City of Hartford is his client, the Giles slate is not.

This meeting promises to unveil a couple more chapters in Hartford's Theater of the Bizarre beginning with the State of the City Address

Rose to Segarra 3-4-10


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Earlier in the Giles post, I asked readers to be sure to check out Jeff Cohen's blog at WNPR. I have been reminded that Cityline is well worth checking out also by its new proprietor, Steve Goode.

In an effort to keep peace in the neighborhood, please be sure to head to cityline after you finish here. The order you visit WNPR or Cityline is up to you, as long as you start here first.

Here's the link for cityline, just click here


Some days it seems like the City of Hartford is single handedly keeping both the Freedom of Information Commission and the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) in business.

Less than 2 days after the Hartford Democratic Town Committee primary, another SEEC violation complaint has been filed. This complaint, which appears to have merit compared to those filed last week by Hartford's Democratic Town Chair Sean Arena, was filed today with the Commission.

More complaints are currently being prepared according to sources, including complaints related to the use of Prudential Connecticut Realty resources for political mailings by Arena. These corporate resources used by Arena were improper according to Elections Enforcement sources. The resources were also not claimed as a monetary donation or an "in-kind" donation as required by Connecticut law.

Another complaint which has much wider repercussions potentially, is the use of Community Development Block Grant funds and various other government funds awarded to OPMAD (Organized Parents Make a Difference) a non-profit organization. As a non-profit, OPMAD is forbidden from advocating or endorsing or supporting political candidates. Hartford Democratic Town Committee Secretary Kathy Evans and Town Chair Sean Arena apparently used OPMAD's e-mail to circulate political e-mails to support Democratic Board of Education candidates.

A recount of the ballots in the 4th District, Arena's District, will be held Friday at 9:00AM in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The recount will be conducted under the supervision of the Secretary of the State's office.

SEEC Complaint 3-4-10


Today Jeff Cohen posted a story on WNPR regarding the Public Campaign Financing and audits being conducted by the State. One of the recipients of public funds was Hartford's version of the Godfather, Abe Giles.

Here's the link to Jeff Cohen's WNPR story.

If some of the information looks familiar, the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) filing website and some of the questions about how Giles, and others, spent money was posted here on "we the people hartford" in November of 2009.

To read that post, click here

Jeff Cohen was formerly with the Hartford Courant. Please be sure to bookmark Jeff's new blog at WNPR, and after you finish reading "We the People" each day go see what Jeff is digging up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It is often said that what goes around comes around. Apparently this weekend our own Mayor Eddie A. Perez experienced that first hand.

As a Mayor that sets the example for his constituents, at least one person seems to have been paying close attention to the Perez operation. In May of this year Perez will begin his trial on extortion and other felony charges. This past Saturday, Perez had the tables turned on him for a much smaller amount though than him and his buddy Abe Giles are accused of extorting.

I received a call about an incident at the Albany Avenue McDonald's in which Perez was the victim of an "extortion" attempt. The individual had much smaller aspirations than Perez though, he only wanted $1.00. The Perez extortion attempts added several more zero's to Eddie's demands though.....oh yeah....allegedly.

Apparently the student of the Perez style, hereafter referred to as the "suspect", was never identified. The incident, confirmed by the Hartford Police Department, is outlined in the police report below.

Perez claims that he was exiting the drive-thru at the McDonald's. He observed an individual walking near the exit and as he drove off the man began yelling that Perez hit him and ran over his foot. Eventually the man stated that Perez didn't hit him, but he wanted one dollar. Perez paid the fee and the "suspect" left on foot.

Luckily for Eddie, it wasn't Abe that he "allegedly" ran over. The pay-off might have been much higher...oh yeah...allegedly.

Perez Extortion Attempt


It looks like this is another one from "the rules don't apply to me" category.

Last week I posted a copy of a Prudential Connecticut Realty postcard mailed by Hartford Democratic Town Chairman Sean Arena for political purposes. I posted the card in response to a State Elections Enforcement Complaint filed by Arena against Hartford Attorney Bruce Rubenstein.

You can read the full posting here.

In that posting I said that I had contacted Sean Arena for comment. He still has not responded.

