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Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is another one from the "You can't make this stuff up file".

Apparently according to the resolution passed on August 23, 2010 by the Hartford Court of Common Council, Councilman Alexander Aponte was appointed only until January 1, 2011. According to legal sources , even though it most likely was a typographical error, once the resolution is certified by the City Clerk, the exact wording becomes official.

The document was certified and Aponte's term is now done as of January 1, 2011 according to the official certified resolution. A copy of the resolution is attached below. It seems that legally the only way to correct the mistake will be to "re-vote" Aponte back onto the Council.

That could prove to be an interesting task though since a lot has changed since the original Council vote and Aponte's appointment. First up is the matter of how Aponte got his five votes.

If you recall from other posts here, Aponte got the fifth vote he needed from some old fashioned "horse trading". The night before the vote, Councilwoman rJo Winch had stated that she would never vote for Aponte to be appointed. Less than 24 hours later, Winch changed her opinion, voted for Aponte to join the Council and the Aponte in turn voted for Winch to become Council President.

Winch would have never become Council President without Aponte's vote. Nowthat she has her position, it will be interesting how she proceeds now that all bets are off and she is not obligated to Aponte.

Another critical piece is that at least three of the Council members at the time of the vote felt deceived by Aponte. At the time of the vote, myself and others had raised the issue of a Federal Investigation involving Aponte for Food Stamp fraud as well as other issues. Aponte denied any knowledge or involvement in the investigation when asked by Council members prior to the vote. That turned out not to be truthful when documents released and an article in the Hartford Courant showed a rather deceptive case against Aponte.

This could all be very interesting to watch as this plays out for Aponte's next shot at getting voted onto the Council.

UPDATE 4:40pm:

I had originally called City Clerk John Bazzano to see how this matter was being handled. He called back at 4:35PM and said that the matter was "being corrected". I asked how and he stated that his staff had told him that "Certified Resolutions" had been corrected in the past. I asked for a specific instance and the legality of doing that. Bazzano said that he was told by "people in his office" that it had been done before and he didn't think it was a big deal. He also stated that the previous corrections were done before his time so he couldn't give me any specifics.

He further stated that he believes the mistake was noticed at the time of the meeting, but for whatever reason it was never corrected. Bazzano stated that he was waitng for a video copy of the meeting from Public Access to verify what happened. I asked if that meant the matter was corrected and he replied "not yet, not until we get the tape".

Requests for comment from Corporation Counsel Saundra Kee-Borges and Aponte will be posted if and when they are recieved.

Aponte Resolution



Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hartford Police have obtained arrest warrants for Capital Felony Murder charges related to the New Years Day homicides.

The wanted flyer for Angel Rivera is attached below.

Wanted Info Flyer 2009 1