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Thursday, March 3, 2016






(March 3, 2016) Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin released the following statement concerning An Act Increasing The Minimum Fair Wage, H.B. 5370, which is being debated this evening by the State Legislature’s Labor and Public Employees Committee. The proposed legislation would raise the wage, incrementally, to $15 per hour by 2022.


“No individual or family should work more than forty hours a week and live in poverty,” Mayor Bronin said. “A fair wage is the right thing to do for workers and an important part of creating an economy that works for everyone.”



Homicide Arrest Warrant Served in Springfield Ma

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at approximately 12:02pm, the Hartford Police Department received citizen 911 reports of a person possibly shot in the area of Albany Avenue and Baltimore Street. A short time later, the victim- Joseph Lindsey, arrived at Saint Francis Hospital ED via private vehicle suffering from multiple stab wounds to his upper body. At 12:33pm the victim was pronounced deceased by the attending physician at Saint Francis. A crime scene was established and secured in the area of Albany Avenue and Baltimore Street. HPD Major Crimes detectives and Crime Scene detectives responded and assumed control of the investigation.


Several witnesses were identified and interviewed throughout this investigation. Detectives were also able to secure some key physical evidence that assisted them in positively identifying the accused in this incident. On Friday, January 22, 2016 an arrest warrant was submitted to a Judge of the Hartford Superior Court and approved. The arrest warrant charges the accused, Brock Davis, DOB 10/3/1974, with one count of Murder in violation of Connecticut General Statute 53a-54a. There is a 1,000,000.00 dollar cash or surety judge set bond attached to the warrant.


Today, March 3, 2016, Brock Davis was captured and arrested in Springfield MA by Detectives from the Hartford Police Department and the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force. He was charged on outstanding warrants for Fugitive from Justice charges. He will be held in MA pending extradition process, after which he will be transported to Hartford to face the Murder charge.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016



On March 1, 2016, at approximately 8:50 p.m., Hartford Police Department Detectives from the Vice and Narcotics Unit along with the HPD Emergency Response Team and assistance from the New Britain Police Department executed a search and seizure warrant at 7 Woodland Street, apartment T5. 

HPD Detectives received credible information that an individual that goes by the nickname "P" was conducting several illegal sales of packaged PCP from his apartment.  The Detectives also received information from New Britain PD that "P" was a suspect in an active suspicious missing persons case, where the individual has not been seen from in several weeks.

  Upon gaining entry into the apartment ERT members located the target suspect, identified as Ronnie Gineyard, 37, of Hartford in the living room area of the residence. A search of the apartment yielded numerous bags of packaged PCP, empty liquid bottles; which once contained liquid PCP and U.S. currency.  The identity of  "P" was positively identified as being Gineyard.  Gineyard was then placed under arrest for several narcotics related charges. 

15 grams of packaged PCP
$111.00  dollars in U.S. currency
Arrested: Ronnie Gineyard, 37, of Hartford, CT (12 previous Hartford Arrests)
1.       Possession of hallucinogenic
2.       Possession with intent to sell hallucinogenic.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I don't think I have ever done this before on the blog, actually I know I haven't. A comment that was too long to get sent through the comment section was e-mailed to me. After reading it, the sincerity and the sentiment struck me, so I decided to post it like this.

Dear Kevin

I am a follower of your post and I find it informative as well as a required necessity in a world that all too often slips into corruption. I know officers sometimes complain and voice opinions that the blog should be avoided, but I believe that men and women, especially the cop that walks a narrow and honest beat has nothing to fear from your blog.

Let me start my written rant by admonishing anonymous March 1st 1012 am and posing a question to him or her. You elude to the fact that a man that would pick up a gun is lacking in their manhood. Did you mean literally? or figuratively?
I want to take a second to tell you a quote from John Wayne "Courage is being scared to death, and climbing into the saddle anyway" I want to remind you that every day millions of red blooded Americans both in this country and deployed overseas climb up on that proverbial saddle. A lot of those men and woman are comprised of military and law enforcement.