I also contacted both the CEO and the President of Prudential Connecticut Realty for their response. Today, the President of Prudential Connecticut Realty, Candace Adams responded to me and answered a few questions regarding the postcard.

Ms. Adams stated that both herself and the management of Prudential Connecticut Realty were unaware of Arena's actions. She further stated that they have a strict written policy regarding the use of Prudential resources for political purposes and such activity is strictly forbidden. She also stated Arena has been put on notice for his activities and if it should happen again, he has been advised he will be terminated.

Since the first posting of the postcard, I have received calls that there were other postcards sent out on Prudential stationary and postage. If anyone has copies of those, please forward a copy to me if possible.

Here is the postcard for the Board of Education Election:



Now that the voters have spoken, and spoken quite clearly, it would seem that the Rosie Appeal on Abe's behalf is done. 96% of you were right, he did appeal.

The Kirkley-Bey slate had a strong win in the 5th District race.

And to quote from Rosie's testimony, even without Judge Pecks involvement, the Giles slate "they are dead, they are done".

And yes John, even without Judge Pecks involvement, the Giles slate "was murdered at the polls", good prediction.

You're doing a heck of a job Rosie. I might even give you one of the first
t-shirts when they come in, what size?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's been a long day, it's late and I'll write more on this tomorrow.

But the bottom line is that Former HPD Officer Robert Lawlor has filed a lawsuit against the city.

Read the basics below.

LAWLOR Summons and Complaint


3 2 10 Unofficial Results


4TH District, appears as though Arena slate survives, too close to call though

5th District- appears as though Kirkley-Bey slate wins big. takes downtown Library polling location by 10 to 1 over Giles slate

Absentee ballots in disarray

Just pulling up to city hall to go in and view the chaos


Hartford Police have been called to the Sand School polling place after an altercation between Hartford's Democratic Registrar Olga Vazquez's husband Radames Vazquez (he's also Abe Giles' son) and Giselle Feliciano.

According to witnesses at Sand School, Vazquez was repeatedly going inside the 75 foot boundary and handing out literature. When Giselle asked him to stop, he apparently approached her in a threatening manner and called her a "f--king bitch".

Hartford Police plan to babysit the polling place until at least 8PM

More to come as the night wears on, I mean progresses.


After that post yesterday about Olga Vazquez telling City Hall staffers not to read my blog because I make money off of every hit, several people have called with suggestions how to build the blog. I am in the process of expanding the blog to a website that will provide information to readers. And no Olga, I do not make any money off the blog, but thanks to you, that may change.

Hopefully the new website will list community meeting times and dates, Council meetings and hearings and provide information for people to become more involved.I'm open to suggestions for anything that readers would like to see on the new "".

But one of the best ideas came about at the polling places today. The "wanted poster" that is pictured below was very popular. I had several people make inquiries about it, and numerous people said they would love to see it on a t-shirt.

The shirts have been ordered, and soon we can start making a fashion statement of our own.

Eddie Perez Wanted Poster


Apparently there is still confusion regarding what was actually decided by Judge Peck in her order regarding the 5th District Democratic Town Committee petitions.

I had someone approach me today that was at the Sand School polling place and they stated they were confused by the ruling. They told me that the husband of Democratic Registrar of Voters Olga Vazquez had told them at the Clark Street School polling place that the Giles/Vazquez slate had actually won the case.Olga Vazquez is the Registrar that John Rose testified "blew it" and caused the petition problem

In actuality, the 5th District Challenge slate, the Kirkley-Bey slate has won the case based upon Judge Peck's decision. Through John "Rosie" Rose's manipulation of the Justice system, the case has been automatically "stayed" for 20 days. Eventually after the case winds its way through higher courts, if Judge Peck's decision withstands scrutiny, as it most likely will, the Giles slate will be thrown out and the Kirkley-Bey slate will be confirmed the winner.

All of that will become irrelevant if the Kirkley-Bey slate wins at the polls today.

To eliminate any questions, the full decision, all 32 pages, is below. The decision is pretty clear and speaks for itself. If you don't have time to read the whole decision, the last couple pages will tell you the Judge's opinion and her conclusion to invalidate the Giles/Vazquez slate

Hopefully this clears up the decision for Radames and any one else that is confused

Judge Pecks 5th District Decision

Monday, March 1, 2010


A frequent "We the People" reader and comment poster, Thom Page,hosted a Democratic Party fundraiser at his West-end mansion, I mean home, this past weekend. Just kidding Thom, I know you are one of the good-guys working for change.

