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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hartford Police sources are confirming for me that one of their own officers was involved in an off duty domestic incident last night in Enfield. The incident involved Officer Chris White and apparently his ex-wife at their home in Enfield. Sources are telling me that White also brandished his HPD service weapon and assaulted another male individual in the home at the time, "pistol whipping" the male with the weapon.

Enfield Police have also confirmed White's arrest on numerous charges, including Possession of a firearm under the influence,2 counts of Reckless endangerment, 2 counts of breach of peace, 2 counts of Assault 3rd, and 2 counts of Threatening.

This is apparently not the first time Officer White has been arrested on anger related issues. In a press release issued in December 2004, it states that White was arrested by the Connecticut State Police after a road rage incident. Read the full press release by clicking here here

Police officers are human also, but this is not a proud moment for the good work the Hartford Police Department is doing.

Friday, July 30, 2010


As I have stated before, to be upfront, I am the campaign manager for Angel Morales who is running against Kelvin Roldan for the 4th District legislative seat.

This article speaks for itself, so I'll just post the link and let you check it out. Click here to go to CITYLINE,

The photo of Kelvin Roldan is from "the 40 year plan" which is on summer vacation as its author Ken Krayeske studies for the Connecticut Bar exam


In yesterday's posting I wrote about the new Kimberly-Clark power plant that opened and the ribbon cutting held in Milford. To view the WFSB video of the event, click here.

Notice at the end of the video, the lone public official cutting the ribbon. That is Hartford's own Senator John Fonfara.

Among the many out of state donors contributing to Fonfara's campaign was the Director of Government Affairs for Kimberly-Clark, who apparently lives in Wisconsin.

Kimberly-Clark's facility was helped by a $19 million grant from the State of Connecticut. I'll let you connect the dots and make your own call.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yes, I am Angel Morales campaign manager, but I think this is worthy of posting here.

Pursuant to our conversation of Tuesday, July 27th. I am sending you this message to confirm CHDC`s unanimous endorsement of Mr. Angel Morales` candidacy to the Fourth State Representative District in Hartford. On Saturday, July 10th. the Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus held interviews with candidates campaigning for various offices with the general assembly. Mr. Angel Morales of Hartford was one of these candidates. The following Tuesday, July 13th., CHDC met, deliberated, and unanimously endorsed Mr. Angel Morales to be the next state representative from the Fourth District. Based on the interview and information provided by the Hartford members of the CHDC, it was decided that Mr. Morales is an excellent and proven community leader and will make a fine legislator.
We are proud to formally endorse Angel Morales and look forward to working with him both in his campaign and once he becomes the next Fourth District State Representative.

Tomas Reyes Jr. Chair,
Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus

Congratulations Angel. This endorsement speaks highly of Angel's capabilities over the incumbent legislator Angel intends to replace.


Deputy Chief Dan Nolan at Ground Zero

If Facebook is correct, today is Dan Nolan's birthday.

Happy Birthday Dan, thanks for your service to our City and our Country


Just a quick thought. When was the last time you can recall a Hartford Mayor proudly standing with the latest graduates from the Hartford Police Academy? I can't recall anytime in the last few years.

Mayor Segarra, Councilman Torres, Chief Roberts and members of his command staff with the latest 32 Hartford police officers hitting the streets after their graduation July 2, 2010.

Congratulations to the latest to join the ranks of Hartford's finest. Say hello if you see them on the streets (they will be the nervous looking officers actually wearing their hats)


As much as I like uncovering things, it is also important to give credit when something is done right. If you read the earlier post regarding John Fonfara's fundraising efforts, my opinion is that it shows the flaws in the Citizen's Election Program. Fonfara received a large portion of his donations from energy company employees, companies that fall under the purview of his Energy and Technology Committee which he co-chairs in the legislature.

Many of those donations came from outside his district and most were even from outside the State of Connecticut. Is it legal? The answer is yes. Is it acceptable to me? No.

