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Saturday, September 15, 2018


It is relatively easy to run for an available television camera to make statements to further your agenda, and no one should doubt that there are specific agendas in play here. It is apparently more difficult to actually show some leadership qualities and work to bring about real change.

Instead of trying to look at the issues facing HPD it is much easier to go along with the "Anti cop" rhetoric which is very popular with the media, and that is a lot easier than  actually trying to set policy.

Does anyone really believe that Justin Torneiro was an "isolated incident" as the HPD Union wants us to believe?  I can quite confidently say right here right now, absolutely not, it is only a short matter of time before the other shoe drops.. But with that being said, where are the solutions or even an attempt at some solutions.,

 It is much easier for Council people to call "Emergency Community Meetings" and expand the divide between Police and Community, and while we are at it, lets thrown the racial exposure in there to split the community even further apart.. That is not leadership, or is probably more a result of inexperience and not sure what a leader actually does.

I received several  calls this week , probably half of them from Police Officers,  asking why there was no drug testing at HPD or HFD? The answer has nothing to do with HPD and rests squarely with City Hall.  Apparently the Mayor and the Council have refused to appropriate the funds and apparently cut the funding from previous budgets,

And after the Torneiro incident, I am told by a source familiar with the HPD budget that they could take the money out of another HPD budget item and apply that to drug testing. I think that is what they call robbing Peter to pay Paul.

If City Hall was serious about this problem, and hopefully preventing future problems, they would get on board and fund random drug testing for all City employees, HPD, HFD, and City Hall including Council employees. DPW already has a random drug testing program from what I am told.

And to show real leadership, every Council member should be at the front of the line to be tested, but we know that won't happen, it is easier to run for the TV cameras.



Edwin Franqui, one of the people involved in the Barone "trigger happy" video has been arrested for several charges . The charges stem from a domestic incident where Franqui kicked and stomped his pregnant girlfriend.

Franqui was quoted as yelling that "if  you won't be with me, then you won't be with anybody" during the assault.Franqui also attempted to strangle his victim during the assault and actually choked her out to the point she lost consciousness during the assault . The girlfriend, according to the arrest report was hospitalized  but there did not  appear to be any apparent injuries to the unborn child.

Not surprisingly, no one recorded Franqui's assault on their I-phone.

Due to the fact  that this was a domestic violence issue, the victim is identified only as Jane Doe in the reports.

Here is the Police report:

Franqui Arrest  on Scribd



On Friday, September 14, 2018, at approximately 2309 hours, officers were dispatched and responded to a domestic incident at an address within the City of Hartford. The victim stated that her ex-boyfriend came to her dwelling and forced his way inside. While doing so, he physically assaulted and strangled her. Prior to leaving, the suspect broke several personal items belonging to the victim. Officers developed information that later led to the apprehension of the suspect at his dwelling. He was arrested and charged accordingly. The victim's injury was non-life threatening. MCD notified.

Arrested: Valle-Rivera, Juan, d.o.b., 10/12/85 of 717 Garden St., Hartford, CT

Charges: Home Invasion, Strangulation in the Second Deg., Crim. Mischief in the First Deg., Assault in the Third Deg., Disorderly Conduct and Crim. Mischief in the Third Deg., (3 cnts).


On 9/14/18 @ 1745 hours, officers responded to 1870 Main Street on a report of a larceny complaint, that occurred a day prior. Officers were informed by Family Dollar security officers, that they believed the suspect who stole from the store was outside. The suspect was approached and identified as being Fredrick White 01/01/62. 

While speaking to officers, (A) White, without provocation fled on foot eastbound through the parking lot. Officers pursued (A) White and were able to catch him in the parking lot. (A) White then forcefully pushed the officer, causing him to fall on the pavement, injuring his knee.

A description of (A) White was broadcasted to all responding units. After a brief foot pursuit (A) White was apprehended inside the hallway of 2006 Main Street. The officer was treated at an area hospital. A Responder Alert Issued.

Arrested: Fredrick White 01/01/62 of 412 Mary Shepard Place Hartford, Connecticut

Charges: Assault on Police, Interfering with Police, Breach of peace, Trespass 3rd and Assault 3rd

NOTE: The officer assaulted in the above incident is  still hospitalized as of this morning and recovering after emergency surgery for his injuries.Please keep him in your thoughts for a quick recovery

Friday, September 14, 2018



On 9/13/18, members of the Street Crimes Unit were on directed patrols in the south district of the city. During this patrol, they began an investigation into a suspicious vehicle parked and occupied in a residential parking lot. The lot has been a dumping ground for stolen vehicles in recent weeks. 

During the investigation of the unregistered vehicle, a male occupant inside the vehicle was found to be illegally in possession of a semi-automatic pistol and 5.5 ounces of marijuana. He was arrested and charged accordingly. Detectives from the Violent Crimes Unit debriefed the arrested party.

