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Saturday, May 28, 2016


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It is a Holiday weekend and this is the best I could get from Foley

Friday, May 27, 2016


I don't think we will be seeing any peanuts or cracker jacks at Dunkin Donut's Park this year, and possibly for some time. Unfortunately we probably won't be seeing any of those related jobs for the Park that were promised to Hartford's residents (please put those home buying plans or college plans on hold until some real jobs come through) Hartford taxpayers are still footing the bill for this colossal mess. But, at least the lawyers will be  kept busy and making money. Luckily very few Hartford contractors got work on the project , so we wont be bankrupting them at least.

I wonder how much longer Dunkin Donuts will honor their agreement and allow their good name to be associated with this mess? Right now, there is no benefit to them or any of the other corporate sponsors that were lined up for the season

CENTERPLAN CONSTRUCTION CO.“At this point, the developers have repeatedly missed deadlines 
and, we believe, continue to run over-budget. We have no choice but to bring the surety to 
the table to manage and finance completion of the ballpark.” — Mayor Luke Bronin

Hartford, Conn. (May 27, 2016) — BACKGROUND: Today, Mayor Luke Bronin officially called 
the $47,050,000 performance bond on DoNo baseball stadium developer Centerplan Construction
Company, asserting that they have defaulted on the Design Build Agreement they have with
the City (Click here to read the official letter sent to the surety: . Mayor Bronin also
made the following on-the-record statement regarding today’s action:

“This afternoon, the City formally notified the surety, Arch Insurance Company, that the 
developer has failed to perform their obligations, and that the surety has a duty to make 
sure the project is completed at no further cost to the taxpayer of Hartford. Back in
January, when it became clear that the developers were far behind schedule and millions 
over budget, we brought all parties to the table to finance the gap. That was the right 
thing to do to keep things moving. At this point, however, the developers have repeatedly
missed deadlines and, we believe, continue to run over-budget. We have no choice but to
bring the surety to the table to manage and finance completion of the ballpark. The 
developer has threatened to abandon the job if we call the bond, but to do that would 
be another breach of contract. They have a clear obligation to keep working, and if they
believe that calling the bond wash¹t necessary, they can prove it by finishing the job 
as soon as possible with the resources they’ve been given.”



Today, Mayor Luke Bronin announced that Hartford’s Keney Park Golf Course has been awarded “Renovation of the Year 2016” by Golf Inc. magazine.

“Keney Park Golf Course is one of Hartford’s many treasures,” said Mayor Bronin. “The award brings national attention to this beautiful, historic, and newly restored 18-hole course that is already proving to be a destination of choice for golfers throughout Hartford and the Greater Hartford Region. I encourage golfers of all ages — and levels of ability — to come play a round at one of the best courses in the state.”

The 18-hole, par 70 golf course occupies 6,014 yards of Hartford’s historic 700-acre Keney Park, located in the city’s North End. The first nine holes of the Keney Park Golf Course were finished in 1927, and the remaining nine were completed in 1930.

In 2013, the City closed the course after a contractor that had been operating it since 2009 allowed the course to deteriorate, failing to make required capital improvements. The contractor also cut down hundreds of trees without proper permission.

Two judges for Golf Inc., in awarding Keney Park Golf Course this honor, specifically noted that the renovation was grounded in history.

“So much great golf course design has been erased under the guise of ‘renovation improvements,’” said Forrest Richardson, owner of a golf course architecture firm and former winner of a Renovation of the Year project. “The work here is not only grounded in history, but it brings golfers face to face with an era of design that has all but vanished.”

“Excellent restoration and modernization of the infrastructure of this course,” said Oscar Rodriguez, Vice President of Heritage Links, who has a distinguished background in golf construction. “All while embracing the history of the site.”

On May 1, 2016, Keney Park Golf Course officially re-opened to the public for the first time in three years. Currently, the course is open from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm, seven days a week.

  *   Click here to read the story in Golf Inc. magazine:
  *   Click here for photos of Keney Park Golf Course:

Thursday, May 26, 2016


The raw, unedited video below is of the Hartford Stadium Authority's meeting earlier today. During that meeting the members voted unanimously to "call the bond" on the Dunkin Donuts Park stadium

Many of you have called me to ask me what happened, so here it is.