Well, apparently Hartford's version of the corrupt trifecta arrived in the form of Mayor Eddie Perez, Democratic Town Chairman Sean Arena and Eddie's favorite marionette, Kelvin Roldan. Whether they actually paid to attend is any ones guess. (that might be a good subject for another poll to judge what you think). People commented Sean looked tired, probably because of the long drive back from his New Canaan home.

Well anyway, from the "Only in Hartford" file, another guest, who made a donation to attend ,overheard an interesting conversation with Eddie. Apparently Eddie was bragging about a birthday party he was planning on holding for his wife in their "newly renovated basement".

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Aren't the renovations what got you in trouble the last time? I hope you made sure to get receipts and permits this time.

Is the "Dark Emperor" granite still available for the vanity top?


For anyone that watched Democratic Registrar of Voters Olga Vazquez on the stand last week, it was quite apparent that the truth is not one of her strong suits.

Then this afternoon I got a couple of phone calls from City Hall employees. One of them asked me right out how much money I make off this blog. After I finished chuckling, I told them not a penny. I further related that if I figured it out, it probably costs me quite a bit. Figure the cost for copies of documents alone, typically fifty cents a page for anything obtained from the city. Not to mention the amount of time that goes into researching a post before I will put them up here.

Then, after coming back to seriousness, I asked them why they asked.

Apparently Olga Vazquez has encouraged people not to go to my blog because she has told them I make a dollar for every time someone goes to the blog. And after hitting 50,000 hits this weekend that must equate to me making $50,000 ,at least, off "we the people".

If Olga is trying to get people to boycott the blog, can an rJo Winch boycott be far behind?

Not one penny has been made off the blog my City Hall friends, so feel comfortable to continue reading. The only pay-off I'm looking forward to is the day these corrupt individuals are swept out of city hall and the cleansing can begin


In a court case that may have most people confused, John Rose made it clear to everyone in the courtroom today what actually happened. In his testimony before Judge Peck, John Rose stated on the record that "the Registrar blew it".


The legal wrangling continued in Hartford Superior Court this afternoon. The first order of business was Judge Peck issuing her decision. In her decision, Judge Peck agreed with the plaintiffs that the petitions were "improperly validated and certified by the Democratic Registrar of Voters, or the Deputy Registrar of Voters, acting on her behalf in violation of General Statutes 9-410(c) and should have been rejected. Judge Peck went on to further order that "these candidates be removed from the ballot".

That decision seems pretty clear as to the Judge's intent. Since the decision was over 32 pages, I only paid for the last page with the Judge's orders and signature, you can view that below.
Judge Pecks Decision-last Page

After the Judge's order was released, Rosie once again began his legal gamesmanship at the taxpayers expense.

Rose filed a motion for a stay, which means the Judges decision would be held off until Rose can appeal to a higher court. In typical John Rose fashion, his arguments before Judge Peck were more confusing than clarifying. He stood before the Judge and stated that essentially "the Registrar blew it".

Ok, Rosie, I think we all agree on that point,Olga blew it, so let's end this nonsense and go home.

Nope. Rose went on to state on the record that even though the Registrar "blew it", the City of Hartford wouldn't be harmed. But, his concern was that "if you deny this motion, they are dead, they are done" in referring to the Giles slate. Ok, Rosie who are you representing? The City of Hartford who will suffer no harm or the Giles slate?

Judge Peck then admonished Rosie that she was obligated to sit there and listen to his arguments but that any argument based on the merits of the case "is not your strongest suit".

Again even though the City won't be harmed because the Registrar "blew it" Rose showed his concern for the Giles slate. Rose stated on the record "the city won't be harmed these people will be murdered at the polls tomorrow" in referring to the Giles slate.

I'm still not sure about his concern for the Giles slate, and why the City of Hartford's attorney is apparently representing a political slate. I would think if the Giles slate felt aggrieved because the Registrar "blew it", they would hire their own attorney to fight for their rights, the same as the Kirkley-Bey slate did when they realized that Democratic Registrar Olga Vazquez "blew it".

