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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Attorneys for Hartford Democratic Registrar of Voters today prepared a request for an injunction to stop removal  proceedings underway by the Hartford City Council.  Attorneys for Working Families Registrar filed similar paperwork yesterday.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Tomorrow morning March 28th, Saturday I'll be on the Tony Terzi  program on WDRC radio for the 8am hour.  Tony will be taking phone calls on the live program. Fell free to listen in if you have time, I think it will be an interesting conversation.


Word was issued from the office of Hartford Fire Chief Carlos Huertas  that he was unable to find any qualified candidates to fill his open Assistant Chief slots from within the HFD. Huertas stated that he would be initiating a nationwide search outside the Department to fill the slots.It seems as a failure on Huertas's part that no one is qualified or was mentored by him to move up, even though there appears to be several qualified people that should be developed to move up from within

Maybe in an effort to be fiscally responsible , we could find a search company that would give us a package deal. Conduct a search for both the Assistant Chief  and a Chief able to properly develop suitable replacements to move up from within.

Its just an idea but I think we deserve  suitable people to fill in and lead the HFD, and I don't think we need to look outside, we just need someone that is capable to lead and develop what we have already. Too much time has been wasted on the games that have already been played for the last year or so.


The first steps in the legal battles that promise to be prolonged and costly to Hartford's taxpayers have  begun. Legal papers were filed today by attorney Thomas Murphy who is representing Working Families Registrar Urania Petit.

 Her application for a temporary injunction was filed today.

 Below is a copy of the action.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


When do Hartford's residents reach their boiling point? When do we get tired of  all the negative editorials pointing out the incompetence and failings of the Segarra Administration. Are we tired yet of the self entitlement of Segarra, Saundra Kee-Borges Terry Waller an the Segarra inner circle. All of this at the hands and on the backs of some of the most impoverished people in this Country

Waller  and Kee- Borges  continue to line their pockets at taxpayer expense while Segarra lines his gut with caviar, lamb, and champagne courtesy of Hartford taxpayers. It is wrong as well as immoral the way they benefit themselves and their cronies as so many in Hartford are struggling to make ends meet and just keep the lights on and put food on the table.

What is wrong with teaching life's valuable lessons. Apply for a job and if you rise to the top of the other 407 candidates, congratulations. If not, better luck next time. Push yourself a little harder and earn what you want. That's how this country was built. Not everyone has the benefit of a corrupt Uncle Pedro or a scandalous Aunt Saundra.

This type of behavior is unconscionable  to most of us,  but apparently not to the Waller and Borges families who seem to have made careers of fleecing the people of Hartford. This behavior is only going to change with a complete flush and cleansing of the municipal cesspool at 550 Main Street. It is not going to happen under the "leadership" of  Pedro Segarra. No matter how indignant he seems to be each time a scandal is revealed, the bottom line is it is all happening under his nose, on his watch, with his handpicked inner circle. Segarra is either incapable  or unwilling to exert the level of leadership Hartford sorely needs.

Once or twice might be understandable, but the constant embarrassments have become the hallmark of Segarra's Administration and change is needed to start turning this disaster around and for Hartford to be taken seriously again. Only when the proper tone is set and accountability begins in City Government  will things finally change.  I don't see that happening under a Pedro Segarra Administration.

Some people are meant to lead, others should realize their failings and know when to call it quits gracefully.Pedro, now is your time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I typically like to be first, but since I do work a real job, that doesn't always happen. This morning I got a tip regarding nepotism and improper hiring practices at Hartford City Hall. Once again more dirty dealings at the hands of Saundra Kee-Borges. Note to Federal Corruption Task  Force. Later in the afternoon I received a copy of an Internal Audit report that was less than flattering to the Segarra Administration ( We should be used to those by now)
But not surprisingly, at the center of the mess once again kept coming up were a few names we are very familiar with, Kee-Borges and Waller. It seems that Saundra Kee-Borges and her perpetual Fiancee/boyfriend/significant other have turned City Hall into their own employment agency for friends and family. Apparently WNPR's Jeff Cohen has been working on this also and came up with his own report, with some interesting details apparently overlooked in the Auditor's report.
 Especially interesting was the information uncovered  that  SKB's daughter in law used her maiden name when being interviewed by Waller's sister so that she would apparently avoid detection being hired under the Kee-Borges name. I think both parties should be shown the door for their deceptive practices. I find it hard to believe that Waller's sister didn't recognize that Kee- Borges wasn't applying under her real name.
And of course as, usual Mayor Segarra played dumb and appeared to be indignant that his nepotism policy was violated.  Maybe its not playing on his part Special Review of DPW Hiring Practices Final Memorandum
A link to Jeff Cohen's report is also below. Click here to read Jeff's report
How many more days to November's election when we can finally rid City Hall of this corruption?