And okay, here's the part to make sure you are sitting down for. One of the candidates who did it right was rJo Winch. Yes, you read that right. She's not the only one, but in looking at her CEP (Citizen's Election Program) reports, almost all of her money came from Hartford, $5, $10, and $20 donations.

Winch did have some larger donations, up to $100.00 per person is allowed, but the few hundred contributions , for the most part, were on the smaller side.

Since the program was designed by politicians, it is no wonder that loopholes were built into it. Fonfara seems to skirt the actual intent of the program while Winch, keep sitting down, seems to embrace it. The intent of the program was to gauge a candidates support in the community and level the playing field for all candidates.

To avoid only candidates with money or big fundraising abilities to be able to wage a campaign, the program was established to allow anyone to run and wage a decent campaign. If you can meet the thresh hold by raising the $5 and $10 dollar donations, the State will kick in the rest to give those candidates a fair shot.

Winch (and others) did that and actually proved their support in their own neighborhoods. Unlike Fonfara , who proved that he has support in Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts and everywhere else, except in his own district.

The CEP program is controversial and needs tweaking, but the way Winch worked it is the way I would think it was intended. The way Fonfara worked it is a joke.

To search for any candidates filings, click here for the SEEC search page


Earlier this week I posted regarding the large amount of money solicited for Senator John Fonfara's campaign from energy company executives and employees of energy companies. Click here to read the earlier post

One of the contributors seemed to stand out, contribution #369. It was from a Fred Shaffer of 2412 Marathon Avenue in Neanah, Wisconsin. Shaffer is listed as the Senior Director of Government Affairs for Kimberly-Clark. I wondered why a toilet paper and tissue manufacturer was donating to Senator Fonfara's campaign? (I'll leave the jokes to you commenter's)

Kimberly-Clark didn't seem to be in line with the rest of Fonfara's donors aligned with energy companies and Fonfara's chairmanship of the legislatures Energy and Technology Committee.

While I was watching Channel 3's 5:30pm news tonight, it all became clear. Heather Hedgedus reported on the ribbon cutting for Kimberly-Clark's new power plant for their facility in Milford, CT. The power plant was partially funded by a $19 million dollar grant from the State of Connecticut. And the most interesting part was the actual ribbon cutting.

Guess who was pictured with the big ceremonial scissors in his hands slicing through the yellow ribbon. Congratulations if you guessed correctly, Hartford's own Senator John Fonfara.

Alternative energy is important, but then again so is integrity and the public's perception of our politicians. Was a $100.00 contribution that important to Fonfara's campaign, or would it have sent a better message if he politely said "thanks, but no thanks".

I guess only the voters can decide if integrity and ethics matter.

***NOTE- as soon as the link is posted at I'll post it here so you can view the story for yourself.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Pulaski Circle planter, it has since been weeded

Helen Ubinas posted on her blog this evening about Hartford's efforts to clean up our parks. To read her posting click here

It reminded me of the first time Helen and I met. It was several years ago and it was in regards to a court case regarding illegal dumping by a West Hartford repair shop owner who chose Wellington Street to dump his junk parts. Long story short, the HPD Officer who investigated the complaint, Officer Allen, now Lieutenant Allen, did a great job, followed through and the owner was arrested and the tow-truck he used to dump his junk was seized as part of the crime.

Helen and I took a tour of Hartford and I showed her some of the notorious dumping areas across the city. Wellington Street, Keney Park many side streets with stripped cars sitting on blocks or resting on the ground. It was a problem, litter and garbage on many streets.

The problem was compounded by a Prosecutor in the Hartford Court who was upset that "his" courtroom was being used on a Friday afternoon for such nonsense as illegal dumping in Hartford. His comment that he made sure we heard was "who cares about dumping in Hartford, Hartford is a dump".