As it stands now, since Rosie filed his appeal before 5:00PM, the election will go on as planned tomorrow. In the event the Kirkley-Bey slate wins, the whole matter will be a dead issue. If the Giles slate should by some chance prevail and Rosie's appeal fails, the Giles slate would then be removed in compliance with the Judge's order and the Kirkley-Bey slate would win.

Although questions are being answered slowly but surely about Olga Vazquez's apparent illegal activities, one big question still remains for me. Even after John Rose admitted in open court that the Registrar Vazquez was wrong and she "blew it", why are we spending one penny of taxpayer money to appeal.

Maybe it is time for the taxpayers to file a suit against Vazquez and Rose to recover our money spent to defend their incompetence


More to come I'm entering this from my blackberry

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I didn't realize it until one of my regular readers e-mailed me yesterday, but the hit counter has rolled over 50,000 hits. That is 50,000 times that people have come to the blog.

Not a bad number from the first couple of months when I would get 15 or 20 hits a day. It seems like many people now come to "We the People Hartford" on a regular basis and the number of new hits keeps increasing everyday.

Surprisingly, it's not just Hartford people reading either. A lot of city retirees are e-mailing me letting me know that they regularly check here for the latest "going-on's" in Hartford. Every day more suburban readers are checking in also to see what is going on in Connecticut's capital city.

Keep your info and tips coming and I'll keep writing and exposing the truth.

As a sidenote, it is now easier to get to "we the people hartford". My plan over the next couple months is to also build a website that will provide information as a resource for people interested in Hartford. Meeting schedules, upcoming events, anything and everything that will help educate and foster public interest in Hartford's government.

You can now click on and it will redirect you to the blogspot location until the new website is built.

Thanks again for your support.


Although we keep hearing that crime is down, the crime stats for this year portray an alarming increase in the first two months of this year. Actually less than 2 months, the latest stats on the HPD website only reflect numbers through February 20th.

Homicides up 33%
Aggravated assaults up 4.3%
Burglary up 62.2%
Larceny up 22.0%

Those numbers also don't reflect the latest two executions on Garfield Street and Cornwall Street or this weekends homicide at Club Charisma on Walnut Street. The Club Charisma homicide happened in front of a police officer working at the club.

Typically this is the "slow" time of the year for violent crime and homicides which usually spike during the heat of the summer. If we keep track at this pace, Hartford's homicides for the year could potentially top 100 or come pretty close.

It might be hard to draw attention away from these numbers by claiming they are driven by Domestic Violence, especially the cold blooded executions with a bullet to the back of the head.


Judge Susan Peck's decision on the 5th District Town Committee lawsuit should be released anytime in the next 16 hours. Take the poll at the right and let me know what you think.

Will Corporation Counsel John Rose abide by the Judge's decision or do you think that in typical "Rosie Style" he will appeal, appeal, appeal, barring no expense to prop up a politically wounded Mayor Perez.


I think sometimes we seem to take things too seriously and get bogged down in details.

But then at other times we don't take things seriously enough. This past week it seems that many people have trivialized (or at least have tried to)Tuesday's Democratic Town Committee elections. I have heard many comments that the 5th District law suit is a waste of time and just petty politics.

Personally, I don't think anything could be further from the truth. It seems to become clearer and clearer every day that the current administration and the Democratic Town Committee "leadership, and I use the word "leadership" loosely in this situation, feel that laws only apply to others.

A few examples, many of which I have already detailed here in the past, but it might be time for a quick refresher course before the polls open Tuesday.

Lets start with the Democratic Town Chairperson and his slate in the Fourth District.Both Sean Arena and his brother Ralph Arena have registered their cars out of town for years to avoid Hartford's taxes. Now after further investigation, it seems that several others on the "Arena" slate are dodging Hartford's taxes by registering their cars in other towns with lower tax rates, and one even registers his car in another state to avoid paying taxes in Hartford.

Is that the leadership example we want set for others in Hartford? Forget about controlling spending or being fiscally responsible.When the next tax increase hits you can just register your vehicles at a friend or relatives home in a more properly run town with lower taxes, and beat Hartford out of its revenue.