It seems like just a few short weeks ago the Hartford Fire Department was headed for a major meltdown.At least 85 to 90 high ranking and experienced firefighters were expected to be heading for retirement.

Many of those were expected to leave over  uncertainty and misinformation or bad information that was  swirling about over their futures and their pensions due to budget problems.

Now it seems that eventually accurate information was put out and those pension fears have been calmed.

According to a HFD source, at least 34 or more of those retirees have rescinded their planned retirements. Those that have already officially retired area ble to come back under a grace  period.

Of the 8 Deputy Chiefs who were expected to retire, now only 2 are actually taking retirement, and reportedly only one Captain is leaving.

Overall , great news for HFD   and Hartford's residents.

Communicating makes a huge difference


Geez, I wonder how these things happen? Coincidence?  I think not. The following statement was issued today by Hartford's Superintendent of Schools. I wonder if she just completed a BASIC management course and suddenly decided how to identify waste. Did she suddenly get a revelation from that little devil on her shoulder, whispering in her ear.

Since I am not a  considered a legitimate journalist according to Kelvin Roldan and Pedro Zayas from the Hartford Schools, I doubt it had anything to do with my FOI requests that exposed the almost $70,000-.00 junket  during a dire budget crisis, that involved  sending over 30 employees to Miami to pick up an award.

Quite possibly it occurred because a "legitimate" journalist from NBC Connecticut's Troubleshooters,my mentor, Len Besthoff, was made aware of the trip and reckless spending by "We the People" and is featuring the story on the Nightly news tonight on Channel 30..

Whatever the reason, however change takes place, it is a good thing,. and this is definitely not the end of it yet. The lid is about to come off the operations at the Hartford Schools, and this is only happening with your help and information. Once again a heartfelt thank you for doing the right thing.

The statement from the Superintendent is below

Dear Employees of the Hartford Public Schools,

Our decentralized professional development approach that is inherent in the operation of a Portfolio District has recently raised concerns. More to the point, what was an opportunity for celebration in receiving the Magnet Schools of America Donna Grady-Creer District Award for Magnet Sustainability, has instead revealed a flaw in our travel approval process. We are honored to receive this award and, clearly, the Hartford Public Schools needed presence at the event.

In addition to receiving this prestigious distinction, 11 of our schools also received awards, while our staff successfully submitted four presentations. This is important because it positions the district for revenue opportunities as a recognized leader in educational innovation. However, it is also clear that there was no need for such a large presence. Over the last few months I have consistently been clear about our need to face the reality of our budget and the city’s fiscal crisis.

As such, effective immediately, I am ordering a moratorium on all out-of-state travel that is non-essential and that would require payment, in whole or in part, by the Hartford Public Schools budget. This moratorium shall apply to all travel expenses not already incurred as of today, May 26, 2016. Essential travel is limited to the following: travel that is necessary to maintain academic accreditation; required professional development in support of the core academic program of our schools and the district; or required travel by a granting institution necessary to maintain funding. In all cases, travel will be reviewed and approved by the Chief School Improvement Officer and the Chief of Staff. All pre-approved travel is immediately placed under review.

In addition, I have ordered that all policies and procedures related to participation in conferences and other activities that require out-of-state travel to be immediately reviewed and that new processes be put in place.

Once again, I am asking for your diligent attention and compliance with this directive.


Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, Ed.D.


Thank you Pedro, you left one hell of a legacy
The answer is definitely yes. In fact, it is anticipated to get much worse after 1:00PM today

According to several sources familiar with the project, the votes are in place on the Hartford Stadium authority to "call the bond" at their meeting today. The bond is essentially an insurance policy that was required by the City to guard against default by the developers on the project. Performance bonds are a standard process in the construction industry.

If the  bond is called by the Stadium Authority ,sources say, it is anticipated that all work will cease on the project within the next 48 hours. The bond process would require a type of investigative procedure as to determine the cause and who is at fault for the delay.

