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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


All indications are that Officer Robert Murtha will be serving the people of Hartford as a police officer in the near future.

The details are being worked out, but the final settlement should be in excess of $600,000 and Murtha will be hired back with his proper seniority ranking as of the time he left. A major portion of that figure will be used to cover legal expenses Murtha incurred during his prolonged battle with the City to clear his name and regain his job after he was cleared of all charges by a jury during his trial.

Click here to read a previous posting that will give you some more background on the Murtha case if you aren't familiar with it

Monday, August 8, 2011


The Hartford City Council is expected to go into executive session tonight to vote on a proposed settlement in the Robert Murtha case.

Murtha was a Hartford Police officer who was involved in an on-duty shooting in 2003. That shooting resulted in his arrest on criminal charges. Murtha was eventually exonerated by a jury and cleared of the charges.

Even after being exonerated, the City of Hartford refused to hire him back, a decision that has resulted in prolonged litigation and expense to the City's taxpayers.

Former Corporation John Rose had recommended to the Council in 2009 that they settle the case, the Council rejected Rose's advice and continued to fight against returning Murtha to work.

Several sources are advising me that tonight's settlement will most likely include returning Murtha to work as a Hartford Police office as well as a payment in excess of $1,000,000,000.

Here is Rose's letter to the Council from 2009:

Rose Settlement Letter to Council