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Friday, May 30, 2014


Hartford's IT Department, MHIS (Metro Hartford Information Services) has done a tremendous job in moving forward to put City Information on line.

The Hartford Open Date site appears to be up and running, I haven't done too much exploring on the site yet to see what information is actually available, but it looks interesting.

Take a few minutes to check it out, let me know if you find anything interesting and since I know City Hall are regular readers, feel free to leave constructive comments and suggestions on what else you think could be added.


From the Hartford Courant:
A memorial celebration of the life of Janet Ann Appellof, who passed away on April 16, 2014, will take place on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at the Hartford Marriott Downtown, 200 Columbus Blvd, Hartford from 1 - 4pm. The family invites all whose lives were touched by Jan to come and share your memories.

There are people that everyone says something good about after they die, and then there are people that you don't have to say much about because the way they lived their life told the whole story.

Jan was the latter. She was one of those people that was valuable as a friend because she wasn't into sugar coating her message. If you were right she would tell you and support you and if she thought you were wrong, she made that clear also, usually in no uncertain terms and in her own very colorful way. And she also was a big enough person to admit when she saw the other side and was not ashamed to admit her mistakes. That usually came with a few weeks of not speaking. but in the end, friendship would win out and you agree to move on

Jan and I had several such times over various issues, but her love for her City was something that could not be questioned. She had an energy for community events and worthwhile activities and was a regular fixture at various meetings, including the Maple Avenue NRZ monthly meetings. She was very focused on initiatives she believed in including Saint Phillips House in Plainville, a residence for people afflicted with HIV/AIDS and raised countless dollars for the services offered there.

Jan was also a huge part several years ago of the 25th Anniversary Of the Connecticut Pride Festival and was instrumental in bringing a weekend long block party to Main Street  in front of Hartford City Hall that the City has not seen the likes of since. Jan was notorious for her love of a good party and was well known for her annual Holiday Party that she threw every year at her south end home, Any one that was anyone in Hartford politics, or wanted to be someone, in Hartford politics coveted that invite.  Jan was the life of the party wherever she was invited and was always sure to show up loaded with desserts and the promise of a lively conversation.

Jan is someone that I was fortunate to have met by living in Hartford and someone that also kept me focused on what is important on many occasions with a phone call or a sharp conversation, but I always knew her intentions were correct. She will be sorely missed but her actions definitely made Hartford a better place,

Stop by tomorrow and celebrate her life

Rest in peace Jan, job well done