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Thursday, September 29, 2016


I think we keep hearing the words "done deal" associated with the Hartford Stadium deal, but that could actually be the furthest thing from reality.

It would seem that Centerplan, the stadium developer thrown off the project in June by the King and his Court Jester I. Charles Matthews, I mean Mayor Luke Bronin, has a few weapons still left in their arsenal. Probably one of the best weapons in the form of the Connecticut courts.

Today Centerplan added to their actions against the City of Hartford in the form of an "Emergency Motion to Preserve Evidence" filed late today in Superior Court. This motion will most likely prevent work from resuming on the Stadium until the request is reviewed by a Judge.

There aren't too many promised dates that have actually come true on this mess since Bronin took office. I have  a hard time putting much confidence in anything Bronin or the Hartford Stadium Authority's I. Charles Matthews have to say.

It is also interesting to note that other key members of the Hartford Stadium Authority have not been consulted or included in recent decision making of the HSA.

The Dunkin Donut Stadium mess is most likely going to drag on for a while

I have to wonder how much longer  Dunkin Donuts is going to allow their corporate image and good name  to be associated with this colossal debacle