Then we can jump to the 5th District, a longtime stronghold of corruption and political crimes. Al you have to do is read the arrest warrant affidavits for Mayor Perez and Abe Giles to see how the system works. Then add the twist of the Democratic Registrar Olga Vazquez into the mix, and you have the ultimate opportunity for political corruption.

Unfortunately for Vazquez, she seems to be prone to memory lapses so she can't lay out her activities for us. Luckily though, other documents and testimony have been able to piece together the details that Vazquez appears to have forgotten. Falsified petitions, purged or "inactive" voters being taken out of the system to penalize districts not favorable to Perez, refusing to accept voter application cards. And I'm fairly confident that this is only the tip of the iceberg, but I think you get the picture. Is this the leadership we are willing to accept?

And lets travel over to the 7th District. The 7th is home to the "political leaders" who are competing with "team Giles" for the gold medal for the dirtiest political activities. Long home to absentee ballot fraud and other illegal activities to violate the rights of voters, the "incumbent " slate wants another term to continue to line their pockets and prosper at the expense of some of the poorest neighborhoods and residents in the City.

And again, the 4th isn't the only district beating the Hartford Tax Collector out of his dues. The leader of the 7th, at least I assume she is the leader because she has the largest picture on the largest easel in the atrium of City Hall as part of her and her daughters popularity contest for Black History month, also has proven to us that the laws don't apply to her. Prenzina Holloway has shown a total lack of respect for the community and the laws as she admitted to absentee ballot fraud. She reinforced that she was above the law when she drove her Hummer for months unregistered after she refused to pay the taxes on the vehicle. She only stopped driving after the police bagged her and took her plates. Is this the leadership by example we are willing to accept?

Many people in the city are becoming more vocal that they are fed up with the level of dysfunctional leadership that has been tolerated for years in Hartford.

People stepped up and registered and voted in record numbers for the last Presidential election. Now it is time to step up and vote in an election that is probably as important, or even more important for the future of Hartford.

If as a City we are willing to see only a few benefit from government, rather than everyone benefiting, then stay home and don't vote in Tuesdays election.If you are willing to have poor candidates, corrupt candidates or puppet candidates selected for political office, then stay home Tuesday and don't vote.

If on the other hand, you would like to see the best candidates selected and put forth for office,get out and vote on Tuesday.If you would like to see a Town Committee that will educate and encourage citizen involvement and return every one's voice to the process,get out and vote on Tuesday.

And I urge you to vote for the challenge slates, not the incumbents.

Are the challenge slates perfect? Absolutely not. But the risk of sounding like urging you to vote for the lesser of two evils, please consider the history. The current Democratic Town Committee consists of people that in many instances have benefited from corruption and self serving activities for many years, much of which may play out for public view over the next few months in Hartford Superior Court as corruption trials begin for Perez, Giles and Republican Councilperson Veronica Airey-Wilson.

The simple message for Hartford is clear, the same message that swept President Obama into office, it is time for "CHANGE".

Like I said before, I don't believe any of the slates are perfect. But what we have hasn't worked and Hartford is sliding backward fast. The challenge slates need to realize that we are willing to give them two years to work for change. After those two years we will make a decision if they deserve another two years to continue their work or vote them out for more change. To continue to return inept or corrupt individuals to political positions year after year after year because that is the way it has always been is borderline insanity.

I don't know much about the 7th District challenge slate, other than the fact that the incumbent slate headed by Prenzina Holloway has already proven themselves, and not for the betterment of our city or neighborhoods. Prenzina Holloway has been lining her pockets with political dirty tricks for years, it is time to send a clear message that "CHANGE" is needed. In the 7th District, please vote for the challenge candidates and help make a change.

The 4th District Challenge slate is something I am proud of the way it has turned out. In late November or early December, there were at least 3 challenge slates planning to run, all being organized by people with very strong personalities. I think they all had something to bring to the table, but running three slates would only dilute the pool of voters.

The most likely result of running three challenge slates is that they would almost certainly guarantee a win for the incumbent slate as they split the voters into three different directions. I asked the leaders of the challenge slates to sit down and we met at a small restaurant and over lunch discussed the situation. The end result is that only one challenge slate was put forward and has done a good job working the neighborhoods, registering voters and encouraging voter involvement.