I am one of those individuals that you carelessly and needlessly hurled stones at with your childish and immature post.No apologies needed, my brothers and sisters have grown used to it. It seems to be the norm of today.

 There's three types of people in this world. SHEEP... the individuals like yourself that believe that nothing can or would ever happen to them. WOLVES... that's the criminal element in society that preys upon sheep like yourself. They are committer's of crimes against their fellow man and I wont mince words when I say they don't care one bit about yourself, your values or your perceived rights that are safe guarded my the next type of person. SHEEPDOGS... I fall into this category. We are the protectors of you and the rest of the sheep. The wolves hate the sheepdog, we stop them from doing whatever they want to the sheep. The sheep don't like us all the time either because we look an awful lot like the wolf. I guess sheepdogs are a necessary evil "If the sheep want to survive" because there is nothing, no law, no sign, no proclamation or public act that's going to stop a wolf. 
I've made a living carrying a gun for the better part of half of my life. I can tell you that the word reassurance doesn't begin to explain the feeling that a man that steps into harms way gets when he holds a firearm in a situation that could result in the loss of human life due to a wolfs actions. I've carried a gun since I was a young boy and learned how to use one out of necessity growing up on my families farm. I learned firearms safety and responsibility at a young age and have turned it into a way of life.
Im disappointed by the fact that I often hear folks that want to strip my gun rights from me say "only cops and the military should have guns." I have to pose the question "what's the difference between me as a cop and a good hearted man guided by a morally correct compass?" The answer is simple... nothing. One day I will retire and now all of the sudden overnight im not to be trusted with the guns I have carried and protected with for the better part of three decades because i'm not a police officer?

Its ridiculous. Im a good man and will always step toe to toe with a bad man to stop something wrong from happening, now and after I retire.
Anonymous at 1012 what is your feeling on innocent people that have stopped violent crimes against themselves or other innocent people? Are you in support of them for having exercised their U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT in legally obtaining a firearm and defending themselves? or would you rather they were a victim?

Let's be realistic there is nothing, NOTHING your going to do to get criminals to turn in guns. Because we cant disarm the wolf why should we disarm the sheepdogs that CHOOSE not to be sheep? Please remember that the threat of a gun held by good guys across the country is what keeps you safe. In your travels in this country, at home at night in your bed and every where in between.
In closing I want to say how dare you make a comment insinuating that Police Officers need to join your sensible gun laws. your an idiot for insinuating that cops are too stupid to understand which way to vote. WE TOOK AN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NOT BREAK IT! A well regulated militia was NOT the military! it was the farmer, the blacksmith the school teacher! The same constitution that stops me from taking your keyboard and throwing it out the window is the constitution that protects my gun rights! It was written into the fabric of our country's heritage to protect the aforementioned people from a government that could possibly strip all of our other rights from us! Do you even know why the revolutionary war was fought?

I still believe everyone should choose to protect themselves and learn how to properly and safely use a firearm. I can list hundreds of circumstances where a firearm has saved a homeowners life. It happened in October of last year right in Hartford during a home invasion!

I cant stop you from living with your head in the sand, I can however tell you that I've sworn an oath to lay down my life if need be to protect yours. No matter how much I dislike your way of thinking I love you as my brother or sister and will always be standing by, waiting for the wolf that's lurking in the shadows.
Respectfully Submitted


Does it take a National Tragedy like terrorist attacks with  jets crashing into the  Word Trade Center to get us acting like American's once again?  Do you remember after 9/11 the sale and displays of the American flag skyrocketed, the stars and stripes were displayed everywhere. It seems like we were all Americans once again, we were once a gain a civil nation.