Unfortunately I think that this is the mindset of many people, living in Hartford who see Hartford's parks and streets as one big trashcan. I think that is a society thing that needs to be changed, but the condition of Hartford's parks is a shared embarrassment between those who trash them and those who are entrusted to maintain them.

I think two major problems exist. Over the years, Public Works has been the first place to look for budget cuts and has been decimated from the bottom up, while it seems to continue to grow at the top. Simply put, too many Chief's and not enough Indians.

It might help if some of the "chief's" or Director's and Deputy Directors as we prefer to call them, actually lived in Hartford. Maybe if they had to worry about their family having a picnic under the dead oak tree in Colt's Park with branches falling off, or sitting by the overflowing trash containers in Sigourney Park or stepping over the used syringes and broken bottles in South Green Park, maybe things would change.

The problem is the laborers that actually do the work are gone. But I was amazed by the "punch list" of items in Helen's column to be completed during "Parks Week".

Monday, August 23rd: Keney Park (Woodland Street entrance):
• Cut and remove fallen trees
• Clean and remove leaves along hiking roads and trails
• Remove old fence at tennis courts, clean area
• Repair broken benches
• Repair broken basketball rims
• Clean, patch and paint handball courts
• Remove old baseball backstop

Tuesday, August 24th: Colt Park
• Cut, remove and prune trees
• Repair park benches
• clean area under old stage/pavilion
• Clean and remove boards at old ice rink
• Repair Massek parking lot
• Repair basketball courts

Wednesday, August 25th: Goodwin Park
• Remove branches and wood along Maple Avenue
• Repair fit trail and equipment
• Repair basketball courts
• Trim and cut trees on Maple Avenue

Thursday, August 26th: Bushnell Park
• Remove perimeter shrubs near Pump House
• Repair park benches
• Prune Pump House shrubs
• Refurbish mulch beds where needed
• Trim and prune trees
• Remove old fencing around playground area

Friday, August 27th: Keney Park (Barbour Street entrance)
• Cut up and remove fallen trees
• Remove old fence and nets at northern tennis courts
• Replace or repair rims and nets at basketball courts
• Paint basketball courts

Is this what we are paying supervisors in DPW for. I would hope for someone making over a hundred grand a year in salary, these would be things that would be targeted everyday. Do we really need a special week to "remove branches and wood along Maple Avenue"? Or "repair park benches" in Colt's Park. Wouldn't that be a perfect project for the winter when there is no snow to be plowed? We know they aren't all tied up repairing potholes, that's for sure.

It seems we could do with a few less "Deputy Directors" and maybe a few more laborers to actually get the work done. It almost seems like the higher ups at DPW drive around Hartford all agreeing "yup, that looks bad, yup, that tree is definitely dead, yup, that trash is overflowing, but come on, lets go, I need to get to the bank and cash my paycheck".

Don't get me wrong, it's good to see the list and know that some of the eyesores are being addressed, but shouldn't it be an everyday routine, not just a week long media event?

Ok, and now the lightning rod. I said there were two major problems, first being a top heavy, bloated salary DPW management team. The second is the DPW unions. Yes, I said that.

I recently asked someone at the Community Court why they weren't doing community service work in Hartford's parks? I figured picking up trash, maybe pulling weeds, the typical type of work the Community Court does. The answer was short and sweet...Unions. They explained that they had tried and that the DPW laborers union had complained.

I fully understand the union position if the City was eliminating jobs figuring they could get volunteers to replace the employees. The fact of the matter is that the DPW doesn't even come close to meeting the needs it has with the current number of workers and no one would be laid off by people doing Community service in the parks. It would only enhance the need for improving the image of Hartford which most likely would in turn potentially increase revenue to the City and eventually lead to re-hiring laid off DPW employees. I know, in a perfect world, but we need to start somewhere.

The sad part though is that many of the laid off DPW workers and the current DPW laborers are actually the same people using Hartford's parks. It's not the Director and Deputy Directors who leave Hartford and its horrendous, yet potentially beautiful parks, to head to their homes in East Haddam, Wethersfield or New Britain or wherever people making six figure salaries head to at night.

