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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The Hartford Emergency Dispatch Center continues to be the focus of internal problems. The Dispatch Center was severed from the Police Department several years ago by an act of the Hartford City Council and the separate "Department of Emergency Telecommunications" was formed. Another department created in a cash strapped City, complete with its own Director at a $100,000 plus annual salary and a City car to take home at night.

Where that home is also continues to be a large question as the Director, retired Hartford police sergeant Andrew Jaffe had promised both Mayor segarra and the previous Hartford City Council that he would establish residency in Hartford after accepting the position. Jaffe did purchase a condominium at 30 Woodland Street last year, but I would challenge anyone to find his City vehicle with the "HFD" municipal parked there at night. I have tried on numerous occasions and have not seen it there once yet.

So back to the most recent problem. It seems that one of Jaffee's dispatchers had loaned her personal vehicle, registered to her, to her fiancee and her brother apparently. That vehicle was then apparently used in some sort of criminal or questionable activity in Manchester. Manchester PD contacted the Hartford Dispatch Center in an attempt to locate the car and its occupants. Another dispatcher ran the plate given by Manchester PD and realized that it belonged to Dispatcher Kim Walton.

That eventually began a chain of events in which Walton was caught on video allegedly using the NCIC computer database to check on her fiancee and her brother, both of who had outstanding warrants.

The HPD arrest warrant application for Walton's arrest is below. After an investigation by HPD'sInternal Affairs Division, Walton was arrested and charged with Computer crimes 3rd degree and was arrested. Walton's arraignment was yesterday at GA14 at 101 Lafayette and was continued to February 14, 2012 according to a representative in the Clerk's Office at the Court.

No information was available on her current status as a City of Hartford employee although she is still listed as a Supervisor in the City's Emergency Telecommunications Dispatch Center according to City records.
Wtp Kim Walton Arrest Application

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Just a little tease for two postings coming for tomorrow.

Who are the latest city employees to be arrested at 50 Jennings Road? You might be surprised by the answer, and why has it been kept so quiet? Very few people were even aware of the arrest when I talked to them today. Learn more here tomorrow.

And also at 50 Jennings Road, find out who's touching who. This one will read like a segment from "Beverly Hills 90210" and you will most likely be shaking your head in disbelief that these are the same people responsible for your Public Safety. And at least one of the "touchy feely" leaders was the recipient of a "DKR headed out the door pardon" when their promotion probation was ended a couple months early to head off any possible demotions.

Check in tomorrow for all the details and more.


Our "We the people" program has been on Hartford Public Access, Channel 5, for a while. This week though we changed our set and graphics. I have received requests from people outside of Hartford asking how they could view the program. I will try to post it here weekly for those that would like to watch it.

This week we discussed Hartford's crime statistics, the Mayor's Board of Education picks and how the City Council responded and a little bit about the Superbowl where I played with my editing software to add a little variety to the program.

Here is the program below: