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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This needs no commentary other than to read the letter sent out by Chief Foley tonight,

Please see the letter below, it is about a kind gesture by an observant HPD Patrol Officer. Officer Agustin Flores (pictured)  is a great representative of the amazing women and men of HPD.

“Deputy Chief Foley, I hope you’re the right person to contact with this message of appreciation, and that you’ll distribute it as you think appropriate:

My family and I would like thank the officer who stopped traffic on Maple Avenue last Saturday evening, November 26, at about 5:30 PM, so that my very elderly aunt and her two only somewhat less elderly assistants could cross to reach First & Last. There is no question that this group would have been well advised to handle accessing F&L some other way (like a legitimate crosswalk). Suffice it to say that there was no parking on the F&L side, and my 96-year-old aunt insisted she was “fine to walk” across Maple rather than to be dropped off next to the restaurant.

It was dark by then, and traffic was steady and fairly heavy, including cars exiting the holiday light show on the golf course. The three ladies started across Maple, but there was zero chance they were going to make it without dodging cars.

A Hartford PD cruiser heading north on Maple obviously saw this scene. Thinking quickly, the officer turned at an angle to traffic, stopped his (her?) vehicle and hit the blue lights. Traffic in both directions stopped, and the ladies made their slow way across the street safely. The officer wished the group a nice evening, but there was no chance to get his (again – her, possibly, the group did not get a good look) name or other identifying information.

My family and I very much appreciate this quick and most courteous assistance. I (originally from Wethersfield) along with my son were visiting from North Carolina, and were impressed but not surprised by this example of Northern hospitality and holiday spirit. The same went for family from PA, MA and CT who heard about this when our relatives made it into F&L

Compliments from Hennessey’s from four states to your officer, and best wishes to all of the Hartford PD for a safe and peaceful holiday season”


A man and his horse

It is not too often we see common sense working in Hartford, but here we go.

According to several sources, a tentative deal has been struck to save the Hartford Police Mounted Unit. This after word came out that Hartford's mayor was in the process of selling off the Mounted Units assets to the Rockland County New York Sheriff's Department for $500.00. There was apparently a large outcry by people caught off guard by the potential sale, including the Hartford City Council.

After I first posted that story, the calls came in fast and steady expressing outrage at the deal. You can read that original story here

Now it seems that a regular reader of the blog , and a horse lover, has come up  with a creative plan to save the Mounted Unit.

According to sources, a deal is close to being signed off on that would place the maintenance and care of the horses under the direction of the Governor's Foot Guard enabling HPD to overcome the budget difficulties  it is facing related to maintaining the unit.. Much of the work of the Governor's Foot Guard is done by volunteers and would free up regular Hartford Police Officers who currently maintain the horses 7 days a week.

I will be posting much more on this as the plan becomes formalized., but it is a great start and a win-win for both HPD and the Governor's Foot Guard. I  understand that there have been numerous offers from the private sector to maintain the Unit also.

Here is some information from the Governor's Foot Guard's website as to who they are:
The First Company Governor's Foot Guard is a military unit of the State of Connecticut, although with a vibrant and active National Guard, the primary function of the Governor's Foot Guard is mostly ceremonial.   Statutory authority for the existence of the First Company comes from C.G.S. 27-6,  which authorizes the existence of and the organizational structure of the State Organized Militia Units.   As a military unit, the First Company follows policies and procedures set forth by statute, the policies, and orders of The Governor, and those set forth by The Adjutant General of the Connecticut National Guard.   These are the same rules that apply to members of the state National Guard and among other things, require members of the First Company to attend annual training each summer at the National Guard installation in Niantic and authorize the First Company for call-up to active duty by order of the Governor to assist in times of natural disaster and civil emergencies..

You can view the entire Foot Guard website here:



November 30, 2016
For Immediate Release

HARTFORD -- The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) is advising customers to be cautious of an individual posing as a water company employee in an attempt to enter residential homes.

On Tuesday, November 29, a male suspect claiming to be from the water company attempted to gain access to several Hartford apartments in the vicinity of James Street, telling the residents there was a problem with their water bill. No further details are available at this time.

The MDC urges all residents, especially those who are home during the day, to be alert for imposters by following these tips:

  • MDC field employees wear clothing and drive vehicles clearly marked with the MDC logo.

  • The MDC encourages customers to stay secure within the home while asking for identification from anyone who comes to their door.  All MDC employees have photo identification badges and will gladly display them upon request.  The policy is “No Identification - No Entry” .

  • If someone comes to your door claiming to be from the water company and you do not have a previously scheduled appointmentdo not allow access to your home until calling the MDC Command Center at 860-278-7850 ext 3600 to verify their identity.

  • If you have any doubt about the individual’s identity or motives, or authenticity of their credentials, do not allow them entry into your home and call the police.

Maybe the next step should be to distribute a flyer of MDC Chairman Bill diBella and the MDC Commissioners to our suburban neighbors. The MDC's plan to shove Hartford's debt off onto member towns will cost residents more than any imposters ever could. 


A 4 yr old was sent to the office at Milner School for early pick up today.

After not seeing her mother she apparently left the school and walked home to  Bedford St.

A citizen who happened to observe the unattended child followed her to ensure she arrived safely.

The child got home safely and her mother called the school and the Hartford Police to report the incident.

No criminal action was taken at the time.

But an internal investigation at the school is being conducted.

Both the school and HPD called DCF who will also conduct their investigation.

How could this happen? I know the investigation is only just starting, but someone needs to be held accountable, it just seems crazy that a system that is supposed to protect and educate children allows a 4 year old on the streets unsupervised.