There is where the plot thickens. Sources are also telling me that the Bond holder, the insurance company , will most likely refuse to pay. Apparently there is enough blame to go around and the insurance company is apparently claiming that the City of Hartford shares a large part of the responsibility for the delays.

It should be an interesting meeting. Let the litigation begin. In the meantime, the New Britain Bees are just a short drive away if you want to enjoy some baseball.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Pedro Segarra guiding Hartford into the Donut hole
Does that sign look centered?
According to a City Hall source, no penalty fines have been paid by Robert Landino or Centerplan, the developer for Dunkin Donuts Park,  who is was on the hook for a $50,000 penalty for missing the "substantial completion" deadline last Tuesday and an additional $15,000 a day for every day they are late.

According to the Hartford Stadium Authority Chairman I. Charles Matthews at a special meeting last Friday, Matthews said that an account number had been given to Centerplan to begin wiring the money to the City's account. Apparently that has not happened at all.

According to my source " None of the late fines have been paid".

Centerplan... "SHOW US THE MONEY"


Eddy Conklin
I don't venture outside of Hartford issues too often, but this is just one that makes me question the bounds of human decency and makes me ask "why not?"

Eddy Conklin was killed in a car accident on February 28, 2016. He was a senior at Shelton High School and was on track to graduate this June. His parents have been working with the Superintendent, Board of Ed and Head Master since March 18th for Eddy to receive an honorary diploma in his name, handed to a family member, AT GRADUATION  along with the rest of his 2016 classmates, just as many other families in the state of CT have.

  The family has been told that this would not happen. They have been given the run around on this issue since March. They have supplied the BOE with other towns and facts to support their wishes for the honorary diploma and his name called with his fellow classmates during graduation.

The Conklin's just want to see this injustice to their son corrected. The BOE has offered to award it to the family at a different much smaller event. Sometimes we need to put politics and policy aside and do what is right. Setting a precedent to honor someone's child will never be the wrong thing to do.

 One song in particular comes to mind "Nothing More" which is on the Newtown Kindness video says it all - "We are how we treat each other when the day is done. We are peace, ... We are how we treat each other and nothing more." The right thing to do starts here. Be the person that changes things for the better.

Why would the Shelton Schools compound the loss to this family by their heartless actions? What would the harm be in recognizing this young man along with his fellow classmates, It might just bring a little closure to a few people.  You can sign an online petition to the Shelton School Board by clicking here


Hartford, Conn. (May 24, 2016) — Eight Hartford fire department personnel will be recognized ...for their part in going above and beyond the call of duty in service. On May 12, 2016, LT Anthony Healis assigned to the Tactical Unit, Tour D, at 275 Pearl St., heard a woman screaming from an open second floor window at the fire station. He ran downstairs and told the firefighters there under his command that he thought that someone needed help.

 Across the street in the parking lot at Ann Uccello St and Pearl St, a perpetuator was seen striking the woman in the face in an apparent robbery attempt. The four firefighters then ran across the street and chased the perpetuator approximately 2 blocks before subduing and restraining him until law enforcements arrival. The other members of the Tactical Unit on scene was Firefighter Timothy Mathis, Firefighter Travon Nickson, and Firefighter Bryan Riddick.

“The actions of these dedicated professionals demonstrates the “service before self” mentality that embodies the Hartford fire department. They put themselves in harm’s way to help a citizen who was being violently assaulted. I couldn’t be prouder of them and their actions, as Chief of Department,” said HFD Fire Chief, Reginald Freeman.

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, Engine 16, Tour B, staffed by Acting LT Lewis Daniels, P/O Martin Quirk, Firefighter Renaldo Rivera, and Firefighter John E. Rodriguez responded to a residence in the north end for a woman who may be giving birth to a child. Engine 16 personnel arrived on scene within minutes and successfully delivered the newborn girl.

 Engine 16 personnel cared for the mother and newborn baby for approximately 9 mins until the local ambulance provider arrived on scene to transport both the baby and mother to the hospital for additional postpartum care and evaluation.