I commend the effort and making it an issue for one week, but it should be an every day effort.


I guess that is what some are thinking because I haven't sunk my teeth into the Segarra Administration as I had with the previous Perez Administration. So far my posts have been relatively positive regarding Mayor Segarra's first few weeks in office.

A couple of comments today somewhat aggravated me suggesting I was giving Mayor Segarra a free pass and that a transfer of Sixto Lazu from the Mayor's Office to a permanent civil service position was ripe with cronyism.But if nothing else, that's one of the things I like about the blog and the comments is that I can hear the other side of issues and respond. Many bloggers don't allow comments, especially anonymous comments, but if I can't defend my position or if I realize I am wrong, I'll say that.

Here's what "Don" thought in his comment:

"The interviews and the final decision seem to have been made without any influence from the Mayor."

Yeah, whatever.

We've been told about new hirings for the Police, Fire and even Parks. I don't recall seeing a posting for a position at the Town Clerks office.

How many people did the town clerk interview? Who were the final candidates? Are there more openings? What is his starting salary?

The Mayor has already stated that he will not be here more than the 18 months remaining in the term. This smells of someone taking care of an ally.

Also, is this person related to Edward Lazu?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

July 28, 2010 1:36 PM

I posted my response also in the comments section, but I need more space to vent, I mean explain.

I'll be the first to say that if I was a first time reader of the blog, I'd think that the postings were overly favorable of Mayor Segarra since he took over. I like to think that my blog is guiding the actions of the new Mayor. I would hope that his first order of business each morning is to read my blog and see what suggestions I have for him and if I approved of his work for the previous day. I'd like to think that.

Unfortunately I know that isn't true. If it were, Sarah Barr would be on the unemployment line, followed by Lillian Ruiz, Erick Jackson, Lydia Rosario and a few others. Chief Roberts would have a new contract, Dan Nolan would be back to work and Matt Secore would once again be walking a beat after signing an agreement to be satisfied with getting his job back less the 90 day suspension ordered by the Labor Board.

With that being said, most people would have to admit that our former Mayor, now convicted felon, Eddie A. Perez lowered the performance bar so low that anything Mayor Segarra does will make him look good. But I think that in the first couple weeks he has taken the challenge of inheriting a corrupt, and what many considered a racketeering operation, and attempting to rebuild and restore confidence in Hartford.

For some reason this blog has developed a reputation as being fair and honest. I have had people call me and apologize because they just assumed I would be all one sided and then they read the blog and realized I actually go out of my way to try to be fair.

I would hope that those that see me as a "mouthpiece" for Mayor Segarra, and even Mayor Segarra if he actually reads the blog, will realize that. Right now I think Mayor Segarra is in the honeymoon period from a shotgun wedding. Does he need to remove more people from City Hall that are holdovers from a corrupt administration? Absolutely. Am I happy with the speed that he has moved so far? No, definitely not, but I'm not the Mayor.

Does that mean a month or two from now that I will still be so supportive of Mayor Segarra if Perez kool-aid drinkers are still lingering in City Hall. Probably not, I think that every day people like Sarah Barr (sorry Sarah but you know the respect level for you is zero)are still wandering around City Hall undermines any rebuilding of Hartford's image.

Most people never trusted Sarah Barr when she was spouting the "Gospel of Perez" and to see her anywhere near Mayor Segarra she spreads her stain onto the Segarra Administration. I know the Mayor can not remove everyone immediately, it would be a very lonely place if all of the Perez cronies and puppets were gone, all those empty desks. I also think that the Mayor realizes that everyday some of the Perez holdouts are allowed into City Hall the efforts to undermine his turnaround continue.

I do think it is important that we give Segarra some leeway for a short time to see what he does. We tolerated a Mayor that we knew was corrupt and potentially a criminal for several years. Am I willing to tone it down for a couple months to see what Mayor Segarra does? Absolutely, so far the indications are that he is moving in the right direction.

