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Friday, March 23, 2018


Hartford's new Police Chief, David Rosado is beginning to make key appointments and changes to his management team.

According to sources familiar with the moves, an Assistant Police Chief will be coming into the HPD as of April 6th from the outside. Sources say the incoming  Assistant Chief is currently a Connecticut State Police Lieutenant, known for his "no nonsense" style of leadership.  He is currently a State Police Troop commander and has dealt with some of the worst cases Connecticut has ever seen, , including the Petit home invasion and murder arrests as well tracking down and arresting the driver responsible for hitting and  killing a Connecticut State Trooper several years ago on I-91 in Enfield.

The position  of Assistant Chief remained vacant for several years under former Chief Rovella.

Others inside of the Hartford Police organization were also considered and offered the Assistant Chief position, but residency requirements requiring them to move into the City proved to be a deal breaker. Maybe it is time we look at that residency requirement and decide whether it helps or hurts the City and its residents.

At least one HPD Lieutenant is on the rise to the rank of Deputy Chief. Lieutenant Sonia Watson is reportedly being promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief as of next Sunday. Lt. Watson is currently in charge of HPD' s Special Investigations Division(SID) . Lt Watson's role in SID will be taken over by current headquarters Lieutenant Rebecca O'Shea. Deputy Chief Watson will oversee HPD Support Services.

Current Deputy Chief Joseph Buyak will be moving into the perfect role for him, Chief of Patrol. Buyak currently oversees the South half of the City, and his move should be a huge morale booster for the Patrol Division. Patrol is often overlooked as other specialized units take the spotlight, but Patrol is the backbone of any Police Organization and even as a Deputy Chief, Even though Chief Buyak has served in many positions throughout his career at HPD I think Chief Buyak's heart has always been in patrol and with the men and women in uniform on our streets .

Deputy Chief Brian Foley will continue to be Foley and serve as the  public voice of HPD and social media specialist. Foley will continue to oversee the Departments investigative divisions also , as he has been doing since his promotion to D/C several years ago. Foley's openness and transparency, under the guidance of former Chief Rovella, has  drawn huge benefits to acceptance by the public in the current climate by many looking at the Police.

Deputy Chief William Long will assume the position of Chief of Operations. There is probably no one currently at HPD more familiar with the departments operational status than Long. Long has been a "behind the scenes " type guy and is probably not known to most people in the public, but not much goes on at HPD without Long's imprint being left on it, from vehicle purchases to operational plans for the Traffic Division events.

Deputy Chief Robert Ford will no longer be in charge of the North Operations. I am told his focus will be on the three member Accreditation Unit.

And finally, Deputy Chief Rendock will remain in  his position as to who knows what , managing I have no idea.

Lieutenant Brandon O'Brien will be transferred to the position of Internal Affairs commander, and the current commander of IAD. LT. Michael Coates will flip-flop into O'Brien's current position  as commander of Vice,Intelligence and Narcotics (VIN).

Chief Rosado will also be implementing a "Coffee with the Chief " program soon. Chief Rosado will be inviting small focus groups to sit down and discuss HPD with members of the community. Rosado promises to buy the coffee,but no word on the availability of donuts. If you are interested, be sure to give the Chief your contact information to be included.

And speaking of promotions, or more appropriately new jobs, which former HPD Chief has been tapped to be the new Director of Security for Hartford's Schools? Just a hint, your first guess will most likely be wrong.