“I turned to grab our delivery kit out of our EMS bag and as I was turning back to the mother, the baby was crowning already,” said Acting LT Lewis Daniels. Annually, 80-85% of the fire department’s 24,000 calls for service a year are EMS calls. “EMS is an important part of our mission here at HFD and I am proud that our trained professionals have once again, demonstrated their professionalism and multi-role expertise in the delivery of this beautiful baby girl,” said Fire Chief Reginald Freeman.

All members will be presented with the “Chief’s Award of Excellence” and a “Unit Citation” for their actions and efforts at their fire station during their next shift. Personnel from Engine 2 who delivered a baby last month will also be recognized with the same awards in their fire station.



I can't figure this one out. The story of the sexual predatory behavior by Hartford's Schools Eduardo Genao came to light only after I was contacted by people that were trying to report his behavior and were ignored. The whole thing since that point stinks of a cover up, and more and more that stink is leading back to the person at the top, the Superintendent.

Immediately after the story became public, on May 7, 2016, I requested Genao's personnel records because I was told that the incident I was asked to help with was not the first incident of claims of inappropriate behavior with students or employees involved with the Hartford Schools.

After several weeks, I did get a response back with a few pages of documents that he Hartford Schoools purported to be his entire file. Since that time , I was made aware of another document that was never released. It was a heavily redacted transcript of an interview between Eduardo Genao and his Union rep and a DCF investigator.

Let me be clear though, I did not receive that document because the Superintendent released it as a public document. I obtained that document because a City Hall staffer happened to leave a file in a coffee shop, the file contained the Genao documents. The person that found that file in the coffee shop apparently copied all of the documents , and through "alternative means "the document  made its way to me. I think they call that karma.

Today a third document found its way to me and it is posted below. According to sources, additional documents are available spelling out details, but those are being withheld also.

The heavily redacted document, even from what can be read, is more disgusting than the previous statements. It clearly shows a pattern of inappropriate behavior by Genao. I find it hard to believe that at least three Superintendent's were unaware of the behavior. I think the statements and the documents show that the Superintendent's were extremely incompetent, as well as any staff that failed to bring it to their attention should be held accountable.

It is also very troubling that these documents are having to be pulled out of the Superintendent's office one at a time. It is only through confidential sources am I finding about these documents, and then when I question them , they are released one at a time. What else are they hiding? If I requested these documents through an FOI request on May 7, 2016, why are they released this way.

 The entire file, including the piece meal releases are not becoming "more public" as time passes and they get caught more in a cover up. They were either public on May 7, 2016 or they weren't.

I think the problem is that as more documents are uncovered, the documents will paint a much clearer picture of a concerted effort by Superintendent Narvaez, Gislaine Ngounou and others to cover for a Board employee , allowing him to continue to prey on children under his control.

The silence by the 9 Board of Education members is troubling. Although Craig Stallings, through his wife, had promised a statement to be e-mailed to me, I have received nothing yet. The only statement I have heard from any Board member was elected Democrat Michael Brescia, who told me last Thursday  to "get off my high horse" regarding the BOE. Where are the rest of them? Where is the Board of Education Chairman Richard Wareing?

The only statement released from Superintendent Narvaez was a lame explanation she issued, more with the Mayor's doing than her own. Where is her outrage that , as a parent herself, she was harboring a predator in her top staff?

 And let me also be clear here, this mess is not under the control of Mayor Bronin. As Mayor, he has very little control over the Board's actions, other than the majority he appoints to the Board. I think the Hartford School's may be pulling a slick move trying to channel all of these documents through the Mayor's Office so when this mess really blows up, they can sit back and say "We weren't hiding anything, the Mayor had it all, he is the one who didn't release it".

Wareing and the Superintendent need to come clean now. If they mistakenly covered for a child predator, now is the time to admit it. Review all of the policies and make us feel comfortable that you have implemented change to make sure this can't and won't happen again. I think people can accept some candor now, but to prolong the cover up won't go over well as more information continues to come out. I think it might also be time for Mayor Bronin to take a stronger stand on this also .