The 5th District challenge slate is also a slate that I would encourage those in the fifth district to cast their votes for. Is the slate perfect? Again the answer is no. But there are several people that have proven that they care about Hartford and work hard for the city, and not to line their own pockets. There are a few people on the slate that I have only had the opportunity to get to know recently, but others that I have known for years.

One is Jean Holloway. And if you ask what is in a name, in this case nothing if you look at the other Holloway above. Jean is an individual that I have had numerous conversations with regarding her love for Hartford. Many times I have thought she was on the verge of tears as she describes the state of Hartford now as to what it was years ago. It almost seems that she thrives on helping people facing issues in Hartford and that is what gives her the drive to keep pushing forward

Another is Steve Harris. Steve is someone that was born and raised in Hartford, and has such a strong love for the city that most likely when it comes time for his last breath it will be taken proudly on Hartford soil (hopefully many many years from now because we need people like Steve around to fight the good fight). I actually joined the Greater Hartford African American Alliance because of Steve Harris and a couple others. When I first heard Steve speak at a meeting, his passion and love for the City came through when I heard him address issues facing Hartford.

A couple others I have only recently had the opportunity to get to know would definitely add a positive effect to our city. As you know, I sometimes have a tendency to be rather outspoken. At least two of the members of the challenge slate have relatives that have been the subjects of my postings. Surprisingly, these two, unlike our vindictive Mayor, didn't seem to hold a grudge when we met.

One is Rebecca Wareing, wife of Richard Wareing. She did tell me she can't watch our "1Hartford" program while her husband is in the room, something about his blood pressure skyrocketing. After our conversation, I realized that her "no nonsense" demeanor may come from her military background. Rebecca's background and honesty would seem to definitely be an asset to any Town Committee slate.

Another is Marc DiBella. If someone ever took as many shots at my father as I have taken at his father, MDC Chairman William DiBella, I'm not sure how I would react. Marc seems like someone willing to work with anyone for the common good, putting personality and differences aside. Again, not a bad trait for anyone in the political mix. Maybe our Mayor could take note of this.

And Eric Crawford, for anyone who has ever met Eric his personality speaks for itself. I once spoke with Eric several years and he described his upbringing in Buffalo, New York. He told me how he never realized what was outside of the inner city until he took a Boy Scout trip and saw the opportunities outside of the city.

Eric strives to point the youth of Hartford in the right direction and is a role model that everyone can be proud of. Just spend a minute speaking with Eric and you can't help but feel as though honesty and integrity flows from him. I'm usually a pretty tough judge of character, but Eric is one of those people that you can't help but trusting as soon as you meet him.

And if ever there was an example that proves the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover" it is 5th District challenge slate candidate Julio Concepcion. Julio used to work in the office of Mayor Perez. I hope this isn't demeaning, but Julio was an "assistant to the Mayor", essentially functioning as the Mayor's driver and spending many hours in the presence of Eddie Perez. I "judged the book by its cover" and assumed that Julio was formed in the same mold as Perez.

After the few conversations I have had over the last weeks with Julio, I can admit that I was wrong from what I have seen. Julio seems like someone who is eager to immerse himself in Hartford and its neighborhoods to do the right thing for the City.

Getting young people like Julio involved in our city is what leadership is about. Not to overstate this, but I predict that Julio will be someone to watch for future leadership roles as he moves up through the ranks. That is exactly what leadership is about.

It seems like we have too many "leaders"(again using the word loosely, actually extremely loosely) who want to retain their stranglehold on their perceived "power".To me, I see a true leader as someone that nurtures and teaches younger people what being a leader really is about and bringing that young person along.

The 5th District challenge slate seems to get that, from what I have seen, and I look forward to watching them in action rebuilding the political landscape in Hartford.

I would never try to tell someone who to vote for, even as many people have asked me who they should vote for. Usually I give them my thoughts, advise them to find out all they can about the candidates and educate themselves, and then make an educated decision at the polls.

I hope my thoughts can help the education process.

Get out and vote on Tuesday....PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE. Hartford's future depends on it and the whole foundation of our Democracy begins on the local level with the Town Committee's.

And to show that we need some levity at times to bring us back to reality, the video below shows that one person can make a difference and motivate others to join in on the process. That one person can be you.