Back to Lazu now. As with Eddie Perez, it got to the point that even if he did something that could be seen as positive for Hartford, he was suspect because of his reputation. He could have walked across the Connecticut River and people would have thought there was fraud involved. Unfortunately that cloud hasn't completely lifted and the suspicions continue.

Look at the facts though. Sixto Lazu has been loyal and made Mayor Segarra look good as a Councilperson through his organization skills and the things he did everyday behind the scenes to keep Councilman Segarra on top of things. In transitioning to the Mayor's Office, Sixto Lazu was the one person Mayor Segarra was very familiar with and who Segarra could count on to "have his back". Segarra was entering a den full of wolves loyal to a corrupt Mayor, who would eat the new Mayor alive if they could.

Does it make sense to anyone that Segarra would pull strings to get a job outside of his office for the one person he knew was loyal? Maybe 15 months from now as he prepared to leave office to make way for a newly elected Mayor, but not now as he needs people around him who have his back.

And it is not that I "focus" on Torres or Winch. If I should hear of the Mayor taking any trips such as the jaunt to San Antonio that Councilwoman Winch took and billed to a city that is one step away from bankruptcy, I'll make sure to post it. In case yo don't remember, it's the trip that she "forgot" how much it cost until I posted all the vouchers here. Somehow I doubt Mayor Segarra will repeat her stunts.

And read back a week or two about Hector Robles. I took a lot of heat on that because Hector is actually a friend of mine, with comments like "with friends like you who needs enemies". But in the end it is the truth and that will most likely become quite evident in the not too distant future. So not even friends skate, and a new Mayor won't either. But keep the comments coming.


Sixto Lazu, the long serving Administrative Assistant to Mayor Segarra during his Council tenure will be leaving the Mayor's Staff. Sixto followed Mayor Segarra from the Council offices to the Mayor's Office recently when Mayor Segarra assumed the role of Mayor.

Lazu won't be leaving the employment of the City of Hartford though.

Both in the Council positions and those in the Mayor's Office, the employees serve at the will of the elected official that appoints them. If a Councilperson leaves office or decides not to run again, their assistants in most cases are out of a job. According to Lazu, he began looking for a more permanent and secure position with the City several months ago.

After several interviews, Lazu was accepted for a position in the office of City Clerk John Bazzano. The City Clerk's office also serves as the record keeper and the secretary for Council records and meetings. Lazu's knowledge of City Council operations should prove helpful in the Clerk's office.

And before the rumours start, all indications are that this was an amicable change and no pressure was put on Lazu to leave. The interviews and the final decision seem to have been made without any influence from the Mayor. Sixto Lazu has been an asset to the Council during his time there and has always been very helpful and responsive whenever I have had the opportunity to deal with him.

Congratulations Sixto and best wishes on your continued service to the people of Hartford.

Monday, July 26, 2010


This is the corrected award for the Rivera-Saez Arbitration award. For some reason in the earlier posting it only showed every other page.

Arbitration Award Vilma Rivera Saez


At the July meeting of the Maple Avenue NRZ, Senator John Fonfara, co-chair of the Legislature's Energy Committee, gave a presentation about the Energy Bill he introduced in the last session. He spoke about the wonderful benefits of the bill and made it a point to tell everyone how much they would save on their energy bills under his legislation. He went on and on, accompanied by his co-chair on the Energy Committee, Representative Nardello.

I would imagine many in the room were already counting their savings under the "Fonfara Plan". Many of the people in the room are senior citizens living on a fixed income or young people trying to raise a family where every penny counts.

The only problem with Fonfara's bill is that it failed. It was vetoed by Governor Rell and Fonfara didn't have the clout to force an override of the veto with his fellow legislators. As it stands now, Fonfara's plan will not see the light of day and will not save anyone one single penny.