Take a look at the latest document below. I am pretty confident all of the redactions are not based in any exemptions allowed by law, but are more to avoid revealing embarrassing details. Even the name and date of the person who wrote the report at the end are blacked prevent contacting that person. Those are not legal redactions. And hopefully the Connecticut FOI Commission will be reviewing this matter soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Mass. Police Officer hugging his tearful son after escorting a dead Police Officer home
 photo credit: Worcester Magazine/Steven King

I shouldn't have to be posting pictures of Hartford Police Officers doing good things out in our community. Anyone with half a brain can recognize how fortunate we are to have what we have. Nothing is perfect, but we are very fortunate. We have a great Police Department and Fire Department serving us every day, day in and day out, 24/7, holiday's, night's weekends, regardless of birthdays or family functions, they are here  for us

It aggravates me seeing people, some of them so called "leaders"in our community trying to throw fuel on a fire. Fortunately for us a fire that does not exist in Hartford  and hopefully never will.

As one New England town prepares to bury a murdered police officer. Officer Ronald Tarentino jr .   of the Auburn Mass. Police Department was murdered Saturday. A senseless  murder of a police officer, a father of 3 children and a husband. Murdered for nothing more than wearing the uniform and a badge that identified him as a protector of our communities, and doing his job on a motor vehicle traffic stop. Let us take a moment to realize how fortunate we are and show our gratitude to our first responders and never forget

Monday, May 23, 2016


 Just look around our community and you will find the majority of HPD Officers doing good, actually make that great, things in our community.


You make the call.
Are the completion dates for the Yard Goats and Dunkin Donuts Park realistic? This is a quick raw video I shot Sunday afternoon. No one was working  and the place was wide open and unsecure, I don't think HPD covers the project until after 7 PM .  

And this video is just one small are on the southeast corner, ther is much wok to be done, and I hasven't seen the 24/7 work we hear Centerplan talking about. I also have to say this project is an OSHA nightmare. I know Centerplan is going through on the job training for this project, but have they ever heard of a safety manager? The hazards on this unsecured project abound. If some inquisituive youth got in here, a tragedy could definitely occur.

I have never seen a project like this where the laddrrs and equipment are not secured after hours. In fact an extension ladder was propped up to the back of the Dunkin Donuts sign most of the weekend, a 50 or 60 foot fall from that ladder would probably be fatal to an unsuspecting kid who got in there.

 Even the lifts left parked on the sidewalks are a hazard. Sidewalks by the way that are still open to the public, no construction fencing, not even caution tape. Sheet metal stacked where anyone walking by or riding a bike could experience severe lacerations on the unmarked hazards. This entire property is a huge liability waiting to happen .

Not to mention the larceny opportunities with all the unsecured equipment left around. Maybe Centerplan's employees should consider ways to secure the property rather than getting in to have batting practice

Hopefully Centerplan has remembered to pay their liability insurance


900 Broad Street, an urban renewal project proudly owned by the Zaaco Group, LLC of Freeport NY

 A $1.00 Success story courtesy of the City of Hartford?
On April 30th I posted what will probably be the first of many chapters in this saga.

For years, the City of Hartford has been reckless in the way it does business. Will it change under a Bronin administration? Who knows, but only time will tell.

Here are a couple more troubling examples.

On May 28, 2015, by a Council resolution, the City turned two properties over to a New York state developer, the Zaaco Group LLC.

Despite information from community members about the dubious reputation of the Zaaco Group, the transfer took place

The deed transferred from the City of Hartford to the Zaaco Group, LLC on May 29, 2015 and  had specific restrictions regarding the timeline for rehab of the property to prevent it from sitting empty as a blighted property.  To date, almost exactly a year later, nothing has happened

As you can see from the deed below, rehab of the property was supposed to commence "promptly" and Zaaco was supposed to pursue the renovations of the property "diligently" and conduct "diligent efforts"  to lease the property to bona fide tenants. Legal talk for fix the blighted property.

The Zaaco Group, LLC was also required to pay al taxes and keep the property current, which they have not.

These sweetheart deals to people that have no connection to Hartford and who could care less about the damage a blighted property does to a neighborhood, need to end. At the very least Mayor Bronin should be instructing the Corporation Counsel to commence legal action to take the building back so possibly it could be put in the hands of someone who is actually going to do something with it before it collapses from neglect.

It is not too hard to figure out how the Zaaco Group, LLC earned their place on the Nassau County New York contractors Hall of Shame.