The road rage went away, even hearing a car horn blowing in traffic seemed a memory. People were actually courteous, we opened doors for each other. There was a real pride in our nation and the people we called our neighbors. Lowe's.,Home Depot ,many businesses were actually touting the "made in America" banner. You could even get the bumper stickers courtesy of Lowe's

Where did all that go? Have we forgotten what it is to be proud American's?
Even the tone of the Presidential campaign has me wondering where we are headed. Where are the issues and the vision. Instead it is about who has the biggest ears or the craziest hair or who can send the nastiest tweets. Does  that show any leadership?
I started thinking more about this a couple weeks ago when Carrier Corp,  with headquarters here in Connecticut, announced, unceremoniously, to their workers in Indiana that all of their jobs would be moving to Mexico. The reason... profits. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. United Technologies (UTC) moved all of their operations from Hartford's Gold building to the suburbs last year, but at least those jobs are still here and not Mexico.

This is just so wrong. No one should buy Carrier products until it is fixed. This video highlights everything that is wrong with corporate America.

Now I understand business is about profits, but there has to be some loyalty here also. Companies like Carrier, UTC and many other companies never probably would have ever got started if it wasn't for the United States of America. When was the last time you called AT&T, do you think  that called was answered by an American on a p[hone line here in the United States? You would think so because their first name is "American" but guess again. Probably not even close to the US.

I also have to wonder when we start putting our own Country and people first. This isn't about walls or immigration, this is about putting America first.

How can we read everyday about our neighbors losing their jobs when we know those jobs are going to Mexico and being shipped off America's shores? How can we read about Cities like Hartford  about to go broke and unable to hire Police Officers or care for our seniors or mentally ill or veterans that gave so much for our Country We see the projected deficit of the State of Connecticut and wonder how that is going to impact people that call Connecticut, as well as America, home.

 I also  understand that many of our problems when it comes to jobs and Government spending are very much our own doing. We need to get our own house in order also , and stop the reckless spending that has driven taxes up and forced these companies to look elsewhere.

But on the other hand, while our own communities are sucking wind when it comes to finances and jobs, we are sending billions to countries that would just as soon see us wiped out. When are we going to start putting our Country first?

I am not an expert on international policy and I know that stability is important, but what about our stability here?  We aren'\t Fallujah or Khandahar, but are some of our cities that far off? Some days I think the only things missing are the Improvised Explosive Devices, everything else we have, the violence and crime are there.

I only wish our Senator's and Congressmen were as aggressive lobbying for our own cities as they are to push through deals like the Iran Nuclear deal.

If we don't start going in the right direction and take pride in the United States once again, will any of it matter?

In the meantime, maybe we should consider not buying Carrier products or using AT&T  until they start showing American pride once again and bringing those jobs home to American workers


Many of you have been following the progress of my nephew, Andrew. Andrew is competing and training to qualify for the 2018 Winter Paralympics to be held in South Korea. Andrew competes  in Downhill skiing. you can read more here 

Andrew had a great week last week competing in the World Cup  events in Aspen ,Colorado .

Unfortunately, while continuing his training Monday in Aspen, Andrew had a serious accident while in a downhill race. Andrew was hospitalized in Aspen Monday  and underwent several hours of surgery Monday evening. Apparently rods were put into his legs to repair the broken leg bones, but the good news is there are no other physical injuries.

According to my sister Sheryl, Andrew's surgeons reported that the surgery went well  and the bones have been realigned successfully. Andrew will be on crutches for the next six weeks, but having grown up with Cerebral Palsy, he is a master at getting around with crutches.

Andrew's ski season for this year is most likely over, but knowing him, he will be ready to go at the first sign of snow next fall.

For all of those of you who have helped and supported Andrew's efforts, thank you again and the fundraising efforts will continue throughout the year for Andrew's training next year


(Hartford, CT.) – The Hartford Police Department Traffic Division will conduct a DUI Enforcement Checkpoint on Thursday, March 3, 2016, from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., in the area of 175 New Britain Avenue.

This checkpoint is part of the Hartford Police Department’s ongoing expanded DUI enforcement program supervised by the HPD’s Traffic Division and funded through a grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation DUI Enforcement Program.