When it came time for questions, I asked Fonfara why he would waste the time talking about all the wonderful benefits of a bill that failed and we would never see any effect from it. We went back and forth a bit and when I stated that there was no incentive for legislators to pass energy legislation because lobbyists and energy company executives funded their campaigns.

Fonfara quickly fired back that what I was saying was untrue and lobbyists couldn't donate to his campaign. I'll admit when I'm wrong, and due to changes in campaign laws, lobbyists can't donate to campaigns. That may change again if a recent Appeals Court ruling stands, but right now they can't donate.

Fonfara didn't say anything about energy company executives funding his campaigns, and now I see why. After reviewing his donations received from by his campaign it appears that a large portion are energy company executives. Is it any wonder why legislation to curb the utilities and energy providers goes nowhere?

And just to give Senator Fonfara the benefit of the doubt, I didn't include donors in the list below that actually live in his district. If you would like to see his complete list of donors, the entire report is below.


Juan Rodriguez, VP,Public Power , $100.00
William Bucksee,VP,Public Power, 50.00
Robert Zappone,Supplier, Starion Energy , 100.00
Robert Wesson, Owner, Wesson Energy Inc., 100.00
Donald Mitchell, Petroleum Distributor, N.E.Mitchell Inc., 100.00
Alexanger Martinez, Manager, Starion Energy, 50.00
Rachel Schmidt , Admin Asst, Starion Energy, 20.00
Ruzdhi Dauti, President, Starion Energy, 100.00
Steven Haigh , IT Energy Consultant, 100.00
Kevin Zupkis , Executive, AT&T , 100.00
Ben Kaplan , CFO , Solar US Inc., 100.00
Raymond Necci , Consultant , 100.00
Erik Bartone , Owner, DBS Energy Inc., 100.00
Tina Bartone , DBS Energy Inc., 100.00
Brian Forshaw , Dir of Power, CMEEC, 100.00
Tracy Gionfriddo, Envir.Spec., Northeast Utilities , 30.00
Robert Smith , Director , Northeast Utilities, 100.00
Melissa Lauderdale, Gov Affairs, Integrys Energy Svcs, 100.00
Peter Podurgiel, Competitive Power Ventures , 100.00
Douglas Egan, Developer, Competitive Power Ventures, 100.00
Julie Egan, Competitive Power Ventures, 100.00
Robert Burke , Atty. , Competitive Power Ventures, 100.00
Gary Lambert, Competitive Power Ventures, 100.00
Sherman Knight, Competitive Power Ventures, 100.00
David Magil, Competitive Power Ventures, 100.00
John Foster, Competitive Power Ventures , 100.00
Paul Buckovich, Competitive Power Ventures, 100.00
Sean Finnerty , Competitive Power Ventures, 100.00
Joseph Wood , State of CT, DPUC , 100.00
Trevor Herbst, VP, Public Power Utility , 20.00
Sharon Bloomer, Apple Oil Co , 75.00
Juan Gantomasso , Analyst, United Illuminating , 100.00
Bonnie Heckert , Tech Supp., United Illuminating , 100.00
Fred Shaffer , Dir.Gvt.Rel.,Kimberly-Clark, Wisconsin , 100.00
Fitor Mamudi , Supplier, Starion Energy, 100.00
Deborah-Anne Verbil, Attorney , AT&T , 100.00
Jason Calabrese , Public Power,LLC , 50.00
Michael Cassella , Director , CT Muni. Elec.Energy Corp , 100.00

***NOTE: Raymond P. Necci, listed above as a "Consultant" is the former president and chief operating officer of The. Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P), Connecticut's largest electric utility.

The maximum donation allowed is $100.00 per individual,

One of the big complaints against Senator Fonfara is his lack of attention to his constituents. People routinely complain that he doesn't return phone calls. Do you think he returns calls when Competitive Power Ventures is on the line?

Fonfara Citizen Election Program Filing