The next chapter later this week, 97 Williams Street, another $1.00 Property, still burned out and blighted a year later.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


 A deer was hit and killed by a car today. The mother left a baby fawn orphaned by the accident.

HPD Officers stepped up to rescue the fawn and care for it until DEEP could arrange for its care with a rehabilitator

HPD's good deeds really aren't too hard to find if you look.


For years I have focused on Hartford City Hall and identifying problems and corruption throughout City government. I have a pretty good track record there. I need to apologize to every Hartford child and every Hartford parent for essentially ignoring the Hartford Schools while I have focused on City hall.

I have only recently turned my attention to the Hartford Schools , after I was made aware of them hiding a predator in their midst. Those efforts eventually led to the arrest of the alleged predator, Eduardo Genao. His next court date is this week in Hartford.

Only after beginning to look into the matter have I now realized what a cesspool of corruption and cover ups the Hartford Superintendent's Office really is. The reason I apologize is because while I was focused on City Hall, I wasn't looking at the dirty deeds happening in the penthouse offices at 960 Main Street . At least the dirty deeds at City Hall never involved any of our most vulnerable residents, our children. Even though I am not a parent, I say "our" children because I think as a society we all share the responsibility to nurture and PROTECT our kids.

That responsibility is apparently not seen the same  by some of the high priced salaried people sitting behind the secured doors at the Superintendent's  Beth Schiavino-Narvaez's Office. Jill Cutler Hodgman, Paula Altieri, Melinda Kauffman, Giselle Ngoudou  as well as others I am sure, are part of the process that has enabled a predator like Eduardo Genao to survive and actually apparently thrive in the Hartford School System..

One of the main problems is the attitude that allows and tolerates improper behavior, and actually seems to condone it.. I will be writing more about one specific teacher who is feeling the wrath of shaking some cages at 960 Main Street, Natalia Arroyo . but let me stay focused on the predator protection squad for today.

As you can see from my e-mailed FOI request of May 7, 2016 below I had requested
"the entire personnel record of former Hartford Schools employee Eduardo Genao. Please include any and all disciplinary records as well as any and all investigations and investigative reports as well as any  and all complaints received against Eduardo Genao during his tenure with the Hartford Schools. Please include a detailed listing of any exemptions you may claim."

A very short list of documents was received back fro Suhail Aponte at the BOE, which I thought was odd since Genao had been there for years and from what sources were telling me, he had numerous complaints made against him as well as related investigations.

In my FOI request I also asked for a list of any redaction's they were claiming and the statute that allowed such exemptions. I received a heavily redacted, or "blacked out" response with no explanations.

But apparently there are many good people out there that take their responsibility to children and their careers seriously. Today I received a document through "alternative means" that was apparently withheld intentionally from me and a TV station that had requested the same documents.

The document was  a transcript of an interview between  Eduardo Genao, his Union Rep. Neil Macy and Guy Morgan from the state DCF  the document was from  November 14, 2007.. It was apparently an interview regarding inappropriate behavior  allegations against Genao. Although heavily redacted, the document shows Genao admitting to some troubling behavior such as hugging and kissing students and contacting them through social media and telling them to make sure they delete the record of the conversations.

After reading the report, I can see why the Superintendent's Office didn't want me or Channel 30 to see the document. It clearly shows that there were questions about Genao's behavior with children as far back as 2007, and nothing was done , except cover for him and move him around to avoid detection..

Michael Brescia, an elected Democrat to the Board of Education, and a former Educator himself, told me Thursday nigh that  I "needed to get off my high horse" regarding the Board.. That is sad that an educator himself would consider standing up for Child victims as being on a "high horse"

I look forward to the FOI hearing regarding my complaint and seeing Kauffman explain what part of  the entire personnel record of former Hartford Schools employee Eduardo Genao" she didn't understand. It seems pretty simple to me unless you are trying to hide something.

And keep reading for the details on Natalia Arroyo and her treatment by the Kangaroo Court. coming soon.

The original FOI request:

The Document that wasn't supplied and I obtained through "Alternative means"

The heavily redacted "sanitized" version released

E Genao FOI