Daryl Johnson (5/29/88) of 419 Hudson St. Hartford, CT.

Charges: Possession of Pistol w/o Permit, Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Weapon in MV, Possession of a Controlled Substance, PWITS Controlled Substance


On Thursday September 13, 2018, Detectives from the Vice & Narcotics and Street Crimes Unit, conducted a street level narcotics interdiction operation. The operation was initiated to address the numerous ongoing complaints for street level drug dealing within Hartford's south district. As a result of the operation, (8) adult suspects were arrested or issued an infraction on narcotics or related charges.

Street Operations Arrests 9/13/18.

Diaz, Christopher DOB: 8/27/89
33 Whitmore Street Hartford CT

Poss. of a control substance and P.W.I.T.S. controlled substance

Diaz, Jorge DOB: 9/9/91
204 South Street 3rd fl Hartford CT

Poss. of Narcotics, P.W.I.T.S. Narcotics, and Poss. of a control substance

Paradis, Andrew DOB: 5/13/88 371 Emmett Street Bristol CT 

Poss. Of Narcotics

Lausier, Gregory DOB: 1/9/88
104 Rockwell Ave New Britain CT

Poss. Of Narcotics

Veguilla, Edwin DOB: 6/18/76
25 Parish Lane Windsor CT

Failure to give proper signal, Poss. of a control substance, Sale of of a control substance, and Op. under suspension

Thibodeau, Gage DOB: 6/10/96 200 East Main St Vernon CT 

Poss of Narcotics

Ocasio Andre DOB: 10/25/74
162 Campfield Ave 3rd Fl Hartford CT

Poss. Of Marijuana under .5 oz 

*********INFRACTION TICKET***************
Roman, Jadiel DOB: 9/7/90
341 New Park Ave Hartford CT


On September 13, 2018, at approximately 1106 hours, Community Service Officer was directing vehicular traffic at the intersection of Buckingham Street at Hudson Street. CSO observed a 2007 Honda CRV approaching his location that he immediately recognized as reported stolen out of East Hartford, CT. The vehicle had been reported stolen during a strong armed carjacking from Connecticut Boulevard on the same date.

A radio transmission was conducted by CSO requesting additional resources respond to assist. CSO utilized hand signals to stop the vehicle and requested the operator pull into a nearby parking lot

The operator, later identified as Isiah Quiles, originally complied, but then suddenly exited the vehicle and fled on foot in an attempt to elude apprehension. ATU Detective was able to quickly respond and engaged in a foot pursuit of the fleeing suspect with CSO. Quiles had initially gained significant distant, but was no match for the superior speed of Detective who was able to successfully place him into custody in the area of 60 Wadsworth Street. The East Hartford Police Department was notified of the vehicle recovery and patrol officers responded to the scene.

Isiah Quiles was placed under arrest and charged with Larceny 2nd Degree, Using Motor Vehicle without Owner's Permission, Criminal Trover 2nd Degree, and Interfering with Police. Quiles was transported to the Public Safety Complex, processed for the aforementioned charges, and held on a $50,000 bond.


Arrested: Isiah Quiles (dob 9/3/99) of 60 Wadsworth Street, Hartford, CT

Charges: Larceny 2nd Degree, Using Motor Vehicle without Owner's Permission, Criminal Trover 2nd Degree, and Interfering with Police

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


On Tuesday September 11, 2018, Detectives from Vice & Narcotics were conducting plainclothes surveillance operations within Hartford's south district. While conducting operations, detectives located an occupied stolen motor vehicle traveling in the area. Detectives radio broadcast for patrol officers to assist in conducting a motor vehicle stop in the area of Washington Street & New Britain Avenue. 

The vehicle stopped without incident, where the vehicle's occupants were taken into custody. Search incident to arrest revealed the passenger of the vehicle to be in possession of a firearm and narcotics. In total, two suspects were arrested for listed charges.

A1) Miguel Angel Garcia Dob: 10/31/79 Lka: 68 Fenwick St. Hartford, CT

Charged: Larceny 1st, Operating M/V With Susp. Lic., Misuse Reg/Stolen Reg, Traffic Light Violation. 

A2) Jose Luis Colon Dob: 9/19/77 Lka: 275 Franklin Ave. Hartford, CT

Weapons in Motor Vehicle, Possession Pistol W/O Permit, Possession Narcotics.



On December 11, 2017, Hartford Police Department (HPD) Internal Affairs Division (IAD) Investigators arrested HPD Sergeant Justin Torniero for violation of the following Connecticut General Statutes: 53a-119b(a)(1), Using a Motor Vehicle Without Permission (two counts); 53a-125b(a), Larceny in the Sixth Degree; and 53a-256(a), Computer Crime in the Fifth Degree.

Torniero was immediately suspended without pay, pending the adjudication of this case.