For the most up to date traffic information visit the State of Connecticut interactive traffic map including statewide traffic cameras.

The Hartford Police Department encourages you to protect your vehicle and belongings by “putting your junk in your trunk.” Click here to view car break prevention tips from the HPD.
Contact: Lieutenant Robert Allan, Commander, Hartford Police Traffic Division 860-757-4491, email: or Samaia Hernandez , Director, City of Hartford Office of Communications and News Media 860-757-9731, email:
For more


Today is Super Tuesday around the nation, but in Hartford it is also the day to vote for a couple of Town Committee races. Locally, the Town Committee's are the foundation for the local political process.

Voters will be asked to choose their local representatives for the Town Committee in districts that have a challenge.

The Sixth District, Hartford's South End, is one of the districts that has a challenge today. Democrats for Progress is one of the slates running. They are on row "B" and  I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many of the candidates on that slate My good friend Hyacinth Yennie is one of them.  Hyacinth is a tireless advocate for the Southend neighborhoods and our City overall

Hyacinth and her fellow candidates and working to make the system and the City better , rather than living off of it. I encourage you to consider and vote for row "B".

You can read more on their facebook page here

Monday, February 29, 2016



(February 29, 2016) Fire Chief Reginald D. Freeman, who was recently appointed by Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, Assistant Fire Chief of Support Services Frank Costello, and Assistant Chief of Emergency Services Darren Hudson will be sworn in Friday, March 4, 2016 during a ceremony at M.D. Fox Elementary School Auditorium. The ceremony will also honor the accomplishments and hard work of 21 Firefighters promoted to Pump Operator, Ladder Driver, Lieutenant, Captain, and Deputy Chief. The event is open to the public and will begin promptly at 6 p.m. 

WHO: Mayor Luke Bronin, Fire Chief Reginald Freeman
WHAT: Swearing-in and promotional ceremony
WHEN: Friday, March 4; 6 p.m.
WHERE: M.D. Fox School Auditorium, 470 Maple Avenue, Hartford


Today our guest on "We the People" was Hartford's newly appointed Fire Chief. Reggie Freeman. Less than a month on the job as the Chief, we talked about his vision and the leadership he is providing to the HFD, the future and his goals .

One of Chief Freeman's first steps after taking office was to restore some of the tradition to a proud Fire Department. He visited all firehouse and tried to meet and listen to firefighter's as their Chief. I think that was appreciated  as indicated by the text below, that I received after his first day here, from one of his firefighters.
Another move was to highlight the proud history of HFD by taking the pictures of all the past Chief's out of storage so they could be hung on the hallways in Fire Headquarters.

And finally, one of the little things that is very symbolic, was the return of the 1-HFD license plate to the Chief's City vehicle. I could never understand the need for previous Chief's to operate undercover with regular plates. The Chief should be proud of his position and not be ashamed to be identified (unless the vehicle is somewhere it shouldn't be)
Click on the program below to watch our interview with Chief Freeman, feel free to comment.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


This is just such a tragic story.

I don't think we appreciate the danger our Police Officers place themselves in every day to protect us.

Many police officers have been gunned down already this year, but this one is a glaring example of the dangers they face. Ashley Guindon was murdered in her first day on the job after completing her service in the United States Marine Corps.

The irony is that she was probably in much more danger during her military deployments , but she came back home to continue her public service and was murdered in an affluent suburb of $500,000 homes during a reported domestic disturbance.

Please keep our first responders in your thoughts and prayers and also remember those officers in Virginia and across the country that have been wounded and are recovering from shootings

. There is also a local aspect to this killing. The West Springfield Massachusetts Police are with heavy hearts today after learning of the fatal shooting of Police Officer Ashley Guindon on her first night of duty. Ashley is the niece of West Springfield Police Detective Thomas Guindon.