 On March 14, 2018, multiple law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant at 14 John Steele Drive in Farmington, Connecticut. The search warrant was in relation to illegal narcotics. John Butler (DOB 12/31/1965) was arrested by the Connecticut State Police and was found to be in possession of Hartford Police Department issued equipment. As a result, the Hartford Police Department Internal Affairs Division was immediately notified.

 Internal Affairs Investigators conducted an extensive investigation which revealed that Justin Torniero stole the police equipment and provided the stolen property to Butler. The equipment stolen included a police-issued ballistic vest and a police-issued mountain bicycle.

 Is was also discovered during the investigation that Torniero was utilizing cocaine and alcohol, while working in the capacity of a police sergeant for the City of Hartford.

Furthermore, Torniero would drive in a Hartford Police Department vehicle to Torniero’s residence in Farmington while in uniform to partake in cocaine and alcohol use. On September 10, 2018, Internal Affairs Investigators submitted an arrest warrant to Hartford Superior Court, charging Torniero with violating Connecticut General Statutes: 53a-122(a)(4), Larceny in the First Degree (one count) and 53a-123(a)(4), Larceny in the Second Degree (three counts). After review, the arrest warrant was approved, and the court set a $175,000.00 bond.

 On 09/11/18 at approximately 1815 hours, Torniero turned himself into IAD Investigators and the warrant was served. As of this writing, Torniero is currently being held on the judge-set bond of $175,000 with a scheduled court date of 09/12/18.



On March 8, 2017, at approximately 0437 hours, the Hartford Fire Department responded to the rear of 37 Nelson Street in response to a report of a vehicle fire. A 2002 Acura MDX was found engulfed in flames and the fire was extinguished by responded HFD personnel. The Hartford Fire Marshal's Office responded to the scene and conducted an Origin and Cause investigation resulting in the fire being deemed as incendiary. The incident was classified as arson therefore Major Crimes Division Detective Nelson responded and assumed the investigation. 

It was determined that the vehicle owner, Myron Henry, had reported the vehicle stolen on the same date of incident. Further investigation found that Henry later submitted a property claim with his motor vehicle insurance company in relation to the damage.

As the investigation proceeded probable cause was developed that Myron Henry had committed the criminal acts of Insurance Fraud, and Falsely Reporting the Theft of a Motor Vehicle. An arrest warrant was therefore drafted, submitted, and later approved by a Superior Court Judge for the aforementioned charges.

On the evening of September 8, 2018, VIN Detectives placed Myron Henry under arrest at 93 Enfield Street for narcotic sales related charges. MCD Detectives were notified of the arrest and Henry was transported to the Major Crimes Division to be debriefed. Henry was later escorted to the Detention Division to complete the needed booking and processing procedures where the active arrest warrant was served.

Arrested: Myron Henry (dob 6/30/76) of 63 Enfield Street, Hartford, CT 

Charges: Insurance Fraud, Falsely Reporting the Theft of a Motor Vehicle

Monday, September 10, 2018



.On September 10, 2018 at approximately 0710 hours, units responded to St. Francis Hospital on a patient threatening staff complaint. Upon arrival, the complainant reported that while discharging the patient after completing treatment for a hand injury, the patient threatened staff for improper medical treatment. The complainant reported that the patient threatened to shoot hospital staff with a rifle. 

Units canvassed the area and located the patient at his residence. The patient admitted to the threat. The patient consented to a search of his apartment but no weapons were located. 

During the course of the investigation officers located a dog in need of immediate medical care. The patient was arrested on the below listed charges. The dog was transported to a vet for treatment where he was found to be severely malnourished by staff. 

Arrested: Anthony Grady, DOB 01/17/80, 280 Collins Street 

Threatening 2nd, Cruelty to Animals



On 9/9/18, at 2024 hours, Detectives received information regarding persons possessing illegal drugs and an illegal firearm in the area of Main Street and Nelson Street. C4 cameras were utilized and the suspect vehicle was located parked in front of 2383 Main Street. Detectives performed a stop of the vehicle without incident. During the investigation the rear passenger (juvenile) was found to be in illegal possession a .38 caliber pistol. The male was arrested and charged accordingly.


On Sunday, 09/09/18, members of the Street Crimes Unit were conducting proactive enforcement in the south district of the city. The officers were tasked to focus on areas where there has been an increase in crime.

At approximately 1912 hours, officers observed a black Cadillac parked along the east curb of Hungerford Street. The operator discarded a white object from the window and made no attempt to retrieve it. Officers approached the vehicle to address the littering violation. During the course of the investigation, 250 bags of heroin, a .380 caliber handgun loaded with (5) live rounds, and $502.00 of US currency was recovered.
The Violent Crimes Division was notified of the incident.

Arrested: Reyes-Salin, Richardo. DOB 1-26-80. 117 Tolland Street East Hartford, CT.

Charges: Littering, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Narcotics, PWITS, Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Weapons in a Motor Vehicle, Carrying a Pistol Without a Permit.