..WOODBRIDGE, Va. (AP) — A Virginia police officer was shot and killed Saturday on her first day back with her department after being sworn in, and two of her colleagues were wounded in a confrontation stemming from a call about an argument.
A county leader said a civilian woman was also killed in the domestic dispute.
Officers received a call around 5:30 Saturday evening in Woodbridge, about 30 miles southwest of the nation's capital, about a "verbal argument," Sgt. Jonathan Perok, spokesman of the Prince William County Police Department, said. It's not clear how the altercation between the suspect and police began but the suspect, a military serviceman, is in custody and was not injured, he said. The condition of the other two officers is not known.
The department announced on its Facebook page that Officer Ashley Guindon had died from the injuries she sustained in the shooting.
A picture of Guindon was posted to the department's Twitter page on Friday with a tweet that read, "Welcome Officers Steven Kendall & Ashley Guindon who were sworn in today & begin their shifts this weekend. Be Safe!" It is not known if the other officer in the tweet was involved in the shooting incident.
Guindon had been a county police officer a few years ago and had left and returned to the force, Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, said in a phone interview with The Associated Press Saturday night. He did not know the exact dates of when she started and left, he said.
Another woman was killed in the domestic call and was dead before police arrived, Stewart said, but police declined to confirm that information. Stewart also said there was a child in the house during the incident who was not harmed.
Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney Paul Ebert told The Associated Press Saturday night that he has authorized a capital murder charge, along with other counts, against the suspect, who has not been identified.
At Inova Fairfax Hospital, where the three officers were flown by helicopter after the shooting, more than 100 patrol cars lined the roads outside early Sunday morning to stand vigil and escort Guindon's body to the medical examiner.
The shooting occurred in the Lake Ridge neighborhood, on a curving street with $500,000 suburban houses with brick and siding exteriors, manicured lawns and two-car garages about a five-minute drive from the county office building.
Until Saturday evening, the big news in the police department was the planned retirement of Chief Steve Hudson, who announced two weeks ago that he will step down at the end of March, and officers' plans to do a "polar bear" plunge on Saturday morning to raise money for Special Olympics.
Police said the incident is still being investigated.

The West Springfield Police are with heavy hearts today after learning of the fatal shooting of Ashley Guindon on her first night of duty. Ashley is the niece of West Springfield Police Detective Thomas Guindon.


On Saturday, February 27th, 2016, at 2359 hours, Patrol Units were dispatched to the area of 50 Vine Street for a Shot Spotter activation (#76253) indicating three shots fired. HPD Dispatch also received citizen callers reporting shots fired in the same area.

As units arrived in the area, Traffic Officer Taylor observed a group of males in an alleyway, within close proximity of the Shot Spotter alert. When the group observed Officer Taylor, they immediately fled west towards Vine Street, at which point Officer Taylor pursued the group on foot. Several individuals were apprehended.

One in particular, Accused Jonathan Frater, was observed clenching his waistband, exhibiting signs of a person armed with a firearm . Officer Fogg began to pursue Frater south on Vine Street as other officers had stopped other individuals in the group. Officer Herrmann joined the foot chase with Officer Fogg at Albany Avenue at Burton Street.

Officer Herrmann was able to pursue Frater westbound over a fence, through rear yards, towards Sigourney Street. Frater fell then continued west from the rear of 398 Sigourney Street, where he was met by Officer Steinmetz. Officer Steinmetz ordered Frater to get on the ground which he did, and was taken into custody by Officers Herrmann, Steinmetz and Fogg.

Officer Herrmann went back to the area where he observed Frater fall on the ground after scaling a fence, and in the mud located a Smith & Wesson .32 caliber revolver.

Frater was transported to HPD Detention for booking and processing procedures. Frater was held on a $500,000.00 bond.

Accused; Frater, Jonathan, M/B/18 (08/21/1997), of 66 Deerfield Avenue, Hartford, CT.
Charges; Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm, Carrying a Pistol w/o a Permit, Reckless Endangerment 1st
Degree and Interfering w/ Police.
Firearm Seized; Smith & Wesson .32 caliber Revolver, s/n AT48038.

Great effort by all involved to take more illegal gun off of our streets